2 Comments on “Boone on CNBC: ‘Energizing’ Foreign Policy”

Joe Jefferis Says:

Energy Diplomacy in the 21st Century: http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2012/10/199330.htm Ms. Clinton's 10/18/2012 remarks fit the characterization of being a speech and not a plan. She points out that "humankind has always been on the hunt for new and better sources of energy. And yet this is a profound moment of profound change and one that raises questions about the direction we are heading". Put "say hello to cheap hydrogen" into your search engine and ask yourself if this April 2011 USDOE announced technology represents the profound change. Is this innovative and disruptive technology what threatens the charter of the International Energy Agency which Ms. Clinton and the US State Department worry may be rapidly becoming irrelevant and ineffective in the 21st Century? T. Boone Pickens is correct - after we get 8.5 million trucks and fleet vehicles on domestic natural gas, we can rethink our Middle East foreign policies. Oil at $45 per barrel hurts Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Curtis Martin Says:

You're nothing but BIG BUSINESS JERK, Mr. Pickens!!! Shame on you for using a non-partisan issue to advance your partisan agenda!! I support the Natural Gas Act, but in no way, support scum like you!! COLORADO FOR OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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