T. Boone’s Statement on Meeting with Sen. Barack Obama


Dallas, TX, August 17, 2008 – Below is a statement issued by T. Boone Pickens following his meeting this morning with U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL):

“I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Senator Obama and discuss an issue that is America’s top priority, which is ending our dependence on foreign oil that today is approaching 70 percent of our imports and is costing us $700 billion a year.

“I assured Senator Obama that this is a non-partisan campaign and that I will do everything in my power to work together with leaders who are willing to solve our immense energy problems which are ruining our economy and threatening our national security.

“As I did with Senator McCain on Friday, I stressed the urgency of the situation and the need to end the largest transfer of wealth in human history. I told him that any credible domestic energy policy must reduce our dependence on foreign oil by at least 30% in the next 10 years, in addition to conservation measures and that must utilize proven and available technologies and be 100 percent comprised of American resources.

“We discussed my plan and the opportunities to create jobs, grow our economy and revitalize America’s heartland by using private capital to invest in renewable energy including wind and solar power that are among our most abundant and untapped natural resources. I shared my feeling of encouragement at the Senator’s willingness to speak out on energy issues recently in the campaign, but told him that there is still much more that needs to be done.

“We also discussed the Pickens Plan’s success and our efforts to get more than one million supporters. These are people who share an immense concern about our dependence on foreign oil and are actively pushing our solution to this issue with the goal of getting legislation passed in the first 100 days of the next administration.

“It would be inappropriate for me to speak for Senator Obama. I have a real sense, however, that he was very engaged. He understands the issues and is interested and excited by the work we are doing to educate and involve the people of this great nation. As with any leader, he knows that developing real energy policy that will transform America for the better requires change and that change happens not just from the top down, but from the bottom up and that’s what we are doing with the Pickens Plan.”

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David Baker

I'm glad to hear that both Obama and McCain have indicated to T Boone, their interest in reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Have you noticed that both Presidential candidates have included in their latest campaign ads references to cultivating alternative energy sources? I believe that the collective strength of the PickensPlanPeople will be a driving force in ensuring this campaign rhetoric makes the transition to real action.

Sam Sansone

Thanks for meeting with both candidates. I will vote for the person with the best energy policy. Your plan is the best that I have seen so far. Time is of the essence.

scott messick

I am glad you met with both of them and stressed the need for something to be done. Did you ask McCain why he has consistently voted against extending the renewables tax credits?

Pierce Family from NC

Great Scott, lets use the success of a meeting with Obama to introduce the other candidate and partisan politics so we all fail at getting momentum on Energy and support for this plan. Stay with the old partisan behaviors that have driven the fantastic energy results so far! T. Boone has specifically avoided your immaturity because he knws the results. Stop this behavior and support positive messages for alternative energy and a better strategy... you will find it much more effective. Follow Pickens leadership, because if his history proved significant he would be anything but an Obama supporter. He knows drawing that line, hurts the cause and momentum. Now follow and just stop that old stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Talotta

Keeping this nonpartisan is a tough task to ask anyone to do. Everyone has their values and positions on a multitude of issues. It is imperative to accomplish this via nonpartisan. Simply remember the way our government is set up. If our leader isn't making the best of executive decisions, or is to eager to make decisions, historically, they do not last very long. Conspiracy or not, it is a matter of fact. Our energy plan is imperative in the prevailance of being a wealth leader globally and is necessitated if we wish to continue our path as a world power

Robert Benson

Yes, we need wind and solar power and we need it now. But we also need more gas efficient vehicles and we needed that yesterday. Why does my 2006 Dodge Caravan only get 20 MPG while my '85 Caravan got 27? We're going backwards because of apathy on our part and greed on the part of others. Technologies have been available for 40 years that will enable every vehicle to get 50 MPG but the patents have been bought up and are lying dormant. Who owns those patents? As an oil man, perhaps T Boone knows. We as consumers have little influence on supply but we can 'demand' efficient vehicles or we won't buy! We owe it to our future generations to ask the tough questions and get to the bottom of this abuse of finite resources. Face it folks, gas will be the fuel of choice for many more years to come even if Picken's plan could be enacted today. The time is now to expose those fuel efficient technologies to transition us into other fuel sources including natural gas, hydrogen, air, steam, etc.

Leslie Durst

Maybe this time we will do something. We had our wake up call in the early 70's when we dropped the speed to 55 mph and smaller cars were manufactured, all cutting our fuel consumption. However it wasn't long and we were going 70 and 80 in our SUV's and oblivious to the outcome. Well here we are in the outcome , and it isn't very pretty. America has had these technologies for years and never acted on a full scale with them. So now T. Boone has made the plan to make it happen. Thanks ,T. Boone!!! It's a great start to a better future that includes the long term preservation of the American way of life. Let me reiterate, this is a start, it will be a long process and a lot of work and dedication of the American people. LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joe scarpa

It was a great move on mr. pickens part to have meetings with our future president . But the fact still remains that greed and ignorance has put us in this position. And the fact is our leaders have put us in this position. And i am afraid that we the people are the only ones that could get us back on track ! The American people must give the ultimate sacrifice if they want this Country to come back to some kind of order ! We must sacrifice our way of living and start conserving , be more generous with our time, care for others , bring back family values, cut back on daily spending , we have to get back to what made this country the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! We the people have to do it ! We have to get back to the basics. The people that run and own most of our country have there on agenda. We have to fend for ourselves! So wake up America ! Its time to get down and dirty and lets take care of bussinees as a team ! If we can't play as a team then we allready lost the game !!!!!

Ryan Stockett

In response to why the 2006 Dodge Caravan gets lower gas mileage than the 1985 Caravan, the answer is exhaust emissions. The 2006 Caravan produces a fraction of the emissions that the 1985 Caravan produces, as mandated by the government. There is a direct trade-off between exhaust emissions and fuel economy. By 2010 it is mandated that all on-highway vehicles have zero emissions. This means that you can guarantee that gas mileage will go down for all new vehicles through the year 2010. You can't have it both ways. You can either have low exhaust emissions or low fuel consumption with a combustion engine. As an automotive engineer and patent prosecutor, I can assure you that this has nothing to do with greed or the "hiding" of patents. The manufacturer who can meet emissions requirements with a vehicle that has low fuel consumption will dominate the market. The technology simply does not yet exist for combustion only engines.

Greg Hamby

One must remember that the mileage standards mandated by The Carter Admin. were promptly struck down by The Regan Admin. and are only now being put back into effect. It is true that greed has put us here. Humans only learn by pain or a thin wallet. Perhaps now even "the conservatives" will embrace conservation. Greg Hamby

Vince Russo

Mr.Pickens: The Russian bear is starting to not only flex its muscles but is getting greedy,it was never happy with this pipeline and its position by passing mother Russia and not donating to its bank account ,the invasion of Georgia was just the beginning. Our legislators need to understand that the faster we invent/use other sources of energy the faster the Bear will go into hibernation and the Saudi's will be back in tents. This problem is not our problem only but,a worldwide problem. I have tried to get some one in the pickens plan to answer my request which is to represent this area for the Pickens Plan,we live in Sun City,Hilton Head S.C. 12,000 people who are retired but,very active and have a very large political prescents. Wind maybe your forte but, Solar could be ours we get as much sun as Florida does in a year the issue is to get by the oil use and the technology is there for both Solar and Wind.

Barbara Stakes

If we can use a commodity from our own U.S. soil, create jobs doing it, make wind turbines and solar panels, while creating jobs doing it, then we need to do so - and now! Did you know that Iraq just made a deal to sell it's oil reserves to - guess who owns us - China?. We had better stop taking the bait on this 'offshore drilling' and begin to think for ourselves; and wisely! Did you know D.C. buses run on natural gas? Seems like those guys have been breathing easy while the rest of us just suck it up. Keep a close watch on this election. I watched the Senate debates live on C-Span just before their 'vacation'. For the record, when Democratic senators introduced bill after bill that included alternative sources of energy and not JUST drilling, the words from the Republican side was "Mr. President, I reject this bill ...." There is a major difference in these candidates' positions that will impact us forever. If we elect someone who just wants to drill off-shore and not much else, we'll just continue on this downward spiral.

Joe Florio

Mr. Pickens, I'm also glad you had an impact on these politicians, they are the only ones that can change what has happened in the last 40 years. The oil companies have never had competition at the pump, that that is exactly what we need. I believe that is why we are seeing the price of oil drop recently, the oil companies are worried that if this idea takes hold, it could ruin their plans of world energy domination. However if there are other fuels at our disposal, that can never happen. Good work, T. Bone, and Thanks

sandy poshka

I am neither a democrat or republican, so I don't exactly agree with either party on many issues; but something has to be done. Wind and solar power are options we have had for many years; my parents have solar panels and on occasion get money back from their utility company. My husband and I are looking into getting panels now too and are annoyed that the federal govt. has already voted to stop the messily rebate they were giving. I shouldn’t be surprised since there are oil men in office. Mr. Pickens; as an oil man I applaud you for stepping up, and hope your plan will come to fruition. I agree on the wind farm you have planned, but also feel solar should be used more often. When new homes or businesses go up shouldn’t we be consider their use also?

Harry E. Boone

Any plan depends on the right leadership, and we do not, and will not have it, under our current form of buying leaders to run this country. Total electric vehicles are the answer. If two or more alternators are built into the wheels of a vehicle to keep it mostly charged when running, and a built in roof solor panel to assist in charging while running, while continuing its charge rate, when vehicle is stoped. Under this plan l see very little need for any type of plug in, or down time. While this can work, it never will, for you see 10 billion profit every three months, can buy a lot more meat on the hook. aka, Political Leaders. Only when 'We The People', get fed up enough, and force change, will it happen.

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