T. Boone Pickens and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently held a press conference to introduce the city’s first food truck fully-powered by compressed natural gas, Neapolitan Express. Natural gas powers the engine, accessories, and oven in this unique vehicle.

Pizza was invented in Italy, but the pizza pie was perfected in New York City and this vehicle runs on American resources. The Neapolitan Express pizza truck is a great example of what you can do with natural gas.

4 Comments on “Boone Pickens and Mayor Bloomberg present natural gas pizza truck”

Marcia Hunter Says:

This is only the beginning of energy independence from foreign sources. Rock On!

William Lichtenstein Says:

On a recent visit to NYC it was obvious the mayor and city are pushing for more fuel efficient vehicles. At least half of the taxis are hybrids. Many of the police cars too. Buses are diesel hybrids. We have those in Miami too. Whatever NYC and mayor Bloomberg did to jumpstart this change needs to be replicated in all of our cities. Energy independence in our lifetime!!!

Geri S Says:

Way to go, Boone and Mayor Bloomberg! Taking advantage of America's natural resources is far better than paying OPEC. It's about time and we can thank T. Boone Pickens for the advances he is making developing our resources here in the United States.

Larry Coffman Says:

Larry C. Way to go Boone

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