The Third TV Spot

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Travis brumbalow

well done mr.pickens


Funny that your advocating that we get off of oil but at the same time you say things like, "Drill, drill, drill" Once an oil man, always an oil man. You know that drilling will have no short term impact on pricing and could potentially have a negative impact on the environment. I honestly liked parts of your plans but hearing this type of garbage come from your mouth makes me realize, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. g

Kevin Diehl

What is the environment going to do with the oil?? I say we drill for it and use it as needed.

Jon Cowlishaw

This is a very well thought out plan. This will put us on the road to a more stable energy supply and help wing us off of foreign suppliers. The plan is so practical that I doubt that the DNC- DO Nothing Congress will go along unless they get an overwhelmingly favarable response from all of us.


I think it is hilarious that Pickens is thinking different by simply bowing to his buddies and asking for more drilling. I believed in a portion of what Pickens is selling but with this video, I am no longer a supporter. In order to make change Mr. Pickens, you need to be bold, falling back to the same old drill, drill, drill mantra does not cut it with me.


I understand your saying "drill,drill,drill". We need to continue to use oil until the various means of alternative energies are in place. I take alternative energy to be an alternative to oil. I appreciate your doing something.


Mike, so you are willing to open the last vestiges of pristine coastlines in the US so that we "may" get oil in 10 years that will then be sold to the highest bidder? I am sure that plan is going to help lower prices now and totally get us off of foreign oil. In order to innovate you need to think outside the box which Pickens original plan does but when pushed by his oil buddies he falls right back in line and tows the party line....DRILL. @Jon Cowlishaw - DNC do nothing congress? how about the RNC who has dug us a massive hole of debt while lining the pockets of their crony friends and at the same destroying the earth. Neither party is working for the common man anymore, get a clue. If you believe the DNC or RNC are working for you and I, you are dreaming. Pull your head out of the sand.

Daniel DiFiore


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