I don’t like saying, “I told you so.” But the United States spent $2.2 trillion and tragically lost more than 3,000 men and women fighting in Iraq, and now the Chinese are getting over half the Iraqi oil. On numerous trips to Washington, DC, I said that would happen, and now it has.

Every day, 17 million barrels of oil come out of the Straits of Hormuz. We get about 10% of that, but the Chinese get significantly more. And in the process, the United States is spending billions of dollars per year to protect the OPEC cartel’s oil. Why? If we had an energy plan, we wouldn’t need to do this.

9 Comments on “The Chinese are getting Iraqi oil, and we’re paying for it”

stan hart Says:

We've had no leadership in Washington for more than 5 years!

Sean Ferry Says:

I can tell you why, Our government is Ran by self serving idiots, that would rather step over dollars to save dimes, cause someone else told them too.. Our country would have better policy if Bozo The clown ran it! Does that tell you something?

Steve Shapiro Says:

Obama's plan is to keep oil prices high and force the electric car or bicycles on us. Protectionism for OPEC is more important than the US economy.

Ida Goldstein Says:

Thanks Boone. Keep us informed what our congress is doing--NOTHING. Get rid of the lawyers and get normal people in Washington to make the right choices. Ida Goldstein

Steve Bradshaw Says:

Boone, you know

Rob Roberts Says:

It's SOS different day , the policy wonks in Washington have no clue as to how the real world operates . The American people apparently have their heads in the sand and allow their money and freedoms to be squandered by their government....... Geesh whatta world !

Linda Cooke Says:

I am so appreciative of what you are doing, Boone, for us! I just sent off emails to my reps in DC. Like that will do anything! Seems like the American people end up footing the cost of a lot of things both domestically and internationally. And, what do we get back other than more burdens to carry? Nothing but folks in Washington who quite frankly don't seem to give a damn.

tom Says:

We have nobody in Washington that can make a simple decision without complicating it so it accomplishes nothing!

Jim Griffiths Says:

I thought the whole idea of the Pickens plan was to get away from importing oil? The reason our Navy is protecting the Persian Gulf is probably more about who's poking buckets of money in congresses pockets (Israeli lobbyists, Sodie lobbyists, etc.) And I don't know Mr Picken's very well, but I do know he's a very wealthy oil man who knows how the whole game is played. If he doesn't, he should talk to former president George H. Bush. He was a major string puller in and out of government (CIA, oil industry, military industry, etc.) long before he was president.

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