Energy Video Series

May 2 2013

It’s time to get on American resources

May 2, 2013

The U.S. is producing a lot more oil than it did just a few years ago. Yet the price at the pump hasn’t dropped a single penny. Why not? Because we import so many billions of dollars worth of OPEC oil that we end up paying global prices.

There’s only one way to stop this, and that’s by getting on American resources. We’ve got the cheapest energy in the world. The only way we can control our own destiny and jump-start our economy is by using all of our resources.

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Apr 24 2013

Supply and Demand: A Conversation with T. Boone Pickens

Apr 24, 2013

Over the last five years, our country has taken great steps toward enhancing our energy security. How? By using new technology developed by American companies that offers better access to our plentiful resources.

It’s an amazing story, and it’s transformational as well. I’ve been in the energy industry my entire career, but I’ve never seen such a game-changer. It goes right to the very heart of our energy outlook here in the U.S.

Allow me to share with you my thoughts on this breakthrough and other key issues in this video, which focuses on Supply & Demand. I invite you to watch it. Once you have, be sure and Tweet me @boonepickens with your suggestion for a future #BooneCam.

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Apr 18 2013

Red tape is preventing us from getting the energy plan we deserve

Apr 18, 2013

Getting America the energy plan it deserves has always been the chief goal of the Pickens Plan. A lot of what needs to be done requires one simple thing: Leadership. But there’s plenty of red tape that needs to be cut, and that’s what I’m talking about in this video – government regulations.

Take a minute and watch. Then do me a favor. If you have a bright idea you want to share with me about rules and regulations that are hindering our energy security, please reach out and Tweet me @boonepickens with your thoughts.

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Apr 10 2013

When it comes to the world’s oil supply, there is no free market

Apr 10, 2013

Whenever I bring up the importance of getting America the energy plan it deserves, someone always says, “Boone, let’s not pick winners and losers. Let’s let the market decide.”

There’s only problem with that statement. When it comes to the world’s oil supply, there is no free market. OPEC sets the price, and they have for decades. Believe it or not, 70 percent of the world’s oil is state-owned. But it’s a whole different story when it comes to natural gas.

Watch this video for my thoughts on the key issue of supply and demand.

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Mar 27 2013

BooneCam Series: Building Blocks of Energy Today

Mar 27, 2013

I’ve been working in the energy industry for 60 years, and I promise you I have seen more changes in the last 10 than I did in the first 50! With that in mind, I’ve invited Brian Bradshaw to sit down with me and discuss a whole host of these topics in a series of BooneCams that are now available on YouTube.

Brian is as sharp as they come. He co-manages one of our funds at BP Capital. Together, he and I cover the basic building blocks of energy today: Supply and Demand, Government Regulation, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and more.

Let me close by making you an offer and a challenge. The offer is a simple one: I invite you to get up to speed on all these issues by watching our BooneCams. The challenge is equally as straightforward: Tweet me @boonepickens with a suggestion for a future #BooneCam. I mean it when I tell you I always appreciate hearing from the Army. Thanks to you, we will get America the energy plan it deserves.

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Mar 20 2013

Let’s rethink the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Mar 20, 2013

It’s been almost five years since you and I set out together to get America the energy plan it deserves. One thing hasn’t changed: the need for aggressive and effective energy leadership in Washington. For the last four decades, Republicans and Democrats alike have fallen short in this regard. Long story short – we have no national energy plan.

Instead, there has been a proliferation of stop-gap measures that are nothing more than a band-aid approach. One of the best examples is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, some 727 million barrels of crude oil that we have squirreled away in salt caverns beneath several states.

Does this make any sense? I sure don’t think so. Watch this video for more of my thoughts on this issue.

P.S. Have an idea for a BooneCam topic? Tweet @BoonePickens with the hashtag #BooneCam.

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