T. Boone’s Statement on Meeting with Sen. John McCain


Dallas, TX, August 15, 2008 – Below is a statement issued by T. Boone Pickens following his meeting this morning with U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in Aspen, Colorado:

“It was a pleasure to sit down with Senator McCain and discuss firsthand an issue that is America’s top priority: ending our dependence on foreign oil, which today is approaching 70 percent. We plan on having a similar meeting with Senator Obama in the very near future. I have repeatedly stressed the nonpartisan aspects of my initiative. This is a threat to our economic and national security and something that requires bipartisan support.

During the meeting I reiterated the urgency of the situation. I told him that any credible domestic energy policy must reduce our foreign dependence on foreign oil by at least 30% in the next 10 years (on top of conservation that is beginning to happen), must utilize proven and available technologies and be 100 percent comprised of American resources.

We discussed my plan in some detail. I also outlined our progress in building more than one million supporters who are actively pushing this issue with the goal of getting legislation passed in the first 100 days of the next administration that will get us on the path to radically reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

While I can not speak for the Senator, my sense is that he was interested and encouraged by the work we are doing and recognizes that citizen education and citizen involvement is key to changing course and actually developing a real energy policy with teeth that will help this country from our current disastrous path.”

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Suzanne B. Nordstrom

YOU GO T. Boone!!! I appreciate how hard you are working to get people to realize what a pickle we are in energy-wise. I'm glad you met with Sen. McCain this morning. Thanks for carrying the message to one of the Presidential Hopefuls. --Suzanne, Denver, CO

Patrick R. Neeb

Please continue to press hard on all elected officials the immediate need to formulate a proactive national energy policy that addresses all areas. This should be a national priority on the level with our past decision to be the first nation to put a man on the moon.

scott scharin

Having just come back from Boone's talk here in Aspen I'm more convinced than ever that this is very real. Interesting to note that earlier today John McCain got a good dose of Boone Pickens at a morning meeting here. Mr Obama will get his turn on sunday morning as they will meet and i'm sure both senators will see that Mr.Pickens has no plans to let up and as he said today he will hang on like a "Bulldog" to get this done! A great day and a thrill to see T.Boone in Action! Scott Aspen Colorado

Andrew Buerger

Thank you for meeting with Senator McCain. I think Thomas Friedman of the NY Times revealed what McCain's real actions are on alternative energy: http://push.pickensplan.com/photo/photo/slideshow?feed_url=http://static.ning.com/pickensplan/ext/facebook/photo/feed_large.xml?

Andrew Buerger

Andrew Buerger Thank you for meeting with Senator McCain. I think Thomas Friedman of the NY Times revealed what McCain's real actions are on alternative energy: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/13/opinion/13friedman.html?_r=1

Kellye Voigt

I find it interesting that I saw wind turbines featured on one of McCain's television commercials in our area (SC). Perhaps polls are indicating greater interest among voters for alternative energies and that energy will be the hot topic in this campaign. Keep pushing, T. Boone! Your momentum along with skyrocketing oil prices are turning the eyes of public opinion toward the Pickens Plan. America must face and conquer this crisis instead of continuing to ignore it.

Joe Rosenbaum

good to have you in Aspen

Joe Rosenbaum

What can I do to help you get Americans to sigh up for your plan. joe rosenbaum aspen CO/Pensacola FL


you are to be most commended for your advocacy regarding alternative energy methods which will benefit our united states of amercan citizens, constiuents and households. thank you for all your energy, spirit and prolific dedication to better our world.


Has anyone seen an official comment from McCain regarding this meeting? I want to get the candidates on record supporting the plan.

Warner Working

Way to go keep it up!


I second Charlies response, And add to it that It would be a great benefit to us all I think, if there was a link or page on the website that posted the congressional and elected officials in our country that have responded to the energy plan. We are contacting our officials and asking them to support the plan, but there is no tracking of those who are in favor or not, and those of course who walk the fence , straddle the issue. Even in Mr Pickens statement after meeting McCain , all he could realy say was " we have their attention". I for one would like to see some statements from the leaders, as in for it, against it, and if they are willing to help Mr Pickens in the future adventure, Mr Pickens deserves that, he has put up some major money , Im not seeing anything that indicates he is doing this on public funds ! Ed

Eric R. Hinson

Its great that Mr.Pickens is going to all these places, doing these things, and seeing/meeting all these people. Keep up the great work! But as someone who has been a member of this movement from the start and as someone who checks in with the sight on a regular basis several times a day, I would like to see more of these meetings than just short, abbreviated transcripts - whether video or photos. Like they say, and as a photographer I should know - a picture is worth a 1000 words. I'd also like to see more videos and photos from all these town meetings, meetings that most of us cannot attend but have great interest in.

Pierce Family from NC

Leave it to Andrew to do what all of us are trying not to do and inject partisan politics into this effort --so it fails. Andrew take your NY Times article and tear it up, it is missing half the details it would require to be valid. Focus your energy on postive press and voter mobilization and not bashing the candidates. EVERYONE in washington has a dismall record on this or we would NOT be in this situation. And please don't insult the people here working hard on this plan by taking hidden swipes at a candidate. Follow Pickens leadership, not immature behavior and Washington politics of the past.

Mike Talotta

Hey Eric, I had the same problem as well... also being a member from day 1. FOR THE TOWN HALL MEETINGS, you can go to the town hall website, and they will give you the meetings with direct quotations. AS FOR THE FUTURE, I would say by SEPT. 15th their will be a live video feed. AND FOR ALL, PIERCE IS CORRECT. INSTEAD OF TAKING CHEAP SHOTS AND HIDDEN SWIPES: LET US BE MATURE AND UNITE TO AGREE ON THIS PLAN. ......The second we draw the line to separate us, is the very second we cut our chances of success in half and lose as a whole. Best regards to all and great work ..

George Hamilton

We as Americans have to urge all our politicians to work with Pickens on this and also conserve as much as we can. You can bet there are countries that hope we do not come up with an energy policy. It's hard to believe we do not have an energy policy. The Pickens plan is a wonderful way to start.

Ron J Banks

A couple of days ago I listened to a McCain speech and heard much of the Pickens Plan mentioned......not by name but by content.

Kathleen Heslin

T. Boone is an example for us all in how the govt should caryy out it's/ our business .That is, he is working actively with people of all pursuasions, in a positive manner, providing thoughtful potential solutions to real problems which must be addressed now for the good of our country. I hope he continues to inspire and challenge us all.


I think it is about time John McCain stated out loud that we need the PickensPlan period!

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