Boone reports on U.S. energy challenges during the week of the Democratic National Convention.

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Ann Baldwin Says:

I saw you at the republican convention and wrote you off. I can't beleive you would or could use both parties.

john wesson Says:

I did not follow the republican convention nor will I be watching the Democratic convention. I am following and, so far, supporting your efforts to get our nation to change its policy of importing energy when we have energy at home. You have shown the alternatives, and I fully support your efforts to change U.S. policy to eliminate our need for OPEC oil. You are speaking for millions of us and your efforts and expenses are truly appreciated. Thank You.

Joe Dubaniewicz Says:

Pickens is just showing his patriotism regardless of political party. Somebody's going to win, right? I'd rather have that than a pissing match by silly little men with their undies in a bunch. My only problem with natural gas is the horrible process of fracking. Fracking seems messy, dangerous and maybe even costly.

James C Orr Says:

This issue is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is a bipartisan issue. It is imperative to get all parties involved. Boone is doing whatever it takes to get the message out. He is a true red white and blue American.

Joseph E. Powell Says:

It is crystal clear to me that neither (as presented) polar opposite party is representative of what we as a country / population need to happen. What we need to happen: An end to oil wars protecting the oil for other flags. An end to looking out for what's best for seemingly polar opposite politicos / political partys. To me elections have become a joke. An end to nurturing foreign flags at the great expense and to the detriment of our country / population. A renewal in looking out for what's best for our domestic economy / freedom loving / free living population. Where are the leaders / candidates that embrace those tenets. Why do we hear only 'are you better or worse off than four (4) years ago' when we all know that we are all in the same swamp that we were in four (4) years ago - not better off at all - nor were we better off then. Let's draft T. Boone for President - to me he represents the leadership we need.

Joe Florio Says:

You can bet your ass that it has not been supported by the White House because it's to cheap right now, and when they get the price point to match oil price, that's when they will support it and install the infrastructure for Natural Gas for cars and trucks, because without the pumps to fuel these vehicles, they won't build them.

Carlos F. Melick Says:

The USA is 15th in the world in number of natural gas vehicles on the road. The reason for this dismal showing is the hugely expensive compliance cost with the EPA regulations. Before we can move on in a meaningful way with natural gas as a motor fuel, we need to rewrite the regulations to make compliance economical for the consumer. An EPA approved natural gas conversion costs about twelve thousand dollars. The same conversion without the regulation costs about half. The regulations should be limited to two pages to define measurable outcomes not the detailed means of accomplishing the objectives that dribble on in mind numbing detail. The truth is that the regulations are delegated to new hires with great ivy league legal educations but with no experience - read this as clueless.

Linda Messina Says:

It's not about a party or Boone attending and talking to both party conventions - it's about the OIL stupid and who we are supporting no matter what your riduclous party affiliation is. Be independent and use your common sense people! Geesch...

Joseph E. Powell Says:

We the people / the nation are unrepresented. A vote for either polar opposite party is a wasted vote as neither party represents us. We the people / the nation are unrepresented. We have no choice but a bad choice - that is no choice. Politics stink.

Scott Says:

Go Boone! I am willing to commit to vote for the party that will implement a plan to get us energy independent. Leverage the Army votes to get this plan adopted!!

Ronald Wagner Says: Natural gas is the future of energy. It is replacing dirty, dangerous, expensive coal and nuclear plants. It is producing the electricity for electric cars. It will directly fuel cars,pickup trucks, vans, buses, long haul trucks, dump trucks, locomotives, aircraft, ships etc. It will keep us out of more useless wars, where we shed our blood and money. It is reducing CO2 emissions. Here are over 1100 recent links for you:

Hugh L Inabnet, Sr. Says:

I agree with Mr. Orr (comment above). Boone is doing whatever it takes to get the word to both parties. You have to think about the mentality of these people in Congress.

george Says:

This is a non partisan issue to make America independent of foreign oil. The flaw of course is we are now exporting oil. Nothing wrong with that as long as we pump more oil and gas than our own needs. When other nations are able to pay the market price and we are not, we are in deep trouble. Boone's Plan is one part of the puzzle. The other is exploiting our resources. We need all our 18 wheelers running on natural gas asp.



Gerald McClain Says:

Go Boone!!!! Natural Gas is great! Natural Gas is used to produce HDPE pipe used in the geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems underground. HDPE pipe is guaranteed for 50 years in USA and 100 in Europe...same pipe. The lower price for Natural Gas the cheaper for HDPE for GHP systems. Boone you should have a GHP system in your home. You do have a natural gas you should have a GHP system in your home. Promote GHP systems at the same time you are promoting NG vehicles. Gundy has a GHP system in his new home. Gundy's father had one in his home. T Boone you need one in your home. George Bush has one in his home. Visit the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association in Tech Park and see what GHP systems are all about. GHP systems were researched and installer manuals written by Dr. Jim Bose Oklahoma State University in 1970-80. See you at the next OSU football game in Stillwater.

Gerald McClain Says:

Ground Source Heat Pump systems or Geothermal Heat Pump systems use 5 parts of free energy from the ground and 1 part electric energy to run the system. Saving of 50-70% of energy is saved for heating and cooling and hot water for your home or business. Everything needed for a GHP system is made in Oklahoma. Natural Gas is used to produce HDPE (High-density polyethylene) pipe that is used to transfer the warm water to the ground where it is cooled and brought back to the heat pump in a closed loop. Works like a refrigerator and sounds like a refrigerator. No outside compressors making noise. GHP systems work for 24 years as compared to a conventional system which works for 14 years before it must be replaced. Why? All components are in the building and not outside. i have a 6000 sf home that has 9 tons AC and it cost on the average of $145 per month for electricity...lights, heating, cooling, cooking, hot water...I know it works. Runs on Natural Gas produced HDPE Pipe for cooling heating and hot water.

Steven Johnson Says:

Bravo! We need to cover all the bases. There will be no success if only one party is onboard! The great thing about Mr. Pickens is his ability to talk to anyone, educate everyone. Without him, where would this movement be? Nowhere, as it has been for ever!

Leonard Scara Says:

I have been a supporter of your efforts to get the US of this dependency on Middle East oil and to use much more natural gas, of which we have abundant supplies. I did not know that we have so much of our military assets protecting the Straights of Hormuz, so I thank you for enlightening me on that issue. I totally agree with you that we need to get out of this dangerous part of the world and use our own natural resources more to become independent of Middle East oil...its been a topic that has been talked about by American presidents going back decades, and we must finally do something about it. Again, thank you Mr. Boone for all your hard work to keep our country strong. Len Scara

Joe Jenkins Says:

The Democrats have a CO2 global warming faction that wants to get us off oil using renewables. Maybe some day. But in my lifetime its oil and natural gas for transportation. Try using solar generated electricity in a 16-wheel truck. Small electric cars that can go 50 to 100 miles maybe ok if you don't drive them too far on the interstate. Hurray for Boone!

Joe Jefferis Says:

Get USA off of OPEC Oil! Ground zero of the man created financial crisis of 2008 was in Dubai, not Detroit. It is past time to bring our troops home so we can become US Energy Independent.

Jack Crifasi Says:

One fact that prevents the energy independence Boone talks about is that the free market for oil results in our US production being shipped to the rest of the world, wherever the oil companies can get a higher price as set by OPEC. It doesn't stay in the US. So far, NG isn't exported much, although there is a push to build infrastructure to liquify it for export as well. As a partner in gas well fracking, i can tell you the NG price has plummeted so low wells are being shut down as not cost effective due to excessive supply and low demand. While other countries move to NG to reduce dependence on Mideastern oil, we do nothing. We must get on track with US NG station infrastructure and vehicle conversion to start using our enormous NG supply in the US before the gas exporters beat us to it with liquifaction infrastructure for export. One way to build US demand is to fund development of emerging fuel cell technology which will be far more efficient for powering vehicles with NG fuel. Part of the plan should be supporting fuel cell development as a breakthrough technology.

John Paul Marceau Says:

OPEC doesn't care about the DNC or the GOP. They care about money and they really care about ours. Without our dependence on their oil they loose not only our money, but the support and stability that we bring to the region and the marketplace. This business is not a simple or easy. It requires the strategic balance of many different partners to discover, drill, separate, transport and refine the black gold that comes out of the ground. Without the stability that the US provides this system would be far more unpredictable than it currently is, and pricing would involve more volatility and uncertainty. This is why our government can't slowly move away from this source of energy, and why we need to act now with a bold, long term plan that takes advantage of our current low cost sources of proven NG reserves. We can't afford to wait until a crisis forces us to act, we need to be proactive on this issue if we are to control the outcome. The real total costs for our citizens and government to use OPEC oil is far higher than the numbers at the pump. Thank you for bringing this to light once again.

Curtis Martin Says:

Hey Pickens! If energy is the most important issue in this election, why won't you support President Obama, or at least acknowledge that he is the best choice for energy voters in this election? It's no secret that Romney does not support your plan, but Obama once again showed that he is a strong supporter of your plan. I don't understand your position.

Joe Jefferis Says:

Everyone should be interested in watching the interview with Energy Secretary Chu where he fesses up to reality and changes his mind on Hydrogen fuel cells. Apparently it was on June 22, 2012 and is a couple of minutes into this sponsored video: Secretary Chu Changes Mind on Fuel Cells - Autoline Daily 917

Howard Buckalew Says:

The crap going on this week should should solidify the need to put OPEC in our rearview mirror. I do not understand how the House Leadership can sleep at night. I do not understand why POTUS does not call the Speaker in for a public meeting and include the Koch Borthers, and Boone to hash this stuff out. We should grasp the monemnt, and send a strong message to OPEC, who can reign in terrorist if they choose. I am getting sick and tired of borrowing money from China to police the straits to secure their oil shipments.

david ruggiero Says:

Most of these comments are right on. Bipartisan is not a good substitute for Patriot and Loving American and rooting for our survival is also a great hope of those in the world who dream of the freedom we are coming close to losing. Best comment above is that Boone is a real leader. I am going to write him in for President of the US this november.

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