In 2011, so far, we are still depending on OPEC for 43 percent of our imported oil. We’re paying a high price for it. The national security risk is the same. The problem isn’t solved. We need to get on our own resources and pick domestic over OPEC.

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Veronica Gold, OH State Leader Says:

Hi Boone, Here today to post a request to friends to track down federal legislators and tell them our petroleum costs have and will increase as a result of Iran's threat at the Strait of Hormuz. You predicted this, but our legislators have failed to act in the best interest of our country. As this security situation evolves, please offer a prediction on the cost at the pump to Americans. The price per barrel of petroleum has increased 2% as I write this post.

Tim McCoy Says:

Spending trillions in the middle east is not an energy plan. We have our own resources and can pay Americans good honest wages to get on it ourselves. Then more folks pay taxes, more companies pay taxes, our government gets more revenue, lower gas prices=more spending money, retail stores hire, restaurants hire and the cycle continues. Its hard to do, but our politicians can somehow manage to screw up a good thing. God, they're dumb!

Veronica Gold, OH State Leader Says:

Totally agree with you, Tim. The only thing I would change in your post is the word dumb although it is apt. My choice would be "grievously impenetrable." Ninety-eight percent of these fools have no business being in Congress. The phrase "serve the American people" is totally foreign to them.

John Wesley Nobles CA State Ldr Says:

We love you too Boone! We are tired of the political gamesmanship being played in Washington. It seems that many of our legislators are more concerned with their self interest than our interest. It is time to drain the swamp!

John Ketteringham Says:

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Robert Stane Says:

Are there companies who are manufacturing kits to convert a cars and trucks to natural gas? Are the car and truck manufacturers designing natural gas vehicles for production? Are the gas stations designing and ready to install natural gas pumps? Are there TV commercials that demonstrate the safety of fracking technology? Are there bills in congress to approve natural gas fracking? Is the Pickens Plan looking for government subsidies? Why can't the development of natural gas be totally a free enterprise by private companies? Has Mr. Pickens approached the natural gas companies and auto companies?

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