Since the State of the Union, the US has imported 611 million barrels of oil at a cost of $71 billion.

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Edward D Says:

The reports have been that there is an over supply and near limit storage capacity that will reach it's limits by October 10th 2012. And it is just simply wise to ask this question: "Why the lawmakers CHOOSE to ignore the potential Picken's Plan has to offer and keep their shallow minds stuck on oil itself. Maybe the lawmakers could CHOOSE to deny the devastating tornadoes in Dallas-Ft Worth area on 4/3/12 that threw big rig tractors and trailers like some toys up in the air or maybe it was just a movie scene. It seems that big oil machine continues to deny the environmental catastrophe that big oil burning can create. Or maybe the oil spill in the Gulf of Maxico never happened. I am simply amazed how the horrible negative stories related directly to the big oil machine that's firmly in place tend to disappear from the media. Makes me wonder what other punishing form of natural disaster does GOD has in store for the human UN-kind shallow ways of thinking. My praise to Mr Pickens as he (just like president Obama) is a true visionary and a positive logical thinker. Maybe one day when insurance costs outweigh lack of morals and the proper vision in the transportation's energy sector that we mat see minds changing in the profound ways in terms of fuel diversification for consumer mobility and consumption as well as reduction of gasses like CO2 and the pollution created by oil usage itself. In the meantime we'll just have to wait and see what GOD has next in store for US and it's UN-kind people's ways. Did anyone ever noticed that nobody and no government can stop the ALMIGHTY and HIS incredible powers, but that on the other hand, human ways of thinking and their behaviors can NOT just be simply challenged but ADJUSTED for the better into the future????? It's up to every one of us to make and create the change for the better. So what will it be then and what will it take, as it makes me wonder......

Edward D Says:

Oil demand and usage on the global scale and the OPEC's globally imposed and speculated price on the oil worldwide marketplace. Yet America has Nat Gas oversupply on the market currently and reports are saying that if the current trend continues the storage capacity for the Natural Gas will reach it's peak by 10/10/2012. And it begs to ask "Where is the lawmakers positive ways of thinking and why would they subject each and every US consumer that's currently solely dependent on OPEC oil for their transportation needs. BIG OPEC'S PRICE DICTATORSHIP WILL NEVER WORK in the free society." Give consumers options and FREEDOM TO CHOOSE the type of fuel we American consumer want to use rather than be ORDERED TO PAY BIG OPEC'S PRICES AT THE PUMP. SCARING AND TERRIFYING each and every American consumer will never work and that is the fact as people will either start thinking for themselves and CHOOSE to use EV's in the near future as Nat Gas gets continually defeated by the capable big oil's lobbists efforts. People will learn one day that if the lawmakers refuse to create options for their transportation needs then it will simply be up to people to make it happen and guess what??? I bet it will happen as I honestly believe that the entire American consumer refused to get themselves brainwashed by the big oil machine that's spinning and funding ALL the possible stories about the discrediting the clean(er) energy sector and the technology that they discredit at the lowest possible cost to the big oil themselves. It just makes me wonder exactly when that will happen???

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