Iraq…here we go again.

Here we go again. President Obama has just ordered thousands of more troops into Iraq to help fight ISIS. Our dependence on OPEC oil helps fuel terrorism. We've made significant strides in reducing our OPEC oil dependence, but we have a long way to go.

Why? Because we needlessly continue to import over 3 million barrels a day.

That's about half as much as we imported when you and I started the Pickens Plan, but we have the energy resources to get off OPEC oil completely and let the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Indians defend the oil they need and use.

We have to keep up the fight to introduce alternative fuels in our transportation system. Natural gas is the one that's available, abundant, cleaner, and it's ours.

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Jan 14 2015

#AskBoone Transcript

Jan 14, 2015

Following is the full list of questions and answers from the January 13, 2015 #AskBoone chat hosted by T. Boone Pickens on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

@garyg568: I think what opec is doing with cheap oil is energy terrorism what’s your thoughts #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: I’m no fan of #OPEC, but this situation is outside of their control. Oil market oversupplied by the United States. #AskBoone

@a1a4ou: Any (or all) sport(s): Who is your favorite #okstate coach of all time and why? Dare I ask least-favorite too? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: It’s a tie between Iron Mike Holder and Iron Henry Iba #AskBoone

@parekh_parin: #AskBoone what are the signs you will look for to determine that the oil may be bottoming ?
@BoonePickens: Too many to list here, but one key factor is number of drilling rigs operated. #AskBoone

@Chiieeef: would you rather have a 50 covey day or break 70 at Augusta National? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: I’ve never broken 70 at Augusta so I’d rather have that as an achievement. I’ve had plenty of 50 covey days. #AskBoone

@jwebster2469: @boonepickens What do you think? Is Frac-ing causing North Texas earth quakes?
@BoonePickens: No.

@DarrenBarbee: @boonepickens How do you see the mergers and acquisition market in 2015 and why? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: It will definitely heat up.

@mikeyvioli: What is the meaning of life to you? I turn 30 in 2 days, lots of life left to live… #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Happiness #AskBoone

@AustinWilhelm34: #AskBoone what’s the best place you’ve fished at?
@BoonePickens: East Lake at my ranch. 3 hours 62 bass w/grandson.

@JohnDPotes: @boonepickens What do you think is the number one bootleneck/constraint on the U.S. economy? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Leadership in DC

@Landonds9: @boonepickens what’s the best thing about being from Holdenville? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Small OK town. Is a good place to live and develop a strong family. Good place to grow values #AskBoone

@leechoat: @boonepickens #AskBoone when was the last time you had a good cry??
@BoonePickens: Death of my grandson.

@Geddi86: Jayhawks Vs. Cowboys tonight. Who do you got? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: I think my Cowboys will win. We’ve got Bill Self’s number. #AskBoone

@wfaashelly: @boonepickens Is your next career in TV? #BooneAndTheBoys You seemed like a natural. #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Already a TV star

@jaredgallagher: @boonepickens why did you never run for public office? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Makes it tough to be a billionaire.

@MACAULAYYYY: @boonepickens what is harder than making your first Billion? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Keeping it

@Mason_Martin_00: What’s your favorite place to eat in Stilly? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Karsten Creek.

@craigkfowler: @boonepickens what kind of phone do you use? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Apple iPhone

@wjm_tx: @boonepickens 1st step of becoming a billionaire? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Nice try. Read my book.

@frhagerstown: @boonepickens #AskBoone What does a billionaire do to stay in shape? :-)
@BoonePickens: Hire trainer w/3 word mandate “Keep Boone alive.”

@BellaPoke: #AskBoone Thanks for all you’ve done for OSU. Can you please give Gundy your blessing? We need you BOTH.
@BoonePickens: I pull for Gundy every time our team takes the field. How could I ever pull against OSU? #AskBoone

@findkyn: @boonepickens What’s your favorite charitable organization and what makes them so effective? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: I have many and I would be afraid to pick one because it would leave the others out. I focus on effective leadership. #AskBoone

@bagilmore5: #askboone How do you feel the debate on Keystone XL will go?
@BoonePickens: Enough already. Approve it. Let’s make it a shovel ready project. Let’s be for something on energy, and not against everything.

@egreenwood11: @boonepickens can I get a few thousand $ ? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: No.

@goodsportpam: I’m fascinated by wind energy. What is holding it back in the U.S.? @boonepickens #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Cheap #natgas

@James_Poling: .@boonepickens which sports would you like to see #OkState athletic department add in the future? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Leg wrestling.

@durmstremf: How far can you throw a regulation NFL football? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Pass it? If I could get it down… #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Over the mesas at my ranch.

@beekaytulsa: @boonepickens #askboone guy in Tulsa Braums said you told him oil will be low for 2 yrs- are you an ice cream or fro yo kind if guy?
@BoonePickens: Either one of them will do, but coconut sorbet tops my list. #AskBoone

@mrjamesmack: @boonepickens Might the fall in oil price knock out the shale biz long enough for renewables to compete even more effectively? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: The drop in oil prices with not stay down long enough to do anything for renewables. #AskBoone

@michaelmbaker: @boonepickens #askboone would Putin be relevant if EPA could have approved converting LNG Import terminals to export in yrs vs decades?
@BoonePickens: Yes. Even if we’d approved these LNG facilities, we’d still have to build them which takes time and money. #AskBoone

@ifullington: @boonepickens Did Dez make the catch? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: No question. Wrote him a note today.

@waltwiessner: @boonepickens #AskBoone Where are we headed with a new President and a Republican Congress?
@BoonePickens: To a better place. Everything is going to be better because we’re going to have leadership. #AskBoone

@MeredithNBC5: @boonepickens Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, what’s yours for 2015? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: Resolve to keep working.

@cbent_12: @boonepickens Do you feel that falling gas prices are a good or bad thing for the overall economy of our state? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: There’s no question it’s good for the economy. It’s not good for the oil and gas industry.

@fanpayer: @boonepickens What are your thoughts on sharing college sports revenue with college athletes? #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: If you want to make pro athletes out of them, that’s a good place to start! I’m in favor of amateurs until they go pro. #AskBoone

@CowboyNinja79: @boonepickens Mr. Pickens, we know you’re successful and wise now, but did you ever fail and recover? I fail better each time. #AskBoone
@BoonePickens: I remember the door that smashed my finger and I don’t hang around that door. #AskBoone

@SirThatcher: @boonepickens will U.S. energy prod’n hold out or will it cave to OPEC during this steep downturn in oil? #askboone
@BoonePickens: Watch the rig count. They are falling already. Down 180+ and counting. Will probably go down by 500-600. #AskBoone

Christopher Samuel: Mr. Pickens, Do you have a plan or can you give an example of a plan that would result in establishing an adequate number of natural gas fueling stations across the country? If so, what is the plan? How long would it take if implemented to establish enough natural gas fueling stations for the average consumer to switch over without worry about finding a location to refuel?

T. Boone Pickens: We already accomplished that with heavy-duty trucks. It would take years to do it for cars.

Tyler Wheat: Hello T. Boone, Proud OSU student here that graduates in Spring 2016. I will be in class at 2 p.m. so I will go ahead and leave my question here. -What has been the most rewarding part of your life thus far? -What are you most grateful for? -What advice do you have for a current OSU student in Hotel and Restaurant Administration?

T. Boone Pickens: My family, my health, and my job.

Justin Swearengin: Mr. Pickens, Are the low oil prices of today sustainable for the long term? At what price do you think oil will stabilize at and when? Thank you!

T. Boone Pickens: No, they’re not sustainable.

Doug Knight: I’m sure you are constantly bombarded with questions about money well I am curious as to when was the last time you went fishing?

T. Boone Pickens: Two weeks ago. It helps when you own 20+ miles of waterway and have some good friends.

Sarah Marville: If you could give young millennial’s like myself who are freshly out of college and entering the job market one piece of advice, what would it be? #AskBoone

T. Boone Pickens: Freshly out of college, you’ve got the education. Get a good work ethic and you’re home-free.

Luis Freire: Mr. Pickens, what do you think about the Keystone pipeline project?

T. Boone Pickens: Let’s approve the paperwork and make it a shovel ready project. Let’s be for something on energy, and not against everything.

Alan Bowen: Could a tarriff be placed OPEC oil ? Reasoning , tarriffs in the past have been placed to protect steel, lumber , farmers , labor groups. I know the general public goes not care if oil in the US go broke, but with future job loss , something should be put in place . OPEC , Saudi Arabia , will do any thing to keep the US buy oiling ,and destroy any competition .

T. Boone Pickens: I’m a free trade guy, I’m not big on any tariff.

Giuseppe Joey Vumbaco III: #AskBoone Will you run for president please?

T. Boone Pickens: I’m not ruling it out.

Jon Lubecki: Why isn’t our government pursing the C.N.G for the semi’s on all our roads?

T. Boone Pickens: Good question. It would be the fiscally responsible thing to do. Where is the leadership? They test algae for planes, why not natural gas for vehicles?

Ken Duncan: What specific steps should be taken by the U.S government (and also energy companies) to reduce the 3,000,000 barrel per day oil import total from OPEC to zero? We have a booming oil and gas industry in the US., as well as in Canada and Mexico, so why do we need to continue buying oil from the Arabs?

T. Boone Pickens: Complicated but we have options now. But I’m concerned we’re being sucked into a false sense of security. May need to dust this ad off again.

Mike Mulligan: will Natural Gas ever become a big factor in powering all the 18 wheelers in this Country?

T. Boone Pickens: YES

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Dec 23 2014

CNBC: T. Boone Pickens on Oil Outlook

Dec 23, 2014

During an appearance on CNBC’s morning Squawk Box program, T. Boone Pickens again predicted that the price of Brent crude oil – the world price – would be back up to $90 to $100 in 12 to 18 months.

Pickens pointed out that OPEC is no longer a cartel, but “it’s a trade association.” Saudi Arabia has the hard currency resources to ride out $60 oil but “countries like Venezuela and Nigeria are broke.”

Pickens said, “the cheapest oil in the world is right here in the United States” and that the amount of oil being drilled from both traditional wells and shale deposits has helped the American economy and “amounts to a trillion dollar tax cut.”

75 oil rigs had been “dropped” in the past three weeks and he wouldn’t be surprised if 40 percent of rigs were taken out of service in the U.S. until prices recover.

“And prices will recover,” Pickens said, explaining that excess inventory would be consumed and “demand will go back up” and oil and natural gas producers would bring their rigs back on line.

He also talked about the Pickens Plan, promising that “heavy trucks and railroads” would lead the way to transition away from largely imported diesel to domestic natural gas. “Natural gas is still cheaper than diesel,” he said, “but America needs an energy plan and the Pickens Plan is a plan for America.”

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Over 2 million Americans have signed up for the Pickens Plan Army.Will you?