12 Comments on “Happy Holidays from the Pickens Plan!”

Martha Lanier Says:

Thanks, Boone! And keep up the good work! WE CAN DO IT! Love you!!!

Drew Chamberlain Says:

I live in Utah where CNG is $1.49 a gallon. How can I help push this plan? Thanks, Drew Chamberlain 801-913-4611

Ralph Starkweather Says:

Good Job Boone will keep the faith . Converted the house to CNG no more oil Thanks . You have my full support going forward

John J Brophy Says:

Love ya Boone! I am coming your way in March via my Motorhome. Wish I could meet with you and decide how a retired fella can help our cause.

Don Chestnut Says:

Thanks Boone, It's been an honor to serve under you in this "Army". Thanks for your vision for our future energy needs to start with, thanks for putting your thoughts into action and thanks for your leadership. Indeed "we CAN do it" and we ARE doing it as the NG coversion across America is happening more every day. I pray you have a great and blessed Christmas and a very Happy 2013 as well !!!!!!!!!


Thank you Mr. Boone. As a resident in New York State, I'm not only acutely aware of the high cost of gasoline at the pumps, but also the astronomical cost of keeping warm during the winter months. It is also very plain from the local newscasts that there is a massive anti-fracking movement in my state. I fully support all responsible solutions where the goal is replacing our nations runaway dependency on foreign oil and becoming self-sufficient on energy products generated in North and Central America. Keep up the GOOD work. Together, we CAN do this!

robert dearden Says:

I have added your name to the men I say ' love you ' to. My Father and my son. Thank you , keep fighting. Bob Dearden

marie dearden Says:


Mars Says:

Merry Christmas Boone and thanks for all that you have done to promote America's energy independence!

Edward Ryan Says:

Happy Holidays Boone! Time to push GM and Ford to make a CNG, gasoline and battery Hybrid. A 7 gallon gas tank plus a CNG tank plus 40 mile battery would do the trick. The technology exists today! An alternative is a CNG hybrid is using Bloom Energy’s technology. With Bloom’s technology an electric car could run on natural gas rather than hydrogen. This is much more practicable than hydrogen fueling stations or building a Hydrogen infrastructure as natural gas lines reach everywhere.

Kathy Memmott Says:

Dear Boone, Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do to get our country a "real" energy policy done and off OPEC oil. You've been a great inspiration to all of us. Happy 2013, I hope it will be a great year for all of us.

ed Says:

Dear Boone, Thank you for your leadership, vission and contributions to our country through the Plan. They trully are appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy, Safe New Year. Ed Vitalos

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