A Boone Cam Exclusive - GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin comes to Pickens Plan headquarters to talk to Boone about energy.

Boone has requested a meeting with Dem. VP nominee Senator Joe Biden and he hopes that will happen very soon.

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David Scott Coker Says:

This is absolutely fabulous. She knocks the ball out of the park last night in the debate leaving Senator Joe Biden sputtering his Obamarama platitudes and the next day meets with the 21st Century's energy avatar. Sort of a high powered one-two punch. I trust she and John McCain will be with us very soon. At least they are willing to talk. Let's hope the Picken'sPlan comes up in the debate on Tuesday night. David Coker Evansville, IN

Kenneth Holley Says:

Well stated David Scott Coker. Boone: As an American and fellow Texan, I can't thank you enough for all the work that you're doing for this effort. We're with you, through thick and thin, all the way. Kenneth

David Farmer Says:

I was at the office today when the Governor showed up, and Mr. Pickens was as always, on his game. he Governor appeared to be a delightful and intelligent person. Personally, I feel she did incredible in her debate last night, and she is a breath of fresh air for government. Nonetheless, the Pickens team was ready for her, treated her with complete Southern hospitality, and it was an honor simply to stand on the sidelines and witness history. Thanks Mr. Pickens!

michael sondgeroth Says:

i know mr.boon pickens you will like what she has to say about energy, ya i know im byass sir but ive seen her work up here in alaska sir, she will listen and also work togetherwith otheres . i know shes gotten alot of flack from the media but what america saw last night ive been seeing for a long time from her, she all real!!! she undstands about enery independents mike wasilla,ak

Tim Little Says:

With all due respect to you other guys and gals out there, it will be Barrack Obama that will bring the Pickens plan to full strength in the next 10 years and we WILL be independent of foreign oil in ten years with thousands of jobs created by this move to the environmental side of the playbook and getting America back on tract and away from the past 8 years of failed energy and economic policy. America will become strong instead of sending 300 billion dollars to foreign countries that dont even like us we can re invest them here at home, the good old USA on a superior power grid to bring us into the 21 century and keep up with our voracious demand for power and its transmission, we will re invest in this country's superstructures, its roads and its bridges, new ways of transportation and keeping it all green to protect this fragile environment that the last eight years has tried to destroy by removing protections and air quality standards. We will re invest in America, Barrack Obama, T.Boone Pickens and Al Gore will lead the way so if you dont want a better future for America and resist change please get out of the way because were on a mission for the next 10 years.

David O'Brien Says:

I thought the Governor did a wonderful job of speaking for me and the people I know. She said things that if I had a voice to America I would like to say. So thank you Governor Palin for speaking for us. I also believe that because she in from Alaska that she knows not only oil but natural gas which is so prevelent there. I would love to see her really get behind the Picken's plan as VP and help find a way to bring incentives to America to help us begin switching from gasoline to natural gas cars and trucks. I believe it not only can be done but must be done. It will take McCain and Palin to put thier leadership behind this plan once they are in Washington.

Daniel Gonzales Says:

Biden did better last night, Palin just didn't mess up. For the most part she remembered the talking points, but she didn't come across as natural. She reminds me of a used car salesperson with her winks and sly grins. I'm a hard working middle class independent who's sick and tired of her "maverick" shtick. But since she'll be the Alaskan governor for the next 3 years or so, it's important that she follows through with that natural gas pipeline. Screw foreign oil!!!

iancmckee Says:

Mr. Pickens, The debate last night showed great enthusiasm and commitment for energy independence from both the Palin/McCain ticket and Biden/Obama The question I have for you and your team is how do you think these two tickets will differ in their execution strategies? So far are they just telling you what you want to hear or do they actually share with you their plans? Today's successful passing of the Renewable Energy bill did little for Renewable Energy stocks and liquidity in the credit markets. How do you think this credit crunch will affect our sector? And, do you believe that the big loser in the US financial crisis and global slowdown is in fact the movement for Renewable Energy. How are we going to pay for all this? How are these emerging companies going to finance their efforts. I have two proposals that I believe only you and Warren Buffet could initiate. The first is a US Renewable Energy Fund for startups. A fund of this kind could continue to support the operations, on a competitive basis, of the best companies in the business. I would personally pitch in to this. Second, how about asking the next president to make a Global Renewable Energy Accord to cut taxes to zero and Free Trade for all investments in Renewable Energy on the planet. This would be a stimulus boom that could help prevent further slowing of the Global Economy and direct money in the direction it needs to go. Please consider this and thank you for all your work. Sincerely, Ian McKee @ Team GreenDomainMarket.com

revjlw Says:

Mr. Pickens, have you extended an invitation for a one-on-one to either Senator Obama or Senator Biden? I believe that you are very serious about you commitment. I hope that you have set party politics aside and extended an invite to the other ticket as well. Regardless of which team wins, you and your Pickens army will need to work with them.

Cyndi Joslyn Says:

Your meeting with Sarah Palin is enough for me to relinquish my membership in the Pickens Plan. Argh!!!! Yuck.

SoCooLBob Says:

I'm a paid political hack and just thought I'd say Hi without telling you which one of the two candidates I'm for ô¿~

decanio Says:

I hope Mr. Pickens taught Governor Palin that "Drill Baby Drill" isn't the solution to the crisis that faces us.

Sharlene Dano Says:

I do not have the words to say how impressed with this plan I am. And to you Boone, I am not sure how any of us can repay you for your initiative in this endeavor, but humble thanks is just simply not enough. I am very grateful that you are helping not only break our energy dependence but teaching us how to really seek the truth from our candidates who we have to insist that they adopt an energy plan that works, not a compromise but a real plan. One we can expect to be in full force as soon as possible. We do need to know how the next Administration will handle this and know who will lead us into a new era of independence! Thank you for inspiring us, teaching us to make choices on what we think by seeking our own information and not because we are told who to consider, we must consider the ones that will change or adopt an energy plan. As Trump said and I totally agree with, the price of oil has a direct impact on our economy. Sharlene

Andrea Ros Says:

ew! i thought you were really out to help this country, and I have super promoted the Pickens plan. Now I rather feel like Cyndi Joslyn, and wonder whether I shouldn't remove all links to your Plan that I've set up. I thought your plan was important enough to overlook your hand in prior elections. Looks to me as if you're back to your old shenanigans. Puh-leese! You're in a position to leave a remarkable legacy. Don't insult us with anymore useless videos like this one. Do you have any idea how much of your support you're alienating?

bev Says:

Sarah Palin is a puppet, a trained seal! Last night was a great example of her ability to be trained and regurgitate what was fed to her. There are so many formidable women and this is what John McCain throws at us? I am an educated woman who is insulted by this choice. I am also the proud mother of a US Marine who is currently serving in that "God forsaken" (his words) Iraq, that unnecessary war (my sentiments.) Do I want the U.S. to decrease our dependance on forgein oil - absolutely! Do I think that means "Drill baby drill'? Absolutely not! Renewable energy is the only answer for the long term. Drilling in ANWR shows Palin's lack of perspective, knowledge and education.

Sharlene Dano Says:

Well if you don't like the fact that he is a very intellegent business man that can or could see the truth inspite of a simple meeting, and I say that because his plan is a plan he did not have to put together just so you could belong to a club, but a honest to goodness plan for energy; than take your shallow minds elsewhere because then it must not be that important to you anyway. He has to see what both sides offer and be fair, and being fair is not what your verision of fair is. He has spoken to each party, she does have more energy experience, that is just a fact. Lighten up, he has not chosen his side yet, only told us to tune in and try to be open minded to better this plan you thought was worth it.

jim felder m.d. Says:

crude oil for refining is very important

Jackie Wilkes Says:

well I see some folks are very far to the left! I am behind Mr Pickens and Ms Palin

Jardinami Says:

I think that Gov. Palin was rather phony and spoke in cliche and generalities. She is all for drilling in her state, not finding alternative energy. She will side with oil barons, instead of pushing for smart alternative choices.

Kim P. Says:

Oh brother. Everyone needs to CHILL OUT. I believe Mr. Pickens has ALREADY met with Sen. Obama. He has made it a point to meet with all the candidates, not just one or the other. But not knowing which one will be in office next, he MUST be considerate of both sides so that they will have the opportunity to hear what he says - and will honestly entertain his plan, and inject it into THEIR energy plans. Everyone just STOP with the boo-hooing and whining about their candidate not getting a fair shake. It actually DOESN'T MATTER anymore who is the next President -- it MATTERS who is in CONGRESS... for THEY are the ones who are solely responsible for legislation. If you want to blame someone for the mess we're in... begin with OURSELVES first (we crave the big gas guzzling cars, refuse to use public transportation, and indulge indulge indulge beyond our means)... and then blame CONGRESS for spending MORE TIME (OUR time) fighting and fussing and trying to be RIGHT before putting the welfare of our country FIRST. Partisan politics has prevented our country from moving forward, and us "pawns" have let ourselves be manipulated into this vile... the left vs. right hate fest. How could we have been so stupid.... why do we CONTINUE to be so stupid? Stop worrying about who will be President, and start examining what your Congressmen and women are doing FOR YOU -- or better yet -- NOT doing for you -- and remove them from office if they cannot assist with getting us energy independent. The President can only VETO -- he does not WRITE the legistlation.... Wise up... stop the partisan bullying and cryin'.... and let's get America on its feet again. We are nearly belly up... and you know what happens when something's belly is exposed... we're attacked. We are sitting ducks if we don't stop this bickering and grow up. Enough said.

Sharlene Dano Says:

Hey Kim P, You got it right! Thank you. I tried to say it but I so much like your verison so much better. BIGGER PICTURE GUYS!!! Besides we need to work together and the energy released by boasting or touting a party line will not get us any farther than that. We need a plan not your debates.

John Boy Says:

How come no one is talking about how we EXPORT 1.8 million barrels of Oil a day?

Richard Minner Says:

Very disappointing. The "praise" here for Palin is as vapid an vacuous as everywhere else on the web. "She speaks for me" blah blah blah. She's a spokesmodel. I defy any of you to watch her Couric interviews and go on record praising her intelligence. I double dog dare you. I know you won't. She can deliver folksy lines and might make a good press secretary. Her dodge at the debate about "the filter" was beyond weak. Her "annoyance" with Couric is weaker still. It's all pap for people who will never scrutinize her and just want to Believe The Dream. Even George Will bailed on her. For Pickens to praise her publically makes me suspect this whole operation is one big political sham. I'll keep watching to see if he redeems himself with some balance in this election, but if I don't see it mighty soon that will be conclusive enough. Very disappointing.

ed Says:

Thanks for being for "America" and your plan for energy independance. Your meeting with Palin was very refreshing. Can you say "Reganett". Keep up the pressure on the politicians. You stand to make an enormus fortune if your plans for cng /wind/solar. But hey, your an example of the "American Business Risk Takers" Count me in Ed

Gayle Kasey Says:

I am a newcomer to the Pickens Plan. I have to say I was surprised to see this "video" of Mr. Pickens meeting Governor Palin. The surprise was at how superficial the video was and just a continuation of the "good ole' boy" type of interaction. I keep looking for the comparison between the presidential campaigns and who will best serve the goal of "energy independence", but I haven't seen it yet. I also am wondering, like some other writers here, whether Senator Biden (or Obama) was invited to visit with Mr. Pickens. Was Governor Palin invited, or did she invite herself? Either way, why wouldn't you then invite Biden or Obama? Very interesting. And as some may conclude that Palin somehow embodies the Pickens Plan is completely ridiculous. Read about how it works in Alaska...how Alaskan citizens profit from tax rebates from the coffers of the already filthy rich oil companies. Someone pointed out that all Americans (not just Alaskans) should get a rebate from the oil companies, since we are all paying into their obscenely high profit margins. From what I read, Palin is happy to have more oil pumped out of, and more money pumped into Alaska (and ruin one of the last truly pristine frontiers). I can't imagine that McCain/Palin is the answer that our country is looking for.

Kim P. Says:

Thanks Sharlene. This election hysteria is paralyzing us from being proactive. The energy being put into fighting over Obama vs. McCain and Biden vs. Palin is a sad, pathetic waste.. isn't it? Let the best man/woman win.. and then let's get back to getting our country out of the grip of the Middle East, and on our own two, strong feet. When I was a kid, I went to a wonderful YMCA camp that had inspirational sayings posted on the walls of the lodge. One of them said: "Dream big dreams - then put on your overalls." We MUST unite.. despite our political differences. We ALL agree on this one issue: Energy independence. So let's agree to disagree, and get a move on. Does anyone know where I can get a bumper sticker or sign for my car that touts Picken's Plan??? Also, how does one start a windmill farm on their property?

AubreyJ Says:

Come ON America!!! We GOT to stop all this in-house fighting on who’s voting for who and start working TOGTHER spreading out an umbrella of all workable ideas that will fix our energy problems TODAY and in the near/long-term future! Because one doesn’t like a particular Candidate is no reason to bail on making a difference during a time in history where it is SO NEEDED. ALL SIDES are going to have to come together and work this out and don’t think for one second that any one side can do it by theirselves. So all of us out there need to grow up and get on the ball. I for one am tired of these out of control prices we are paying today at the pumps, in the stores and from those bills I get every month to cool/heat my home. Enough is enough! Keep up all the GREAT work you are doing Mr. Pickens... and I hope we have GREAT success in getting all Parties involved in making this country of our Independent on ALL of our energy needs. A TRUE supporter... AubreyJ......... AubreyJ.org

Mark Says:

I agree with 70% of what Mr. Pickens is pushing. I have listened to Dr. Bill Wattenburg, KGO Radio (810 AM, 50,000 watts), in Northern CA, for almost 20 years. "Dr. Bill", as he is know, is a nuclear physicist, former Apollo scientist, Lawrence Livermore Lab researcher, rabble rouser, and talk show host. His main emphasis has been on: 1) nuclear energy; 2) Natural Gas (like Mr. Pickens); 3) more oil exploration (like Gov. Palin); and 4) some wind power / conservation. He agrees that wind power is 10x as efficient as solar power, so he agrees with Mr. Pickens there. He also agrees with Mr. Pickens on Natural Gas, but thinks he needs to also push nuclear power. (NG for cars, nuclear power for electricity.) I urge Mr. Pickens and Gov. Palin to spell out the advantages of Natural Gas and Nuclear Power. I'm sure that the colorful, out-of-the-box thinker... Dr. Bill ... would be willing to speak with anyone on the topic. He worked with legendary physicist Dr. Edward Teller at UC Berkeley, as well as the Department of Defense. He is know for his simple (and sometimes unorthodox) solutions to complex problems. Why not have Mr. Pickens suggest that we convert ALL government cars to Natural Gas? Wind power for the midwest? Solar for the southwest? And CLEAN nuclear power for baseline needs? France is 85% nuclear... which has ZERO C02!! McCain - Palin is in the lead here, and Obama is lost... he has taken the Sierra Club's Tofu Energy policies hook, line, and sinker. Go Pickens Plan!

Sharlene Dano Says:

I thought this was a plan/site for a energy plan not a presidential debate or platform for you to discuss. Go to CNN or NBC they have a great blog for you to vent on. This is blog is for energy not a political "cry me a river" blog. He only met the Gov, he has to meet all of them. Oh, in our search for independance we have to have a plan to get us there. We may have to drill. It is a plan.... first we do this... then we do that...we can't just waive our wand and then poof everyone can afford a new alternative energy car, or poof we got all of our ultilities changed over. People it will take some time and effort. Again that is why we call it a plan.

Kim P. Says:

LEAVE POLITICS AT THE DOOR. Pickens has met with ALL the candidates. Gov Palin's state of Alaska is a HUGE producer of our energy source (oil), and she SHOULD be meeting with Mr. Pickens even if she wasn't running for V.P. Can you all just LEAVE your political b.s. at the door for ONE minute, and stay on topic? Again... it doesn't matter, when all is said and done, WHO is voted into office -- the President cannot control Congress... and let's not forget WHO dominates Congress right now - the Democrats. So if you want to be angry with someone, use your hostile energy to compose a letter to your congressman and demand they TAKE ACTION. Remember... WE HIRE OUR CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN, not the other way around... we hire... we can fire.... If our Representatives and Senators thought we could fire them for insubordination, we'd be energy independent right now. They are ALL in the deep pockets of oil and car manufacturer lobbyists.. each and every one of them. Want to be angry? Point your rage at the right target: Congress... and at the mirror next time you look in it. OWN THIS PROBLEM, because it's YOURS, it's ours, and we're the only ones who can change it. If you want to rant about how much you dislike one of the candidates, go to another forum where that's the topic, and vent all you like... but spare those of us who are here to talk about energy independence.

Sharlene Dano Says:

Kim~ Thanks for your insight and I like the way you think. Rational and reasonable. Keep it up. We are in this together. Not sure how to keep intouch with you, but I will be looking out for you. Thanks again...

Kim P. Says:

I have a question... (o.k.. ANOTHER question.. LOL): If we switch vehicles to NG... can our present cars be converted? What's the protocol for this process? Will it mean a WHOLE NEW CAR??? It must be cost effective to convert cars to NG... does anyone know if/where this is discussed on this website? Thanks!

Ryan P. Says:

Gayle: did you even read the blog on the meeting? Boone has already met with Obama, McCain, now Palin, and Biden is still working his schedule to make a meeting. Its non-political, "no matter who is president, they will know the Plan"-straight from the blog on the meeting. And anyone who says Palin is phony: they're politicians, they're ALL phony! They're con-men; every one without fail. And ANWR: it buys time PERIOD. I don't think anybody has proposed ANWR will solve anything, but drill, drill, drill because every ounce buys another second for an engineer to make his/her alternative whatever work...and as an engineer, I can tell you it takes about 10x longer to make it work and bring it to market than you think it will. If somebody says, "we can have the whole country on propane cars (or whatever) in 5 years!", KNOW that it will really take 10 years, because somebody has already been working on it for 40 years!

Sharlene Dano Says:

Yes, I to think that technology will be ready to switch us. However, we still have to deal with the transfer. EPA has to sign off on tanks, on house pumps and not all autos can be transfered. It is still a proces and takes time. Remember CONGRESS has to get out of the way to help speed this along.

Lloyd D. Miller Says:

To T. Boone Pickens, Every email I send out now includes a recommendation to join the Pickens Plan. Keep up the good work. I think it is important to go forward with or without the politicians. They have shown a kind of paralysis on this and other important issues. We can no longer wait for their approval; we must move forward. Lloyd Miller

Kim P. Says:

Ryan, you are absolutely right on the money. We need to buy time with temporary sources of energy while we get the gears in motion for permanent changes. Sharlene, I'll be around - so do look for me. :) I've got my hands full with way too many projects, but I do try to sneak in here on the week-ends. I'm trying to find ways to use my vehicle as free advertising for the Pickens Plan via a bumper sticker, window "cling", etc... Have you seen any?

Thomas Warren Says:

Mr. Pickens, I have the highest regard for you and remain inspired by your leadership. Please, ignore the partisan snipes. It appears some people would give up a ride to heaven unless their political party banner was on the bus. We will succeed with your leadership and the steadfast commitment the over whelming majority of us have to the agenda. We all need to shed hidden motives and reveal our true colors. Mr. Pickens does not need fair weather supporters jeopardizing this very valuable work.

Ryan P. Says:

Kim: converting cars to NG, I believe, is very similar to converting a car to run on propane, which there are many sites that can explain and sell kits for that (joypropane.com, gotpropane.com: Google it). I know a little. Cars prior to 1995 are easy to convert, as the electronic engine control system only handles ignition, for the most part. Newer cars that have the Engine Control system that it tied into everything are harder (more $$) to convert. I'd looked into systems to convert my wife's Cherokee (1994): they ran about $800. Now she has a 2001 Cherokee (icy roads took out the 1994 last winter): nobody even makes a system because it would be hugely complex and thousands of dollars in parts. But if demand for the kits goes up, so will development dollars and individual unit price will go down.

Sharlene Dano Says:

Have one made, then sell them here. I would buy one. Ryan P. you also impress me, you and Kim have a good time keeping the restless natives occupied. Thanks, I hoped I would find great minds that were focused on the PICKENS PLAN and not the politics. You both ROCK!!! Have a great weekend and to all a good night.

07august Says:

I love how someone has said we hire our congress men/women. Over 90% of constituents were against the banker bailout, we called, wrote and the creeps still voted for the rape of the taxpayers by passing not a $700 billion bailout but an $800 bailout. All members of this government are raping and leaving American taxpayers for dead while the stomp over the dead bodies. I can't wair for "W" to come out to see what Oliver Stone has to say, since he made the lie of a movie "Flight 93." There were no planes on 911, no one media source besides independent researchers have learned the truth. GWB is a witch follower of lucifer, he is the grandson of Aleister Crowley, the neocons are a coven who followe Leo Strauss, kabbalist, as is Silverstein, who by the way is $1 billion over budget on the WTC, which was imploded by GWB's cousin, John's demolition company. Barbara Bush and Ann Cappelletti are illegitimate daughters of Aleister Crowley, both witches. GHWB was the son of Nazi George Scherff, adopted by Prescott Bush, money launderer, along with George Herbert Walker, his father-in-law for Hitler's loot. Most of the CIA were SS smuggled into the US after WWII. No one cares about American citizens, they only care about bankers and the evil rich of this country.

AubreyJ Says:

Some say this issue is not political... I’m afraid to tell you that it is... and very much so. The point everyone needs to keep in mind... and I admit it’s hard to do at times, is this... Keep the partisan politics out of this bipartisan political issue. AubreyJ.........

Sharlene Dano Says:

07August~I know you are unhappy about the Bill, me too. However, there were many that did listen. We have made it easy for them to what they want without our consent, because we do not hold them accountable, this is a hard lession in we have the right to hold them accountable by not voting for them again if they do not tow the line. We have been sending the message that we believe that the only one in power is the President and not asked our Congress what they have been doing, keep in mind that the President had to go to the Speaker Polesi and ask her to write the bill, he could not do it without the Congress and we hire the congress. By looking the other way, we told them that the bankers were more important and it was the bankers that were paying attention to them, so it stands to reason we have policies that go agains Main Street. We do have the power to change things, we start now with this plan to change our country and demand a new energy plan. Don't loose focus on the fact that we still have the power. When we come together we can change things.

Greg Chudecke Says:

Thank you T. Boone Pickens!, Whether you think governor Palin is ready to lead this nation or not I think this is awesome! Energy Independence In this Race is my top concern. This is the way to get it done. Cut through the partisanship and talk to both candidates face to face about the problem. It shouldn't be a Republican or a Democrat thing to do but an American thing to do. Whatever we can due to cut out the foreign energy Drill Baby Drill (oil), Blow Baby Blow (wind), Pump Baby Pump (gas) or whatever it doesn't matter lets get it done. I personally am sick of candidates or Presidents treating us like Kindergardeners! Come out and say what you believe in and stop tippy toeing around things. Trying to say something in a way that your constituents get the wink but no one else does. Everyone gets it at least I hope they do. We need a new party. The closest either candidate is to my beliefs based on votes is 48%! So whoever I vote in I'll disagree with half the time. What a wonderful mess we are in. Check out votematch and see for yourself: http://www.speakout.com/VoteMatch/Pres2008.asp -Greg http://www.caffeinatedgames.com

Billy Wagley Says:

Mr. Pickens, I am so glad that you got in touch with Gov. Palin. I am sure she does know alot about the oil industry and I hope that isn't the focus of continued conversations but how to get our country independent of foreign oil completely. The future tells me that know matter who becomes the President of the United States, that we HAVE TO rid ourselves of this dependency. Countries such as China, India, and others are rapidly coming into play which are searching for energy as fast or faster than the USA is. We need to have a PLAN to beat this run for oil. Not so much to just drill for oil but to wein ourselves from it the very BEST we can and point to renewable sources that will not run out. We out it to our future children and those beyond. Personally, I believe that the Democrates/Independents will hold the key since the Republicans are in such turmoil and the parties mentioned would seem to be the ones who will be the leaders in this next administration. Whatever the case may be, we must start now and informing Barrack Obama/Biden to forge ahead with this to help support our plundering financial situation that is currently going on. Whatever means it takes--they all need to get the message of the plan you have and I am sure with your connections that this can happen.. All Americans are or should be watching this closely because it will determine our stance in the world today in many ways. I am so glad that you have taken the initiative to head this program and once it connects to the government with concrete bills to reinforce it. I believe there is no stopping America from going forward, despite the current economic turndown. This is hoping we will all do some part in helping push the message forward. Please help us know what to do and how to do it in this political climate. Too many souls depend on this working and it will. Thank you, Billy H. Wagley For the Picken's Plan

Daniel Gonzales Says:

***CHILL THE F#CK OUT*** Look, I'm no fan of the McCain/Palin ticket, but everyone needs to relax. I know we're all pumped up right now on politics (and rightly so), but WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER ON THIS ISSUE. Boone met with all the other candidates. His agenda is our agenda. Like I said in my first comment, if Palin loses, she will still be the governor of Alaska and we need to make that natural gas pipeline is built. That is the key to this plan. We need people like Boone and Gore. People with influence. If we cannot ween ourselves from oil, then it will be the death of this great nation which I know we all love. Put aside our differences and come together for this plan.

Tim Greene Says:

... I.. can't believe that some you people are that weak in your convictions to see clean energy for all Americans that you threaten to abandon the plan so easily. Did anyone hear anything about either canidate..NO.The Biden plan was to attack George W. Bush in order to through Palin off track. All I heard was a debate about the last 8 years, and then they did not mention the Democrats were in fact in power. The president has to go thru the sen and cong that were democratically controlled. Not to mention the mess Billy Clinton left this nation in when George W. took office. How soon We FORGET. I did not hear about Gov Palin like I would have liked, nor did I learn anything new about Biden. This was a debate on what every body esle has done in the past. I and most american's want to know what they plan to do with my damn future. I am like Boone in this way, we don't have time to waste at our age. I feel this is one' more' reason we should stick together on Boone's plan if we ever expect to get anywhere. God Bless you all and at least vote if you don't agree with me, still vote. If you don't, you have no right to bitch when you don't get what you want...Tim G.

Richard Minner Says:

Apologies for overstating my disappointment in my earlier post. I missed the written blog, which provides more context and some balance. I also agree this site and effort should not be partisan. That said, I will note that given Picken's history he needs to be extra careful to keep it from becoming partisan. This is the first video clip of any candidate on this site as far as I can find, and the first email to mention a candidate meeting since the conventions, and then the first four comments here are dripping praise for Palin. Not setting a good tone for a non-partisan effort. Remember that a lot of Americans remain skeptical of Pickens from the get go. He should be more careful with his photo ops.

Tom Young Says:

This blog almost sounds like Politico.com instead of focusing on what the country needs to move forward - sound economic

Tom Young Says:

We need to focus on what the country needs to move forward - sound economic

Lewis W. Schwering Says:


NJ Paust Says:

I think Mr. Pickens has always been a Republican--so what? He met with Gov. Palin. He's met with Obama

Tim Greene Says:

Yes it does. Did anyone read my post asking about LED light availability. I am still trying to work on a project to light our homes with solar and LED's.. I have it worked out and just need a reasonable supplier of parts. When it is up and running for a 30 test cycle I will forward anyone wanting instructions at no charge. That is what all of us are trying to do,right..Less expensive, carbon free, pollution free ,cleannnnnn energy !! Thanks Tim G.

Leslie Granstrom Says:

I take the Pickens' Plan seriously; not Sarah Palin. She personifies everything that is wrong with our political process...she presents herself in an undignified way with her constant grinning, winking and sarcastic, rude remarks, snickering as if her running for Vice President is a joke. She is not able to form an intelligable sentence on her own and seems to think that her persona of being an "average Joe six-pack" is admirable and one that would inspire confidence. When addressing the issues of global warming of our planet and our country's need for energy independence, she does not see the need for an analysis of the causes of the problems. She seems so proud of her mantra "Drill, baby, drill." It is very sad that John McCain, a man who has dedicated his life to the service of our country, would make such a poor choice for his Vice Presidential running mate. Barack Obama has pledged to work toward the goal of our energy independence in 10 years; he will DO it with our help.

Dianna Smith Says:

I cannot believe all that I am reading here. There are very few on this blog that seem to understand that this is a crises that concerns all of our nation......ALL OF OUR WORLD. Get it that it makes no difference if you are Democrat, Republican or Independent or not able to vote at all because you do not have the freedom. For once take a bipartisan stand for everyone's health and welfare. Maybe, just maybe, all the heathenistic attitudes about oil, auto's, air quality, water and land pollution that has put us in this position will finally disappear for good! and what are you teaching the little ones? Are you religious about recycling? Are you religious about halping to maintain better air quality by riding a bike once in awhile? What are you doing to help? T Boone Pickens has an absolute genious plan put together here so spread the word about it and show the country and the world that we can all come together and put a stop to the global warming and global disrespect. This is not about politics...This is about SURVIVAL

Dianna Smith Says:

One more thing.......if all you political jockey's would go to the previous video on the Boone Cam you would see that T Boone has let the Democratic Camp know that he met with Ms. Palin and is expecting a proposed meeting soon. Please don't turn this into seperate camps WE ARE ONE WORLD and everyone needs to breathe and be healthy without worrying if the caps are going to melt and make our planet unlivable.

Stanley Pieczura Says:

Quitters-- Liberalism is a mental disorder! You all should take a good look in the mirror so Take your marbles and go home. You all never had what it takes to begin with!!!!!!

Dave Says:

It's a good thing Mr. Pickens is pushing "wind" energy. We just need to hook up Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank to a couple of windmills, and we'll be supplied for decades.

Stanley Pieczura Says:

Mr. Gonzales, You are the one who set the negative tone in your first post. And now you want everyone to shut the f*ck up and come togeather? Where are you coming from?

stan Koga Says:

I find it interesting and disappointing that Boone has chosen to EMPHASIZE ( i.e. video and broadcast on his website) this photo-op meeting. IF there was a similar meeting with Biden ( or Obama for that matter), why was it not equally espoused here? We do remember your "SWIFT-BOAT" tactics in the last election Boone..is this the beginning of an "end around " scam to sway voters away from OBAMA/BIDEN? I hope I havent misplaced my faith here...I will be watching very carefully...dont think I cant channel influence against your program within the same circle of friends that I introduced it to originally. And dont think others that feel the same cant do it either. This should be NON-PARTISAN Mr. Pickens--this amount of attention towards one ticket or the other OBVIOUSLY is not presented in that spirit.... Im not blinkin' Boone--are you?

Dave Says:

Quoting from the Boone Blog page: "Governor Palin comes from an energy state, and I’ll tell you, she gets this energy situation. We talked about it like two oil and gas professionals." -- T. Boone Pickens Considering his background and expertise, I would say Mr. Picken's has an extremely educated opinion of the Governor's ability to understand energy policy. I think it behooves us all to make sure that Vice-President Palin gets to take office in January 2009. With her in office, the Picken's Plan has much more viability to become realized.

Shelia Hallmark Says:

Shelia says: October 3, 2008, 11:40 PM PT My hat's off to T Boone Pickens for pushing energy independence. He and all of us need to talk to ANYONE who will listen and get on the bandwagon! We need to quit whining about politics and bashing the candidates - - that's not the purpose for the PickensPlan. I don't care whether you are Democratic, Republican, Independent, red, black, white, purple or whatever - just get involved! We all need to CONTINUE to write our elected officials over and over again and encourage our friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc., to do the same. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can really do something about it.

Paul Satterlee Says:


Alan Goldsmith Says:

I agree if this turns into just another republican scam it will set back this country when we can afford delays least. As for Palin I would think that associating your plan with an obvious ignorant fraud can not add to it's crediblity. You can teach any idiot to read cliff notes, it seems that being able to read is enough for some. Your energy genius could not even remember the Supreme Court case; Exxon v Baker, a punitive damages award from exxon Mobil to Alaska fishermen in June of this year. I don't know if our country can stand another empty headed jesus freak. God help us if she is elected.

Pat Jack Says:

Palin and her husband came to Boone. Boone was acting as an ambassador for the Pickens Plan, nothing more, nothing less, just working hard, just another day. Pat Jack

Rhonda S. Carsten Says:

Hi Army, For all the concerned-about-politics out there.....Mr. Pickens has had long meetings with both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama. How he votes is his business and he's keeping it that way. He has been able to meet with members of congress on both sides of the aisle because he has promised them to keep his political opinions to himself. They believe him, as they should. Even during the question part at the National Press Club, when pushed to make a political prediction, he refused. He's very "powered-up" due to his wealth and his influence, and commitment to this mission. Please don't doubt him.....support the Plan! We need all of you! This is about America....not the election. P. S. After we succeed....and we will.....let's all get together on our own and build a statue of this man. He's a true American patriot. Let's go Army! Rhonda St. Louis, MO

natalie hofer Says:

Your meeting with Sarah Palin is enough for me to relinquish my membership in the Pickens Plan. Us as well.

Bart Drummond Says:

Palin totally blew Biden away! When my democrat freinds tell me they thought the debate was a tie.....You know to the real independant or republican she kicked his A$$! By the way, my freind said he would vote for a donkey if it was running as a democrat. But, I think he maybe second guessing himself this election.

d kelly Says:

Biden said it all in the debate Thursday night "I've been in congress 35 years, I'm not going to change."

Alan Says:

Along with companies like American Superconductor we can redesign the American power grid to provide renewable power to all people living in the US. This is a great plan. I'm all for it.

Robert Rucker Says:

Fellow domestic energy supports, I think a lot of you are missing the point. That being that our future depends on ending our addiction to foreign sources of energy. We must look at all candidates for federal office and ask of them, "Do you support getting off of foreign oil... and how do you do you intend to achieve this goal?" I am also following the WE Campaign. Their goal are much the same, getting America off oil and using clean energy. Mr Pickens Has given the United States an idea that I had never thought of... Changing the way we gererate power and redirecting Nateral gas to transportation. WE can do it! Change is Good! Reform energy!

Joe Asencios Says:

For God Sakes she didn't even know if she met you the night before or not. Not impressed by her. She seems like a phoney to me... She may have helped Alaska with their energy kick backs but it doesn't mean she did it alone. The notion she may have a brain in that head. You sure she isn't blonde... What a Putz!

Irene Ruane Says:

Who of the canidates for president are willing to support the massive wind farm in the central United States? Have either of the caniditates for president ever used a warming station that is proposed here in New Hampshire to keep the voters warm this winter?

Joe Asencios Says:

On another note I might renounce my membership because of the stupid video.

Michael Marsden Says:

Boone..I love how you're grabbing the bull by the horns and getting a focus on energy. Choosing to promote Palin (and thus McCain) in your quest sours me. Choosing an airhead from Alaska as a rallying moment ain't getting it done for me. Because she calls out to the Joe Six-pack crowd and winking into a camera and such does not qualify her for the the Veep job. You should stick to your call for energy. A republican ticket will only DELAY getting to renewable energy resources and will delay your vision, unless of course this whole thing of yours is a scam to help the red team take our country into a deeper hole.

Malory Shaughnessy Says:

Well, I am a liberal democrat and I believe we need to change the way we view energy. I was signed on to the Pickens plan thinking he might be on to something. But to see the gushing response to a simple photo op with Palin totally disgusts me. To say she is an expert on energy because she got herself appointed to a commission for I think maybe a year providing oversight in Alaska, and then was governor for less than two years, is preposterous. She might know a bit about the north slope and a bit about natural gas (although the pipeline she says she put in was started before she even figured out the Wasilla budget and she sees no issue with drilling, baby drilling even though we all know we wouldn't get anything for years from this investment in dollars), but she has no experience with any type of alternative energy and I thought that was what this was all about. I told my democratic friends that they should check out the Pickins Plan, but I guess they were right - it is another republican scam to push the bush-cheney-mccain (and now palin) energy plans of the past. Too bad.

Don Says:

While Mr. Pickens and I are political opposites, we do agree on the potential for wind energy. He also has said he agrees with Mr. Obama on this issue. I'm not so sure on the CNG thing. It's still carbon emissions, although I would be interested in knowing if Mr. Pickens espouses CNG/electric hybrid cars. That's something I could be a little better with in the short term.

John P Says:

It is sad that is what this movement is turning into. I'm glad Sarah Palin was receptive to the Boone plan however I think she is nothing more than a pretty face and has little substance. I'm glad people think she knocked it out of the park, but I think she was condescending and her use of the English language was embarassin (g) !!!! This group of supporters is made up of the middle class and speaking for myselg, I don't like to be referred to as "Joe 6 Pack" Hey Boone, let's not be endorsing any candidates....PLEASE.

Michael J. Kabatt Says:

Thank you Tim Little and Cyndi Joslyn. I could not agree with you more.

rebekah huang Says:

you can tell who on here is really concerned about making America free of foreign oil and who places their ticket ahead of the country. mr. pickens has already met with both candidates and stated that he's interested in meeting with sen. biden. he also stated that she knows a lot about energy and that is her stated focus for the white house. that is good enough for me. i think it's important that sen. mccain picked someone whose focus will be energy because to me getting our energy from else where doesn't make sense and i place that ahead of party line. i believe him when he says country first. energy freedom for the future!

Lynne Chase Says:

Mr. Pickens-are you charmed that easily?? This video is a piece of fluff that I did not expect to see on this website. It divides the members and makes this blog political. We need to be talking about energy, not cutesy Sarah Palin. All of our politicians need to be involved in this dialog, but lets leave this type of video out of my email. I am insulted.

Dr Mark Says:

Dear Boone, Has the Pickens Plan fed either campaign some CONCRETE promises on Energy for them to use; like "talking points"? Here are a few actions you could add to the list that are dear to my heart as a new owner of a CNG Honda Civic. "In the first 100 days, my administration will 1. Begin installing CNG pumps at all Interstate highway Service Areas nationwide, 2. Mandate that car manufacturers offer Americans any CNG vehicle models they currently sell overseas (as a condition for the $25 billion bailout THEY have requested), 3. Mandate CNG use in all new Federal Government vehicles (unless the limited range impairs the mission). 4. Ramrod EPA approvals of CNG conversion kits, eliminate the $50,000 certification expense and make this testing a FREE government service. " Any candidate who clearly stated these, and other, concrete steps that move us away from foreign fuels would be up 10% in the polls within 24 hours. How can they not clearly espouse this Plan and still think they are giving their campaign it's best chance? Dr Mark

Robert Hamilton Says:

Unfortunately, most of you are missing the point here! It's not about politics or which side of the isle your on, Its about getting politicians to listen. All of them (D and R). It's for our children and their future. It's about not sending our them to the middle east to fight wars for oil. If you have kids, this need to be your biggest concern. The billionaires that support these politicians (all of them, D or R) are fully aware that our children will bleed for their Mercedes and BMW's. And their kids will go to Harvard and Yale while Joe Six Packs kids fight and die. No matter what, their future is secure. GET IT? Absolutely the only way to avoid this is to break our dependency on foreign oil.

Fred Ewer Says:

I agree with the previous post....THINK BIG PICTURE!!!....If you support the notion of energy independence, and you have a plan to achieve that goal, then vote for the person that'll make your plan a reality. If you don't have an energy independece plan of your own, then consider supporting Mr Pickens and voting for the party who promises to make that plan reality.

Ann Sikes Says:

Like many other woman I am tired of Palin using her sex appeal to get the old men on the right excited about her. We can see right past the hype she spreads. What we do see is a woman who has gotten to a lever way above her educational level and one who cannot talk to the real issues. I have not see her really speak about energy in any other area except the drilling of oil in her state. Mr. Pickens your plan is wonderful and what you are doing on your own is to be applauded. I look forward to having the election behind us and putting the real issues before us.

Evie the Evil Evelyn Says:

YAY!!!!!! Kim P. It really does NOT matter who the president is, as long as the CONGRESS doesn't let him or her declare themself the Decider ... Like our current congress HAS. Now it's time to get busy! Thank you Mr. Pickens

Julia Pemberton Says:

I am cancelling my membership wiuth the pickens plan I cannot believe that you really think that Palen/McCain is the ticket. I think you should speak with Obama/Biden before you decide that they will work with us on the energy crisis. I am really dissapointed that a skirt would make you act that way

Tyler Massie Says:

Hello Mr. Pickens. I am middle class citizen in a small town in ohio. I really have no party preference in the upcoming election, i dont exactly know a whole lot about politics. In my opinion, the presidential election process in the last decade has simply been an extremely expensive popularity contest of individuals just tellin us what we want to hear to get into office. But i do know that i agree with your program in the fullest. I also agree that regardless of who is elected into office, i think u should work with either of them to get this plan into action. There's a lot of people in my community, myself included, that are dying out here. We need a big change and i think your plan will help to jump start the process.

John Says:

Dear Mr Pickens: We are interrested in purchasing a "Natural Gas" powered Honda, but don't have any re-fueling stations. How long will it be before they are available? John

Evie the Evil Evelyn Says:

... the PickensPlan ... a "Political Ploy" ... LOL!!!! did I read that right? HEY - bandwagon people who haven't due dillegenced (is that a word ;-) the need for alternative energy ... Mr. Pickens HAS met with both presidental candidates and only now needs to meet with Mr. Biden to bring him up to speed on the PickensPlan. But then again - this is now comment 86( ) and if the people freaking out in their comments above don't know that fact ... well ... uh ... I hope they have gone back to their crayons ... And once again ... THANK YOU Mr. Pickens

Brad Clawson Says:

Great Job! I know this is one candidate that's honest and has a proven track record of working with energy.. I'm excited to see you engaged with them and already building the bridges. Thanks T.Boone!

Bobby O Says:

Born, raised and still contributing to the State of Texas, we really need to accept the fact that Palin will not be the veep sworn in on January 20th. The Pickens Plan has a lot of work to do with the Democrats who are virtually guaranteed to be in charge of both ends of Pennsylvania for the first time in decades. So what are you guys doing to get those who will have their hands on the levers of power come 2009? Alternative energy ideas as well as ecologically safe extraction of existing fossil fuels are certainly a must for our nations future. As much common sense leadership as Mr. Pickens has given our great nation to this point, much more must be done to meet in the middle. Continuing to import oil at the rate we have been doing, continuing wasteful policies that encourage increased rather than decreased consumption of fossil fuels and the arrogance many have shown that the USA is in anyway and at any cost entitled to oil under other's soil must be stopped, stopped immediately and reversed. How to we meet in the middle, people? How do we stop the bleeding, as Ross Perot said? How do we stop the insanity that has driven energy policy for the last couple or three decades? There has to be give and take on both sides with the overall interests of our children and grandchildren in mind. Let's get to work, people, and stop the childish rhetoric.

Paul Silver Says:

It strikes me as insincere praise for Palin, but that is my political opinion... I dont see much meat to this ticket, McCain or Palin... Never the less, I too hope that Pickens addresses both party's candidates... focusing on the oil mongers wont help as much as educating the rest of Americans... and that is what this whole effort is about, yes? Let us stay focused on why we are here with this group, and not get all partisan...

Geene Says:

Thank you for coordinating this effort and working both sides of the aisle. It's important to keep focused on the end objective and not the politics.

Pamela Donnelly Says:

Don't you guys think it would be cool if Boone met with both tickets - all four of them - at once? Have a meeting to just brainstorm and come together! Then, they would all be "on board," and we would have the whitehouse behind us, whoever wins!! Now, that would be everyone reaching across the aisle!

Susan Johnston Says:

As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with Bobby O- The Pickens Plan needs to be embraced by the next President. In fact, the more private sector that can take over what the government really is unable to do, the better. How do we go to work to make sure that this plan succeeds?

Christina Dubach Says:

How can anyone say that our energy crisis is not political? Energy is one the highest politicized issues of our nation. It ranks right up there with national security, health care, and education. And how can anyone not see that this video was not only political, but also an insult to our intelligence? If this video was not political then where is the video of McCain, Obama, and Biden? And if this video was not an insult to our intelligence then why are we just "told" that Palin has energy intelligence? Mr. Boone, if Palin has publicly stated that she will no longer take questions from the press, then why would you publicize a photo-op with no real substance if it was not a political motive? Up until this point I really believed that the Pickens Plan meant that there was hope for the average Joe to have a voice and once again believe in the American philosophy that in America, nothing is impossible no matter your rank or class. However, now I believe that the Pickens Plan is modeling the current American philosophy that in order to talk to the average Joe you have dummy down information until it contains no real substance, only key words. I can only hope that the video was a courtesy to Palin and not a political statement. But I don’t know how many one-sided courtesies I will tolerate before I lose my “hope” in the Pickens Plan.

John Brandes Says:

Anyone who thinks that Palin won that debate has their head in the sand. What facts did she supply? Just sarcasm and platitudes. She attributed a quote to Thomas Jefferson that he never made, misnamed the General McKiernan as Gen McClellan (Civil War General). And failed to answer 10 of the questions directly (some straight-shooter). If I want another "Folksy, fun to have a beer with, but not so good on the facts and stubborn as mule" candidate, then I would propose a 3rd term for George W Bush. Get over it people. Fact: Biden was intelligent, articulate, passionate and demonstrated a far superior command of the facts and history. With America heading into the abyse, don't you think that it's time we fire the people who got us into this mess to begin with? What ever happened to the Republican party I grew up with? You own your mistakes, you conserve, you hold people accountable. McCain has been on the side of Bush (even after he and Rove tore him appart in 2004) 90% of the time (by his own admission). He is part of the problem. And he's gone and nominated an incompetent VP, the same way that Bush hired "Brownie" and an army of 21 year old young Neo-Cons to run Iraq's infrastructure. For God's sake people, wise up.

George A Mandalou Says:

It unfortunate that Boone chose to meet with Palin and politicize this movement. Palin is totally unqualified to be President of the United States and such meetings give her legitimacy which she does not deserve. Because of this political move on Boone's part I for one am leaving the Boone army. Boone has a great idea but once you drag politics into the mix it’s the end of the idea. Boone has chosen to promote his right wing friends via the Pickens Plan, to bad, I’m a left wing liberal so count me out.

Marc Says:

Awwww that was cute how he wore a special tie to meet Gov. Palin... I'm an independent who joined this site in order to have bipartisan dialog about the energy crisis our great nation is facing. Not here any gush over candidates on either side of the aisle. Oh well... Hey guys... yes Gov Palin can speak definitively about energy... yes energy is an important topic. I obviously agree with these precepts because I've joined the website. However, I am befuddled that because she's a "breath of fresh air" or because "she's just like one of us" that anyone believes that she could be president of the United States of America. Did she at all seem one dimensional to anyone else but a few on the site here. Ask her about economics, she talks about energy, ask her about the war in Iraq, she talks about energy. Ask her about the bail out, she talks about energy. She even admitted during the debate... "I'm not gonna answer your questions, I'm gonna talk about what I want to..." and that was energy. Energy isn't gonna find Bin Ladden, or end the 10 billion dollar per month war in Iraq. The fact that she's just a "soccer Mom" or like "Joe six-pack's" Sister or wife doesn't mean that she going to be able to "reform" Washington. Look at McCain, and Obama who have been obviously influenced by Washington despite their best efforts not to be. Her belief that a soccer Mom can go to Washington and reform the "ole boy" network is naive and speaks the the reality that, by her own admission, "I've only been at this for 5 weeks". She is an EXCELLENT choice for Alaska government as I have heard more about Alaska in the last 5 weeks than I've heard of in all of my 44years. McCain/Palin... or should I say Palin/McCain? Thanks, but no thanks!!!

Coop Says:

The only thing Sarah Palin knows about energy is how much it takes to power all the beauty queen spotlights she so craves. Not exactly a person I would trust to be just a heartbeat away from the presidency. Bottom line, I doubt that ‘Joe Six-pack’ would be all that infatuated with her were she obese and unattractive. I say shame on McCain for politically parading his harem in front of red-blooded American men just to get their votes, like the way he flaunted his wife in front of the bikers in Sturgis. With the stakes so high in the world today, come election day, I would hope all the ‘Bubbas’ vote with their heads and not their hormones.

Joseph Lynch Says:

My sentiments exactly. Cyndi Joslyn Says: October 3rd, 2008 at 8:13 pm Your meeting with Sarah Palin is enough for me to relinquish my membership in the Pickens Plan. Argh!!!! Yuck.

Jim S Says:

Mr. Pickens, I applaude your efforts. BUT, when you post videos such as the one with Gov. Palin, or anyone else for that matter, please don't just throw out platitudes, but get into some detail about what they believe and support. I have to admit I have been a bit suspicious about your real motives. You are from Texas, you are an oil man and you have been a George W. Bush supporter. I am sure you have a plan to greatly enrich yourself from your efforts as well. That being said, I don't begrudge you becoming the world's richest man if it means we move away from oil dependence. I still remain a bit suspicous of your political leanings, however, because the Bush administration and the Republican party as a whole have done nothing to encourage alternative energy and in fact Mr. McCain has voted against it. Please remove yourself from the biased political position you hold. If the Democrats prevail in this election, you certainly have not ingratiated yourself with that side of the oil, knowing your past history.

Fred Fosbury Says:

I have read the comments in the blog with mixed emotions. First, for those who have attempted to turn this into some type of political contest, take it elsewhere! Second, for those who get their knickers all twisted up about the video, know that what you saw was a very brief portion of what actually took place. The video showed nothing of the discussion between Mrs. Palin and Boone. Know, also, that Boone has already met with both presidential candidates and is working to do the same with Biden. Third, no matter who wins the election this country, if it is to survive as we know and love it, must re-establish our energy independence. That is a simple fact, hard as it may be to accept. Fourth, partisan politics and ranting have no place in this forum (blog). To Boone, Thank you Sir, for your dedication to our country and your efforts to save us from those who can, at their whim, destroy our economy and thus our nation. Fred F.

Christina Dubach Says:

I'm interested in what T Boone Pickens has to say about all this. This is his blog; he should post his views.

Michael Says:

Mr. Pickens, I am with you all the way to setting of windmills on the hills around my neighborhood! Keeping this a completely bi-partisan effort is critical. Thank you for leading the charge and sharing your ideas with our leaders.

Olsalt Says:

It seems some folks want to make this a partisan issue. It is no more a partisan issue than poverty, which affects folks from all parties. I do agree that the energy issue is one of the most important, if not the most important, issue that we face. I applaud the efforts of Mr. Boone Pickens and will support his plan as best I can regardless of whether the party leaders support or oppose it.

Tyler Massie Says:

To all the folks who are or are planning to withdraw your account, i say quit your ball babying!!!!!!! If you are so one-sided that you cant see past WHO Pickens is meeting with, then you are part of the problem. What difference does it make if he's meeting with Republicans or Democrats? Isn't it important that he gets EVERYONE on the ball? This is more than just politics. Its true that a majority of the plan needs to be initiated by the government. So no matter who wins the presidency, they need to be heavily involved in the gameplan. So quit your crying and look at the big picture!!!

Jeff Stasney Says:

All right you political putzs, stop whining about your political candidates unless your doing something about their sorry asses.... like voting them out! If they ain't getting it done, vote someone in office that will! Period! We have NO TIME for PARTY POLITICS! PARTY POLITICS has WAY OUT LIVED it's usefullness,..... if there ever was a usefullness? Guys! Just vote the best person for the job! Leave the party at the friggin' door! PUHHHHHLEEEEEEASE? If you are NOT doing that, your part of this whole freakin' problem! If your driving a GAS GUZZLING HOG, your ARE part of this problem! Get it GONE (AS IN PERMENANTLY) , preferably wreck it.... totally. Take it out of OUR MIZERY! (Did I say that?), Take the insurance and get a gas mizer or better yet a CNG Honda! AIG can afford it now, thanks to to OUR 85 BILLION bailout! Put YOUR TAXES to good use! Get EVEN! How many thousands has your auto insurance company milked you out of all of these years? For SOMEONE ELSES irrisponsibility? Yeah, me too. More than enough for a new gas mizer 20 times over. Or, take a trip down to Mexico and sell it! Let 'em steal it! Whatever! Let the Mexican's feed foreign oil! NOW THAT's a PLAN! ;o) Whatever you do, QUIT FEEDING the foriegn oil pockets! All righty now, on with the ENERGY PLAN. Boone has a plan here, an all encompassing plan to ween this country off of foreign oil. UNLESS you have a better plan, quit whining about HOW HE IS GETTING THIS DONE! AND HE IS GETTING THIS DONE! He's a friggin' BILLIONAIR! WITH A HUGE "B"! WITH (in my humble opinion), has to have Kahoonys to match, thank you very much.... How do you think he got this way? BEING SMART, that's how. Working smart, that's how. Holding all your cards and playing just the right ones, AS NEEDED! A VERY SMART MAN, indeed! Now, Focus your minds on the BIG PICTURE for once. Let the MAN operate, he's done all right so far. Right? HE is BUYING US TIME! Using what we have an abundance of, like CNG for now, is good. Doing the following, next, is better. Now then, how many of you have ever heard of this,( little known about ), oil field in North Dakota, Western South Dakota and extreme Eastern Montana known as the "Bakken Formation"?? I didn't think so...me either until yesterday. Here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakken_Formation Look it up for yourself. This oil reserve will do precisely what Boone is touting, buying time. It ALONE will remove the foreign oil dependance we have. You read right, this oil field alone will do that for us. Why have we not heard of this? Maybe BIG OIL doesn't want us to hear of it? So the price of oil will remain artificially high? So we will NOT KNOW we have this reserve ready to be had for all of us for the drilling? Maybe those despicable lobbiest's have bought Washington's silence? Ohhhhhh, those lobbiest's SO NEED TO GO, TOO! Well, That oil field, That if brought online, the worlds supply of oil will DOUBLE and the price fall to the 1990's levels? Do you see a pattern here? IS Deception at the heart of this pattern? Would they really?????? You BET YOUR BIPPY THEY WOULD and HAVE! The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska 's Prudhoe Bay , and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 BILLION BARRELS. Even if just 10% of the oil is recoverable... at $107 a barrel, we're looking at a resource base worth more than $5.3 trillion. 1. A recent technological breakthrough has opened up the Bakken's massive reserves... and this country now has access of up to 500 billion barrels. And, because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL! That's enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 41 years straight. Big Oil can get to this oil reserve using the horizontal drilling and fracturing techniques presently being used in the North East Texas and North West Lousiana Hainesville Shale Gas Fields, now the largest gas reserves in the world. 2. And, if THAT didn't throw you to the floor, then this next one should, because it's from TWO YEARS AGO! U.S. Oil Discovery - Largest Reserve in the World! Stansberry Report Online - 4/20/2006. Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world, and has more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August 8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction. What is going on? They reported this stunning news: The United States has more oil inside their borders than all the other proven reserves on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the official estimates: -8-times as much oil as Saudi Arabia -18-times as much oil as Iraq -21-times as much oil as Kuwait -22-times as much oil as Iran -500-times as much oil as Yemen , and it's all right here in the Western United States . HOW can this BE? HOW can we NOT be extracting this? Because we have not DEMANDED Legislation out of the Congress in Washington allowing its extraction, that's why! You didn't know?????? NOW YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, you don't you think 'Big Oil' will drop its price, even with this find? Think again! It's all about the competitive marketplace, and if they can extract it (here) for less, they can afford to sell it HERE for less - and if they DON'T, others will. It will come down! It has to. Did that line above SINK IN? The United States has more oil inside their borders than all the other proven reserves on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means the middle east, Venezuala, Mexico, who friggin' ever, can turn their figgin' oil off and it wouldn't make any difference! HAS THAT Got your attention yet? Hope so! Now, while you're thinking about it ... ...... and hopefully you're sooooooo pissed off, do this: 3. Take 5-10 minutes and compose an e-mail; fax or write a good old-fashioned letter to the elected officials in Washington D.C. , and their respected leaders. We'll start with them. YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE! You can send your elected Congressmen a letter, e-mail or fax, DEMANDING the immediate legislation for an "Energy Plan", freakin' now! Mention that this plan should call for tapping into the U.S. Petroleum Reserves mentioned, as well as allowing for drilling in the U.S. offshore waters and U.S. Continental Shelf, not to mention Alaska. Drill, baby, drill it done! That's MORE JOBS! Here's your link: http://www.numbersusa.com/content/congress/your-members-congress.html Technology is not what it used to be. Have you ever had arthroscopic surgery? They can 'surgically' extract the oil, and get us on the way to at least some measure of energy independence for now. Later, FOR GOOD! If you don't take a little time to do this, then you should stifle yourself the next time you want to complain about gas prices. Because, by doing NOTHING, you've forfeited your right to complain! "All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing." Fwd this on "to whom ever" should approve the extraction, of any part or all of this oil, to release us from buying oil from the mid east countries. GET 'ER DONE! Write, right NOW! Demand this oil field be drilled and brought online immediately! TIME IS WASTING, Time we DON'T HAVE! Write your Representatives in Congress, demand they stop the bickering and acting like school children! Demand they get the job done or you'll vote someone in THAT WILL. Demand they STOP pissin' YOUR MONEY away! Tell them: "Your COUNTING THEIR SCREW UPS!" Tell them: "Screw up just one more time and your outta there!" GET THEIR ATTENTION! GET TOUGH! TALK TOUGH! VOTE TOUGH! VOTE INTELLIGENTLY INFORMED! SAVE THIS COUNTRY FROM THESE PANTY WAISTS IN OFFICE! Get'em gone! (The panty waists) Get a do-er in their! NOT A TALKER! We don't have time to TALK any more! Demand the Congress quit pissin' OUR MONEY away to foreign countries that don't like us! You CAN NOT BUY friendship! YOU EARN IT! DEMAND they put that money to bringing the alternative renewable energy sources online now! Demand they STOP dragging their feet! Demand they EARN THEIR MONEY FOR ONCE! WE CAN DO THIS! WE HAVE THE TOOLS TO DO THIS NOW! AMERICA..............., WAKE UP! Let's GET 'ER DONE! K? WE ARE ALL "THE AMERICAN SUPERMAN" (in our own way) AND WE CAN SAVE THE DAY! Just do it! < JLS

Brett Cook Says:

Please don't let this be another version of the Frank Capra movie "Meet John Doe" and T. Boone is just D.B.Horton

Paulo Ribas Ferreira Says:

I have seen Kim ask about how to convert our cars to NG. Right now the process is difficult due to the legislation in force, that requires the shop that shall make the conversion to have a permit that is only issued for a certain model of car /year. This permit cost the shop around 100kusd. So after this the shop can only convert one model of cars of that exact year. I have had a car that was converted to NG in Brazil. The cost of the conversion there was around 1500 usd. The car had a switch so that you could change the fuel on the move. worked well and saved me amoney as the cost of the NG was about half the cost of gasoline.

Brett Cook Says:

Since we are such a visual people and we will not take the time to dig deep to read stuff, it would be helpful for us to determine how political this movement will get if any videos of the Obama and McCain meetings were posted right along side the Palin film. Also we could sure use the information from a Biden meeting. Something I would like to know is what party T. Boone supported in the past and what if any relationship there was with the Bush family. But in the least please spare us from any more " oh garsh look at my tie, I can't even think straight because your a pretty woman" baloney

bev Says:

for T.Boone's past political affiliation, google "swiftboat"

samantha Says:

I don't think some of you even read what Pickens said in regards to the Palin meeting. He said: "We spent some time talking about ANWR—the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We didn’t agree on how much oil is up there, but I told her I was all for drilling. You know what I say about this: I’m for anything American." I'M FOR ANYTHING AMERICAN. Please understand this, drilling does not mean it will be the only thing we do for energy as a Nation, it means that by drilling we will assist our nation in its energy crisis, which will help us to not rely on hostile nations for our needs. And another thing, Thank you Mr. Pickens for being NONPARTISAN.

Jeff Stasney Says:

PUHHHHHLEEEEEEASE? Some thought I advented an illegal activity, nope not so Joe! OK, let it be said that MY ABOVE comments are now edited to the following: ..... If you are NOT doing that, your part of this whole freakin' problem! If your driving a GAS GUZZLING HOG, your ARE part of this problem! Here's an idea: Get it GONE (AS IN PERMENANTLY) , preferably wreck it.... totally. Nahhhhhh!!!! NOT!!!!!!! Take it out of OUR MIZERY! (Did I say that?), Take the insurance and get a gas mizer or better yet a CNG Honda! AIG can afford it now, thanks to to OUR 85 BILLION bailout! Put YOUR TAXES to good use! Get EVEN! ................ (I'm venting, Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) .............. How many thousands has your auto insurance company milked you out of all of these years? For SOMEONE ELSES irresponsibility? Yeah, me too. More than enough for a new gas mizer 20 times over. Or, take a trip down to Mexico and sell it! Let 'em steal it! Whatever! Let the Mexican's feed foreign oil! NOW THAT's a PLAN! ;o) (I'm joking now, nothing illegal) Whatever you do, QUIT FEEDING the foriegn oil pockets! < JLS

Kris Wilson Says:

I can forgive and forget the swiftboating and the four more distastorus years on the energy crises under Bush because of what you, T Boone, are doing now. But if the picken's plan is to be partison and only giving notice to McCain/Palin than I can no longer support or promote in all the live environmental, educational children's show's that I am producing your plan. Please stay out of politics and help whoever our next "leader" is and give our children a chance for a real "green" future!

Timothy Graffius Says:

Obama has been supporting alternate energy for some time now. McCain had been coming out against it until recently. What does this tell you. Don't people understand the real issue is Global Warming. We have to STOP burning Fossil Fuel NOW not ten to 100 years from now. The Ice Caps and Glaciers are melting. Much of the earth will become desert. (Especially the USA) The ocean will rise 200 feet within 50-100 years. (Los Angeles, San Diego, Southern Florida, New York City, Texas, exc.)

Kenneth Gray Says:

America is in trouble and it’s getting worse everyday we as a country don’t work on developing new forms of energy to fuel our cars. I think we as Americans know why McCain picked Sarah Palin as a VP and the same for Barrack Obama picking his VP. Both of these aren’t thinking of America, there thinking of being president. I have never seen such a farce in the presidential race in my life time. I only hope and pray Americans stand behind the Pickens Plan and express this to the politicians until they implement the plan and truly enable America to work for itself.

John Devlin Says:

Boone - Do you want someone who talks about Energy Independence, or someone who is actually doing something about it? McCains pick of Palin shows that McCain is committed to ending the transfer of wealth from the US to the Middle East. McCain and Palin are the only political leaders with the vision to get the US to Energy Independence. It MUST start with increased use of the Oil, Gas, and Coal in this country, together with new alternative sources of energy. Obama is married to Ethanol, which is not viable nor even cost effective. Obama is against clean coal, and new exploration. Using the resources we have is the bridge that will get us to alternative energy. It is the the most effective way to slow the transfer of wealth to the Middle East. Relying solely on Alternative Fuels will not get us to energy independence. Boone, all due respect, but you, like Obama, are ALL TALK, NO WALK. If you were serious about CNG, there are things a man of your means could get going RIGHT NOW. AS IN TODAY. The technology exists RIGHT NOW to convert vehicles from Gasoline to CNG. BUT, the EPA Policy is a road block to conversion. Right now, every model vehicle that is converted must go through an EPA Certification that costs $50,000. There already are emission standards and testing for every car on the road. The EPA merely has to change its POLICY, not the Emission Standard, so all converted cars can be certified by a State Emission Test. The President of the United States can make an Executive Order to permit that. It will not change the emission standards, it will change how those standards are tested and confirmed. If You are SERIOUS Boone, you can get the Presidents Ear RIGHT NOW, as in TODAY. You have the means. This can be changed before the President leaves office. Otherwise, you are just a typical Blow Hard Texan, taking advantage of regular folks.

Michael Kowal Says:

Kim P. is one of the few how seems to understand that we need to seperate ourselves from our political party and get with this plan.

M Berges Says:

Can't anyone read?! See link about Picken's meeting with obama. http://www.pickensplan.com/news/2008/08/18/t-boones-statement-on-meeting-with-sen-barack-obama/

Rob Shuttleworth Says:

Knock it off already, after 9/11 everyone came together as a nation we weren't Dem we weren't repub we were AMERICANS. If all of you far lefter's and righty's can't see that this is what we need to do here than good riddance to you. This plan needs people that can work together not against each other.

Perry Landis Says:

Now for those of you are discontented that Mr. Picket met with Sen. Palin remember its politics. I would hope he gets his foot in the door of both canidates. To say you want to pull away from a better world of energy because of his meeting with a canidate you don't support is typical of what is wrong with many voters. It is always about the issues and the stance people take on them. Energy and the environment is this issue. Focus!

Robert Worsena Says:

Great Job! I know this is one candidate that's honest and has a proven track record of working with energy.. I would love to have this fabulous woman as our vice President. I am sick and tired of these greedy politicians running our country. We need new blood like Sara Palin in our government to start a whole new era of honest no nonsense leadership. If by chance she had to fill in as President, I would have great confidence in her running our government. T. Boone I like you more and more every day. I love your plan for making our country completely independency on foreign oil. I back you and McCain/Palin all the way. If this Junior Senator who never done anything except run for President get to be our President this country we will have a major anarchy like we have never see in history. If you think Jimmy Carter put us in major trouble, wait till this con man gets into office. It will be the start of the end of what was the only country the world could count on. If there is a God, please help us elect John McCain and Sara Palin.

Danielle Kirk Says:

Hi Everyone, Thank you Mr. T. Boone for having the willingness to meet with Gov. Palin. I think it is important to meet with all of the POTENTIAL leaders. No matter who any of us support it is important for all the prospects be get to know the Pickens plan. It is great for America. Gov. Palin does know about energy and will be a great force to get us there. She is not advocating drilling only but a complete, well rounded aproach. She even mentioned that in the debate. She knows drilling is only a part of it. And it wont take 10 years to see results as Biden said. We are looking at two years to see more oil once we start drilling so it is a good measure to begin with. Of course solar, wind and alternative fuels must be right on the heals of drilling as we all agree. Stop the Sarah bashing and get to know her first. Besides, we don't like everyone we meet anyway but God help America, we need to learn to get along!!! And by all means, please pray for our Country, God is listening!!

Jerry Lowry Says:

The MOST important thing about the Pickens Plan and what he is doing, is that he is not being political. Unfortunately, you bloggers are political and that only turns anyone really trying to get the Plan to go forward OFF. Stick to promoting the Plan or leave the Plan, because you are actually hurting our chances. Quit being so childish about one candidate over the other and realize that we have to get WHOEVER becomes president educated about the Plan. Grow up!

Bil Zeleny Says:

Mr. Pickens plan is one which should transcend political party lines. It's interesting that one side could have so much hatred for an individual as to overide their love for this country, this planet and future generations. I'm one of those who still hasn't totally made up their minds as to the lever they will push in November, although I do have strong tendencies in one direction. Mr. Pickens needs to, and has, reached out to both sides of the aisle, something which will need to continue to happen in the years to come if this plan is to succeed. Both sides will need to work together. Keep up the good work, sir.

Mike Says:

Let’s declare ourselves. Like most of you, I joined with T. Boone Pickens in calling for an Energy Independence Plan to be enacted within the first 100 days of the new administration. This movement is open to all Americans regardless of who you are voting for in the presidential election. Regardless of who is elected, the most important issue for the next administration is the fact that we are spending $700,000,000,000 every year on foreign oil and based on present rates of growth that figure will be 10,000,000,000,000. in ten years. Regardless of who you vote for, the $700,000,000,000 affects everything else that is important to you. Neither party nor candidate will accomplish anything if America is bankrupt. This is the issue that brings us together, and together we have the leverage we need to influence action on the part of our executive and legislative branches of government. Mr. Pickens is a person of wealth and influence but his voice will be drowned out without our support. Mr. Pickens bought the tanks but we have to drive them to Washington. Let’s not get distracted and fight with each other on the way. Let’s not follow the partisan path of our elected representatives that got us into this mess. Let’s not waste this opportunity to get America back on track. Our goal is beyond the election and within the first 100 days of the next American administration. GO PICKENS PLAN!

Dominick Issi Says:

So I've seen a few of you discuss nuclear power as an alternative resource for power. So where does the "Pickens Plan" fall on this one? As I see it ... and have researched it ... using nuclear power has its price to pay. Not necessarily the 10 or so years it takes to get a plant through all of the inspections during its building but ... and this is the biggest ... what you do with the "spent" nuclear materials. There's NOT many areas that lend themselves for the 100 yrs storage ... or until the material is again "cool". As of yet, all spent materials are STILL to "hot". Yes ... the desert is a big place but Arizona and NM don't take too kindly to either the transportation or storage. Now this doesn't even BEGIN to cover the question of where are you going to get the water to cool the system. Most lakes and rivers used are too warm for some of the natural flora/fauna to exist. Because of these problem, I'm not certain nuclear qualifies for Picken's ... or maybe there's a few new options to consider?

A. Dale Magoun Says:

If you don't like nuclear, what about hydroelectic power. The power of our major rivers -- the Ohio, Missouri, the Arkansas and the granddaddy of them all the Mississippi could be harnessed to produce clean energy. Just that the environmentalist won't let it happen. It changes the fishery environment. The cold water want let some of the smaller firsh live, but it does make for a good bass habitat. Trade-off ..hot rods for cold fish!!!!! Nuclear isn't bad, we have one in our back yard... The way the crow flies, I would say about 20 miles.. It is built along side the Mississippi River and to your concerns...lots of water. The only thing that concerns me about receiving energy from these alternatives is that, in Louisiana, while we're paying a low electric rate, we're paying a fairly high fuel adjustment charge. Hey, we nuclear, why are we paying for fuel adjustment? Good ole boys I guess. I hope everyone who reads this blog will take that chance and get rid of some of those "Good Ole Boys" and vote for Sarah as our new Vice President. She will be a friend to energy from all directions. Obamania is only giving lip service. The government can't do this. Look how efficient the postal service is working. Imagine what an Energy Service would do. Dale

Rev. Fr. Mark J. Niznik Says:

The reason Democrats are screaming here is because the war in Iraq has been over oil and it's the big time oil companies that have made the insane profits. Seeing continued tax breaks for them sets people on fire. So, just saying forget about political differences, leave them at the door, stop whining, etc... is irresponsible. Certainly, Boone has met with Obama's team also, so that petty argument should be laid to rest. But the rest is fair game, as everyone blogs away. This is the beauty and the beast of America. We can say whatever we want, and don't ever really have to be accountable. The leaders of our nation epitomize this. Negative smear campaigns are the most successful trickle down economics going. Boone's plans are solid no matter who gets in, and Boone retains the right to support anyone he wants, just like you and I. If you don't like who he supports, does that mean you should bail on him? I'm a Democrat and even I can see that would be insane. I don't care if Boone gets more money from wind and he becomes the richest man in the world. As long as wind doesn't become monopolized like oil and then we are all paying $4 per windmill prop spin. If Boone were to use this to help then hurt us, then he should rot. If he gets rich while helping us and doesn't screw us over in the long run, then he's a saint. Big plans like these don't leave the creator of them ever in the middle some where. Boone's got big shoulders and my support until he proves otherwise. -- Even though he's been the bad guy for many years before. St. Paul was the same way, and he turned out ok. I'm praying and hoping for the same for Boone. He could solidify belief in his genuiness this time if he were to do the Newt and make a contract with America, assuring her citizens that he will not price gouge and that he'll help the poor keep protected from the elements. If Boone did this, I would be preaching about him as a living letter of God and a person whose faith is couple with good works. Keep breathing everyone. God bless America.

Debbie Says:

I actually thhought this was forum for energy, not to debate which candidate is the best choice. I am in agreement with all those that what to keep this a non partisin forum and stick to the issue of energy. If you want to make it something else go else where and start your own blog. Those of you that have let you BP rise need to calm down. Mr Pickens did not endorse anyone. He nneds to meet with both parties, as someone said to get them on board.

Mike Says:

Dominick, Mr. Pickens is for nuclear power to the extent that it is one element of a national energy plan. He has talked about this in his town hall meetings. It is a question of priorities. We have to set priorities because time is short. The $700,000,000,000 is killing us economically. The fastest way to reduce the $700,000,000,000 is by taking the natural gas currently used for generating electricity which is about 22% of the present total US energy pie. Use wind power to generate electricity in place of natural gas. Use the natural gas to power over the road trucks. Most of the goods sold in the US is transported by truck and the price of everything we buy is affected by the cost of transportation. Wind farms are under construction now and coming on line. Large transportation companies, such as Swift in Phoenix, replace their fleets every 2-3 years. New trucks are available for purchase configured to operate on natural gas. Natural gas is available all across America. We simply have to install the CNG fueling devices at service stations. As Mr. Pickens says, this is not the ultimate solution. However, it is a solution that is immediately available to us. An energy bridge, to use until we can develop future energy sources for transportation. Of course we will also want to build CNG hybrid cars along with continuing to develop battery and other technologies. The point is, we must do something about the $700,000,000,000 today. We will never reach the technologies and solutions 10-15 years down the timeline if we are bankrupt as a country. Using wind and converting trucks to CNG is the fastest way to reduce our expenditure on foreign oil. Spending that money here will bolster our economy, create jobs and buy us the time to do everything else to develop and build a national energy policy that will allow us to become energy independent.

Don Thomas Says:

I have read with interest comments in this blog on who will implement Pickins Plan Obama or Palin. I truley believe that it will be the people who implement the plan, it will be the people who force either one to put the plan into motion. We have a beginning to wean us away from foreign oil and we have a beginning to reduce our carbon footprint. We must spread the word.

Linda A. Bowen Says:

Gov. Palin waks the walk. If McCain/Palin are elected than I truly believe energy will be in the forefront. She put Alaska's natural gas resources on the line and so it seems to me that she will do the same for this country. Obama talks about energy but what has he done to push natural gas or any other alternative to oil? What bill has he introduced to drastically change our energy policy? In 2 years Palin has been a true leader in the area of energy. In 33 years how many bills has Joe Biden introduced to change the direction of our country's eneregy sources? I want to know what these candidates have done in their careers to move us away from middle east oil. Anyone can stand up and say...."I will change our direction " but who has done it.

Anita Hathaway Says:

Thank you for supporting our country and the McCain,Palin ticket. Today we need change, but not the kind of change the other party is talking about. Their change is made up of corruption, lying, denial and destroying our country from within. The McCain, Palin ticket is about bringing our country back to it's foundation, putting country first, that is what is important today. We see what the other party is for, more money for their pockets and in the pockets of the crooked political party they belong to. How many examples of corruption do we need before the American people that support the Osama ticket will wise up. Anita, Co

Tommysurfs Says:

I think we are on the right path. Palin has some good credentials and has grown on me. I still wonder why we are not including ethanol made from other stock than corn. Many breakthroughs and I myself am now making it on a small level. It is cleaner than compressed gas. However I applaud your work and will remain part of it. I do believe we need to drill as well for the short term. Drilling will bring the cost down from the speculators and help our economy do better quickly. We can stay on this path and develop alternative energy and be off foreign oil in 5 years and max of ten years. All of the above is the best bet. Please give alcohol a second look. My truck runs great on it. God bless your efforts. Tommy Phillips

Rick Cameron Says:

The video sucks. Pure electioneering BS. As a oil man who has been close to Repugnitans in the past, You of all people should have known that meeting Palin was something that your more enlightened members would be watching closely. This 'Visit' looked more like a fund raising private party than you pushing your plan.... and like a big plug for Palin! Shame on you for this massive blunder. I have a sick feeling that I have been conned by an old snake-oil peddler here. Shame, Shame, Shame! This was something that started out looking like a breath of fresh air... now it looks like a whiff of old oil! Rick Cameron

Beth Locklear Says:

Oh My God! I thought this was supposed to be non-partisan??? I have wholeheartedly put alot of effort into this Pickens Plan and have told everyone I know about it even though I had a hard time forgiving the Swiftboat attacks. I have been paying close attention to the McCain/Palin and they wants to "drill, baby,drill" and go with "Nuke-you-lar" power and bury the waste in Nevada! Their view does not fit the Pickens plan and I had made up my mind on who would to vote for based on alternative energy, Obama! He has been talking about alternative energy for 2 years at least and McCain wants more oil!! I am so disappointed! What happened to the video??

Robin Noyes-McGuire Says:

This issue should be absolutely nonpartisan. It does not matter whether one is a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we are all affected by the oil crisis in this country. In the very least, we should all be pushing our representatives toward a solution. Personally, I do not like to pay $4:00 per gallon for gasoline. I am concerned about home heating fuel this winter. My mother in law is afraid to turn on her heat right now because of the cost. Other energy alternatives are out there, including green alternatives. We do not have to be subject to foreign oil. I think the most important thing about the Sarah Palin video is that she is the Governor of an oil rich state...

Alfred Cordes Says:

As an engineer, I believe that America can cope with its problems, learn from our errors and build a better world. We each need to support the PickensPlan so that we can overcome the inertia of regulation and short-sighted thinking. Texas has a plan in the works to build transmission lines to the wind areas. Gov Palin is pushing a 40 billion dollar gas pipeline to bring natual gas to the lower 48. And I would hope many others have projects underway. As usual, no one listens to the engineers, after all, what do they know. The manufacturing company that I worked for in Milwaukee, in the 60's had a tractor running on a fuel cell, nuclear plant designs and other far reaching projects but the unions ultimately put us out of business. So, listen to Mr. Pickens, he knows what he is talking about. He has the courage to do the right thing. In other words: lead, follow or get out the way. Al Cordes, San Antonio

jeff hal Says:


Melvin Moncrieff Says:

Palin is woefully unprepared to be VP, much less president. She really doesn't even know that much about energy, trying to say that Alaska produces 21% of US's supply. McCain and Palin are not going to win. Republicans and you, Mr. Pickens say drill, drill, drill, but I am against that policy, and here's why. I believe that the people who are in the best position to help us out of our dependence on both foreign oil and fossil fuels are the oil companies, but they will not be looking nearly as hard for new sources of energy as long as they can stay with the tried and true drilling. It is only when they are forced that they will put the necessary time and investment in new sources of energy. In the meantime, those underground sources of oil will still be there later, if the situation gets much worse. Sincerely, Mel Moncrieff, Nursing Instructor, Riverside Community College, CA

Jeff Barrett Says:

I have read enough about people being for or against 1 candidate or another. Its not about the candidates. Its about the plan for our future and those of our children. Is it not better to have EVERYONE on side with the plan than to alienate one group or another? Get a grip folks and get back to the task of providing a better future of all of us. Love em or not politians will play a big part in the energy policies of the future..

David Stamp Says:

One thing is for sure, all politicians will talk about energy independence. Some politicians will even promise energy independence. but from what I've seen only Palin has actually delivered the bacon. Talk is cheap, unless you have to pay for adds like Pickens does, but so far Palin is the only one that has delivered anything. The rest just want it for a talking point. Dave Stamp

Rose Ryan Says:

Clean air and energy supply are bi-partisan issues. Initially my reaction to your video was the same as other environmental bloggers: however, I know first hand and heartily support your committment to renewable energy, such as solar and windtricity, and clean energy such as natual gas to reduce smog and global warming. Your "Clean Energy" team assisted me in building San Antonio, Texas' first municipal natural gas station, which provides 90% cleaner burning fuel to reduce smog and global warming. Thanks go to you and your team! However, if you support one political candidate over the other, you will allienate half of America, and many of your clean energy supporters which we need to address the energy supply and global warming issues. America needs to work together on a bi-partisan energy plan to quickly build the intrastructure for renewables, harness the abundant sun's energy with solar structures, and tap into Texas' 200 year supply of cleaner burning natural gas. Although clean air and energy supply are bi-partisan issues, one energy plan is clearly trailing the other. That's why it is critically important that we work together on an intellegent, unified energy plan. Palin's "Drill, baby, drill" in Alaska (as that's what she knows) without mentioning a plan for renewables, or cleaner burning natural gas, makes at least half of the American people shudder and wince. Instead, let's work on a bi-partisan, intelligent, unified energy plan to solve our energy supply and global warming issues, rather than fighting each other. We're the American people and together we can accomplish much! Sincerely, Rose Ryan, Government Environmental Professional

Nancy Parker Says:

Palin is the ONLY Washington OUTSIDER on the ticket. She gets my vote! Enough is enough! She has already started on the "Natural Gas" initiative with planning on the pipeline. No other person on the ticket has already started. She did that before she came to the ticket. It is a no brainer. Do you want someone who only changes their mind or someone who has already proven they can change policy and and implement that change?

William Gerdsen Says:

Mr Pickens, You are a true American Hero. Thank you for using your resources and commitment in support of our country to stimulate citizens to demand that all energy resources be used in reducing the $700 billion ( curious the figure is the same as the restructure bill) we send overseas. Those who stand against resource exploration on the continental shelf are traitors to the continued existance of the USA. Continental shelf production during Katrina and Rita caused not one instance of pollution. The facilities in place have produced the strongest artificial reef environment EVER seen in our lifetime. Marine life thrives and millions of jobs are produced. Foreign factory ships vacumed all sea life from our shores. Thankfully that practice is ended. Resource exploration and production on the East and West coast will rescue the US commercial, sports fishing and all collateral marine and tourism industries that have been declining for decades. Keep up the good work and convince all environmentalists (including me) we can achieve energy independence safely but all forms must be in play in insure success. Bill Gerdsen

Tim McFarland Says:

Palin can only pass out the information she has been fed. She has trouble speaking about the supreme court decisions or current news sources. When she starts talking, half of here charm is that she winks and wiggles at who she is talking to. This gets her the down home feeling comments that everyone is talking about so favorably? If a man did that, one he would be run out of town, and it doesn’t do anything for her professional appearance. If someone was to talk to her in the same way, it would have been an outrage. Ie. “Thank you for coming here and speaking to these people here honey.” Then pat her on her rear and tell her “I think it is time for you to go home and take care of your six pack daddy, and leave the real problems of the world to someone who can speak and act properly in public.”

Mike Says:

Mr. Pickens has clearly stated that the Pickens Plan must be implemented by whichever party candidate gets elected in November. Our mission here is to call for an Energy Independence Plan to be enacted within the first 100 days of the new administration. This movement is open to all Americans regardless of who you are voting for in the presidential election. Regardless of who you vote for, the $700,000,000,000 affects everything else that is important to you. Neither party nor candidate will accomplish anything if America is bankrupt. Let's focus on the goal which is 100 days into the next administration and leave the party politics out of it. I don't care who you are voting for or why - there are other venues for that. I am just glad you are here supporting the Pickens Plan.

chris Says:

Unbelievable. I was behind you Mr. Pickens but this video of you drooling over Sarah Palin just lost you my support....and anyone that I talk to will hear my opinion. If you are not independantly working to accomplish a greener America than you are just another part of the problem. Remove me from your roster, my support will go elswhere. Chris

Mike Says:

Unbelievable is right. We are on a sinking ship and some of you want to argue about whether we should be bailing with a blue bucket or a red one! Reducing the $700,000,000,000 will save the ship. If you want to be part of the solution, then grab a bucket and bail. If you want to be part of the problem and continue to argue about what color the bucket should be, then run for Congress. You will find a bunch of like minded people who will be glad to argue buckets with you while the rest of us save the ship.

Steve Newsome Says:

Some of the comments on this blog show how some are NOT REALLY interested in American becoming energy independent; rather just more patisan politics. I'm a fairly new Republican and I don't care if Boone meets with Obama/Biden. What is important is to get BOTH parties to realize the significance and importance of the Pickens Plan. Little Tim and rest of his Comrades need to get their information straight before they point fingers. It have been the Dems who have blocked drilling (offshore, ANWR) and Bush first mentioned the possibility of problems in the market in 2001 and again in 2003. Repeated efforts were made, including a bill in the the Senate Banking Committee in 2006 to put tighter controls on Freddie and Fannie. Blocked by the Dems. Monies received from those entities by our supposed leaders is an entirely separate topic but provides interesting insight into who they are really concerned with. And Tim, the number is actually $750 B annually leaving this country annually to purchase oil. Obama can organize it (community organizer) and Gore can invent new ways to generate energy (afterall, he says he created the Internet, right?). Get a grip, this energy emergency affects all of us. Before a "superior power grid" can be created, the power must be there. So, as others have already said, chill out!! This blog is about the Pickens Plan, not the election. If you can't stand it, unsubcribe from the Pickens Team.

Jim Ferrara Says:

I'm for McCain/ Palin. To me, McCain has the insight and demonstrates his leadership in his choice for VP and energy. Palin is a great pick for us all if you are interested in energy security. The authorities once asked the famous bank robber Willie Horton why he robbed banks, his answer was “That’s were the money is.” Alaska is were the energy is. McCain is just ahead of the curb and connecting the dots. Both Pickens and McCain know we need a bridge to buy time so future technology can catch up. It’s a great common sense strategic move on McCain’s part. Have someone with complete energy knowledge in place to buy time for the alternatives. Why wouldn’t Mr. Pickens want to talk to her? The non stop mocking and bashing treatment that Palin is undergoing through the biased liberal left media will not be forgotten if the Republicans don’t get the White House. When you Left Coasters are paying $7.50 at the pump, who you gonna call? Don’t call Springsteen, Tina or Matt, they don’t care if the gas costs $10.a gallon, they got theirs. But don’t call Sarah either. She just might pay us back for our lower 48 hospitality she’s received the last few months when she gets back home, on her home court. We Americans are looking at an abyss, faced with big time economic and energy problems, how can we be so blind and unintelligent, not to want to explore every way out? Mr. Pickens clearly understands that.

Arlene Lanman Says:

Debates mean nothing and commentator comments afterward the debates mean even less. Character and creditability are the issues since we need to have a "warm-fuzzy" when the issues of the future (not even debated) come to play. Regardless of winner, let us hope both sides will adopt the Pickens Plan, as well as "push” the other energy alternatives, such as clean coal, coal gasification/liquidification, geo-thermal, nuclear, and building new refineries in this country. Anyone ever heard of the find at Elephant Island? Arlene Lanman - I'm not a member of any organized party; I'm a Democrat (quote by Will Rogers)

bret Says:

I'm surprised that more people did not her say that she did not beleive that global warming was man made. A vote for McCain will send us back 8 years. Hell even Bush now agrees that global warning is man made.

john Says:

I thought Pickens Plan was about things other than partisan politics, but since we have opened the floor - McCain would be a disastrous choice for America (except for those who want things to remain the same as they are today). The USA would continue traveling in the same self-destructive direction as we have for the past 8 years with McCain at the helm. Palin is all about her own agenda and self-interest. She is wolf in sheep's clothing. People are attracted and comforted by her "hometown girl" sort of appeal. Many people believe they can associate with her because she is an "outsider". The reality is (and anyone who has followed the Palin story objectively knows this), she's NOT been the reformer in Alaskan politics that she purports to be. On the contrary, many of her "reforms" have served to inject her own breed of corruption and self-serving policies in Alaska gov't. I can only hope that America speaks on election day, and we can get away from the elitist politics of big business and brute force diplomacy that have steered us into this current sociopolitical and economic tailspin. I personally want REAL change, I don't care WHO brings it. Most of it we need to bring about ourselves. We start that process by voicing and voting. it's not about one or two self-obliging interests it's about the FUTURE of the country-when are Americans going to open their eyes? We all need to see the big picture, and I am no longer sure Pickens has the vision. After seeing the Pickens/Palin clip, I now suspect he's just about politics too.

Mike Bollinger Says:

Anyone who think Palin won the debate really needs to rewatch it before they vote. If McCain get sick she will be our president. OUCH !!! Also If we would have put the $700 Billion to alternative energy that would have created an economic stimulous that would have filtered to the banks created jobs and got us on the FAST-TRACK to energy independence!

Toby Crotty Says:

All of you that say we have to put politics aside are extremely naive. The Pickens Plan or any plan for that matter will have to have unilateral support from Washington. So in my opinion, it matters greatly who Mr Pickens will side with. If it's the GOP and it's BIG SPENDER constituents, I will be greatly disappointed and will also cease my support.

Mike Says:

Some of you people really need to start your own blog. We are not debating presidential politics, Sara Palin or global warming here. There is not anything written on this website regarding any of the aforementioned subjects that is new or persuasive. You are wasting your time and your breath. This is about energy and reducing the $700,000,000,000 we are spending annually on foreign oil. That is it. This is FIVE times what we have spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan annually combined. Our access to energy (OIL) has had a greater impact on our foreign policy and national security over the last 80 years than any other issue. Regardless of who gets elected, this is the most important issue they will face. It doesn’t matter who Pickens votes for – he gets one vote like everyone else. He is not asking people to vote for his candidate. He is trying to get people supporting both candidates to understand that this issue will break the country and requires universal support. THIS IS SO SIMPLE. We need to fix this before the pet projects of either party can be funded. So, for anyone who believes that this is a partisan issue, please explain how your candidate can avoid dealing with the fact that our national debt is about 70% of our GDP. Explain how your candidate can implement the policies they have promised if we are bankrupt. Explain how your candidate’s energy plan is better than the plan articulated by T. Boone Pickens. Of course, these are rhetorical questions because whoever gets elected will be under the same burden to reduce the debt, grow the economy and implement a National Energy Policy that will facilitate both. Does anyone believe their candidate get a pass on these issues???

Cindy Andreucci Says:

I really believe that Palin would do a wonderful job working on the energy bill. I like her brass stats......she is honest and outgoing. Why is it that all of the negative remarks when it comes to her makes the papers, but Obama is like a rock star?? I have bad vibes about Obama, I don't think he is honest and all this stuff in Ohio just pushes me closer to McCain. they have no quams about getting people to vote and they are supposed to be nonpartisan and yet they are telling them all to vote for obama or is the news media cameras making that up also? I hate to say this,but if you vote for Obama he will try to take away our weapons for which many use as protection (yes, I am one of those) and he will tax those who should not be taxed. I am afraid for our country if he wins the election. I can only hope that people vote for the right reasons, not just because they like him. He is NOT the next coming........ be afraid.

eric swenson Says:

You people have got to be kidding. Sarah Plain doesn't believe man has anything to do with global warming, and her plan is to break our foreign dependence on oil by using domestic oil and nuclear? Fact: Some of the biggest funds for republicans come from oil and gas companies. Obama has received $345,000 total and McCain received 1.1million in june alone. The Republican candidates are going to protect the interests of their funders. Also, the only reason there is a global warming debate is because Exxon mobile and other oil and gas companies have pumped 100's of millions of dollars into funding "skeptic scientists, and skeptic organizations." Palin is an idiot and didn't even know what the Bush doctrine was or what the VP does, until she was coached for weeks about it. She sounded like a moron in the debates. She didn't answer half of the questions and just by listening to her speak, it is obvious she doesn't have an ounce of intellect. Im not saying Biden did a great job either but at least he knew what he was talking about.....The Pickens plan is primarily wind and solar energy which IS NOT what we are being offered by republicans. They heavily discuss oil and nuclear and barely mention renewable energy. If you support the Pickens Plan then you have to support Obama, because he supports renewable energy. Sarah Palin is the biggest joke in VP candidacy history. McCain is 10000000 better on every level and he made a huge mistake by picking her.

Mike Says:

You people crack me up. How about if we just stipulate that the Pickens Plan is really about saving the planet from global warming and the $700,000,000,000 is just the ruse that we will use to get all of the conservatives to sign on? Then this will be a liberal idea and you can embrace it and we can stop listening to all of the drivel about Sara Palin and the rest of it. O.K.? The Pickens Plan makes sense whether you are voting for Obama or McCain. This is pure economics but if you need it to be about global warming that that is OK with me. Not being bankrupt will give us more opportunities to save the planet. There is nothing wrong with that. Let's focus on calling for an Energy Independence Plan to be enacted within the first 100 days of the new administration regardless of who gets elected. I promise, I'll be there even if it is Obama / Biden. See, this really is a non-partisan issue.

Toby Crotty Says:

Spoken like a true Republican Mike. And consistent with the typical Republican ego...you are obviously much smarter than us "liberals". Making light of the Global Warming issues, you show your true intellect and volatility as is consistent with your party. You shout non-partisan out of one side of your mouth while stereotyping out of the other side. "I'll be there even it is Obama/Biden" ...doesn't sound non-partisan! Load up that hunting rifle and go track down a moose or two with Sarah (yes, with an "h"). No pro choicers or any of those darn homos out in the woods so you should be OK....Oh..Sorry for the "drivel".

Gary Upshaw Says:

Some of you can't read, won't read, ignore the truth, or just want to blurt out non-sense. The message under the video (Boone cam) states: "GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin comes to Pickens Plan headquarters to talk to Boone about energy. Boone has requested a meeting with Dem. VP nominee Senator Joe Biden and he hopes that will happen very soon." Mr. Pickens is apolitical when it comes to his "Pickens Plan" and that's the way it should be. If we all stay "on message" we'll all benefit.

Mike Says:

Just keeping it fair and balanced Toby. I have been working hard on the plan and you might have noticed that I have spent a fair amount of time on this thread trying to keep discussion focused on the $700,000,000,000 despite the nearly continuous vituperous diatribe about Sarah Palin and the all or nothing attitude that some folks who may share your world view are bringing to this discussion. As I have said before, I don’t care who you vote for or why. As long as you are supporting the Pickens Plan, I am glad you are here. The 700,000,000,000 affects all of us. Neither party nor candidate will accomplish anything if America is bankrupt. Let’s not follow the partisan path of our elected representatives that got us into this mess. Let’s not waste this opportunity to get America back on track. Our goal is beyond the election and within the first 100 days of the next American administration.

Toby Crotty Says:

Well I'll be gosh-darned! Us liberals "crack you up". Some of us should "start our own blog". Us tree huggers can rally around the plan and pretend it's about Global Warming. Now Mr. Upshaw says we can't read, and are nonsensical. I guess that's keeping it fair and balanced. Ayup....that's keeping focus on the issues and working hard for the cause. Look at the first entries in this thread and tell me where the bipartisan approach is. Yes, us silly liberals want to see America back on track as well but that will necessitate a huge change in Washington. Mike, Gary, you can have this thread because I for one am sick of hearing that you have non-partisan attitudes yet continue to interject obvious partisan opinions and stereotypical accusations. Me? I'm taking my red white and blue bucket and spend my time sharing the plan to people who really walk the walk not just talk the talk. Good luck to all in November!

John C. "Johnny" Gunn Says:

Are we gullible or what. Everybody's talking about increasing our Nuclear Capacity. How Soon We Forget. Chernobyl? Anybody Remember. 3-Mile Island? All the top Scientists telling us that the damn poison will last 10,000 years. THERE IS NO WAY TO STORE IT. THERE IS NO WAY YET TO NEGATE, NULLIFY, PROTECT US, ---- the operative word here, dummies is YET. Y.E.T. It may come. But it aint here. And do you know that EVERY nuclear facility has gone to multiple billions in overruns...Money, that is. We get conned into thinking it will cost 20 Bil and it ends up more like 50 Bil. My numbers may be off, but my percentages aren't. When one of them blows (And every kind of power plant that we've ever built has blown! Elecrical generating plants! Coal Plants! Oil Plants. There have been hundreds down through the years. The first Nuclear Will Be a Doozy! Not IF.....WHEN! We haven't built anything yet, bridges, refineries, skyscrapers, NOTHING that hasn't fallen down or exploded. Bury it in the ground....it'll get old and leak and seep into the worlds water supply. Store it in space......Please, No. That's not safe for your great grandchildren. Check with The Union of Concerned Scientists. Real Scientists....not the Science Grad who now works for pFizer or GM or BP or Dow. McCain, Bush, hey, even Obama (shame on you Barack....m'Man) They're all getting sucked in and talking sanely about Nuclear. Most of them even know how to pronounce it. But, it's DIRTY, you guys. It's just as dangerous now as it was when it made that beautiful cloud over Bikini. And it needs more damn $ub$idizing than any other program in the budget. A Nuclear program would make the Trillion Dollar Bailout pale. Who's going to be the first to say NO, No Nuclear! Where are you Steve Allen? |Signed John C Gunn - Morro Bay

Keith Brandt Says:

Change is needed and this change is going to come by way of those that have a history of fighting for it and not just saying it. Free from foreign oil = more US jobs = hightened security = stronger economy.... the math is simple ... the outcome is too important to over look. For every candidate, research how they vote and what they beleive in and make a well informed decision from there. It's difficult to get a fair and balanced view through the media, so everyone needs to take the initiative to learn as much about their candidate as possible.

sandra Says:

Are you insane?! If anyone thinks that Palin is even thinking of alternative means for energy. Isn't her slogan -Drill, baby drill. That doesn't sound like a person who is interested in finding alternative means for our energy problem. You must be kidding if anyone thinks she isn't just like the rest of Washington. She just isn't smart enough to hide her stupidity.

sandra Says:

Are you insane?! If anyone thinks that Palin is even thinking of alternative means for energy. Isn't her slogan -Drill, baby drill. That doesn't sound like a person who is interested in finding alternative means for our energy problem. You must be kidding if anyone thinks she isn't just like the rest of Washington. She just isn't smart enough to hide her stupidity. And what is with her accent? Since when is she from the south?

Mike Says:

We need to separate this dislike of Sarah Palin as a person from her views on energy. Sarah Palin, and many others are talking about the $700,000,000,000 and the fact that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The Pickens Plan gets the credit for this in my opinion. T. Boone Pickens says "drill, drill, drill" as part of his plan to use domestic sources of gas and oil as a bridge to our energy future. Criticizing Sarah Palin for saying drill baby drill and not criticizing T. Boone Pickens for saying the same thing does not make any sense. Either you agree that we need to reduce the $700,000,000,000 and we need a domestic gas and oil bridge to get there or you don't. Everything in America moves over the road or rail and is powered by fossil fuel. Pickens has described the quickest, most effective and practical way to reduce our debt and dependence on foreign oil. With the crisis in our financial markets, this issue gets more critical by the day. We don’t have the time or the money for the grand social experiment that Barack Obama suggests. So regardless of who gets elected we need a practical expedient solution. We need to ACT immediately and that means converting trucks to natural gas and replacing the natural gas currently used to produce electricity to wind power. This is not the end of the energy plan. It is just the beginning. However, we need to start somewhere and we need to start now.

Mike Bollinger Says:

The problem here is we can do all the alternative energy we want but nothing will happen until we convert soem vehicles to NAT GAS. All vehicles that do local routes should be on NAT GAS land we need immediate tax incentives to make corporations do it. NOW !

Ken Says:

We do need that natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48. Is this no more than a "pipe dream"? If the USA were in dire need for employment, we could do just what we did to build that "Alaska Highway" and get that gas pipeline in place in 8 months. The problem appears USA has become somewhat less than "the engine that could" than it was in earlier years. T. Boone Pickens is one optimistic person who holds true to the knowledge that it can be done. The 1,522 mile Alaska Highway took 8 months to complete. It took just two years to build the existing Alaska oil pipeline. A total of 70,000 persons worked on the pipeline over the life of the project, including all planning, obtaining permits, approvals. The construction phase took only 2 years. How long will it be before the gas pipeline is built? One would think the experience, knowledge and history gained by implementing the Alaska oil pipeline and the Alaska Highway would suffice to enable construction of a gas pipeline in less than a year. Why not?

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