President Barack Obama has unveiled a series of energy initiatives that closely track the Pickens Plan. Legislation to provide incentives to move the nation’s heavy duty and fleet vehicles to natural gas has widespread bipartisan support in Congress, with more than 180 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives. A similar bill in the Senate also has strong bipartisan support.

I’ve accomplished my goal of achieving legislation and proposed policies to help solve the OPEC oil crisis. The ball’s now in Washington’s court. What we need is leadership. Despite the political partisanship that divides Washington, I am hopeful and confident Congress will put America’s best energy future first.

It’s great to see the President engaging in important and meaningful dialogue on this subject. But proposals are not enacted policies. The pressure needs to remain on. I will continue to be outspoken on this subject, and continue to call out the special interests that are working to undermine this bold and important agenda.

2 Comments on “We are close to victory”

Veronica Gold, OH State Leader Says:

Hi Boone, I'm so happy that a win is just around the corner! THANK YOU for your leadership and persistence. Thanks too for the opportunity to be involved in this critical project via the Pickens Plan. Personally, I've loved every minute of it, have learned a lot about energy, and met such wonderful people through this site. Another important concept I've learned as I've watched you over these years is that our country's best leaders aren't politicians and that one can make a difference by following the person who makes sense. You are the best, Boone. I'm glad you stepped forward to help lead our country regarding energy policy. I add my thanks with your's, Boone, to all those members who have worked along side you. These volunteers have "grit." Your friend, Veronica

John Wesley Nobles CA State Ldr Says:

Hi Boone, thanks to you we are almost there. You were always steady, always on message, and leading us all the way. Because of your leadership this army has stayed with you from the beginning. This has been a wonderful experience involving millions of American Patriots! We were highly motivated because you set a pace that few men could keep. Your leadership was by example, and that is why we followed you for these years. We got more than we gave. Just think, it took an 83 year old American Patriot to lead the federal government to a policy that should have been achieved over 40 years ago. All Americans owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you Mr. Pickens, you are a national treasure. Your loyal follower from California, John Wesley

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