Monthly Oil Numbers

Barrels of Oil Imported by the U.S.
284 Million
in April 2014

% Imported from Foreign Countries
in April 2014

Money Sent Overseas
$30.6 Billion
in April 2014


My plan for advancing the cause of energy security

We're celebrating six years of the Pickens Plan by continuing to refine and expand the principles we’ve been working toward. Because of your hard work, energy policy is an agenda item in a huge percentage of federal, state, and local campaigns leading up to the elections this November.

I have created a short video explaining the Five Pickens Principles of Energy. I’m asking you to watch it, and then send it along to anyone in your contact list with an interest in advancing the cause of energy security.

The Five Principles are:

1. Establish one agency with accountability and responsibility for Energy Policy in America.

2. Inject real fuel competition in our transportation system.

3. Cool down the rhetoric on exporting natural gas to Europe and Asia. Let’s use it to build our own economy.

4. Establish a North American Energy Alliance with two of our largest oil traders, Mexico and Canada.

5. Remember that energy does not operate in a free market.

We’re moving forward, and I’m thrilled you’re along for the journey. Soon we will give you opportunities to have your voice heard in this election cycle.


Jul 18 2014

A victory in our campaign

Jul 18, 2014

Here’s a quick update on another success. Thanks to your help, the National Conference of Weights & Measures decided this week that natural gas as a transportation fuel won’t be dispensed and measured to be sold by the kilogram. Government types who want to sell natural gas like that clearly don’t want to get off OPEC oil as much as you and I do.

Can you imagine a trucker somewhere in the U.S. pulling into a truck stop and saying, “I’ll have two kilos of your best CNG.”

This vote was another victory in our continuing campaign to get America the energy plan it deserves, and it couldn’t have happened without your help.


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Jul 11 2014

Surging North American Oil-and-Gas Production Pushes Prices Down

Jul 11, 2014

Analysts were predicting that the summer of 2014 would see the perfect storm, a collision of geopolitics and climactic conditions that would send energy prices through the roof.

Yet The Wall Street Journal is reporting that domestic energy prices are holding steady and even dropping, thanks in large measure to an increase in North American energy production.

A frigid winter had depleted natural-gas inventories, raising questions about whether producers could replace those stockpiles before temperatures drop again. Escalating violence in Iraq had some money managers worried that fighting would disrupt the country’s oil exports.

The steady rise of North American oil-and-gas production has diminished those threats, calming energy markets to a degree that investors and analysts say would have been hard to imagine even five years ago. U.S. gas producers are refilling storage at a record pace, including a bigger-than-expected increase to inventories in government data released Thursday. Iraqi oil shipments have continued unimpeded.

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Jul 9 2014

Boone Pickens Media Highlights

Jul 9, 2014

We celebrated the 6th anniversary of the Pickens Plan yesterday. Boone spent the day in New York talking about the initiative with appearances on the CBS Morning Show and with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business. Highlights of both segments follow:

CBS This Morning
FOX Business with Neil Cavuto

Also, Boone took the opportunity to release five new energy principles that he believes will be useful in helping voters express their views on energy in the upcoming election. His interview with CBS News summarizes those points well.

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