Monthly Oil Numbers

Barrels of Oil Imported by the U.S.
284 Million
in April 2014

% Imported from Foreign Countries
in April 2014

Money Sent Overseas
$30.6 Billion
in April 2014


Make your voice heard on critical energy issues

This week, T. Boone Pickens participated in a discussion about oil and natural gas prices and availability with ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis at The Concordia Summit. He pointed out that the US has the cheapest energy in the world – about a quarter of world price on natural gas, $10-$15 per barrel cheaper on oil, and Americans only pay about half the world price for gasoline.

Pickens said the main reason is the U.S. was producing only 4.5 millions of barrels of oil per day in 1970 (when we became so dependent on OPEC for our oil). Today we have doubled production to 9 million barrels per day. We are just behind Saudi Arabia and Russia in oil production and we lead the world in natural gas production.

"Our technology has absolutely changed the world," he said.

With the mid-term elections coming up, this is your chance to make your voice heard on critical energy issues. Click here to email candidates running for governor and the state legislature in the upcoming election.


Oct 22 2014

A World Without OPEC?

Oct 22, 2014

Remember when Boone Pickens launched the Pickens Plan in 2008?

The legendary energy entrepreneur predicted that breakthroughs in technology would make it possible for the U.S. to develop greater energy security by relying on American energy. Did he call that right.

Since 2008, domestic oil and gas production has surged. Not only has the U.S. become more self-sufficient, but, according to Joe Nocera at the New York Times, this jump in production has diminished the importance of OPEC to a level that is almost unimaginable. According to Nocera, “if America plays its cards right, OPEC’s dominance over the oil market could be over. I think that day may have already arrived.” Nocera credits two forces for this dramatic change: decreased global demand and increased oil and gas production in the U.S.

Since 2008, says Bernard Weinstein, an energy expert at Southern Methodist University, oil production in the United States is up 60 percent. That’s an additional three million barrels a day. Within a few years, predicts Morse, America will overtake Russia and Saudi Arabia and become the world’s largest oil producer.

One of the byproducts of these two developments is a brawl among OPEC members as they try to pay their bills.

Venezuela’s budgetary needs requires that it sell its oil at well above $100 a barrel. The Arab Spring prompted a number of important OPEC members — including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — to increase budgetary spending to keep their own populations quiescent. According to the International Monetary Fund, the United Arab Emirates needs a price of more than $80 to meet its budgetary obligations. That’s up from less than $25 a barrel in 2008.

Read more about OPEC’s current state of affairs in Nocera’s informative column HERE.

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Oct 20 2014

Questions for Candidates

Oct 20, 2014

Pickens Plan Army:

In two weeks, on November 4, we’ll have the opportunity to vote – a right and a privilege that many have bled and died to protect.

As we move into the home stretch of this election, you may have the opportunity to meet candidates running for everything from City Council to Governor to U.S. Senate. Rather than just posing for a selfie, we can make certain that the winners – whoever they are – go back to work in January with energy on their minds.

We can do this by asking each candidate this series of questions:

1. Do you support the Pickens Plan to reduce our reliance on OPEC oil?

2. Do you know that 70 percent of the oil we import is used as our primary transportation fuel?

3. Do you favor recovering natural gas using modern, safe drilling techniques?

4. Are you aware that there are over 8 million heavy-duty trucks and fleet vehicles that can be easily switched from diesel to natural gas?

5. Would you favor a short-term, clearly defined program at the state level to help truckers and shippers move their fleets from diesel to natural gas?

6. America’s natural gas reserve base has expanded dramatically. There is now talk about exporting natural gas to Europe and Asia. Do you support this, or do you favor government spurring demand opportunities to take advantage of this cleaner, cheaper domestic resource here at home?

Let me know what you’re hearing over the next two weeks on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and!

- Boone

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