Over the last five years, our country has taken great steps toward enhancing our energy security. How? By using new technology developed by American companies that offers better access to our plentiful resources.

It’s an amazing story, and it’s transformational as well. I’ve been in the energy industry my entire career, but I’ve never seen such a game-changer. It goes right to the very heart of our energy outlook here in the U.S.

Allow me to share with you my thoughts on this breakthrough and other key issues in this video, which focuses on Supply & Demand. I invite you to watch it. Once you have, be sure and Tweet me @boonepickens with your suggestion for a future #BooneCam.

4 Comments on “Supply and Demand: A Conversation with T. Boone Pickens”

James G. McMorris Says:

I recently read about a 5 story bldg in Germany that was using alge growing panels to supply all the required energy for the bldg. I believe it was at an Expo. Have you ever investigated alge as an energy source?

Alamo Says:

Boone, Thanks for staying in the fight. My suggestion for a future discussion is to outline a plan to transition all public school buses to natural gas derivatives: CNG or LNG. Texas has a plan in place to provide school districts with natural gas at the State's cost of the commodity. I have thought for several years now that virtually all school bus transportation should be powered by cheaper, cleaner, mechanically superior and more secure domestic natural gas. Student transportation is a major expense for school districts; ie, tax payers where public schools are concerned and parents where private schools are concerned. Regardless, if we can show that natural gas has all the positive attributes we know it has, I feel certain that many school boards and PTA meetings would be extremely interested if it would make their schools better and at less cost. Simply getting their children to and from school in a healthier manner and at less cost will surely appeal to all right thinking parents. Finally, if school children ride on buses powered by natural gas it's not a leap to think they will also want to drive vehicles powered with it as well when they begin driving. Student transportation represents a significant market for natural gas and needs to be developed. Thanks and again keep the faith, natural gas powered transportation is coming. Best regards, Al Langford Gatesville TX 76528

Don Chestnut Says:

Thanks Boone for standing up and fighting for such a great cause and trying to get America an energy plan like it deserves, but has been deprived of so long. And Mr. Langford from Texas has a great point. If parents and county and city governments across the country realized what they all would save by transporting our kids with cleaner and cheaper NG buses most all of them would get onboard. It only makes common sense once people realize the benefits that they would have from all angles. Not only that but by putting in NG fueling stations that are not only available for the buses and other government vehicles but also the public and/or local trucking companies it would even pay for all their expenses even quicker than what they would already be saving in fuel cost. Which translates to "read my lips" NO - TAX -- MONEY - NEEDED. But instead actual profit in a short period of time. A rarity for any of our government bodies - profit.

Jack McCarthy Says:

Met an OSU friend of Boone's and the former CEO of Simmons. We discussed the conversion of diesel powered fleets to natural gas. It is less expensive than it use to be. The conversion begins with the Walmarts, Fed Ex and UPS fleets. Job creation is the benefit of this movement. I predict Boone will be put in the same conversation as Henry Ford and Edison someday. We need more thinking like this to clean up the mess our government has created.

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