Too Hot For NBC — Updated! See Below!

We have four new ads which are either on the air, or ready to go on the air. The ads have been “cleared” by every network… except for NBC which has refused to clear a :15 second ad about Iran.

In the ad Boone talks about how the Iranians are moving quickly to vehicles powered by natural gas so they can free up their $120 a barrel oil to sell to us. Boone says: “Get this one. Iran is changing its cars to run on natural gas and we’re not doing a thing here…”

The problem? NBC wants us to PROVE that “we’re not doing a thing here.”

Sometimes you just have to wonder.

You can see the offending :15 second ad below:

Update: NBC has reversed its position. Read all about it here.

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Great public service spot. The networks should be showing it for free. Cheaper energy is good for the consumer, and energy independence is great for the U.S.

scott messick

I totally agree with Mike. Cheaper energy, energy independence--it should be a no-brainer. Why would NBC have an issue with this?

Brooke Box

Dear Boone, I've emailed or called The Pickens Plan over 10 times now. The reason I'm being so persistent is because I have tools to help spread the word of your Plan quickly and efficiently. I am Vice President, National Sales for I have access to 10MM Internet savvy Americans who care deeply about their families and their communities. Since we are a rewards program, we can award Points (our currency) for actions such as 1) registering on your site, 2) watching your videos, 3) signing up their friends, 4) writing to NBC, or 5) writing their congressman. Better yet, we can do all this with a quick and easy turnaround. As I've said in previous emails, I'd venture to say that I can drive more traffic and more registrations ON DEMAND than any other online source. Please have someone from your organization respond to me. I would welcome the opportunitu to speak with you. I know we can help! Sincerely, Brooke Box 512-560-9889

Meri Wiley

I totally agree about our need to do the same thing (switching to natural gas or other methods), however, I don't agree that it's necessarily the only way to get the point across. If the network won't air the ad......who care's? Just by advertising that they won't let the ad air, informs the public about where they get their money from. It's not necessary to "push" them to air it, this only makes you look more desparate and harsh. We can be bigger than that and persue other ways to get the message across. It's not like they are the only way to advertise!

Christian Hunter

Unreal! Has anyone seen coverage of NBC's refusal on other news networks? If so, can you provide a link?

Greg Scott

Forget NBC, get the commercial on any other major network and CNN.


NBC is owned by General Electric Corporation, which is pushing electric vehicles for transportation and Biogas for electric generation. They have no technology position or products in NGVs.

Roger Hoots

How dare NBC! Since when do they give a shit what runs on TV? Does this make you think they are not for the pickens plan? It does me.

Bruce Feher

NBC is becoming more anti-USA by the minute! I rarely watch any of their trash shows or so-called news programs. I will however make an exception now so I can see what companies advertise with them so I can be sure NOT to buy any of the advertised products!

Tom Cox

So...change the ad a bit to meet NBC's need. Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't let details slow down the momentum of the Plan. The ads are working - everyone in my office talks about them.


NBC has an Obama agenda. They don't want to air anyone that will hurt their favored candidate. This has nothing to do with what is best for America or what our enemies are doing, but it has everything to do with making sure the extreme libral agenda of NBC is not comprimised. NBC is against free speech especially the truth. The good news is, most Americans know this and don't watch NBC anyway, so getting other channels to do the right thing is a better idea.


It is very telling that NBC will not run Boone's commercial and their refusal will not be reported in any major media outlet, other than Lou Dobbs who's show is pre-empted by the Democratic Convention. NBC will only support views that parrallel the Democratic platform and Obama. They want us to check our tires, get a tune up and the energy crisis will be solved. NBC has a thirst for money from any source and turning down this opportunity shows how far they will go to keep our country on our economic knees. NBC is becoming extinct like other 'major' news sources. Let it be. Boone has other options and so do we.


Funny, NBC had no problem with Boone's Swift Boat ads in 2004. Never asked for proof then. Maybe GE doesn't want to see gas used for cars instead of turbines.

Ron Owens

The video tells it like it is. We have a lot of natural gas in this country, and we should use it!!

Rhonda Herro

I have just written NBC .. We are ALL AMERICANS and we need to get our act together... And be united on the energy issue.. We should all write NBC and tell them that we need to know ALL the facts .. not just what their agenda is ..

K. LaBorde

Maybe its because Iran happens to be a customer of GE from which they sell technology too. This has been widely communicated on Fox News. Here is the email address I used to send my comments about this add to NBC.

Roger Hoots

NBC does not seem to have any problem running get rich quick real estate scam commericials. How about the commercials for every kind of unproven natural health remedies do they run each day? How many men and women of the Pickens plan army are willing to stop watching NBC? I won't watch any NBC channel or program till Boone's commercial is aired by NBC. Turn off NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Quiring

Why can't you just change a few words to “we’re barely doing any thing here” or "we're doing next to nothing here." Either one of those changes should eliminate their argument, because it would admit that there is at least a little happening.

Robert Crandall

An absurd position. NBC never worries much about the facts, so there must be some mysterious agenda at work. In any case, the message is right on -- let's all push NBC to share the word

Jennifer Harris

Stunning -- what is NBC thinking? Let's hope their competitors jump on this and report it.

Patsy McCathern

As soon as you can help put natural gas pumps in Truck stops across the nation, I will convert to natural gas myself. My Dad converted his pickup to natural gas in the 1970's. Then next vehicle we buy, we will buy a new natural gas car. I know it works because I have driven Dad's old pickup. Please convince the Truck stops or gas stations across the nation to put in natural gas. Thanks Patsy


As I am watching the comments of former President Bill Clinton at the DNC, I need to ask which presidential candidate that the Pickens Plan Army thinks will be the best to support the plan?

Bob Smith

I don't like the idea of natural gas cars. Natural Gas is not renewable or carbon free and while it helps in the short term goal, getting rid of foreign oil, long term it is as bad as oil. I like electric cars that run completely of the grid more. We have the technology now: If we do that though, we need more power on the grid, that is what this next story is about: While wind, geothermal, solar, and hydro power are all great, this form of solar power is a knockout, space solar (above link) Please consider also pushing this idea so we can be the country that cause India, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia to say, "we are in deep trouble, we are to dependent on America space solar power.

Bob Smith

almost forgot, it is ridiculous that NBC is doing this, they are too afraid to choose a side on this debate, I guess.

Sue Monday

Oil prices started dropping when Pickens plan was televised. Continue to inform the American people of the facts, because we are not hearing it from the news media, except for Fox News Channel. Can't wait until you speak in my state.


I love the ad. If fleet vehicles such as taxis can convert why can't anyone else. There should be incentives. We can make a change from analog to digital TV. There was a need and a plan with a set date for changing. Why can't this work for our cars. Someone needs to find a way to make money, thats what is missing.

gary hines

What bothers me most about this is that our politicians will find start selling OUR natural gas to Iran now. Watch and see.

Nebolisa E. Ajide

If NBC quarrels with the language of this ad, couldn't we find a better way to make the same point so they can air it? Do we have to fight like children over every thing? I think that it makes perfect sense to point out what Iran is doing to free up more oil for export. I also think that the ad could say that we are not doing enough to reduce our dependence on such foreign oil or that we are not leveraging our technology to our advantage. If NBC won't air it as it is, please re-work it, so it doesn't end up as a fight. I did not join the Pickens campaign as a Republican or Democrat. I'd hate to think that I am involved in some agenda-driven blame game. Let's work for the country, please.

Tommy Brown

I do not understand why so many people in congress is againt this. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama and things will start too happen.

Jane Farmer

If NBC honestly showed their true colors, they would be using a chicken, not a peacock. Jane Farmer

Allen R. Schreiber

Hey JMW, I am a life-long Republican, spent 19 years in the Army, 16 as an Officer, and the answer is extremely clear, the candidate who I personally have supported since May 07: Barack Obama. T. Boone didn't say it in so few words when he talked here in Lincoln last Wednesday, but when he compared his meeting with each of the candidates, Obama was very attentive, took copious notes, and instantly caught on to the economical benefits of The Plan. McCainlistened along, and saw the security issue. Barack Obama has taken no PAC money in his campaign. John McCain just accepted over $1.3M for his campaign from the oil companies/lobbies two weeks ago, and then started his drill, drill, drill, song. The GOP accepted over $1.6M at the same time. You figure it out. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Allan Kuenn

I had no idea that NBC got that involved in the ad spots....that's an eye opener all by its self. I'm not sure we need NBC, just run it on the other networks and be done with it.

Linda VanderSchuur

Why does NBC run political smear ads full of outright lies but refuse to run an ad demonstrating how our continued addiction to foreign oil will cause our economy to become weaker and weaker? NBC will not be part of my viewing schedule and I will share this sentiment with everyone I know. Grow up NBC, stop supporting war and global warming by refusing to run this important message Americans need to and deserve to hear!

Andrew Bryant

NBC should be ashamed of themselves. I will no longer view NBC, MSNBC, or any of their local affiliates. The American public needs to know the truth. Shame on you, NBC.

Chuck Whitney

If any of you haven't seen the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car, your wasting your time, the Oil Companies and The Govt and car companies are in in Collusion to keep us on the oil tit for life. Rent the Movie WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR

William Turk

It was a great spot and I have sent to others. You and Newt would get this done -- Just keep away from the politicians who are already taking you on as endorsing their efforts, not them endorsing your plan. Turk in Indiana

Dan Mojo

NBC is a Corporation with diverse shareholder ownership. Business is war, as it should be. The decision making process of a monster warrior like NBC is necessarily multifaceted. Most but not all of the commentary here is by numb-skulls "pushing", as they're told to do, without deeply thinking about what it is they're being told to do. They are what they are, take it for what its worth. The means will not justify the ends. I'm all about alternative energy but not at the cost of my integrity. It seems to me that if a fight is going to be picked by Mr. Pickens, could have chosen a more evil adversary and thus directed and focused his own energies more efficiently and perhaps effectively. Turn off the lights when no one's home.

Chuck Whitney

Actually your not wasting your time, let's take on Big Oil, The Govt and Big Auto Makers, it is our Future

James S Bailoni

Great ad !!!!!! NBC is playing political games. Drill Drill Drill!!!! Why haven't the BIG 3 brought their natural gas technology to the USA? GM has the Opel for sale in Germany and similar cars are sold by the large auto dealers thru out Europe. Volvo sales account for 80% of the total NGV models running in Sweden Honda sells the Civic GX NGV in NY and Calf. Phill lets you refuel your Natural Gas Vehicle indoors or outdoors from your household natural gas line

Pam Rogers

Mr. Pickens, Please consider changing one word in the ad so that it CAN run on NBC. If you just change it to say we are not doing "enough" instead of not doing "anything" ... I think it will fly. And, I know, it's hard to cave in and to have to change what you know is right ... but, Mr. Pickens, you are the bigger MAN here. So, our goal is to get the ad on NBC, right? Let's just change one word ... one word ... and stop spending energy on that injustice (NBC censorship) and move on to more important issues. You can do that voice-over in the ad with a minimum amount of time and money. Besides, I AM doing something ... so, even though our goverment may not be ... we do have people doing what they can here in our country. Most respectfully and gratefully, Pam Rogers

tom bahorski

I see nothing wrong with this add it should be shared with the US people

zac martin

Keep up the great work Boone, I no longer watch nbc or msnbc. You are so right and just a great American. Thanks again for all you do for all of us every day. America has lots of Nat Gas and we should be using our own energy without question instead of sending Billions of $$ out of the country.

Pam Rogers

DEAR MR PICKENS: Please consider changing one word in the ad so that it CAN run on NBC. If you just change it to say we are not doing "enough" instead of not doing "anything" ... I think it will fly. And, I know, it's hard to cave in and to have to change what you know is right ... but, Mr. Pickens, you are the bigger MAN here. So, our goal is to get the ad on NBC, right? Let's just change one word ... one word ... and stop spending energy on that injustice (NBC censorship) and move on to more important issues. You can do that voice-over in the ad with a minimum amount of time and money. Besides, I AM doing something ... so, even though our government may not be ... we do have people doing what they can here in our country. Most respectfully and gratefully, Pam Rogers

john graham

While I can’t understand NBC’s position I’m not sure I understand the point of this ad. It’s important to keep things in perspective. Here in the U.S. we tend to overlook the fact that most countries are comparable in size to one of our states. Iran is slightly larger than Alaska and has slightly less than twice the population of California. So, Iran would be a very large state but is obviously not comparable in size to our country. In ’04 Iran had one car for every 12 people, about 5,875,000 vehicles. As of 2000 there were .7 vehicles per person in California, over 25 million vehicles. I think it’s more realistic for us to think in terms of converting fleet vehicles to natural gas. Otherwise, in addition to conversion problems we’ll also have to solve distribution problems. I don't know of any place where I could fill my Nat Gas tank. It’s much easier for a smaller country to make these kinds of changes than larger ones. We import more oil from Canada than any other country, not exactly a hostile power. Iran is not even among the top 15 countries exporting oil to the U.S. I think it’s more likely Iran is doing this because they’re running out of oil rather than selling more to us.


Can you organize an email so we can send protest emails to the right person at NBC?????? They will listen to their consumers.

Georgia Bill

NBC in in the pocket of big OIL......They know who butters their bread..... why aren't we using Natl Gas? or go one step further.....why can't our cars run on LP gas? It's already available just about everywhere....Like all Wal-marts....nice containers already and shouldnt take too much to convert over.....WHY WHY>>>>>perhaps there is some reason we cant, I just dont understand.....


So much for freedom of speech! A fact is a fact.... and NBC won't allow facts? I won't be watching their watered down news then. If the truth hurts them then how can they report news correctly?

Pamela MacDonald

I have to agree with Joel's point regarding NBC's refusal to run the ad. They are owned by GE and GE has no vested interest in promoting natural gas. Chalk it up to a necessity of our nation - capitalism. Pam

Daniel P. David, PGCPsych, LMSW

Mr. Pickens, I'm a Democrat in full support of Obama and Biden, but I sure wish you would work with them after Obama gets elected. It's a disgrace that America is still dependent on fossil fuels when we could have been leaders in the world along time ago by switching to alternative energy sources. Keep up your great work!!!! Daniel David

Tim Cameron

Spread the word! Take this issue to your local churches and civic organizations! Let your local Congressman/woman know! This is THE PLAN! This is a bridge to the future for our children and our grandchildren. If we do not start to get America energy independent we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Our our Stock Markets will crash, our Democracy will fail and our way of life will be reduced to an agricultural society once again, (think the TV Show Jericho).

Craig Williamson

Great ad. Possibly change the wording to "we're doing little to nothing .." to swage NBC.

Georgia Bill

John Graham...... I believe you must be one of those that dont get the point.... America love OIL and the Iranians want our American $ollars, what better way than to switch over to natl gas.....which cost so very much less and collect the American Dollar of which we are soooooo willing to give to the foreign countries...that hate us, by the way. True....they dont support America with their oil......dont you think they want to be tho?

Vicki Kes

I am very proud that you are doing something about the oil crisis instead of just talking about it. You have thousands of people backing you and we are here to help in any way possible. We thank God for you T. Boone Pickens.

Joseph C Callahan

T. Boone - Your plan is right on. Logical and doable. Current technology. Let's get on with it. Thanks for your efforts. Joe Callahan


Commercials...Does anyone really still watch these on TV?

Phil Ortiz

I read over all the comments and I'm a republican myself, but most of y'all need to remove the political emotion from their logic. As an American registered in the Republican party, it's embarassing to read. No wonder the party is getting weak. Y'all fail to realize what has gone on to increase the price of energy. A weakening dollar for two reasons, 1) the fed printing dollars like funny-money to the war which is borrowed and increasing the debt, and 2) we send more and more jobs overseas so we don't have those products to back the dollar. Don't forget about the lame-asses y'all put into the White House so proudly. The problem is really that some of you can't filter out the bullshit before it hits the fan. I'm glad Mr. Pickens is making this effort because it's one that was scrapped back in the 80's and now that problem compounded into what we have today. I hope a lot of you put party aside and GET EDUCATED!!

David Scott Coker

Shame on you NBC! Its not the first time they end up with egg on their face. But when you look at the manner in which everybody that works for MSNBC is so totally in the tank for Obama and the Democrats, it really makes you wonder. Perhaps they should change the name to Nebulous Broadcasting Network. Have you seen how they are humping Luke Russert? A fresh face with an empty head! I keep telling people if they want to understand the future of this nation they should study medieval history.

David Scott Coker

By the way, Mr. Pickens -- I still wish you would seriously consider coming to Evansville, Indiana to debate Al Gore about the future of energy policy in this country.

Donald E. Wilson

Great ad. I definitely support pushing to run this ad on NBC. I disagree with changing the word "anything" to "enough". Not doing anything is the truth. The only thing the government has "done" is TALK about alternative fuels for over 30 years now. I'm living in the Dominican Republic and it's estimated that over 25% of all cars, buses, and trucks run on natural gas. More and more are converting every day. My friends tell me their fuel costs are 1/2 to 1/3 of what they were when using gasoline. It's a cheap conversion that any car can do, and with a flip of a switch, they can run on gasoline if needed. They have many natural gas "gas stations". What do the Dominicans know that Americans don't? Don Wilson

Eric Abrams

this needs to run

Timothy Seaman

Forget NBC no one watches them any way. Excellent point in the ad, get it on FOX and CNN

James Feathers

The problem is not NBC or Iran. Follow the money and you'll know why they do what they do. We don't have to have everyone agree with the plan; like in Hollywood: there is no such thing as "Bad Press", as long as they are talking about it, it's all good. We will force things to change, one politicain at a time if necessary; just be true to yourself. Peace

Chris Carson

As a stockholder in GE I'm embarrassed by the narrow-mindedness of the folks at the GE owned unit of NBC. Keep up the good work.


Wow, I guess NBC really has no investment in the earth or America. I have sent this video to all! Protect the earth! Save America!

Jay Pia

General Electric does a brisk business ith Iranian government and then their lackluster president(immelt) downplays it. General Electric also happens to own NBC. They re also in several sustainable alternative fuel endeavours but not natural gas. This adwould sure be controversial for anybody at NBC who approvd its production. They have proven their rather spineless value once again.

gene myrick

I applaud the message T. Boone is sending out. But, we must quit muttering among ourselves and send every state and u.s. senator and every state and u.s. congressman a clear and emphatic message every WEEK that every single and joint effort ( drilling for oil and gas WHEREVER it is, developing wind and solar energy, developing hydrogen energy and battery energy ) should be made NOW to overcome our dependence on foreign oil.Our treasury is being looted by the Arabs and others at a horrendous rate and when our dollar has finally been pounded to nothing, it will be too late...........


I think T. Boone calls us his Army for a reason. There are too many politicians who will find way too many reasons not to be in favor of the pickensplan. We need to march in unison as an Army does. Through the internet , letters , telephone, and if necessary an actual march on Washington. We need to act now.


If NBC dosnt want to help, then there are plenty of other stations to broadcast the ad.

Patti McElhinny

This is the general response from the networks. You need to focus on Fox and cnn. History is repeating its self with their bias. I will e-mail this to as many people as I can. Patti

Linda Francis

No surprise - I was Director of Marketing for NBC in Miami and saw stories come through the door and get broadcast looking VERY different...why I am no longer part of the NBC team. This is really a PSA and should be aired by ALL networks free of charge!!! Shame on any network that considers itself a source for news if they don't air the truth.

Scott P. Walker

I'm with you on this Mr. Pickens. You have got it right and it needs to happen now! I'll help and I am available now. I can do necessary site prep (dirt work) and I'm sure I can help build a windmill or whatever needs to be done. You have my contact info, I am available now, today. Talk to me sir. Scott

David Estes

Who Needs NBC? There programing lacks a since of desire anyway. Maybe they need to move to Iran. Keep pounding away and pushing the plan. This type of ads are a great wakeup call. I think your plans defy the interest of the current congressional agenda, and the lobbyist have to much control over our current government. Instead of electing new officials to run the country just run out the lobbyist that have there fingers around our government officials pockets. This is one place we need to start for the people of this country to take back the control we have lost to these types of congressional leaders regardless of parties.


NBC's actions are clearly inconsistent with the First Amendment and contrary to the best interests of the American people. Americans need to hear the message contained in this ad and the refusal to run it is simply an irresponsible use of the media's power.

John Handley

Boone: I support your plea for help. You are right and NBC just does not get it. I thought censorship was what you found in Russia! NBC: Please run the ad!

Troy Bollenbach

Boone or Someone, Why is NBC positioning itself in this manner? This is a democratic organization that should be supporting the democratic agenda in this election year, which is energy independance... Why???


General Electric owns NBC. GE manufactures both wind energy turbines and natural gas generators. T. Boone Pickens is a billionaire investor. T. Boone Pickens funded the Swift Boat ads, which got George Bush re-elected. George Bush's energy policy has made the United States less energy independent. Mr. Pickens is a strategist who is working for General Electric and NBC; therefore, I doubt that he paid for any of the ads aired on NBC.

Phil Papadopoulos

OK. How about some pragmatism? Would they accept the word "little" instead? Its probably more accurate and more believable anyway.

Scott Dell

Mr. Pickens - I believe I heard a report on NBC recently - that in fact - they haven't built any refineries and are solely dependent on "imported" gasoline. I suggest someone on your staff do a lexus/nexus to see when that report "aired" - in the mean time - go with whatever Networks. Your plan is getting traction. Scott

Chuck Bolland

Well here we all are being a nation lobby for Mr. Pickens so that he can make millions more in the energy business. Energy independance is a good thing, but I'm not sure we're better off depending on Mr. Pickens or the Middle-East. I'd like to see other technologies also advance so we have options. Where I have a problem with T. Boone, is that it was he that provided some of the money so that John Kerry could be "swiftboated" as they now say. Thanks in part to T. Boone Pickens we have had 4 more years of probably the dumbest jackass ever to live in the White House. Not only do we lack an energy policy, but we've seen thousands killed in a war that was of his doing. That was paying for control of the marketing the oil of Iraq with the lives of thousands. Now there's an energy policy. I'm just not excited about using my time and energy to lobby the networks, the congress, an others on behalf of a rich man who wants to be even richer. Thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind.

Roger Thompson

1. Change 'doing nothing' to 'Not doing enough' in the ad. 2. Become a dealer and sell me one.

Sharon Lanning

I passed this info on to 10 friends and I hope they do the same!


This is a good ad and should be should showed to the people. The buses in San Diego all run on Natural gas. We should do what we can to not pay others for what we can do for are selves.

Stanley Munson

I agree that we can switch our cars to natural gas right now, but, practically it is premature for anything except commuting and short trips (refueling points are sparce). My guess is that many big cities are starting to consider, if not already changing over to natural gas. Kansas City has changed their big vehicles (ie..buses) over to natural gas.

Danielle Kirk

I ddi forward this to my friends and Family. I think they should air it for free also but if not, just take the money and sell Picken's Plan the air time!!! What are they afraid of, grass roots movements can and do make a difference. Who owns NBC??

Gregg Harcus

WTF is NBC doing? Are they afraid of big oil or the Moron lame duck Bush?


What was the reason they gave for not running the ad?


Mr. Pickens and Jack Welch work for NBC/General Electric. GE owns NBC. GE is selling wind turbins and natural gas generators and they are simply advertising their stock on NBC for free. It is illegal for NBC to advertise GE stock without mentioning that NBC is owned by General Electric. T. Boone Pickens has found another loop hole to help GE break the law. T. Boone Pickens funded the Swift Boat ads, which got George Bush re-elected. George Bush's energy policy has made the United States less energy independent. Mr. Pickens is a strategist who is working for General Electric and NBC; therefore, I doubt that he paid for any of the ads aired on NBC.

Louis Jimenez

General Electric has been doing business with Iran, this was uncovered not too long ago. Companies such as GE are not American friendly, so NBC's refusal to run the ad does not surprise me. In America we have a very powerful weapon, it's called BOYCOTT. We are all grown up now, we know what's right, what's wrong, but mostly what is Anti-American. It's up to each one of us as indviduals to STOP doing business with companies that do not have our best interest at heart, GE being one of these. These so-called "environmental movements" designed to take wealth away and transfer it overseas are nothing but attempts at destroying our country, and re-distributing our wealth. Hell I have worked too many hours and too dam hard to have some snot nosed lying movement take what is rightfully mine.

Ronald A. Newcomb

Great ideas Boone. Unlike some of these others, I am on the right side of the isle, and less enthusiastic about the empty suit running on the other side. I have been working with geothermally enervated sea water desalination for 5 years at SDSU with ICATS. We cannot control the cost of energy without examining all viable options and the renewable options are always the best. We need more technologies, and need to implement the ones we have. As opposed to allowing the renewable tax credit to lapse, why not push for a 100% tax credit for investors. Give this 10 years and all that money leaving the country would stay in the country. What on earth is NBC thinking?

scott scharin

there are plenty of other places to show the ad and NBC's lack of backbone should not really be a big surprise.Been following the D.N.C. and not heard much on the energy front!Coincidence?


Folks, Neither NBC nor GE are dumb. This was a decision. They are garnering extra attention for bucking the will of a vocal minority. For the PR dept this is better that the revenue from running the ad. Let's keep this in perspective, and let's get moving. The Light is Green! -- please visit --

Lisa in Los Angeles

I saw a car powered by natural gas at the "Oil Shockwave" event in Torrance a couple of years ago. So NBC has a very tiny point here - there are some makers looking at natural gas-powered cars. In addition, I live in Los Angeles and regularly take the natural gas-powered buses around town. We have two competing major providers - Metro and LA Downtown Transit, as well as Santa Monica and Culver City buses - ALL of which are powered by either LNG (liquid natural gas) or CNG (compressed natural gas). So again, we are making small steps. Can you change the ad to say "We're not doing nearly enough"? That would be a totally true statement.


There must be more to this then what you are telling us. I watched a 10 second ad. What does NBC say the problem is?


Louis...interesting comment. BTW, I used to work for GE Power/Automation. No country on earth can boycott General Electric. GE has a monopoly on INFASTRUCTURE. GE can shut any country down if they cross GE. GE owns NBC, which is the largest telecommunication company in the world. GE also makes everything you need to have a viable nation. GE writes U.S./International trade policies; therefore, GE, ultimately, controls which countries thrive or die. GE is very pro-Isreal so I seriously doubt they they would help Iran unless it makes their stock go up.


nbc is a communist org with an agenda that is a disgrace to this country. People who care need to wake up.


Paul...the most expensive energy is solar power. The cheapest energy is nuclear. Iran is going nuclear. Ge make Wind Turbines and Natural Gas Turbines. GE has an interest in keeping Americans in the dark. Wind power is not the future.


Keep on trucking!

Chris Miller

So ... give them the proof (you must have it or you wouldn't have put it in there in the first place) or do as Pam Rogers says and make the single word change (editing is easy) ... either way it's done and "we" are on the air ... like it or not NBC does have a view base that is also needed for the plan.


NBC's viewership has a sixth grade comprehension level, Boone. They just do not get it at that organization. Stick with FOX, CNN (actually turning things around) and radio. Don't sweat the 6 people who they're keeping your ad from.


NBC is owned by General Electric. GE stock goes up when you invest in Wind Turbines or Natural Gas Turbines. Mr. Pickens obviously works for GE. Nuclear Power is the cheapest and most reliable power. Will GE stock go up if we invest in Nuclear Power?

Miles Colcock

I suppose the Iranians find it more profitable to export their oil. I suppose the USA should find a more profitable product that democracy for it's export?

Roland Morris

I like T Bone Pickins creative spirit! Rolando,Milwauke,Oregon:)


Iran is better off going Nuclear. GE benefits by forcing Iran to turn to natural gas instead of going nuclear. Does anybody get it?

Sunny Brown

NBC or GE start being part of the change not the cause of the problem, our country is a mess from large corporations out for the money and no regard or concern for our earth, the people or nature. When are you going to change.....................

Miles Colcock

I like T Bone Steaks too. Neither do I care how much money he has or doesn't have. That's not the point.


There are no weapons of mass destruction. Energy is Money. Iran is smart to go nuclear. The U.S. is stupid to go Wind. GE makes money creating conflict. Mr. Pickens works for GE.

Miles Colcock

I must admit, I don' get it.


That is a great ad that tells the truth. If any television station thinks tis is not worth showing just let them go by any gas station in our country and check the price!!! It is ashamed that NBC will not air it, I will not know since I will not be watching that station. Just to think that America just sits here doing nothing and making the Middle East rich.


Miles....lets say I sell water and you are thirsty. And I am the only one who has the water. You are force to buy from me. However, if someone drills a well then there will be plenty of water for everyone and that will put me out of business. That sucks for me. I want you to be thirsty and pay me for water. Do you get it.


Congratulations !!! a) on this ad b) on the fact that it is also on YouTube so it can be embedded on any website .. emailed to anybody .. included in a customized video player or a playlist promoting things like it c) congratulations to that persistent vice president from ... I've just signed up .. I wonder .. could I help you use more video ON your site ? Mine is SoCooL.Com .. Does anybody need a further explanation on the value of customized video players? Have you also checked out ... And this one .. which is hard to hear Thank goodness that the nature of technology is also changing the nature of "the media!"

Chris Havrilesko

Boone, 1974 to1979 I worked for Consolidated Freightways inc Portlands Oregon. All delivery trucks were Natural gas powered its not a big deal to convert. sorry I dated myself but yes im that old and remember it well.tkx chris


After the ad runs, add, "and you can't see this ad on NBC." Let NBC explain. The drawback to full-scale production is that NG uses heavy, metal cylinders (think, skinny oxygen tanks) as fuel tanks. They take up trunk space, and add weight. The challenge is to make lighter tanks that can be placed where they don't take up cargo space. Natural gas is everywhere in the US, so finding sources, and filling stations is not that much of a challenge. Most vehicles that run on natural gas also run on regular gasoline. The idea is to stretch a vehicle's range, so you never run out of fuel. The tech has been around since the early '70's, and was left to wither. If the level of research had been maintained, we would be 30 years further down the road to sensible energy use. Lastly, don't begrudge Mr. Pickens for making money. That's what smart people do. This plan would energize (pun not intended) our economy. We need a whole new infrastructure, including pipelines to the filling stations, pump attendants (at first), and more. Our economy sizzles when there is something new and exciting happening. This plan is doable now. It doesn't depend on unproven technology, and we can work on it in stages, and will see results within a generation. This is one project that won't send jobs offshore.

Miles Colcock

Ok Ben, I get it. I had a blonde moment and forgot for a second that greed rules the world. I am happy to know we have plenty of natural gas. Now I can go back to sleep for another 50 years or so.

Mary Murphy

Most watch FOX or CNN, switch back and forth between the two hoping to gain some perspective from both sides. Incredible NBC thinks it's too hot, pretty idiotic. Guess 911 didn't make much of an impression on them. As the saying goes, don't cast your pearls before swine.


Miles...GE makes gas and wind power generators. Iran wants to go nuclear. Nuclear energy is the cheapest most reliable and abundant form of energy. France is 90% nuclear. The united states will spend trillions of dollars to invest in gas or wind generators because Americans are so stupid and easy to manipulate. Nuclear Power does not put money in GE pocket. Pickens works for GE.

CJ Lumar

In the next Daily Pickens how about providing us with an email address to NBC so we can express our feelings straight to the network. Keep the pressure on both candidates Boone. This problem has been talked way too long without any action by the politicians. Time to get them moving. Clumar

Terry Embry

What kind of proof are they looking for? Letters from government or automakers? How do you prove inaction? Isn't the purpose of the ad to focus on lack of action? I don't see why they won't air it when other networks have no problem with it. How many G.E. wind turbines did you buy?

Patt Snyder

We have a serious problem in not having developed a national energy plan. There isn't one single solution to the problem. We need to begin now and work on many alternatives. T. Boone Pickens has led the way. We need to support him and give him a loud voice. I'm glad to know NBC is part of the problem. We don't need to watch NBC and T. Boone doesn't need to give him money. They should be running the ads as a public service. Patt


I sent the ad to a forum I frequent where at least 600 people will probably view it. Hope this helps.

Terry Embry

Strange how they want proof for your claim yet they air political ads


It is illegal for NBC to advertise GE stock. GE is promoting natural Gas and Wind powered turbine generators in a very manipulative way via Pickens. Nuclear power is the cheapest and most abundant form of Energy. GE has an interest to get Iran out of the Nuclear energy business. I have decided that Americans must be stupid and I am an American. Sad Sad Sad

Mary Murphy

BEN---You say in one of your posts that GE won't profit from nuclear and that Mr Pickens works for GE, etc... -- below is cut and paste from the GE website regarding their nuclear products..more can be researched at their site. Primary Activities Today, nuclear energy supplies 16% of the world's electricity, avoiding the emission of about 2.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year that would otherwise be generated by fossil fuel solutions, such as supercritical pulverized coal. GE has provided advanced and sophisticated technology for nuclear energy for over five decades. Four main product lines support this capability: new reactors, nuclear fuel, reactor services and performance services. Products and Services New Reactors ... Providing cleaner energy Nuclear Fuel ... Designed to perform Reactor Services ... Committed to excellence Performance Services ... Realizing potential I am not finding your unsubstantiated rants very helpful to this forum.


Mr Pickens works for NBC which is owned by General Electric. General Electric is selling Natural Gas and Wind Turbines to stupid Americans.

Dave Dugdale

If you are following the presidential election process the past few weeks or so, it kind of feels like T. Boone Pickens with all his commercials airing on TV just at the right time is like a 3rd candidate running for president. I wrote a blog post about it here:


Mary...I worked for GE power on nuclear power plants. You have to look at the profit margins to understand why GE would rather sell a bad solution. Net Net you will end up paying twice for one solution. I am trying to help people understand the manipulations tactics of this is all about greed.

Glenn Edgar

Great ad. Nothing is wrong with it, just stating fact.

Expose Activist

Of course there is a conspiracy, there are a lot of conspiracies. Media is what keeps the sheep in the field and yes our country is made up of sheep. Example, Pickens Plan has over 115,000 members last time I checked and only 90 responses to this video at the time I started writing my response and a high percentage of those, sound like they are just starting to smell something fishy. Ask how many presidential candidates we now have and most people will respond by saying two and that is wrong, you only hear about two through the boob tube. If you want change, vote for who they will not let speak through their bought and paid for drone boxes. And Allen, I am not going to vote for neither of the bought candidates, but let’s get it right McCain has collected far more that the 1.3 million and Obama has collected 138 million from special interests. The sheep are paying 16 million for the Democratic convention and we will do it again for the Republic convention. Get your hands on an official school history book from the 1940’s and compare the represented history then to what you were told to remember while you attended school. Truth does not exist, without research. Seek and you will find. How did we get in this fuel mess? You can look back to 1920’s, for the answer. Prohibition was about removing alternative fuel. Henry Ford had boasted that his new Model T would run on about any fuel, including alcohol that could be brewed by most any farmer. Later Henry Ford announced that he had built a car body made from hemp fibers that was indestructible, followed by Popular Mechanics running an article stating that hemp was being used around the world to make over 25,000 products and was one of the most useful natural products on earth. Which resulted in the Marijuana Tax Act, to remove hemp from competing with new industrial products. (And before any pot smoker jumps in preaching about legalizing Marijuana, just stay out, that is not the topic) Apposed, to pot smokers? I don’t care, I am also opposed to what I see alcohol doing to people. Again the war on Drugs is not about pot smoking. I do not like seeing the out of control spending to promote this conspiracy, including what is spent on police efforts, judicial system and prisons. And we are suppose to believe it is about pot smokers. Prohibition created an underworld market, built criminal organizations, increased drinking establishments by 1,500 %, prison budgets increased by 400 % in the first 5 years alone and the same scenario is being played out with the supposed war on drugs, only bigger. The electric car was available in the late 30’s, able to run 50 miles between charges. It was removed by a conspiracy. We have the technology to convert trash into fuel for vehicles and lord knows we have trash, heck dig those landfills back up. Sure I think electric cars are fine and as people purchase new vehicles many can purchase electric. Convert to natural gas, will work, do it. If enough of you want natural gas for your vehicle, someone will make sure you can buy it. Windmills sure, solar of course. I say vote for a candidate that the media and corporate conspiracers don’t want you to, legalize the still and let farm coops produce fuel, but not out of food products, legalize hemp and put the farmer back to work (Remember you get 4 times the paper pulp from an acre of hemp than an acre of trees, it is more efficient for bio-fuel than corn, and in the 30’s was used for 25,000 other products, I am sure that we could find 100, 000 uses today) stop subsidizing tobacco, turn loose anyone that was incarcerated for possession of Marijuana to make room for those involved in the conspiracies, and take the profit away from the criminal (Both the gun carrying and the conspiracy involved) Turn off your TV ( cut down on the brain washing ), put in a DVD and watch a good movie or maybe something educational like learning more about truth. We would not need to be involved in huge tax funded wars for gas, trash problems would be solved, air pollution would improve, water quality would improve, fuel price would drop to 1960 rates, tax funded prisons would decrease, taxes could be substantially lowered, ect......... Can it happen, yes by next year with the power of the people, problem is people do not unify and usually do not even see the strings tied to their puppet arms. Boycott under unified causes. Remember it is all about getting the money from the sheep, which means the people do have the power if they were not sheep. Pulling together as activist seeking knowledge is a great beginning. Now back to the biggest problem, stop drinking the political cool aid, this two party closed system has to stop, you can only end up with a bought president.


NBC is owned by GE. GE has no interest in Natural Gas. It's a business decision by NBC. I say forget them and run it everywhere else. NBC loses the advertising dollars.

Aaron Allen [Air'n Al'ln]

Hi Boone: You cud place the caption, "NBC wudn't carry this msg" on all other feeds: THEY can explain why?.. NIOC [National Iranian Oil Co.] will be an easy job to do the CNG conversion...They cud keep a pump or two of gas and diesel and have islands with CNG also...I was in Iran in the mid 60s and they are used to dropping in and topping up when they need to...Iran subsidizes gas and diesel now to keep the price down: If they can sell their fuel abroad [or use these fractions for other products], they will make out great...Their fuels network [distribution] is pretty straight forqward and there is only one company to mess with... If the cost of CNG is a bit lower than gas or diesel, the people will be happy and the en- vironment will benefit from the lowering of exhaust gasses and soot! If they can get their busses and big trux to run on CNG HHO, that wud be great... Aaron Allen Lafayette IN


Sorry, Mr. Pickens. I can't agree that "we're not doing a thing here." I think this is doing a heckuva lot to say what needs to be said - and shouldn't have to be said by a private citizen who can afford to buy an ad on NBC - it should be said by the so-called journalists on NBC for free.

Cher Henton

A quick search got me interested in two sites. and and I would check with the ASE to find out how many mechanics in the US are certified to do conversions. To NBC's point, it does look like some folks in the US are converting vehicles. NBC sucks but this could be an opportunity to strengthen the argument. As a fan of the Pickens Plan, I would be impressed if you could tell me that your website contains information about which cars can be converted, how I could get natural gas for my converted vehicle, how to find an ASE certified mechanic in my area, etc. Then I would be amazed to see the numbers for this scenario... if 10% of eligible cars were converted each year for 10 years, how much of the 38% of foreign dependency would be eaten up.


NBC = General Electric = Mr. Pickens = Wind power = Natural Gas power = GE stock goes up

Charles Jones

I cannot agree with you about going against NBC on their diagnosis of the situation. I just read a news article that proves in America things are being done, it does not imply that the US government is responsible but we know where General Motors got their influence from and it was certainly not a Middle East country suggesting they develop a Hydrogen vehicle. Here is the article named Consumers picked to test hydrogen car prototypes Automakers such as GM, Honda Motor Co. and BMW AG are putting several hundred vehicles into suburban garages, in cities and on the highway to see how they fare in day-to-day driving. Really how could you be so angry, go buy one or get a lease started. You also might contact GM and Honda and give them some cash so they will convert my two vehicles as a test and I'll do the best I can with them, maybe I'll drive over to see you in person if you want to arrange a meeting. I would be happy to do that and then we can talk about the future of America, it is not all politics and complaining. The only mention of anything closely relative to government is this sentence... They gained attention when President Bush announced in 2003 that the government would invest $1.2 billion to encourage their development.

M. Sharp

Dear Mr. Pickens, Please supply your sources for this claim, as I'd like to know more. This sounds like a good story for Mother Jones magazine to investigate. M. Sharp

Ron J Banks

This is not the best in the ad series. Saying we are doing NOTHING sets it up to be questioned. Mr. Pickens is already doing SOMETHING. This NBC thing gets us "off message". Let us keep our focus.


NBC=General Electric=Wind Power=Natural Gas Power=Picken's Plan=GE stock goes up=anti Nuclear Power in Iran=swift vote ad=George Bush gets re-elected=U.S. dependence on foreign oil=GE stock goes up


I think it's a good ad. Other posters are correct when they state that NBC's viewership is minimal now that the olympic games are over, so why even bother with them?

Mary Murphy

Still not getting it...don't think we are going to fuel cars with nuclear energy, hence the call to use natural gas instead of oil for transportation. I agree that there is more to the picture of wind power than the pretty turbines in grassy fields we see advertised. More is coming out about the pros and cons of the turbines. But I would find it more helpful to have facts instead of the general/blanket statements you are making. Yes, greed is most assuredly a factor, in fact, for every thing we do, there is always a personal, selfish motive. But I would rather the greed be here in the US where Obama and friends can fight it on home soil (bit of a joke) then in the Middle East where all of us here spouting off would be not be a possibility (off with their heads). From what Mr Pickens has been saying, it will be a combination of wind, solar, nat gas, nuclear, etc. that will take the place of the oil dependency that will eventually bring the US to it's knees. Let's do something, even if it's not right the first time, we will get it right eventually. And of course, there will always be some big greedy corporation -- us small fish will take what they can get -- a paycheck from the big guys, cleaner air, ability to tell Middle East to go to hell in a handbasket and take their friggin oil with them, unions to take our dues and "fight" the big corporation, and on and on...ain't life wonderful!

Richard Wickberg

Boone, I'll boycott NBC and ALLtheir subsideriaries until the so-and -so's come to their senses and realize we're in an economical fight for our countries' future! I don't care what favorite show I'll miss but I will read "Waldon Pond" and "Common Sense" along with some other books by the Founding Fathers to prepare me for this struggle shich seems inevidable between corperate amerika (sic) and The America We Love! Corperate amerika (sic) has tried to take over once before but a certain strongwilled president, Theodore Roosevelt, Took on the trusts and monopolies and saved America from certain disaster. We need such a man again to guide us into the 21st Century.

Chris Van Putten

Looks great, and the clip is short, which better incites television stations to run it. I think this one should definitely go to the television media. And it hits in the perspective of international relations and foundations as well.

Barry Schader

Guys ... this page should be dropped. NBC approved the ad today. See:

Mary Murphy Above a link I found supporting Mr Pickens statement re: Iran and nat gas cars...simple search will most likely bring up much more info on subject. Plan to email CNN, FOX, etc. to see if they will do piece on this, wish all would contact them.

Scott Meenen

Some people are very offended by the idea of others either driving around on the cheap or using something other than Gasoline or Diesel to power American vehicles, it seems that burning gasoline is as American as apple pie even if it is $4.00 a gallon. I just converted my work truck about 5 days ago and have saved several hundred dollars already. Scott Meenen Laurel Maryland

Mike Broska

NBC wants proof? We have to remember that NBC is part of GE, a global powerhouse, and the largest corporation on earth based on assets. GE is doing business with Iran, and they don't want to lose the 1/10 of 1% profits garnered through their deals. It's a national travesty that a conglomerate like GE would put profit ahead of national security. If the American economy fails, will GE worry? No, only because a majority of their business and profits come from overseas. That's why I divested myself of all GE holdings. Let's remember, America first. We basically support the rest of the world, let's concentrate on US for a change.


Mary Mary Mary...nobody is suggesting nuclear cars. Now, electric cars powered by nuclear energy would be true energy independence. I guess you already knew that GE owned NBC. I guess you already realized the GE makes what Pickens is selling. I guess you already knew that Nuclear Power is the cheapest and most efficient form of energy. I guess you already know that Pickens funded the swift vote ads that got George Bush re-elected. I guess you already knew that the U.S. has grown more energy dependent while George Bush has been in office. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots but you don't need to attack me for stated the obvious. I feel a little betrayed by the lack of transparency and the relationship between GE, NBC, and Pickens. This ad about Iran makes me very suspicious of the Picken's Plan. Mr. Pickens has betrayed us before; so, why should we trust him now. I am sorry but I do not view Pickens as a savior but I do see a wolf in sheep's clothing. So come down' off the cross, Jesus, we need the wood.

J Eberly

I agree with Ron J. Banks. Also "we" are doing something. Several groups, and the US government are funding research, developing alternatives, installing renewable energy. It IS just a drop in the bucket, but again it's not "nothing". Maybe it's the brevity or lack of sources or other "legal" reason. Did you attempt other networks with different conclusions? It's seams a little fishy to me (no source or reasons given) and back to the point Ron made, not focused on the end game we all joined for.

Retired and Loving It

I guess some blog sites are effective after all; personally, however, I wouldn't waste my time with NBC. That network is only one step above MSNBC ....

Kurt Stiffel

this is laughable, we are doing something, the retards at the EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board) are causing the cost of CNG Conversion Kits to skyrocket. The EPA/CARB are doing a disservice to their mandate of a better cleaner environment. Someone here mentioned that the EPA is doing the certification process because of the danger of CNG being flammable. etc. , hello... The NHTSA (Ntl Hwy Transportation Safety Assoc) should be handling that, not the EPA. EPA

Richard Rounds

NBC is owned by General Electric, GE does millions of dollars in business with Iran. Besides ABC, CBS and NBC are agenda driven news outlets. I never view any of their "news" programming.

Kurt Stiffel


James Pope

Power to you Mr. Pickens. I believe it's their right to say no to your ad, but I also think it's unpatriotic. As long as anyone stands to make ridiculous profits on oil in the U.S. like they have we'll continue to have to batter down the walls of opposition. Not only Iranians and Saudi's, but even Americans are making massive profits. Save the U.S., consider alternatives.

Kurt Stiffel

CARBS job should stop at , did it pass smog? Yes - Great So in reality we cant prove that we are doing nothing here in the US , because we are doing something, its just counter productive and idiotic. and dont think I'm a right winger who despises all things environmental, i'm not, i'm a greenpeace , sierra club member and was actually a Greens member til they kept calling me comrade and the fn meeting and I realized they were all socialists or Oh yeah and all you Repubs, who cant help espousing for McBush or McSame, choke on this... Warren Buffet endorses Obama!!!! Why because he knows 8 years of McSame errh, a McBush or Exxon, errh Enron, no no no Exron has left 98% of us worse off.

J Eberly

Richard Rounds...I guess that leaves the "Fair and Ballanced" liars at Fox. Also I agree with the EPA post of Kurt Stiffel. Mr. Pickens I willing to have my car converted...what's your idea? More taxes on the middle class to pay for it or tax my children and their children and their children like we have for the war and Bush's economic mess!


NBC? Who are they? I used to watch a TV network named NBC -could that be the one? Not surpized. Jim Raymond

Clifton J. Weeks

I'm sure Bill O'Reilly would be glad to talk about NBC refusal to run the ad. What Pickens is trying to do should be number one in peoples mind when they go to the polls to vote. The candidate that embraces his plan should win our vote based on his plan alone. It's that important. Maybe one of the candidates will anounce if they should win Pickens will be appointed to help get us off of our dependence on foreign oil.

Kelly Raby

This seems like the exact thing the American politician, corporations and public needs to hear.....probably on constant replay until we wake up and make the changes we need to make in order to free ourselves from foreign oil.

Charles Jones

I'd also like to mention that Iran has no financial oil dealings which are destined for the USA. They really have little to gain by creating a Natural Gas vehicle and reverting from use of their oil, their prices are extremely low anyway for a Population or 65.9 million and a GDP per capita of $12,300. Cost per gallon is only 40.4¢ ... Price to fill up a Honda CR-V: $6.18, Iran consumes 22.8 Barrels of oil per day, per 1,000 people and there are only 23 cars per 1,000 people in Iran yet the Population is 65.9 million. Compare that to the cost in America, on average it's about $4 per gallon. However, in Britain the price is $8.379 per gallon, with a Population of 60.9 million while 426 people out of 1,000 consume 29.1 barrels of oil each day per 1,000 people. The Netherlands is similar with a price of $8.368 with a Population of 16.6 million and 417 people out of 1,000 consume 61.1 barrels of oil each day. Saudi Arabia has a big investment in Solar and Wind Turbines and Hydrogen or Natural Gas vehicles, their price is 45.4¢ with a Population of 28.2 million while 336 people out of 1,000 consume 65.4 barrels of oil each day per 1,000 people. It is my guess that Middle East Trade results from Saudi Arabian business management because it seems that in Qatar where the price of a gallon of gasoline is 72.8¢ with a Population of 929,000 while 378 people out of 1,000 consume 97.3 barrels of oil each day per 1,000 people is more likely to want hydrogen vehicles but cannot afford them yet their GDP per capita is at $75,900 as compared to Saudi Arabian GDP per capita at $20,700. Iranian GDP per capita is even lower at $12,300. Maybe you should consider how much Venezuela GDP per capita is at $12,800 more closely attune to the Iranian GDP per capita of $12,300 since the Population is 26.4 million for Venezuela as compared to Iran's Population of 65.9 million. Listen it is all about jobs, if President Hugo Chavez and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar could launch a solution to their problem of fuels and jobs many of the Russians employed in Iran would turn towards Venezuela and the Caribbean for employment and that could influence those Russians from South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but since President Vladimir Putin would rather have dominate control of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to help them accomplish this aside from the Georgian independence situation which requires South Ossetia and Abkhazia to be part of Georgia due to NATO compliance to be a member of The United Nations it is more unlikely a change of employment is possible but BP Oil is supplying Europe and Britain so you see why their fuel bill is higher. Britain needs to revert their vehicles to Hydrogen and Natural Gas as soon as possible to get out of that oil Grid-Lock with Russia as well as Germany which pays $7.864 per gallon of gasoline, has a Population of 82.4 million consuming 31.8 barrels of oil each day per 1,000 people. I offered Saudi Arabia a deal not long ago which would be for creating a super tour service with garage construction and recharge facility parking areas plus hinted they needed a nursery for tourist access if they could not manage a tour with their children yet for the lack of better wording I could not find a real reason why they should decide to control tourist traffic excepting for maybe terrorist opportunity and being able to monitor the situation for lack of other wordings to keep it within their knowledge base like a avoidance system. I could image a GPS Mapping Software Program which could show terrorist activity and routing highlighting to avoid plus red zones to show what has occurred where and have more insight as to how to deal with it. Originally my idea was a transit system but due to the sand storms and burial of the monorail it posed to much a problem to continue, I am opposed to traveling inside a tube which has no pressure and a pressurized module because of temperature inversions caused by undetectable cracks which can totally destroy a tube system of transport immediately, similar to a Tropical Storm with much sand and torrential rain. Storm pressures in millibars affect the environment more than we are knowledgeable of.

Ted Rhoads

I would love to convert my car to run on Natural Gas but it cost $15,000 to convert a car !! Who can afford that ???

Ron J Banks

A fifteen second ad can only convey a fact or idea and not much else. This ad makes a blunt statemet...with no time for detail. Mr. Pickens has a natural gas Civic and has involvment in natural gas fleets in a few cities. This little controversy over NBC is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Lets keep up the mantra that $700 billion is spent each year for foreign oil. and the US needs to be self-sufficient. Beat that drum over and over again. I relate to T Boone beyond being an avid supporter of his Plan. I am close to his age.....I too graduated from Oklahoma A

craig shell

On a related note I ran across some information on a car last night on the Internet. It is called an Opel Eco Speedster Its made in Germany by a subsidiary of General Motors. This car has a top speed of 170 mph. and 0 to 60 in the mid 4 seconds. This is a real race car you can go on you tube and see videos of this car smoking lotuses and ferries all day long. NOW HERE IS THE PUNCH LINE, in its 24 hour time trial at an average speed of 145 mph it got a whopping 115 mpg. THAT'S RIGHT 115 MILES PER GALLON. I could not believe it so I checked it out on servile different web sights. I will list some at the bottom. Its run on a diesel engine made by fiat. called the ECO-DIESEL. My question if GM can make a car like this. why cant they give up a third of the gas mileage and make a 4 door sedan that gos 120 mph. You would still be getting 80 miles per Gallon??

Winds of Change

Keep up the great work, this site gives great personal energy, i tell everyone i meet about you and your plan...

Aaron Black

I have to agree with Boone, the comment was made to change from "nothing" to "not enough", well I have tried for years, as well as other family members and associates to get something done for ourselves and/or our communities, and to use alternate sources for energy for our homes and for vehicles. Well the end result is that someone always comes up with a reason why you cannot do it, or the government says no help for people who think, but we are doing these things I was told NO on before. Plus, businesses get all the government help they want, and poor people like me who are struggling to even make a small living, we are told to go away, and even though hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas are wanting to help, our government still says that the small people don't matter. Grants for businesses are everywhere, grants for individuals or small groups don't exist. So I agree 100%, "NOTHING", because "ENOUGH" is there, just not offered or considered useless. Useless is equal to "Enough" When someone WAKES UP! and decides to read what many of us know, have seen, and have done, then maybe, just maybe, we can actually turn our country back into what it once was.

Fde Miranda

Its not only Iran that is using alternative fuels for cars. Brazil has used alcohol since the '70s and the manufacturers of these cars are American and European and Japanese (ie: Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat, etc). fdm

Ron Bussing

Yes, NBC is owned by General Electric. GE is one of the few US companies left that is doing business with and shareing technology with IRAN. Some things never change; The bottom line is always the almighty dollar. BTW, fueling vehicles with LPG is nothing new, even the US Postal Service dabbled in it for awhile. We missed a good chance to get off the Saudi oil teat years ago when we had long lines at the pumps. I don't like being a pessimist, but once the price of gas drops another .30 cents/gal, and the hellabaloo dies down, I'm afraid we'll all be driving merrily down the yellow brick road and the Saudis and Ms Pelosi will have won....Again!


How much Natural Gas do you control, Slim?


This is a fine AD; accurate and to the point. The media power of limiting views of this information is onerous. Consider that NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN (all of the networks) have 'blacked-out' any and all Independent Political Parties and Candidates, as well as any key supporters, from any media coverage what-so-ever, during the entire election season! The media is owned by special interest mega-monies, both political parties and large corporations. This is of course, how the media gets paid and where the salaries of those employees come from. Accordingly, news, commentary, information, ads, events, energy, war conflicts and everything are all vigorously screened, omitted, spun and edited to conform to some template of some narrow persuasion. The Gold rules. They want proof of Mr. Picken's ad claim? Consider that in the later 1970's, this country took a big 'bow-shot' with resulting severe economic disruption. Who controlled that infliction? Saudi Arabia and OPEC! We responded with many serious programs of renewable energy research, development and deployment. In 1986, OPEC flooded the market with oil and prices crashed to a low of $12 per barrel - The energy crises was over! The long ranged wisdom and planning of our great leaders and highly paid 'think tanks' killed this fledgling industry and all tax incentives for the development of alternative energy source. All of that technology, equipment and intellectual properties was immediately auctioned away to off-shore interests. Oil owned our politicians then, and oil still rules. In fact, during the last 250 years, not one administration has ever instituted a long range plan of any kind; not for energy, never a national business plan, never a long ranged country by country formal foreign policy plan, never a natural resource plan (water, farm land, minerals, etc.) - but they plan great vacations - paid for by lobbyist and special interests. I challenge NBC to show where our government has taken any real funded action steps to develop natural gas, or the required infrastructure for it, or alternative energies during the past 30 years! I challenge them to show the 'fair and balanced' of where they have provided any meaningful air time to Independent Presidential Candidates. I challenge them to show that they did not shut all of them out of Presidential debates. They are as guilty as sin - and now they pick on Boone Pickens paid factual ads? Why don't they demand proof of safety to so many Pharmaceutical drugs showing to be loaded with life-threatening side-effects or reactions? Why - those ads bring huge revenues to the media - and the band plays on. Simple test to confirm this to yourself: How many names of the Independent Parties and/or the Independent Presidential Candidates have you even heard of? They are there - and they have strong platforms. These parties back the Picken's Plan and a lot more. We do have a choice other than the corporate owned Donkeys and Elephants. Big money influence interest often moves silently. We now see the 'energy players' influencing legislation in many states by limiting 'who can sell power into the utility companies' (you will see some of this on your ballots). Of course, this will shut-out the small grass-root independent solar and wind business from the market. These bills will be presented as 'warm and fuzzy' for increasing renewable energies. And the band play on. Before we can get anything right, consider that 'we first take back our county'. By voting for 'your flavor' (liberal or conservative) of an Independent Party Candidate, as the collective vote, even if splintered, will be a message of 'no-confidence' sent to Washington. That message will boom on the level of a major political earthquake and put the two terms of the do-nothing Congress on notice of loosing their job in two years (That will get their attention). Accordingly, this type of vote would only need 25-30% to be heard around the world; "the people are taking back control of our government". 'Certainly not a 'spoiler vote' or throw-away vote! That's brainwashing. Consider that over 40% of our entire voting electorate had take the time and trouble to re-register as Independent? These folks are upset with business as usual in Washington, and as long as private interests own our parties and politicians and our media, it will not matter which big party wins as it is 'business as usual' with a heaping of Pollyanna public relations. The voter decent could happen, as there does come a time when 'enough is enough'. When I think that our courageous Boone Pickens putting up his money and plan as the only plan that there is - period. There is no plan, except for Mr. Picken's plan, and it is a great start that we must all demand now! Respectfully, Walter Reed Apple Valley

Ron J Banks

I'm going to get the rest of my two cents in or die trying. As I was saying....I too graduated from Oklahoma A and M College (later know as OSU). I grew up in eastern Oklahoma not far from his hometown of Holdenville (as a crow flies). I too worked for Phillips Petroleum Company. I have oil stocks and Oklahoma mineral rights. When it comes to Net Worth he is in the Major Leagues and I play T-Ball. I believe Mr. Pickens when he says this Plan is above politics and is non partisan....he doesn't have a dog in that hunt. He has my whole hearted support and I am spreading the word. I first learned of the Pickens Plan on The Oil Drum website. I wish him God speed. RJB

William Davison

If NBC will not run the ad you could try complaining about other ads NBC run, like the health claims and real estate investments or politics, most claims made in these ads cannot be proved either . In the UK they have advertising complaints authority, if you have something similar complain to them about these NBC ads, as NBC will not been keen on having a major source of revenue examined.

Dan Iman

This is a good AD but there is a better way! We don't need to be burning gas in our cars, and we don't need to be burning NATURAL GAS in our cars--in fact, we don't need to be BURNING ANYTHING!!! Go to YouTube and watch Air Car 1 and Air Car 2. If you really want to help America, get AIR CARS over here! It would totally eliminate the need for foreign oil, and it would get rid of the SMOG. BUILD these cars IN AMERICA, and it would PROVIDE JOBS for Americans!

Bob Cantrell

Isn't this just the way things are today. NBC will play any sexualy loaded or violent item to our public and children but won't play an ad to give us any relief from the economic slavery the population of USA is now being forced into. We just continue to progress backwards more and more day by day .

Julius Libonati

Maybe we should boycot NBC? I don't see any harm in running the ad, people have to know whats going on!!!

Roland Smith

When you say GE or GE , it spells George GE and George Bush Sleep Together


T.B.P you hit it in the right place. It's just NBC has a problem with the truth.

Larry Lewallen

Yet another way the current establishment limits the information we need in order to make good decisions.

Scott Baker

Of course, it is not just natural gas Iran is trying to exploit, but nuclear power as well. Their argument has always been that they are developing nuclear power for peaceful uses. With oil at $120/barrel, you have to wonder if this just might be true. If you had a dwindling, expensive, resource that other countries were willing to pay almost anything for, what would YOU do? BTW, here is a PEACEFUL solution to the confrontation with Iran I posted to my blog at I've given up hoping for anything this innovative from the Bush administration. Hopefully, they will not go to war with Iran after election day. ========================= Bush continues his relentless march to war, at any cost. Now that he's checked off his to-do list "Talk to Iran," he'll continue pressuring the rest of the world for sanctions. This will continue to get us precisely nowhere, as China will continue to buy Iranian oil, and Russia will continue "doing business" with Iran, whatever THAT means. Then, after election day, when all this chest-thumping all but ensures an Obama victory, Bush will act the spoilsport and either give the green light to Israel to bomb, or make some sort of cross-border incursion into Iran in the name of defending Iraq that will virtually guarantee an Iranian military counter-response, and then it's off to a full middle east war and $200 oil. Sanctions won't work - unless the world is willing to stop buying Iranian oil, and stop shipping them refined gasoline. Nothing else matters much at this point. The problem with talk diplomacy is that it *appears* to have been tried and failed. Of course, it is not really talking if all we ever say to Iran is: "Give up your nuclear program" to which they say "No," and to which we come back a few weeks later and say, "Well, how about now?" We need to have something new to actually say to them. Here are a couple of ideas which no one is talking about, yet: 1. Involve Iran in the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP). What is that? This is the global program to develop safe efficient forms of nuclear energy that can't be subverted into weapon making (e.g. no plutonium is produced). The U.S. and Japan are quite far along in this. It is the reactor-in-a-box approach. See this week's issue of New Scientist magazine for more information, or Here's another way: 1. Acknowledge, as even Dick Cheney did in his unguarded moments, that Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the NNPT they signed. Of course, we need MUCH better inspection capability and that really is a basis for negotiations. 2. Make a formal declaration that we will respond with full military force if Iran attacks Israel - i.e. we will "wipe Iran off the map." If it comes to that, I think even the Arabs will not blame us for destroying such a dangerous neighbor. 3. Continue to assist Israel in every security measure they need, and make it publically known we are doing so. 4. Investigate and encourage Iran to develop alternative nuclear power producing methods that do not produce plutonium, such as pebble bed reactors. See To say the current administration has been ignorant of science is to insult ignorant people - after all, even an ignorant man can learn, if he wants to. There's no sign Bush wants to learn anything, ever. America has to keep up with the latest technology, especially when it can lead to a more peaceful world. Pebble bed reactors are proven, more efficient, and less dangerous to operate and don't produce plutonium which can be used in nuclear weapons. GNEP offers solutions in the near future as well. God/Allah help us if McCain gets elected; he can't even "do a Google" as he puts it; there is little hope of a science based solution in a McCain administration. I've given up expecting innovative solutions from this administration. I hope we can avoid WWIII until the next one.

Kenneth Rhea

It appears that NBC has now accepted the new ad:

Scott A Becker

Get us the information and we can bombard their mail boxes, e-mail and phones!

Lisa Robertson

Every network should be airing this ad!!!!! Every consumer in America should be made aware of this condition!

Gene Kidwell

How can networks like NBC sensor a ad. That is against any laws in United States. Who made them the dictator. The media like NBC allows claim the 2nd amendment when they want some of there interest known to the public. NBC should allow this ad with out any conditions. Do they really verify and reveal there sources and information, NO! It just shows again which political party they back.


I can't see a reason for keeping this information out of the publics eye. NBC needs to remember that the fall season is approching, and the American people are not happy! We are just itching for a reason to protest, and I think a boycott of the fall lineup could be just the thing to make our feelings known.

Captain Bill

PickensPlan has no plan to covert cars and trucks to natual gas, it has no plan to make natural gas available to consumers. PickensPlan is doomed not to succeed because it relies on the US Federal Government to take action. Everyone knows that the US Congress is the most ineffect way to solve any problem. I'll bet you anything that by Christmas you will no longer hear anything about PickensPlan.


NBC can always run a disclaimer. Aside from there reluctance to run this spot. AND, what about 1st ammendment rights? Boone sure should be able to say what he thinks. He is an expert. And this is a valid question. NBC, shame on you. Mark in DC

Josh Allen

Play it NBC. Its easy to see who doesn't want change.

Douglas Boettner

I am already a member and I have a group but for some reason Interner Explorer is not allowing the Push Pickens Plan site to open on my computer. Makes me wonder if some censorship is going on. Anyone else having this problem?

Christopher Wagner

What is NBC scared of? The fact that this could spur us to catch up to Iran? C in DC.

M Sergeant

As you heard last night - McCain voted against any form of alternate energy over and over again. I hate to see this become a discussion on politics, but the Republican controlled media is really starting to wear on alot of us. What is NBC afraid of? We might actually start looking in a direction OTHER than foreign oil? Brazil is energy independent. Are they a more progressive country that we are? What is WRONG with the current thinking? ANY and all forms of energy need to be considered. Even if natural gas isn't renewable - and I don't claim to know enough about it - so is OIL! The reason they want new drilling spots is supposed to be because the ones they have are running dry. Wind, solar, natural gas, oil? What is the problem. Why can't we explore them all. Do you only have one type of food in your pantry? Only meat or only grains? Why have only one type of energy to draw from. If they insist on using oil, then lets at least start by NOT sending the oil we DO have to other countries and use it here. NBC - let the commercial air and let the people decide. That's the democracy we're ALL fighting for - right?

Joe Smith

Good Grief... I thought the Media would be supporting free speech. I suspect politics are behind their decision. Corporations like 'NBC' forget that their suppose to report the news, and this is NEWS. It's just too much for the media mongrels to swallow during the Democratic Convention. Obama is the man who sets the standard, and that's a darn shame. He wants to punish anyone who drills. I suspect Obama has not read the Pickens Plan agenda. If he had he would understand it's not just drilling. It Wind, Solar and lots of open minded folks that are feed-up with narrow minded thinkers making it difficult to achieve alternative ways to Power the USA.

Dan H

Are you kidding me? Maybe they have their hands in big oil too.

Jackie Speen

How can we put pressure on NBC or other networks to become fair and concerned about Americans (humans) over their concern for their pocket book and power? How can we persuade them to run these ads?

Jack Sawicki

I see someone read my post on "Natural Gas Vehicles" Group. I've known about this for years. I 've told people in the media and they've turned a deaf ear. If this doesn't galvanize this country, nothing will. On first finding out about this 4 years ago, I couldn't believe we, as a country, ignored it. They haven't been surreptitious about it. It is common knowledge in the natural gas industry and Iran even hosts Natural Gas International Conferences!

Ray Miller

I am sure Iran is absolutely converting their vehicles to compressed natural gas. IT might have something to do with the fact that they import almost all their gasoline, as they have almost no refinery capacity. IT has little to do with trying to screw us even more.

Dennis Humble

I am disturbed by the fact NBC wants to censure this ad! What are their true intentions here? What is their real agenda? Being that it's an election year, I think the real question is who do they think that will offend? Thank you for giving us a platform to make an effort for real change in this issue Mr. Pickens.

Rev. Mr. John Croy

You can tell NBC that as a holder of GE Common Stock I am discusted with their refusal to run your video ad and I will air my disafection at the next stockholders meeting. I hate to suggest it but you may find a more receptive audience with one of NBC competitors; try Fox - they have a large following of folks like us. Deacon John


Americans need to know we're being used by our enemies like drug dealers use their junkies. We need to start moving toward independence NOW before it's too late!

A.P. Storm

I do not believe that it is in my best interest for our country or future to continue down the path of using fossil fuels. Sometimes you must let go of something to make room for something new? The auto industry asserts that it can not fashion the new intensely stronger polymers for use in manufacturing automobile parts to make stronger cars? Why can't we use the technology to make fastners to attach solar panels to buildings (i.e., roof tops, advertising signage, in-between floors of skyscrapers, the roofs of mass transit vehicles)? I think that the internet is a great way to get this message out, but PSA's seem to be a great technique to use to use for those un-cooperative media players within our society.


NBC is owned by GE...and GE still has large Commerical Contracts in Iran...Just another big reason to discredit NBCs coverage of ANYTHING! Check this out NBC= No Body Cares

Allan Boushie

Can you imagine the reaction the Networks will get from the auto industry? Let's not be naive, the Big 3 and our foriegn maker brethern would pull multi-millions of dollars in advertising revenue. It would be equivalent to running an ad saying drinkning beer was bad for your health (sic). Let's just say that it ain't gunna happen. Who needs the newtworks - pass it along via YouTube, blogs and other social networks. It'll spread like wildfire!

Carl Stewart

I believe in responsible advertising, and refusing to air something that might be considered irresponsible. However, The "Nothing But Crap" (NBC) network obviously has an agenda; that agenda is obviously anti-American; and this ad obviously is contrary to that agenda. So I know what network I WON'T be watching! Thank you for taking this initiative, Mr. Pickens.

Jonathan Hamm

I am utterly amazed at how much NBC is afraid to confront true issues but gladly runs advertisements for candidates that are false or extremely exaggerated. Is there any big organization that has not been bought out? Who is left that you can trust and follow?


Its no wonder they won't show it...They are ObamaTV Central. Why show something which would potentially take Obama's fictious energy plan away?

Ray Cole

Iran was using natural gas for vehicles when I was in Iran in the 70's. It is not news but just making people aware of what is happening outside the US. Keep up the good work.

Anthony P. Mandato

It never fails to surprise me.......that as soon as you stop the media from reporting and commenting on something they holler foul........."We have the the first amendment on our side!!", they'll say. But ,when we start to put-out something of GREAT importance to this country, it's as if ONLY they have the right to do so!...............Has NBC lost their minds??? My personal opinion is that people in this country need to know the TRUTH about what these folks over there are really up to..........(and I'm certain it doesn't include saving the USA anything). What are they thinking at NBC???

Grant Stern

There's a good reason that Iran is doing this. They can't afford the gasoline subsidies for their people that rise as the price of oil rises!!!!! Iran is an oil producer, but like us, has a woeful refinery system that is antiquated for the level of demand that bad policies have spurred. Now that their population is addicted to really really cheap oil, just as our country was in the 1960s, it has become a national disaster even for them. Boone, mention some of this in your ad too.

Roger Hayes

This does not have to run on NBC to become viral. NFL players who wanted more money on their contracts drew millions of views by just placing their video testimonies on certain websites. NBC/GE have no purpose to push this plan. It would circumvent their other alternative fuel initiatives.

Herschel Goodson

Let's be more independant, use our own resourses. NBC allow the public to see the truth.

George Eby

If we don't migrate to the PickensPlan, or do something similar to find a substitute for oil as our source of energy, what will we do when oil runs out? (NOTE: IT WILL RUN OUT.) We will walk and we die of starvation in the dark. See . this has nothing to do with religion except for our unholy worship of oil.

Steve Malone

NBC can either wake up or I'll be switching to a different network to get my news.


Pickens: right, NBC: wrong. Easy. But, easy is sometimes the most difficult. Likely, aggressive sniper fire from customers (pulling money) or executives are incompetent.

William A. Yoggerst

Run the ad, NBC. NGV's are one step towards less dependence on foreign oil.


Will NBC tell us why they won't run this add? Can they make a comment on anything that has to do with the Picken plan or are they just going to run and hide? Real journalism at it's best!


i will not watch a single NBC pilot or election/ convention coverage until I see this ad run. And I am a shareholder.


How nice to start the day with NBC rethinking their original position.

Diane Kistner

T. Boone, I applauded you when you began to run your ads for the Pickens Plan, because I thought someone supremely knowledgeable about the oil industry and its workings was finally seeing the light and would help move this country rapidly and efficiently in the right direction. I am very concerned now, however, that you are going to use your enormous platform to inject subtly coded messages into the political dialogue between now and the election. In your last ad, what was that "Drill, drill, drill" comment? Sounds like a too-slick-by-half endorsement of John McCain to me. And now, with this ad, bringing the specter of Iran into the mix, I'm starting to question your motives. It is well known that, much as was the case with Iraq, the Bush administration is blustering and trying to build a case for attacking Iran before Bush/Cheney leave office--or ensure the election of a president who will do it for them, hoodwinking the American people yet again as they did with Iraq. I thought perhaps you'd seen the error of your former swiftboating ways, but now I have a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that you've built an elaborate Trojan horse here. Please, God, let T. Boone's intentions and work be as good as they seemed when he first inspired us to sign on here and not just another slick effort to manipulate an ill-informed citizenry.

Mark Lapinskes

In response to a comment by Meri, Unfortunately, pushy and harsh is the only way most folks in the US pay any attention to anything. If you think about it, it took $4.00 per gallon gas to get people to stop buying gass guzzling SUVs and huge pickups to commute back and forth to work. That is a pretty harsh wakeup call! I say we need to get as pushy and harsh as it takes.

Louise Cannizzaro

Time to stop being the "silent majority." Pickens has his finger on the pulse of the oil industry and his facts are true. Let NBC know the American people don't appreciate them hiding behind their parent, GE. GE and others had many years to develop alternative energy sources but were more interested in profits.

Joe L.

There is actually a very simple reason NBC won't broadcast this... It doesn't serve one of their Primary Purposes... To Support their LIBERAL Agenda!!! If they help the Pickens plan LOWER the price of Oil, then the Economy will continue to improve, as it will as the price of Gas Drops. Isn't it funny that just talking about all of these ideas has lowered the price ALREADY! Even though the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS said drilling off the coasts wouldn't affect the price 'FOR 10 YEARS!!!'. You see NBC are a bunch of HACKS for the Democratic Party, so if they can prevent any ideas that will HELP the Republicans win this election, THEY WILL. NBC has already proven how FAR LEFT they are, this just serves as ONE MORE Example!!!

Matt Carter

While the ad makes a legit point, why doesn't it point to any place where we can see hard research that this is true? Without presentable facts, the ad looks like a cheap scare tactic. Even a link to relevant information (with sources sited) on the Pickens site would help to delineate this ad from '04 Swift Boat tactics. I support the Pickens Plan (minus the legislated subsidies, of course) and the use of social networking to spread the word. I don't dispute the facts in this ad, I just find the execution poor. Sorry, I'm forced to side with NBC on this one. Show people the facts, and things get that much harder to deny.


I don't watch NBC anyhow. When they decided they were going to swing left (publicly) they lost me as a viewer. But I just don't understand how they can suppress ideas and free speech like that. Did they give a reason for not running the ad? Or did they just say "NO!"? If it is not is not a lie, doesn't hurt anyone, and does not break any of their policies, what could be their excuse? They are making too much money? They have too many ads to run it? The left wing told them not to run it? Come on, they had to say something! J-

Darryl S Saibic

The Peacock and its leaders are smoking something beside tobacco.

Clay Prince

This is what I sent NBC: What is wrong with you people?? Run Pickens’ 15-second Iran / natural gas ad! Are you trying to personify media bias? Sure looks that way. Try some real patriotism for a change—not the typical liberal Democratic swill you try to force down our throats—and tell it like it is. Iran is an enemy to the US. Your refusal to run the Pickens ad indicates your bias toward Iran at the expense of the US. If you had anything resembling a conscience, you’d be ashamed.

Johnny Solar

Keep the pressure on, don't give up.

Edward M. Camuffo

If the refusal of NBC to air the Pickens spot on natural gas is not an indication that the corporate media, corporate America and especially big oil are "joined at the hip" then I don't know how much more evidence one needs. We need to adopt the Pickens plan as soon as we can. Our country's future is at stake.

Joseph Waggoner

There is no doubt in the influence the mass media plays on the general public. Responsible journalism seems to flown out the window in the last few decades, whether it be from financial persuasian or political affiliation. Nonetheless when you can't get the news without a "spin" on it or, aren't getting it at all, the media is a detriment to our way of life and ultimately, our freedom. As I understand it, Saudia Arabia is also converting, not only their cars, but their fleet trucks to natural gas like Iran is doing. While I'm not in the "ups" to know about such things, this signals to me that the two countries aren't exactly swimming in the vast oil reserves they purportedly have. With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi steadfastly against offshore drilling, then changing her mind about "some" drilling and then in a statement saying she was, "In favor of natural gas as a cheap clean alternative to fossil fuels." (Uh, Nancy? Natural gas IS a fossil fuel!) For statements like that and for the mindless power that has gotten us into our present day energy crisis, it is of the utmost importance that we pay close attention to those in Washington. We need to make ourselves constantly heard by our representatives and let them know that we're not going to go away and are keeping a close eye on their actions. They alone, just 535 people, could cause the suicide of the Pickens Plan rather than give it the life that 30 million so desperately need.


I am hearing a lot of Obamaniacs in the postings today! Are you scared of the truth?

Michael DiGiacomo

I didn't know NBC was still on the air. Immelt and his cronies are still doing business in Iran and will continue to do so as long as they are profiting. Never mind the fact that Iran is leading the way for terrorists to organize and murder our military men and women. I predict NBC will no longer exist in 5 years. Hail to Fox News and Bill O'Reilly.

Craig Miller

So forget about about NBC go live on Ellen, Oprah, Leno, Letterman. Youll reach a larger target audience, deliver your message in they way you do it best!

Kevin Sawyer

Is there a contact at NBC to write to?

Mary Wolters

I would prefer to see an ad about solar energy for cars. Less carbon footprint and better for the world. The technology is there. We can drive to work, dock in a solar panel station, plug in, go to work, drive home to our solar paneled garage and charge up on our lithium battery at night. Might be better to persuade our government officials to give tax incentives for us and the car manufacturers to make solar a reality. I thought you were all about saving us from the mistakes we've made in the past. I don't see running cars on natural gas as the solution for the future. Mary Wolters

debra szarka

I am directing my comments to the major advertisers on NBC. Until we communicate in a currency that they respect, we will continue to see biased, censored programming. Hit them in their ad revenue and we may be able to effect some change.

Juanita Bires

We just need to let everyone know at NBC that we know they are a left winged organization. They are wealthy and do not worry about the need for alternative means of fuel. We actually do not need them anyway. We can get the word out via e-mail. Fox News will probably air it! If not, I can rethink them also!

Bobby L. Reed

NBC does belong to General Electric you know. There is a simple solution to this. GE depends on us to buy their myriad of products and services to stay alive. Talk with your wallet.

Paul Savko

Typical of NBC! I wouldn't expeft their secular humanist works view to start changing now. Maybe this information needs to go to their parent GE... Nah, they're still sending oarts to Iran.


Ok, so either delete the phrase entirely, or change it to "What are we doing about it here?" Said in a tone to imply the answer is "nothing." Leave the ad unchanged for those that will run it unchanged. What's the big?

Dave Millar

Get them to run this!


NBC is worried about liability in this case. Let's just change the phrase

Jeremy Williams

Thanks for all you're hard work Boone!

James M. Burns, Sr.

How does me watching this video give NBC a bad reputation of censoring or withholding the truth? Let's boycott NBC and let their advertisers know we are boycotting. Money talks. How does me watching this video get congress to move with all its might (I might. I might not)? Vote the bums out that won't commit with hard policies in '08. Email your congress men.

William L. Lewis

Don't fret about NBC. Just get the ad on FOX cable news...they have more viewers than NBC, CBS and ABC combined! Charge ahead Boone ....keep the initiative alive.

John Spencer

There could be a legal case here. Does NBC vet every political ad to be sure it is true? Make them prove in court the Pickens Plan is not being singled-out. What do the other networks do? Will they air the ad?

Sue Diamond

I agree with the add but I wish we would switch how we power our vehicles so we would not have to purchase any foreign oil.

Jim Goodlett

Boone dear lad, are you serious? Where is the fire? NBC not wanting to aire dirty laundry of another oil/money/terrorist snogging country? Puuuuuhlease! NBC is not wanting to upset its money cart in oil ads from the likes of Exxon ad infinitum. Good one that, in showing the lilly livered snake oil salesmen beholden to the carpet baggers come lately (oil baggers does not sound quite right) for what they on lad, press on...


All you have to do is convince them this is a reality show and they will give it all the airtime you want!! Seems that's all that gets on NBC nowadays.

Jimmy L. Langley

How much money is NBC getting from Iran?

Jeff Davidson

I’ve read through a majority of these comments and although there are some great comments, some seem to suggest they know more about everything than anyone else, which they very well may. I submit to those who have posted on this blog, those who know better than the rest of America that you “put up or shut up.” If you know more and better than the current leadership of this country, stand up and lead, not whine about those that are. If you don’t like the leadership, change it by making something happen as opposed to spending hours behind a computer complaining. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Today, more than ever, America needs true, intelligent leadership. T. Boone Pickens is exemplifying extraordinary leadership by taking the energy crisis head on. Is Mr. Pickens going to make a buck in the process? Of course, we live in a capitalist society. Why can’t doing the right thing be profitable? NBC has its own agenda, and it’s sad. The network airs political ads and erection pill commercials non-stop. Perhaps in this context, NBC should review its policies. The bottom line is this: True change will not happen by asking people to do something. Leaders must create such a sense of urgency that an alternative vision of the future motivates people to act in ways that will ultimately change the culture by modifying norms of behavior and shared values. Mr. Pickens is leading right now.


What an ad! I will keep your plight in my prayers asking that NBC forge ahead and run your ad. My father say T.Boone in Lamar, Colorado and we are totally sold on his plan. I hope more are to follow.

Mike Lewis

Let's all remember, The CEO of GE, owner of NBC, is still doing bussness with Iran and refeused to duscuss it withFOX News. I know a lot of people hate Bill O'Really, but he was hound GE's CEO about this, and I am a GE stock holder.

Jeff Gates

thanks for your efforts! it's a good ad that needs to be put on the air.

Shel Sherman

I doubt that the amount of oil made available by Iran switching from gasoline to natural gas will be significant to their economy. They seem to understand, better than we do, that oil as a basic fuel is a bad solution and are moving to change it. I think this is a waste of effort for the Pickens organization. Pick your battles.

Davy Barron

NBC approves Pickens' "Iran" ad after complaint Thursday August 28, 01:30 PM NBC approves Pickens' "Iran" ad after complaint NEW YORK (Reuters) - NBC Universal approved an advertisement by T. Boone Pickens entitled "Iran" which questions U.S. dependence on foreign oil, after the oil tycoon complained that the network had rejected it.

Mike Johnston

Interesting that any network would refuse this ad. It isn't political or offensive in any way. I thought it was only small, underfunded groups or individuals who are prevented from having the same public voice as wealthy individuals and corporations. I guess that even the wealthy can be "excluded" when they color outside the lines like Boone is doing...


I stopped watching NBC and MSNBC years ago. I'm not alone. Someday their executives may wonder why they continue to lose their ever-shrinking audience. Unfortunately for them, folks like myself aren't duped by media outlets which swing their positions according to their ratings. Having real convictions and standing by them in the face of opposition is what impresses me, and NBC is most certainly NOT in posession of such spinal fortitude. How you spend your money, or in this case, how you spend your entertainment time are the real votes in this country. Although I may be just one voice, I would encourage others to apply their conscience when spending or viewing. I'm still boycotting Exxon for the Valdez spill - so don't think that consequences aren't enduring, even if it is just a voice in the crowd - we are here, we are paying attention and you will reap what you sow.


This ad should absolutely run. It is informative and to the point. Mr Pickens is right and should be heard. Thanks

Karen Chakerian

Why not change the ad to include the statement.. 'this is the ad NBC refuses to show you'. That way more people can be offended by NBCs latest Anti-American, Anti-Democratic behaviour too.....

Al Huggard

Give us the email address for the decision maker at NBC, this is stupid!

AJ Dellicicchi

Pickens has a fairly decent agenda and a reasonable backing of citizens - but there certainly are a good number of delusional people as well (I guess that's the side effect of running a populist campaign). First off - the "politicians" don't control what kind of cars we drive or where US commodities get sold - the companies who drill and mine for them do. So comments sound childish when you say "the politicians won't do X". It's up to the people to make their will known and create a market. If you just try to pass a law you'll end up with unintended consequences like spikes in gas prices when the distribution chain isn't worked out, patronage jobs created to study things already being studied, etc. Regulation and mandates are extremely effective and dangerous (because of their effectiveness). Like a man once said: " When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators. " That said, I don't think Pickens is pushing to do everything entirely by government mandate (a sure way to get little done for twice the cost) - so it's a worthwhile cause. One other thing - you have to be a serious partisan AND magician to conflate "liberalism" with "the big oil" agenda. Please tell me how a supposed "liberal" agenda at NBC would be against Picken's plan to reduce greenhouse emissions and divert money away from fundamentalist, misogynistic theocracies? You have to have a screw loose. Of course, everyone is a conspiracy theorist when they start posting on the web.....DID YOU EVER THINK SOMETHINGS MIGHT NOT BE THE RESULT OF A VAST *ANYTHING* CONSPIRACY? It might be that the director of programming hates Pickens, or that they didn't want to tick off their bosses who have invested in electric cars...some reasonable (although still wrong) answer. Jesus, can we just find out who killed JFK and put this dent in our collective American psyche to bed already????


Just read that NBC wants proof that we are doing nothing. DUH!! Their stonewalling efforts to get this message out is the proof. The main trouble is with this countries leaders. As long as the oil companies can influence( the polite way of saying it) our government with their $38 billion profit, made every 3 months, to do nothing about switching our nation away from their milk cow, nothing will get done.

Barb Crook

I love the Pickens Plan, we finally have a leader. I quit watching NBC years ago due to their libral agenda. I think the commercial should be put on all other cable news networks and forget MSNBC. I also think selling natural gas to Iran is a smart move, lets make money off them for a change. We must push this plan. Fleet sales may be the first move. Companies could buy natural gas fueled cars. But, we must have fueling stations for the product at the same time. I am so hopeful for our energy future due to T. Boone Pickens. Maybe now the private sector will take the ball and run. Barb


It doesn't matter: that GE owns NBC, that Boone works for GE, or that he is making (b)millions (BTW, good for him), or that natural gas has to be stored in heavy containers, or that solar energy is relatively expensive, or that politicians don't listen any more, or or that wind power is not THE answer. It matters that America's very survival (and the survival of most other countries) is dependent on oil to such a huge degree for our energy needs. This is a security issue, and we must do everything necessary to protect ourselves, whatever the price. We MUST NOT become subject to the evil whims of others who would wish destruction on us. Would you not give your own life to protect the life of your child? Of course. This energy problem requires similar sacrifices. It will be worth whatever price needs to be paid. Energy is life. So, ignore the politics, just do it all: wind, natural gas, solar, nuclear, geothermal, biofuels, hydroelectric, microwave from space, conservation, you name it. And do it now. If we don't start, we'll never finish. Boone is starting. He deserves everyone's support. Allan

S Griffiths

I guess GE and NBC would rather tow the line with the adminstration than provide information from all sides.

Rick McGonnigal

Boone: My own guess is that NBC is falling in line with directive from GE re GE's continuing business with Iran. So to flush out that motive and because the ad's primary mission is served by the revelation re the Iranian change-out on vehicle technology, respectfully suggest you propose a modification of the phrase "doing nothing" to something like "our own conversion efforts are falling woefully short". If they run it with that generality, great. If they don't, then Pickens Plan members should be informed that NBC is dancing to the tune of its corporate parent and, as we already know, is NOT independent either as to content or its view of same.

Joyce V Fraser

Part of our problem stems from the idiot you, Mr. Pickens, helped to put into the White House by helping to finance the Swift Boat ads, as I understand it. Where were you when we needed an energy conscious president?

Fayette Crapo

Wow, I assume then since this message has to have proof, that I can trust every comercial that is aired on NBC to be truth?

Robert Whitlock

So prove it already and get on with the campaign already...This is not about proving how much political muscle you have to try and force one private organization or another to see things your way...This is about something much bigger...Energy Independence for the United States of America...This is not about swatting flies...It's about slamming dunks!!! So Get BACK on Message Boone!!!

Jeff Metter

Sorry to say I am not surprised. We are in the midst of the political (silly) season and anyone with a positive agenda for America, especially since this area (energy) is the Achillies heal of one of our political parties, will be frowned upon by a very liberal media. They want you to disprove a negative. That's pretty tough to do. Because your plan could actually work and because you have also recommended drilling for oil and the use of natural gas (which also requires drilling) as an alternative for gasoline it also means fossil fuels, which is an anathma to a very liberal press. This is the problem with your plan, yes it uses wind as a renewal alternative but it also uses fossil fuels. But what is worse is that the media is trying to control the debate. And this is where American's get the vast majority of their information, think Global Warming. This is a real part of the problem, its tandamount to censorship, its very serious and something all Americans should be concerned about. For you to break through you have to be able to communicate your plan effectively, through all of the major media outlets. First we need to let every legislator, Congressmen, Senators, etc. know that NBC has refused to air your advertisement. How do we do that? Get us their email addresses and we can send them a million messages. They don't own the airwaves, we do. Next go to the print media. Full page adds, USA Today, NY TImes, Chicago Tribune, LA TImes. etc. Let their readers know that a major news network is refusing to run your add and of course make your case for the "Plan" and point them to your web site to view the offending ad that NBC refuses to run for themselves. Get on O'Reilly...he hates NBC. You have a positive agenda, it uses renewables and fossil fuels as a bridge to the future, The two hurdles are drilling and fossil fuels and the nature of your message, it's both logical and positive! American are a smart people, and we will get it if we see your message, but you must be able to get your message out, and you must be more specific with regards to what you want us to do. Jeff M.

chip mccreary

Boone, Please get off NG for cars..NG [natural gas] although abundant,is not renewable.We need to electrify the US.NG can be used for next 20 years to produce electricity along with sun,wind etc.I want to pull into station and get plaugged into electrical grid,not NG..Please re-think the NG portion of your plan

Wayne Whittier

I also agree with Mike. Not only should NBC be running it, they should comp the time. Why do you suppose NBC refuses to run it? Perhaps something to do with GE ?

Dr. Tony Cantu

NBC should be helping America not hurting She. If NBC is not willing to run an add, which has no motives other than to make people aware of the oil dependency 800 billion a year problem, they are highly detremental to fairness and to all of us in our country. NBC should be fair, but they are advocates of GE and their gulping energy money making in Iran and many other places, that is why they are sacrificing America for their own selfish reason, money. Dr. Cantu

Arian Scott Moorman Jr.

The oil companies are the villians behind all 'non coverage' of this excellent plan. Go Pickens and go natural and wind alternatives!


The spot looks fine....simple

Stephen Schmidt

Well, of course NBC wouldn't run it, because they are owned by a defense contractor. Also, as some above sharply pointed out, they are selling wind turbines as well.

Mark Akers

Immelt and GE has turned into an ultra left wing socialist entity. I bet Jack Welch would object to how you are being characterized and would put a stop to NBC's left wing BS!!! I will stop buying all GE products and will stop supporting any advertiser on their network. I suggest all of the Picken's Army to do the same.

Mark Lapinskes

Nobody seems to be reading the blog. Kenneth Rhea @ 3:05AM directs us to a link informing us all that NBC WILL RUN the add. So now lets get back on track, NBC and the add are a moot issue.

Fred Rogan

With all due respect, with just a quick Google search and I found several articles that say that Iran is converting cars to natural gas because they do not have adequate gasoline refining capabilities (a lesson for us in this) and while they may be flush in oil, they are rationing gasoline. I think you have some very valid points but I think it is critical to your credibility that you don't overlook facts to hype your position.

John Carrott

How much would it cost to convert a car to natural gas? Then how much would it cost for a amount of natural gas that would take the car 350 miles? 350 miles is close to the average a car gets on a tank of gasoline.

Kathy Kottenbach

Hi T. Boone: You don't need NBC to run your ads.... run em on the right sites on the internet! I'm a media representative with MatterNetwork ( We reach millions of opinion leaders that care about energy and the environment. They can spread the word better and faster than the folks watching NBC. Let me know who I might talk to at your organization. Kathy Kottenbach


Clearly politics are getting in the way of spreading the truth. The major networks shouldn't even charge you to run spots like this one. GREAT job! Let's all pull together to PUSH the Picken's Plan and get this video on NBC!!!!

Jack Sawicki

The first country, surprisingly enough, is Iran. The Islamic republic has lots of crude but little capacity to refine it, leaving Tehran heavily dependent on gasoline imports. The country's blustery president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is fully aware that this is Iran's Achilles' heel and worries that a comprehensive gasoline embargo could cause enough social unrest to undermine his regime. So Ahmadinejad has launched an energy-independence program designed to shift Iran's transportation system from gasoline to natural gas, which Iran has plenty of. "If we can change our automobiles' fuel from gasoline to [natural] gas during the next three-four years," he said last July, "we won't need gasoline anymore." His plan includes a mandate for domestic automakers to make "dual-fuel" cars that can run on both gasoline and natural gas, a crash program to convert used vehicles to run on natural gas and a program to convert Iranian gas stations to serve both kinds of fuel. According to the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles, more than 100 conversion centers have been built throughout the country: Iranians can drive in with their gasoline-only cars, pay a subsidized fee equivalent to $50 and collect their newly dual-fuelled cars several hours later. Ahmadinejad's plan, which has been largely ignored by the West, means that within five years or so, Iran could be virtually immune to international sanctions.


If I recall from Fox News - GE owns NBC and GE does "business" with Iran. Enough said.

Dawn Peacock Owens

It really irritates me that NBC won't show the ad when they show all of the negative campaign plans that are obvious slander. My son saw the ad on the Discovery Channel so it is running on other venues. If they're are going to litmus test their commercials then maybe we should help them litmus the campaign ads they run.

Jack Wright

Hello My name is Jack Wright,I own a company named Alternatively Progressive Energy APE "WHERE GOING APE IN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY' and I have been dealing with this kind of stuff for years.Now I see that even a man with a fortune gets this kind of treatment .We have completely new forms of energy production that I will not be stopped from getting out to the can get an idea at,you can also contact me through the site. And Mr. Pickens if you would contact me we would rock the world with ALL the changes that need to take place. Thank you and battle on.

Mark Lapinskes

Take a look at Dan Iman's post @ 1:01AM. If we are going to dump money and effort into researh and development, why do it in ANY fossil fuels. Air is virtually FREE for anyone and the air car seems to have already been built. I think that concept needs to be invested in and tweeked to perfection rather than some other fuel that will end up costing consumers a fortune in a few years!

Felicia Lumpkin

"NBC Universal said it has now cleared all eight versions of the advertisement, and that Pickens released his statement prematurely." I perceive the ad as somewhat inaccurate. That 'doing nothing' phrase is sloppy. 1. Does not another Pickens ad show US cars actually running on natural gas? So, 'barely begun' or 'hardly started' or 'who knows if either candidate will get us going" would be better. 2. NBC is not against alternative energy. MSNBC is one of the most liberal channels on cable. GE has won awards as one of the most involved corporations in environmental issues. (Yeah, i know.) And they probably did not donate time to Mr Pickens for the ads, so the Plan is a customer. Think cooperation not attack. Pickens appeal is calm logic, reliance on American ingenuity. Change the wording to a more cooperative stance and encourage healthy business competition for everyone. Also, Iran is a hot topic, better to proceed with care! Do not want to inflame feelings so that focus on energy within the US erodes to demonizing others.


Here's a suggestion: send the ad to the Democratic

M. Higginson

I'll boycott NBC, but I want them to know it, and why. Maybe you did and I didn't see it, but you might have left a link to NBC that we could all use to inundate them with complaints. They need to know we know. And by the way, "Integrity", Obama has more of a plan than checking tires and getting tuned. If you're leaning toward McBush, forget about it.

david walsh

I've passed the NBS refusal on and will continue to do so . . you are a Good Man . . keep it up . . Viva Pickens ! Dave Walsh

Dr. Paul J. Werbos

Your renewable push is great and important, and I wouldn't comment on NBC's decision. But -- the natural gas car just doesn't cut it for the US (or Chile or many other nations). US natural gas demand is already higher than US supply, forcing expensive imports of LNG, increasing our dependency on imports. When we draw on remote sources of natural gas far away form the US pipeline system -- it is a lot easier and more efficient to USE that remote natural gas in the form of methanol produced by direct liquids technology, rather than LNG. It's a lot easier to make that happen faster in the market than cars that have to carry natural gas instead of a trunk. See the recent Open Standards fuel bill. Gasoline/Ethanol/Methanol (GEM) flexibility could be added to ALL new cars in the US quickly, at relatively low cost... no loss of your trunk... and then anyone using remote natural gas would have a BIG market quickly. If we **DON'T** move quickly that way, and if we wait for natural gas cars... the US will suffer very, very badly while we wait, and no one will win here. Our situation really is perilous.


Funny...........none of the networks seemed to have a problem accepting the reasoning in the run-up to the Iraq War or the sabre rattling 'hawks' now calling for war with Iran......and with this they have an issue??? Go figure. ;)

Mark Lapinskes

Nobody seems to be reading the blog. Kenneth Rhea @ 3:05AM directs us to a link informing us all that NBC WILL RUN the add. So now lets get back on track, NBC and the add are a moot issue. Still everyone is wrapped around this. Amazing!

John Lanc

Well we all know the govt runs the media. I do like the idea of the air car that was mentioned previously. But for know I think that the natural gas might be the way to go for a little while.


I would like to know and have it stated on this site how much interest Mr. Pickens has in the natural gas market and would rather see a big push if not bigger push to electric cars charged by solar and wind while your at work and home that would have zero emissions. An electric car for the short hops around town and two and from work and a hybred car running on LNG/Hydrogen for those long trips. Mass producing the cars would bring there prices down and a national effort to insulate houses which would also bring many jobs, a win win. But as we "all" know lobby money to the rich/politicians/special interest wont let it happen. to much money still be made at the expense of the people and planet.


The correct email address to send comments to MSNBC is

David E Hayes

Nice ad this is America NBC has the right not to air this ad if they don't want to. Perhaps we need our bridge to flex so it will not break.I agree we have natural gas here lets use it .Some of the people i have spoken to see a wealthy oil man out to make more money

Norman St.onge

Boon, How can we all help you put pressure on people like NBC. We are with you. You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. Thank you for what you are doing. I realize you are going to make money from this, but you deserve to! If you decide to run for President, I may start voting again. Norm St.Onge

Jason Lowe

Not a surprise given the parent company's energy interests. I agree with Greg Scott who says to place it on any other network. NBC and MSNBC are two of the lowest rated, lowest watched networks in the country. CNN, Fox, and other networks with some integrity will run your PSA unabated. KEEP IT UP - America is listening and mobilizing for action!

Harold Hefley

G.E. owns NBC. G.E. does business with Iran. Iran is at war with the U.S. in Iraq. Let's turn wind powered electricity into hydrogen that can be shipped to areas that need electricity then use hydrogen to run fuel cells that produce electricity.

Max Bonek

Some of you conspiracy nuts are off the chain! Much of what I've read on this post is just so much bullsh*t! Obama has said NOTHING negative about Boone's plan. Boone has talked with Obama and Boone has said NOTHING negative about Obama's reaction to the plan. As a liberal Democrat, there is not much politically that I agree with Boone about, but I am a BIG supporter of the Picken's Plan! I also believe that a President Obama would do much more to make the Picken's Plan a reality than a President McCain would ever do. Remember Boone has said this is one problem we can't drill our way out of and the only thing I hear McCain and Repubicans talk about is drill everywhere and drill now. Also remember that McCain has recently voted (one of the few votes he has bothered to cast in the last year) was to vote against extending tax credits for renewable energy. Of the two candidates, only Obama has pledged to build electrical transmission lines to where we are producing renewable energy. Some of you people need to recognize that we need to enlist all Americans in this renewable energy struggle and that your hate-spewed ramblings are NOT helping.

Richard Stern

NBC needs proof because they do commentary and have forgotten how to do real news research. Keep up the good work Pickens !

Chuck Slate

Boone, You must know that the majority of the media are liberal and as such will not ever support an action taken by citizens without having some sort of government control. The powers that be in NBC are the worst. I would suggest not worrying about NBC. Let them rot on the vine. You are getting a great deal more traction from the internet than you ever could with NBC. Their audience has been going down rapidly every year.

charles germer

shame on NBC again for censering the truth! Mr. Pickens is doing a great servce to this country by telling the USA. we can do this with another way cleaner fuel and not depend on the imported oils. while at the same time clean the air . NBC I already don't watch you station do to over cencering and poor programing.


I am sick and tired of our government dropping the ball on every energy conserving opportunity that comes by. For being the most powerful and wealthy nation in the world, we sure have a bunch of nitwits running the country. Shame on US for electing them!!

Kyle Smida

Looks like Pickens is right on. According to multiple online sources Iran is indeed converting massive amounts of cars to natural gas. Now this only makes smart business sense to do this and benefit from selling oil at $120 per gallon an up. This article does not mention if the other top oil producing countries would do the same but clearly we in the US need to make a change. Countries with largest oil reserves Most of the world's oil reserves are in the Middle East.[15]Estimating the amount of oil in any particular oil field involves a degree of uncertainty until the last barrel of oil is produced and the last oil well is abandoned. The following estimates are the best that could be obtained using publicly available data, and the confidence in them varies greatly from country to country. Estimates in developed countries are generally much more accurate than those for undeveloped countries. For instance, reserves estimates in the United States are considered highly conservative, while those in Russia are more speculative, and those in Iraq are highly uncertain due to the lack of exploration data. In many countries (particularly OPEC producers) the estimates may involve a great deal of political influence. The raw data underlying reserves estimates is considered a state secret in some countries, so independent assessments of their reserves cannot be made. Summary of Reserve Data as of 2007 Country Reserves 1 Production 2 Reserve life 3 109 bbl 109 m3 106 bbl/d 103 m3/d years Saudi Arabia 260 41 8.8 1,400 81 Canada 179 28.5 2.7 430 182 Iran 136 21.6 3.9 620 96 Iraq 115 18.3 3.7 590 85 Kuwait 99 15.7 2.5 400 108 United Arab Emirates 97 15.4 2.5 400 106 Venezuela 80 13 2.4 380 91 Russia 60 9.5 9.5 1,510 17 Libya 41.5 6.60 1.8 290 63 Nigeria 36.2 5.76 2.3 370 43 United States 21 3.3 4.9 780 11 Mexico 12 1.9 3.2 510 10 Total of top twelve reserves 1,137 180.8 48.2 7,660 65 Notes: 1 Claimed or estimated reserves in billions (109) of barrels (converted to billions of cubic metres). (Source: Oil

Rich Padin

How do these networks make decisions? Well it's simple. A meeting is held and they gauge what their sponsors reactions are going to be. They calculate lost earnings. They also calculate lost potential earning from their sponsors competitors if they totally alienate a market like the Oil, auto mfg. and companies like G.E. that are doing brisk business with offending nations. Boones commercial is too small a spot and considered a "temporary" account for NBC to put on and risk it's "bread and butter". Some NBC exec is considering his/her big holiday bonus and European vacation to risk putting on that spot. Are there other venues for Pickens ad? Absolutely! Should NBC be punished? ABSOLUTELY!!! NBC should not only be considering what's best for our future (the common individual, the nation) but THEIRS as well (Corporate/Journalistic integrity, continued viewership).


Everyone needs to stop blaming everything on everybody else. It is a shame that NBC will not air this. I have seen natural gas driven cars coming for a long time. Natural gas is bountiful and will put a bandaid on the problem but is not the final answer. The importing oil companies want to cripple us through economics since they know they cannot win a military battle. It's the tortoise and the hare syndrome. Slowly but surely we will fail from the addiction to oil. But the real problem is the dependence of ourselves to look at someone else to fix a problem. Katrina was the perfect example. Decisions were made by people in the line of the hurricane to not leave for higher ground. When disaster struck, it was the government's fault. So now that the oil disaster has struck, it is the government's fault. We have to push forward as individuals creating, examining, participating in every "new" source of energy. We have to think of every little thing we can use be it existing technology or just common sense. We are long past due to leave the oil industry and now we want someone else to fix it. This has to become a passion, an in-your-face effort on the part of every American. Our government will lead you to believe they can fix it, but the can't - better yet, won't. It is all political hype. They want you to be dependent on them for everything. And the sad fact is that Americans believe that it is the job of the government to fix everything that goes wrong. Only we can fix this. I'd like to know how many of the complaining people are out there trying new things on their homes to make it better. Are you adding present technology to your home to help offset your dependance on "the grid". Did you get rid of your SUV and buy a Hybrid? How many of you have walked around your house and caulked the windows again, inside and out? Have you installed energy efficient windows? Have you a non-wasted energy policy in your home or do your lights stay on whether you need them or not? Are you recycling everything recyclable? Have you looked at every energy saving angle? You should. If every car on the road saved 1 gallon of gas each week, the numbers would fall in the billions of dollars saved and not exported out of this country - each month. Come on people. Stop blaming the problem on everyone else if you are not doing your part to fight back. We are America, not our government.

Christine Lafranconi

WAKE's time we start being pro-active and energy independent. Hooray for T. Boone Pickens...thank you for standing up and getting this ball rolling!

Arthur McKendry

No incentives just red-tape. By the information from the site below it looks like the government is doing all it can to prevent converstions: Another question can you even buy new car models that run on Natural Gas that don't cost more than gasoline ?

Amanda Clark

I'm sorry... Did I miss something? When did NBC start vetting all of the ads running across their airwaves? Do they make manufacturers prove all claims put forth in ads? I don't think that has EVER been the case, so what is their motive with this move?

Alfred C Maurer

C'mon NBC--it's revenue! Why not run it? The important thing is not what we're doing ,but rather what Iran is doing. For years now I've been reading that they have been starving their domestic market in order to export oil. BTW, doesn't GE also have large contracts in Iran?

Tim DuBois

Let's "Swiftboat" NBC! Who owns them anyway? China? How did they get the Olympic contract? Who's side are they on anyway? If this a left or right conspiracy? I think both...

Isaac Holmes

Great ad! When did it become politically correct to stand up for an adversary of United States rather than stand up for your own country. NBC needs to get their priorities in order.

Michelle Morse

OPEN LETTER TO NBC: What exactly is it you have against the Pickens Plan? Is it the part about saving 25% of non-renewable resources with wind power? Reducing our dependence on unstable governments, many of whom outrageously violate basic human rights? What you're doing as a public media outlet is called CENSORSHIP. I am boycotting all of your shows from here out, including your cable news programs which I adore. But you've made this decision EASY.


here's the deal. i'm a writer and basically a tree with arms, legs and a mouth. in addition to teaching humans about their part on this planet, i work with a global forest scientist as well as other e-folks. NBC's request is not to be taken lightly. First of all, even though the ad semi praises Iran for being somewhat 'green' it also blasts them for their reason to use an alternative fuel as well as in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS points the finger at a country that we aren't exactly bff's with. Fifteen seconds of finger pointing isn't exactly going to get NBC better ratings. NBC is also concerned about the wording of the ad,ergo Prove to Us we are doing nothing request from a writers point of view. 'WE ARE DOING NOTHING" is a blanket statement and in legal terms would be asking for a slander/liable suit before it aired. Just by the fact that Pickens is a pro-green ad technically means we are doing something...just maybe not specifically with natural gas. Why get in the sandbox with the bullies and turn it into kitty litter??? Why go out of the gate with your boxing gloves on?? Let's be solution oriented! PRO ACTIVE! How about a POSITIVE PICKENS PLAN instead of one that points the finger at the other guys, which leaves you with three pointed back at you. Deliver information with scientific solid proof people can lean on,NBC can stand behind without worry and PICKENS will be proud to air.

Michael Zimmer

NBC seems to be ignoring the fact that they are already in an obsolete market and market share is shrinking every year. Forcing this type of off network, word of mouth advertising, simply drives the nail a little deeper into the coffin. Are they that arrogant to believe that they still control what people see and hear? If they were smart they would take every dollar offered in advertising before the well dries up completely.

Diane Green

I watched your interview with Cavuto from Fox News at the Democratic convention, where you mentioned that NBC wouldn't air this ad because it was "controversial." If it's factually accurate that Iran is doing this, I can't see what would make the ad controversial. Keep talking, because if our own media is unwilling to tell America the truth, somebody needs to. I appreciate your patriotism and concern for our country.

Gary Asson

Like Time Magazine, I personally make it a point to not watch anything on NBC. Nevertheless, there are people who have not yet seen the light and do watch NBC. Since NBC has the right to broadcast over the PUBLIC airways, this message should be included on their network. Good luck! NBC should actually be eliminated from the airways. Unfortunately, they are committed to converting America to a socialized government. Gary Asson from Idaho

Rodrigo Alanis

Awson eye opener. Hard to belive the SELLER is doing more than the BUYER to reduce oil consumption. As the first guy says, this should be shown for free. On TV and news papers. I guess no one wants to step on someones foot... Big Bull T-B, P. Keep charging UP.

Simon Langdon

Boone, just change the "we’re not doing a thing here" to "we’re not doing enough here" and everyone should run it. The message is too important to be help up on semantics...factually speaking "we" are doing things here, you and your efforts are proof of that..."we" are just not doing "enough"...

Braden Franklin

Since when has NBC started needing proof of any statement? Have you seen some of the political ads they have aired? Didn't they air some of the drugs that were later pulled for being dangerous, did they ask for proof that they were safe? This wouldn't be a problem if they were consistent.

Ron Emerson

More proof of the political power of the web. It appears that NBC's mind has been changed. NEW YORK, Aug 27 (Reuters) - NBC Universal approved an advertisement by T. Boone Pickens entitled "Iran" which questions U.S. dependence on foreign oil, after the oil tycoon complained that the network had rejected it. Pickens said in a statement earlier on Wednesday that the video commercial has been cleared by every U.S. television network except for NBC Universal and called on the unit of General Electric Co to reconsider its rejection. In the 15-second ad entitled "Iran," Pickens says: "Get this one, Iran is changing its cars to run on natural gas and we're not doing a thing here." "They're doing this to use less oil and sell it for a $120 a barrel. We can switch our cars to natural gas and stop sending our dollars to foreign countries," says Pickens, a billionaire oil investor who funded the "Swift Boat" attacks on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004. NBC Universal said it has now cleared all eight versions of the advertisement, and that Pickens released his statement prematurely. Pickens, a frequent commentator on NBC Universal's cable business channel, CNBC, has said that the ad aimed to educate the public. (Reporting by Ritsuko Ando; Editing by Andre Grenon)

Tom Jolly

But by converting cars to natural gas, we'd just be converting them to some other fuel that's going to "peak", that is, run out in a few decades. In ten or twenty years, we'll have the same problem we have now; converting the whole infrastructure over to a new power source while paying outrageous prices to the Evil Natural Gas companies. This is just another way for the oil companies to extend the value of their known assets. Boone, you've already made the first big step toward a conversion to an electric economy that's independent of limited resources, why not make the next step and actually believe in it?

Richard Coffee

I am incensed that NBC won't run this ad. What do they propose to do about this crisis? Or do they believe, like George Bush and John McCain, that there is no crisis? They should walk a mile in my shoes.

david oakes

Boone, Please keep the pressuer on the networks an our politicians. Thank you, david Oakes

Mark A.

Pickens Plan is great except for powering cars with natural gas. Use the gas in power plants to power electric cars. This is a much faster approach to energy independence. NBC and all the networks give us what we don't need , reality shows, rather than relevant news.

Robert Apruzese

Considering that NBC regularly runs political ads from major candidates that are full of lies and distortions, it is the height of hypocrisy that they won't run this ad about Iran.


Point the finger (and gas pump!) where is belongs......the US buys more oil from Canada than any other country. I don't like my dollars going to Canada anymore than I like my dollars going to the Arab states.

Carmine Cifaldi

I like the idea to turn on NBC just long enough to see who is advertising..... TURN IT OFF and then NOT buy the products ADVERTISED IN N B C. I would also suggest, we ALL get together and say "So long....Jay Leno".... BEFORE HE RETIRES. You are pretty smart, BAILING OUT OF SUCH AN UN-AMERICAN network, which is owned by General Electric, AN UN-AMERICAN COMPANY. Come on people... DO... NOT... BUY G E PRODUCTS. Finally, I have watched the late show for 40 years and have bought products MANY TIMES, advertised on that show.... Jay, THANX A LOT.....enjoy your retirement! Hi Dave... long time.... no see!


Boone, How about adding this to your commercials. I guarantee it will get their attention. Ask all of your followers to leave the Democratic and Republican party and switch to the Independent party. When they see their bases quickly shrinking, and a third party getting to a point that they will have another opponent in an election, you will see them come around fast. Here's a slogan you can use: ITS TIME TO LET THE DINOSAURS GO EXTINCT! LETS SWEEP THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE! Have you noticed that the word "statesman" is no longer used to describe an elected official? A statesman does what is best for his/her constituents first, while a politician does what is best for him/her self first. Why aren't they offended by being called a politician? Have you enjoyed the Democrats convention party this week? You should, because your paying for it. Did you know that it is the Americants taxpayer who is picking up the $34 million bill for both party's conventions instead of their supporters. This is because Congress allocated itself the funds? (Each party gets $17 million.) Nice! China isn't sitting back, they are installing huge solar farms now to power their factories. Using our exported money to put us at an even greater disadvantage. This will enable China to produce products even cheaper (with no fuel charges) making it impossible for US manufactures to compete in the near future.

Robbie Brown

Who cares, change the ad so that it fits what they want. I just signed up a few days ago but we're not going to get stuck with the partisan crap again are we. We're not trying to fight network injustice, we're trying to push an energy plan. Please don't turn this into the liberal media this and that. I'm already reaching to support the gentleman that funded the swift boat ads. Let's look forward and don't get hung up on silly partisan feuds.

Louis Theodores

Yes GE does business with Iran. "Factor' producer Jesse Watters confronts GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt over doing business with Iran" Bill O'Rielly has been on their back about it. I'm telling Bill NBC won't show your add Mr. Pickens! Better yet, why don't you go on the Factor?

Janis Smith

NBC is no longer an objective source of news, but rather is attempting to shape the outcome of this Presidential campaign. Particularly, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have lost any credibility as objective reporters and really should declare themselves as Obama campaign workers. Why would they be adverse to the Pickens Plan? It's in the Democrats' best interest at this point that gas prices remain high with no real solutions in sight, except, of course, those promised by Obama. After all, politics and rhetoric take precedence over real solutions in this campaign. How do we express our opinions to NBC? I'm changing channels, but this refusal by NBC should be widely publicized, letting the viewing audience know how the news is being manipulated.

April C. Murelio

NBC has pulled this before. This is another disgusting example of how mainstream media works to control or prevent dialogue. The ad is a tremendous spot, and I've sent it out to everyone I can think of. Good job!!

Shelah Ogletree

I sent those NBC guys an e-mail, told them to stick their heads out their office windows and count the number of natural gas cars on the streets below. There's your proof that America is doing nothing to make the switch. Maybe to make the ad more understandable for NBC bigwigs T. Boone could change his ad to include a qualifier. He could say "next to nothing" and be almost as accurate. Shelah O.


Mr. Pickens, Here are my two cents: (1) If NBC is asking for some data to back up the claims in the ad, just give it to them - problem solved. (2) If Iran is investing in natural gas technology, they are smart, and we should be doing that, too. They have a perfect right to develop alternative energies like natural gas and nuclear. Oil will not last forever. They are smart to position themselves well. The ad claims Iran is doing this so they can gouge us with $120 a barrel oil. You can't really claim to know their motives. And why single out Iran in this ad? I really don't think you need to resort to stoking anti-Iranian hostilities like this to get your point across. The last thing we need is another war.

Zizi Roberts

In response to someone who commented that NBC is not worth the time and effort as an adversary, think about who and what informs public opinion. There are a lot of mindless people out there watching the idiot box. The media is extremely influential as far as what information they chose to relate to the public. Are we ever going to hear what the body count was in New Orleans? I don't think so. Does anyone hear that there are still people dying in NYC from lung ailments and other illnesses because of 9-11? Indeed, the media is a very worthy adversary.

John Braden

NBC refused to run it...why am I not surprised.

Tammie Duggan

Natural gas for vehicles does not make alot of sense. Natural gas in a non-renewable resource. It has a fluctuating price across the nation. Natural gas is still controlled by the same folks who are jacking the price of gasoline. Electric - Bio-fuels - Ethanol are all renewable forms of energy..and electric only if it is produced by wind power. Need to rethink this idea of converting to NG. Check out the current prices across the US In Midland Texas it is running $4.25 per gga. I can range anywhere from $0.91 to the high $4.25. If the same people who are gouging for profit at the pump on gasoline control natural gas nothing has improved for the consumer. The only people benefiting would be that instead of billions going overseas for oil the billions will be going to the manufacturers of NG here in the USA. Which is better than overseas but is really no relief to the consumer.

Lorrie Lee

Hey everyone, I am so impressed with T. Boone Pickens that I plan to write him in on my ballot when I vote for President. I dont see Obama or McCain SERIOUSLY being concerned and offering enthusiastic, real solutions for the energy crisis, do you? I see in Pickens a sense of concern for the common man and, indeed- All Americans, that I just dont see in our Presidential candidates!

Jae Haynes

The Pickens Plan needs to get back with As one of the 10 MM members, that would help get people on board even faster than an NBC commercial.

Alan E. Damiano

I just wrote a comment but forgot my E-Mail address and password, so here it is for your use .....


It's sad, but for some reason, our politicians simply don’t always take the interests of the people to heart. The only way we will break this hold is if we assemble enough people to force the politicians into listening. Obviously if they don’t, we won’t vote for them next election, and thus they will be out of a job. This makes it vital that we promote this plan however we can. Oh and by the way, I just saw a very disappointing video talking about the empty energy promises of Washington. Check it out: <param name="movie" value="

Tammie Duggan

Please chk. out the cng website for price of natural gas across the USA. It was only a few years ago that we had a shortage of natural gas. Think renewable forms of energy. Think bio-diesel, electric, ethanol, hydrogen anything that is renewable is our friend. Non-renewables was a bad idea from the start and is still a bad idea. Sorry Boone I cannot agree with you on this one. Say no to NG!!!

James H"Jim" Brown

A great ad and should be pushed by all......however, its like the "Fair Tax". If implemented not only will it help save this nation will take power and money away from the 'big boys' in DC...... Before bashing the Fair Tax..... get the book and read it!! NBC's action doesn't surprise me in the least.... unfortunately there are many people who are not interested in our nation surviving, they only want to grab as much $ as they can before she goes under..... GO BOONE, GO!!!!!

Patrick N. Cowan

I support the message that we need to move to natural gas fueld vehicles. Here is another reason for getting off foreign oil! T. Boone, I know I am not the only one who has a problem with dependence on foreign oil. Not only is Iran a problem but soon China will be exploiting the Iraq Oil exploration and development. Does anyone else object to the US footing the bill for the Iraq war and China developing the resources we need?

Martin Ambrose

Pam Rogers is right, T. Boone. I can't imagine that no one is working on CNG domestically. Just change the ad to "not doing enough," or just drop the phrase. I'm glad to see you are now saying, "drill, drill, drill." Thank God you are having some influence with the Democrats! Drill here. Drill now. Save money!

robert mcvicar

most of the mta busses in southern california have been running onCNGfor years. also many truck delivery fleets. there is a CNG station on canoga bl. in canoga park ca. you should incorporate the fact about `THE MTA in your promo bob mcvicar


Who say the media doesn't censor what the public is allowedd to be aware of.

jim felder m.d.

I like CNG

Al Rees

Keep up the good fight! I'm calling and writing NBC right now.

Patrick Seal

They sure spend alot of air time on the DNC? Maybe it's just Obamah that is supposed to be the one to ACT! I doubt a polotician can!

Timothy Behunin

Shame on GE, yet another company that has lost site of its core values. Thomas Edison wanted to harness the sun. Yes, they are producing solar panels and wind turbines, but they want to manage the delivery. They will lose in the end, this the beginning of a whole new economic structure. I would suggest that we go to click on invester relations and send e-mails by the millions to these good people and they will get the message to marketing.

Josh Wallenstein

It's a ridiculous standard - being asked to "prove" your opinion before being able to enjoy your constitutional right to freedom of speech. It's like saying, "prove Jesus was the Christ before you can advertise about your church services." How tremendously disappointing. Let's keep bugging NBC until they wake up and smell the Constitution.

L.W. Rusty Barnett

I'm retired so I watch CNBC show often. They never miss a opportunity to get Boone's option on where the oil market is headed. He is there expert when they are looking for advice on oil future's. I suspect they are not paying him for his option. If I were Boone I would tell them to Kiss My Ass

Jeff Ward

Typical news media-- They only show what they want us to see

J Eberly

Why do all the NBC GE bashing continue? Because people do not READ! They see the headline, email that got them hear and just spout out the hate that gets them here. It's been posted and noted elsewhere NBC has approved the advertisements! So why do the NBC posts continue? Again it's NBC's right and I think they should have refused to play them. It's a false statement and TBoone knows it! It lessens his credibility and it saddens me that this is happening.

Dennis Tapp

Unfortunately it takes money. With the extreme amount of money the Oil companies make: with their political and corporate partners they can stop most anything. Air-Compression powered vehicles could be a reality if investors are found. I found this web-site: that explains an invention that could change the world. Without battery worries this ideal is possible. Also Zero Pollution Motors and MDI motors are working on Air-cars now. This is not fantasy. We need to stop using enternal combustion engines NOW, not in ten years. The environment is reaching a point of no return and these constant delays on Hydrogen, Air-cars, solar, Wind turbines, ect, will END us. NBC, I believe, sees oil as a partner.

Paulette Young

Personally, I would like to hear all the pros and cons from independant, not politacle nor profiting, scientific studies. While I think for the truckers natural gas may be the best solution, I'm not so sure for all of the motorized autos and R.V.'s. Burning of natural gas is still producing burn-off and eventially there might possibley be a shortage of natural gas and while renewable wind ,water and solar power will never run out if we use these natural resourses with caution and respect. We also would not have to worry about the greenhouse effect and disposal of the left over trash. As for NBC it is their loss for not taking you ad money. I know of no consumers that only watch one chanel. Paulette from Dallas

Timothy Behunin

Friends, Here is the e-mail address for the VP for corporate communications, Mr. Trevor A. Schauenberg. It is . It apparent these guys want to be left alone as the address is pretty generic. We can still flood the inbox asking why they are afraid of the truth. I really don't want to hear about liability, any suit brought on over Mr. Pickens word usage would be flimsy.

Stephanie Blum

Well... to bad for NBC because Mr. Boone with your people behind you we will make a difference and we are getting the word out. One person at a time.

Robert m wojciechowski sr


Timothy j. O'Keefe

Great ad It will only run on NBC if Obama loses the election. You guy's are smart enough to realize that.


Pure politics on NBC's part. This goes to the underlying problem of turning a blind eye at the issues we face. I do not fault Iraq for what they are doing but to fear the fallout on NBC's part by airing it is nothing short of stupidity!! This shouldn't be an add it should be news reporting and NBC as well as the other major networks should all be digging into it. Shame on you NBC!!!!

Joseph Miller

Great ad. I am disappointed that NBC will not run the ad. I think they should be willing to put forth the effort to show what is being done if they disagree with the statement Boone is making. It appears that those of us in the general public who are experiencing, first hand the lack of effort in bridging the gap in exploring alternative energy sources are just going to have to be louder and more persistent in our efforts to force the government and the mainstream media to get behind this plan.

pat bell

Why don't you post a link to NBC so we can tell them what we think and let them know that we won't be watching anything on NBC until they relent?

Robert Jarosak

SHAME ON NBC! They, as all of the networks, should not only allow the ads they should provide free space for them as public service announcements. Use common sense NBC, the only people who will be able to afford ads in the future will be other countries. Shall you start to teach your news casters the Arabic language now to prepare for the future??

Eric C Hill

Someone has probably already said this; but here it goes anyway.........NBC and GE are in cahoots with each other. GE is trying to look "green" so anyone that says that the U.S. is doing nothing points out how a large part of GE's effort is just a big ad campaign. Here is the real kicker......GE is still selling to Iran in direct conflict with the UN sanctions. Go get them Mr Pickens!

David House

They WON'T run this ad, but they WILL run a bunch of silly infomercials?!? Do they ask the infomercial producers to "prove" many of their claims?? Clearly not. I'm a media person. We may not be getting all of the facts on this one somehow, but on the face of it I think something seriously stinks here.

Louis T

TO NBC, RUN THE ADD! READ THE FOLLOWING. WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!! Being energy independent is the most critical issue of our time. We must use ALL forms of energy and advanced technology to make this happen NOW! Remember what happened after the oil imbargo of 74', if your old enough? 2 hour gas lines if you could get any, inflation, high interest rates, etc. and that was when we were only 25% dependent on foreign oil! At 70 to 75% dependent now, our enemies don't have to fire a shot, just shut off our energy supplies!!! Our economy will be shocked into a complete meltdown and Congress still can't act in a bipartisan nature on this critical issue! They can't even bring an energy plan up for a vote! Thanks Nancy!! It takes a private citizen like Mr. Pickens to try to get things moving. We have had over 30 years to solve this problem and nothing was done!

David House

P.S. I think this is a great ad: Simple and to the point. Everyone needs to see it and we need much more just like it.

J Eberly

Just reading a few of these posts proves there are a lot of dumb people in the world! NBC is running the ad people! What band wagon are you people really on? TBoone has gotten a coalition of a broad diverse groups and that at time fights with itself. Environmentalist, Energy producers (US based), Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy, and Citizens (and that's a wide diverse group). Real issue should be long-term and how to get there with the least pain for all. Not favoritism for one group. Again for those people NBC is running the ads and please update the headline so the NBC/GE bashing can end and real issues and solutions can be discussed.

Kim Dragotta

I love my country. The Pickens Plan is a no brainer. It can only serve to help the USA on so many levels. NBC's posture on this speaks volumes about their priorities. I would suggest we stop watching NBC and let them know that we have switched to their competitors. It seems that the needs of Iran are being placed above the needs of America. Let them know we diagree with their agenda and that they have made a huge mistake.

Jonathon Pahssen

I am the owner of a small business in Northwest Indiana. I suggest that we contact there largest advertisers and let them know that if NBC does not run these ads that we will boycott NBC and the products of there advertisers.... Pretty simple... cut of there lively hood...??? Thanks, J.P.

Jack Sawicki

NBC caved. They said Boone pulled the trigger

Derek Hanley

Isn't NBC owned by G.E. Doesn't G.E. have a thriving business with Iran?

Jack Sawicki

"too soon"...


NBC is ridiculous, there is nothing wrong or offensive about this ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cher Champion

Ok, so NBC won't air the ad. So what!!! Did our ancestors back down when others didn't like their ideas or said it couldn't be done? NO, it forced them to work that much harder. They became STRONGER! Here is my two cents worth: STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. SAY WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND. HOLD YOUR GROUND. This country was built by the strong and the brave. Lets show that the blood line still runs through each and every one of us. FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. NEVER GIVE UP!

Nelson Balido

I agree, somthing needs to be done! McCain is the only person wanting to do anything to curve the ongoing trend. While the other guy just talk about the butterflies and disarming america. Its time to do something about our future, and pick a President that will make a difference and will not take crap from foreign oil producing nations. Why dont we use Iraq's oil? Dont they owe us for taking them out of tyranny?

Amanda Stillwagon

NBC is owned by GE which has a vested interest in not offending Iran. Simple put GE makes a ton of money doing business with Iran even though they are a terriost state and a clear threat to the US, Israel and all civilized people. Mr. Pickens plan is really a no brainer for anyone with any common sense. It doesn't matter what you political views, left, right if you apply common sense this is the way to go. If you want to push this issue boycott NBC and GE not only will you be supporting this issue but you will then NOT be supporting a company who continues to help build the wealth of a country who is run by nothing more than terrorists thugs who's only agenda is to take over or wipe anyone off the map who does not share their radical religious views.

David Baker

I wonder if you (the Pickens Plan advertising staff) have considered putting the Pickens Plan commercials on DirectTV or other satellite providers. The reason I'm suggesting this method for advertising is because the satellite company overrides the local and network commercials with their own commercials and they play them repetively on every channel. Using this method of exposure would easily circumvent problems like the NBC issue.

Jeff Gray

It doesn't surprise me at all that the Neo-Dem Banter Channel (NBC) won't run this. Too many rich folk with their hands in big oil and corporate pockets, so no one wants to piss off their gravy train.

Philip Sandell

Interesting but not uncommon. You know what you need to change to get them to accept the ad. Iran's electrical infrastructure or grid is probably marginal at best so electric vehicles are not an option for them. Why can Iran convert to CNG vehicles but we can't get enough fuel stations to carry it to make is viable? Here in Oklahoma City, the center for a lot of CNG production, we have very, very few public filling stations. How about using some of that clout to get the vehicle manufacturers to provide us with CNG options on the vehicle order form and get some fueling stations to carry it like any normal fuel today. It's industries turn to do some work. Good luck Phil PS- wouldn't it be nice for everyone that comments to include the vehicle they drive? Honda Fit here.

Robert J. Tete

Sure, GE loves the advertising that pertains to windmills that Boone Pickens will run on GE turbines, but when the advertising pertains to cars running on natural gas, where GE has no significant monetary interest, the company interest wanes. Perhaps GE should divest itself of its ownership interest in NBC as the parent corporation is supposed to permit the subsidiary to run independently or risk being held accountable for all of the actions of the subsidiary as the two are then considered a single business enterprise or alter egos of one another. Pickens could hold GE accountable by taking his turbine contracts elsewhere.

Joel ~ NBC HAS shown other Pickens ads... it was this SPECIFIC ad that was refused. Please learn how to read.

Dan Kaufmann

I agree with Tom Cox above. Tweak the ad to say something like "next to nothing" or "barely anything", etc. NBC should run it then. If not, they have a hidden agenda. Either way, the more people that jump on the PickensPlan bandwagon, the better. This country HAS TO SOLVE OUR ENERGY PROBLEM. This is our biggest national security concern. We're sending tons of money to help our enemies build up their economies and strength.

Douglas Kilmer

I agree with your plan to use wind by installing wind turbines from West Texas to the Canadian boarder. I agree with your sketch to "open up the solar corridor" but you have not been specific and I reserve the right to disagree with your plan, when you announce more details. However, I cannot agree with your plan to use natural gas, instead of hydrogen, as the primary transportation fuel. If you are going to convert the transportation system to using a gaseous transportation fuel, you should perform the conversion just once to the only sustainable gaseous energy vector, hydrogen. There is a device called a hydrolyzer; it can be installed on site at most existing fueling stations and it requires only water and a large amount of electricity to convert water to hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be sold on site to fuel vehicle and the oxygen can either be released or "pipe-lined" to redistribution centers and sold to many industries (including the medical industry). Like your natural gas vehicles, either fuel cell vehicles (like the Honda Clarity) or internal combustion vehicles can be manufactured and, if increases in price of gasoline make it economically practical, existing non-diesel vehicles can be retrofitted to burn the hydrogen. Please modify you plan to be hydrogen, instead of natural gas. Thank you.

After seeing the ad it seems to me that NBC wants Pickens to prove that Iran is switching to natural gas to "drive up oil prices." That's something I have never heard of. Truth in advertising....


I'm all for the Pickens Plan, but there is a slight conflict of reporting here: Iran Boosting Production of Natural Gas Dual-Fuel Vehicles 4 August 2008 Press TV. Iranian automakers have produced more than 120,000 dual-fuel CNG and gasoline vehicles that use natural gas and regular gasoline during the first quarter of the current (Iranian calendar) year (March 20-July 21). Iranian car manufacturers, including the country’s number one automaker Iran Khodro, have increased production of cars that utilize both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG) by about 20-fold over the past two years. “[Dual-fuel] car production rose to 429,000 last year from 20,000 two years ago,” [Iranian Minister of Industries and Mines Ali-Akbar] Mehrabian said at Iran’s first national conference on CNG, which was held in the capital from August 2 to 3. Although the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, Iran’s refining capacity is lacking, and the country faces gasoline shortages as well as being saddled with an import bill. The government implemented a gasoline rationing program last year to reduce consumption. The Iranian cabinet issued a statement in June saying that 60% of vehicle produced this year (Iranian calendar year 1387, which ends 20 March 2009) are to be either dual-fuel or full CNG vehicles. This could be one of the reasons why NBC is not wanting to air the Ad?

J Eberly

Okay folks NBC is airring the ad. Wonder why the Japs kept fighting?...even in the age of instantanious news some people are way behind.


Further reading on Iran's situation to change over to natural gas for cars.

Latega Powell

I don't know why NBC would refuse to run the ad. The T Boone's Picken's Plan is in alignment with O'Bama's energy policy. The Democratic National Convention speakers have presented alternative energy to the American people with honesty and urgency. So, even if NBC had a pro O'Bama agenda, which I don't believe they do, it would not prevent them from airing the Picken's Energy Plan. I will personally do my part and contact NBC to request that they run the ad. I see nothing controversial with the statements. If anything, the ad is probably is too benign. Many oil exporting countries are getting smart and developing alternative energy while they export their oil. Brazil is doing the same. The use ethanol for their vehicles and will be exporting their newly discovered oil to other countries.

James widener


Teresa Bartlett

The networks don't make the candidates 'prove' what's in their ads...look at all the times we hear that the ads are flat out false. Why are they enforcing this rule with your ad? Selective supression perhaps.

L. Frost

Cut to the chase and change that one part of the VO to "and what are we doing here in the USA?" or something like that. We don't have time to mess around.


Of course NBC will run Pickens ad because both NBC and Pickens work for GE. This ad benefits GE in both the U.S. and in Iran because it gets Americans to want something that otherwise does not make a bit of sense. As an American, why do I care if Iran converts to natural gas. I do not care. Natural Gas is another fossil fuel and General Electric builds equipment which runs on Natural Gas. This ad is not about NBC or Pickens or cars in Iran. This ad is about GE stock going up.

Jack Wilkins

There was not a reference to the supporting resources. With the issue of news casts in the past, they are looking at the resources to support the information before releasing it to the public. Gather the references and then re-submit to NBC. The standards for news vs documentary are different in presentations, but it should be documented as to where the original information is derived.

Skip Wilson

I just got back from a week in Japan. Words cannot descibe what that country has done to reduce their dependence on oil imports. Not only small cars, but small everything! We have got to get alternative energy sources going. The sooner we get off oil, the sooner we can get our country refocused on our own internal needs and stop meddling in world issues due to their oil implications. Skip, San Diego (Vista) CA


I just watched this ad on NBC tonight during the Democratic Convention coverage. It wasn't the first time I've seen it. This is nonsense. There is a corporate attack on MSNBC because they are telling the truth. The keep confronting the Republican Attack machine and correcting the lies. Shame on T Boone Pickens. He's left the Gas business and now he's selling wind and natural gas. He's also the guy who paid for the Swift boating of John Kerry.


It is time to start regulation of our media again. It is not right that they don't run to run the Picken's Ad or them being able to refuse other ads. It is not right that GM and other car companies can threaten to pull their adds off of NBC, CBS, ABC if the major networks decide to do a news special on how the car companies are not doing their part to help reduce our dependence upon foreign oil by making a flex fuel vehicle that can run off of natural gas, E-85

Dave Swearingin

I can tell you what to do about it. Stop watching NBC, and don't buy ANY GE products. Not a single appliance, electrical part, or lightbulb. NOTHING. And WHEN this plan moves forward and GE wants to sell wind turbines or other parts, tell them to take a long walk on a short dock. Glad the Olympics are over, now I have NO reason to watch NBC. Put that in your stock portfolio and smoke it!

Rick Mayatt

I am personally tired of the political correctness of the media at the expense of our country and it's citizens. It is time for the media to join the ranks of average Americans and fully support the country that allows them the position they are in.


How much more "proof" do they need??!!


This psa is great! I don't see anything "offensive" about it.

Elizabeth Morgan

Presidential Election - I'll be voting for the candidate(s) [President and VP] with the best plan for saving America from our energy stranglehold. I'm counting on our government and media leadership to work with T. Boone

Pamela Miller

Why would any liberal organization NOT want to air this ad? This ad falls directly in line with the Democratic view on how dismal our progress has been over the last eight years, so I do not understand the attacks. If I were really looking for a conspiracy, I might look at T. Boone's swift boating tactics and his attack on the liberal media. NBC had a point - there are people doing something in this country, if not enough. This should not be about egos and power trips; we should just be doing what we can to get the message out responsibly. I support T. Boone's plan, but I do not support his swift boating tactics. Pick your battles.

Kevin A. McMahon

This 15 second video is right on. It doesn't surprise me that NBC is censoring your attempt to air it. NBC happens to be the LEASDT trusted name in reporting news items...unless, of course, the news item happens to agree with thier news department's agenda. I hope to see this ad soon and often.

pam lindsay

The fact that NBC won't air this commercial shows that the Media is wrapped up with our current adminstration. I am angered by the current amount of money we are paying for oil!!! I am going to call my congressman and tell him that we need to consider alternative fuel credits to companies who begin creating cars with other than gas fuels. Also put our own car mfgs. back to work by creating only alternative fuel cars. We need to get our own people back to work!!! So that they can buy alternative fuel cars. thank you Mr Pickens for all of your work on this project!!! pam lindsay Gillette, WY


The video is spot on. Just shows that NBC doesn't want to help this country move forward. Thanks for the good work Mr. Pickens. Keep us informed!

Carlos McLean

Its amazing what they want us to see and not to see. America is known as the land off the free but it's anything but. We the American people need to make a stand and show the Government that "WE THE PEOPLE" still means something and that our voices will be heard.

Edward (Ted) H. Coy III

If NBC does not want your money-tell them to go a fly kite! It is their company, right. I believe there are a few other folks who would like your money-how about FOX? Keep up the good work. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Happy Trails Pilgrim Ted Coy III


and the mainstream media wonders why people are no longer watching.

Charles Manning

I thought Iran was designing nuclear cars. My bad.

Rodney D. Neibauer

Thank-you for all that you are doing for this country. I am very happy that NBC felt the pressure and relented.

Ralph Santillo

why can't our government start by converting all of the thousands of vehicles they operate to natural gas and replace the ones going out of service with natural gas. That would be a hellava start on saving gasoline use. Does anyone know how much gasoline the governmant uses? you are on track Boone!

Val Shebeko

NBC should be ashamed

Ralph Santillo

If more service stations offered natural gas, more people would convert to them. Boone, you ought to make a deal with some independent stations to install the pumps needed. You would capture the market for sales and think about the opportunity for small mechanic shops to do the conversions. Boone, you can Start the cycle!

Randall Steen

I work in advertising, most recently at !?# where Public News Releases are a commonly accepted form of advertising. What is even more SCARY is the fact that even a billionaire can't speak freely in America. I thought we were the land of the free and the home of the brave. Personally, I watch BBC America in the morning, at least big brother has not moved over there. Those unfamiliar with PNR please go to for more information.

Virginia Binkley

Ben, Ben, Ben! You've got a big mouth, but can you prove what's coming out of it? Too many people think they know it all and I believe you're one of them! Shame on you!!! My slogan is: IF YOU WANT TO GAIN, VOTE FOR MCCAIN!!! THAT'S MY STORY AND i'M STICKING TO IT! V. Binkley from MISSOURI

Richard Mastromatteo

Hi T Boone: I have had a number of interesting E-Mails from my soldier friends. One says have you looked into methane hydrate, the most common fossil fuel on the planet. The Japanese seem to be deep into this. Another says " I love NBC's view of freedom of speech. They're worse than McCarthy was and that was supposedly the catalyst for their view. They certainly wield more power than he did." And, another friend just came back from Iran and said that 90% of the cars were hybrids, meaning they could use different fossil fuels including natural gas. And my son asks that God please silence the News from Networks for the next 30 to 50 years. I think that covers it prettty well for now. Dick Mastromatteo

Thomas Miller

I have been reading the comments and pondering the situation before commenting. I'm also certainly glad NBC relented. It seems this situation underscores the very nature of the energy problem in which we find ourselves presently. The division - and the willingness of a major US corporation to silence a national effort to improve our domestic energy situation, regardless of the plan or the source, reveals the vast self-interests that have effectively subjected us to foreign dependence. Until all Americans lay down their own interests and unite as American citizens first, and focus on energy independence with the same intensity we as a nation focused on putting a man on the moon, this Trojan Horse will eventually collapse us. Thank you Mr. Pickens for investing in a generation that will follow you and looking into the future with wisdom and insight and taking the leadership to advocate a plan that actually might work, and makes a lot of sense. Hopefully America will unite behind you and realize the survival of everything we have known for three generations could be at jeopardy. By putting the country ahead of ourselves, we can win this war together. Count me in from Dallas on anything I can to to further the effort.


Virginia Binkley...LOL...Amarillo and the Texas Caprock sit on top of one of the largest natural gas supplies…and Pickens owns the leases. I am a chemical engineer working the oil and gas industry; so, your stupdity only makes me richer. I was trying to help ya out.


forget NBC the pigs are being paid off by bush and dick ,We have to go after all the companies that sell there trash on nbc .just like my brother told me when i was a little kid if there bigger than you kick them in the nuts LOL .No matter how big they think they are they will fall .We the people have to join together and in one voice tell the government ,NBC and any one else that has special interests groups that does want change ,T.Boone pickens is a great man with great ideas .As far as money goes I would rather put it in green energy that give some rag head my money so he can spit at our country and our people ... we are a great people and its time for CHANGE! NOW! lets group together and make this happen people !!!!


My big mouth says buy Natural Gas. I am leaving for Acopulco at 5 on Thursday in a Hawker Jet (privately owned) and I will be back on Monday to solve all you Natural Gas needs. My wallets getting fat just hearing about this. The oil and gas industry thank you again Pickens. Vote republican and make us richer.

Rick Linet

NBC won't air it as the Presidential candidate Mike Gravel so rightly said, NBC is owned by GE who shiut him up because he brought light to the situation that GE is part of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that has a HUGE vested interest in keeping a war going. Just Follow The Money! The USA are sheep, led by large companies. Wake up America! The way to change is vote directly on bills! Go to 26 States are doing it. It is time to do it Nationally!


Natural Gas, Oil, ethanol, Wind, Nuclear...any way you go, my paycheck goes up. PickensPlan is pretty damn stupid but I guess that's why we get paid the big bucks. Oh well...I am working on my Spanish (Rosetta Stone rocks). One day, we will be living in Mexico paying illegal Americans below minimum wage to come clean our houses. LOL...can't wait to see the look on their Anglo faces. Binkley from can do my laundry and your children can beg for work. Keep on voting Republican.

Alan Stuart

the corporate media can never be trusted. that's a no brainier. What i don't get is why NBC which is owned by GE (General Electric) would refuse to run this ad. I thought that some of the windmills Pickens put up were made by GE. They must have some serious corporate sponsorship from Iranian companies or just really love fossil fuels.


Boone, listen to Brooke at You won't go wrong.


I like the guy's idea. So what if we send another 10MM to his site and he makes something on it. If it supports weaning us from OIL, it's worth it. Getting off oil will create new jobs, etc. By the way, the comment about Obama and NBC is off the mark. Obama is for getting off the oil teat. NBC's mandate is that ALL advertising must be true, accurate (except in politics, of and can't mislead, as that is against the Uniform Commercial Code and they are no doubt going to enforce it. Just shows you that the goverment is controlled of Big Oil, Media - both left and right, and won't let anything happen to their monopoly on power, money and control. We need to do this from the grassroots. How about investment, by the public, with Pickens as the CEO, to an organization (dilutable LLC ??) and everyone gets their fair and diluted shares as more and more comes in? Minimum investment $1,000 ???

Mike Woods

Pickens is not as concerned about American money going to foreigners as he is about it going into his own pocket. Who do you think is going to own these wind turbines? He's a loser and major fundraiser for the swift boat ads. That tells you about his ethics.

Don McGinley

NBC gladly accepts ridiculously inaccurate and often dishonest advertisements from many of our national politicians. Their refusal to accept T. Boone's accurate and factual ad referencing Iran's use of natural gas to power automobiles is proof positive that a "nerve has been struck" ... the Pickens Plan is making progress in getting the U.S.A. off our rear-ends saturated with $120 barrel oil. Hooray for T. Boone Pickens!!!


I have been trying to contact the Pickens organiation with a plan that will fund your vision. The plan is called the PRE-Plan and it allows every utility consumer to invest in and profit from large scale renewable energy projects, all without the need for government subsidies. If you are interested in finding out about this plan, please visit If you are serious about your message, and I believe you are, this plan may be the perfect match for your plan. This web site is under development so it may not be up at all times.

"Dallas" Dave

Dear T.Boone....This is a real insult. It is getting my fighting spirit up, and as a former USN medic with USMC RVN combat experience.....well read on. It seems to me this deserves a counterattack.... First....let's pull all NBC ads for an undetermined length of time...maybe two weeks. Just tell them to stop until this matter is resolved. Second.....get the name of the person who did this...a low level exec trying to make a name for himself, paid off by somebody against the plan Third...get the address of who to write to at NBC. Then flood them with letters demanding a direct response personally (not email...cost them some postage) as why T.Boone Will Not Advertise with them......what did they do wrong as to cause this??? Make them explain tens of thousands of us as to what they did to cost them money, loss of ad revenue? Fourth...get alll these letters written and in the mail by this weekend!!!!! So we can have time to write them, and the letters can all arrive en masse!! Fifth for the firing of of the guy that called the shot... And that is just the first week......Get ready for he second week by getting a list of advertisers with NBC partial to the cause.....and get ready to get them to pull ads Get addresses of them so we can write next weekend to give them support. If necessary the third weekend we can write NBC again asking NBC why such


This is not really an offensive add. Its telling the truth to a point. Even the Iraqis are CHANGING THEIR CARS!! America should as well. I know that its a large country that we live in but WE CAN DO IT.

robert j petersen

Natural gas is the way to go. True it is also a subsurface hydrocarbon, most of it. We have methane producing garbage dump here in Utah County now so some is recycled. There is plenty of it here. Somewhere around 60-300 years supply. The problem is how to get our vehicles converted. I recommend the governors get together and meet with the Big 3 and get them to start assembly lines for natural gas vehicles. And make all government vehicles use it and encourage everyone to use it. I'm fine with wind I think the wind farms exciting to watch. Within 5-10 years we may hope sea algae oil and oil producing bacteria will be coming on in mass production and solar about the same time. The first commercial solar plant is now in construction in California by Sunpower.

Steven Clark

NBC is the most liberal network on T.V. I live in Arkansas and the natural gas companys our drilling all over the Fayetteville schale. It has created over 11000 high paying jobs for our state. It will benefit our country for many years. That sure beats sending our money to people that want to cut our throats. Steven


Wait, I thought that CNN (Clinton New Network) was the most liberal network on T.V.. Oh that's right, in America we just call anything or anyone we disagree with "Liberal". Scientists are "Liberals" because they explained the Big Bang and Evolution and are sounding the alarm about Global Climate Change, Ken Star is a "Liberal" because he didn't have nice things to say about the Bush Administration, the 911 Commission was just a bunch of "Liberals" because of what they found in their investigation,...

rw johnson

As a former G.E. employee this just shows the mentality of the company. It didn't surprise me at all. If it does not benefit big business it will not be considered.

Jean Mosteller

I fully support the Pickens Plan. I hope in the future Electric cars are the way to go, but we have to bridge from here to there. So, natural gas for cars sounds pretty good for now, until the technology catches up for the electric car or hydrogen. One comment tho, for those of you who oppose drilling, that's where natural gas comes from. So by drilling now, we can pump up our oil production AND get more natural gas. Remember oil is used for many, many products that we use in our everyday life. It's used for plastics, tires, clothing and tons of other things. We just can't stop making those things overnight to stop using oil. It will take much longer than 10 years to find replacements for these other items that oil is used for. But yes, lets stop using oil for personal transportation, that is a start.

Joe Plenzler

Keep kicking ass T Boone!

Well Mr. Pickens, maybe you should ask the bilderberg group, the ones that control the media, who our president will be and whether we "serfs" live or die why. Now you're getting the crap we've been getting for decades. If it's not controlled by them, you can't air it at any cost. Corporate control is worse than communism. It's great to have free speech but what happens if no one hears it or sees it in this case. You should talke to Ralph Nader. He IS running for prez and would welcome the ideas you have.

Expose Activist

Apparently, NBC is showing the AD, but this blog was not a waste and the topic should night die, instead it should motivate. It did help to give a few thousand people a glimpse of what the real problem is and that is that we are under control by the mega moguls. It also showed that media is a tool for that control. We have a bigger issue that is experiencing the same blocked coverage. You have candidates in the run for president, that all media forms are keeping you from hearing about. You should be asking yourself, why. The answer has nothing to do with qualifications, and even if it were, every man

Expose Activist

The answer has nothing to do with qualifications, and even if it were, every man

Expose Activist

is entitled to bring his principles to the public for evaluation and ever citizen has the right to decide if they think that candidate would do the best at serving the people of this country. When a candidate is blocked by the media and another is given excessive spotlight, you as a citizen are being controlled. You are told that you have a choice, but you really do not. Is like having a choice of falling from a maple tree or an ash tree. It is true that the masses have a political party that they associate themselves with, but really you have been trained to believe that you either have to be a maple or an ash.

Expose Activist

I will use Ralph Nader as the example. Check out and see the effort it takes to get on the ballots in this country, with your bought

Expose Activist

OK, are we experiencing a technical glitch or am I now being Censored?


Dear Mr. Pickens, I am a very ardent supporter of your efforts to get the word out and I will do what I can on THIS issue too. BUT, I would ask you to consider a few things here. First, NBC is a network that has sold its' sole to the devil. Is it the butt of so many jokes. It's coverage of the current political scene is more like that of a giant Imnfomercial for ShamWow. NBC is NOT the go to for entertainment, news, OR political commentary. WHY would you want to wast ANY money on them as a difuser of your message? I just recently heard about the Iranian move to utilize natural gas as their primary automobile fuel last week FROM MY GASTROINTESTENAL doctor. Talk about gettin' gas from BOTH ends. He is an Iranian and has been back to Iran a few times in the last few years and he told me this as we were taliking about the PickensPlan. OK! Threre was gas going BOTH ways at the time. Anyway, unless there is a need for a pissin' contest here, I would say let the NBC issue go. NO ONE listens to them. Even Jay Leno makes nightly whoopie of this fact. And the money could be better used elsewhere. The Deuceman

John White

Boone.. Ad is good...It says it like it is...And there's trouble brewing out there. I have Republican and Democratic friends who can't agree on a thing except your plan and what they are all going to do if whoever gets elected president doesn't get on Congress about not allowing the implementation of the plan....I think the big fear is that oil companies only want the drill and oil part and not the part about gas and renewable and the future fuel cells and fusion. And it's sad. My daughter will receive her Doctorate in Physics in a few weeks (she's a fusion physicist and works with tokamaks to discover how to get sustainable, economical fusion energy) and she is not as nice as you about the need to get off oil and to transition to alternative energy solutions, right now.


I'm all for the Pickens Plan. I believe with T. Boones money and our support we can change our future in the Usa. We need help now to get our of the high cost of fuel. Also, our locale utilities gas and electric is killing us all. They just keep raising the prices and we already cant pay. There lines are so busy with people pleading with them not to turn off their electric and gas, you can spend the whole day waiting just to talk to someone. If it is true that they cant afford not to raise our energy bills then why are all the CEO's making huge dollars and why do they have to advertise on TV, bill boards and radio? As if we have a choice anyway. They just bought all new trucks and there are a lot more ridiculous spending facts about our Utility providers, that really tick me off. Thank you T. Boone for trying to help us survive!


Media control. T. Boone, this kind of censoring of "out of the box" ideas has been going on for the last decade: it's thanks to the moguls who control the big businesses. Since the "less evolved" faction of our controlling influence, namely the bush administration, wants us to see Iran as anything other than thinking, breathing humans who might actually be making a contribution to the world, they and their cronies by extension, will stand in the way of any positive illumination of Iran. Why? Because they want see that entire region in a bad light, so they can further there own very sick, and destructive agenda. They throw the beautiful baby out with the bath water.


By The way T.Boone, THANK YOU for being on our side and not over there on the dark side. ;)

Daryl Pullen

I think the Pickens Plan is incredible. The wind turbines use off the shelf hardware and are available now or the near future. As for the comment earlier about electric many cases they are not worthwhile. Lots of power plants in the USA use fossil fuels. They either fire boilers or spin gas turbines at about ` efficiency to substations, transformers etc...and at the bottom of the distribution system they can have up to

Wendell J Pericone III

Amazing that they would refuse. I say get the message to the other networks and let NBC go. Right now the momentum should be in delivering the message to the broadest audience. I dont even watch NBC.

Dan Roden

If you want a NG car, just buy the conversion kit and have it installed. People do it all the time. No need to wait for the car companies to do it for you.

binh ta

I do agree with the ad. Just a note though: the price of heating with natural gas has gone up unbelievably in the last 2-3 years. My house is on the East coast (MD), 10 years old, around 2100 sq ft, and it costs around $300.00 in the winter months for heating. My thermostat setting is almost never higher than 68 degree. So, as there are more demand on natural gas, one could only predict that the price would go higher. My point: we need to have a realistic energy policy that includes cng, wind, solar, etc. I do see wind as the greatest potential source of energy in this country. We just need to overcome that NIMBY attitude from the proponents.

Expose Activist

When you apply for a job, you highlight your past accomplishments as to why you are the best choice. We have listened to the promoted candidates talk for months and not say anything of substance. Listen to a sample of what you should be hearing.


To the post about high CNG prices. Check out It spells out a plan that would fund the Pickens plan and allow individual investors to stop paying utility bills and to convert their residential CNG use to electric. This would be preferable to shutting down CNG power plants since it would be preferable to have wind offset coal since it is far dirtier. Also, reducing residential CNG use could be faster since individuals could invest in renewable and convert their homes today. The plan described at Profitable Renewable Energy can be profitable to individuals and business, not just institutional investors and doesn't require govt. funding.

Mitchell Greene

1. NBC / GE is a world wide conglomerate. 2. The ad directly speaks facts about a feared government, Iran. 3. NBC / GE Supports one presidential candidate. 4. It's too volatile for NBC / GE to air NBC / GE would rather sugar coat the 'spender' of the host nation of the Olympic Games, than air anything that would detract from their candidate, (who is very weak on foreign policy e.g. his triple take fumble stumble on the Russia / Georgia melt down) or show that their candidate (nor his challenger) did not even consider creating an Energy Plan before T. Boone created one.. and now both are passing it off as their own. All of this makes it all rather Pathetic, for NBC / GE

Latega Powell

Michelle, you are wrong. I don't pretend to know the reason why NBC is refusing to show the ad, but like I said before, the Dems energy policy is in line with what T. Boone is advocating. The Dems are not trying to take ownership of a plan that many have been advocating, but T. Boone is actually putting his money where his mouth is - which is to commended. I guess when you refer to one of the candidates having a weak foreign policy you are referring to one who blasted the Russians and caused oil prices to spike up $5.00 last week, and the one who dropped the ball on finding Bin Laden and who wants to "follow him to the gates of hell" when "he hasn't even been followed to the caves of Afghanistan."

Lisa Neifert

It doesn't surprise me that NBC will not air this commercial. The major networks are all owned and controlled by powerful creature corporations. ALL our news is blacked out. You don't get the REAL truth. If you take a careful look back in history, you can see this pattern. In the 1930's just when the depression was starting, they did not make this known to the COMMON people, instead, they showed a film on a sneezing contest. Rockefeller was involved in airing on the radio " The War of the Worlds," invaders from another planet landing in New Jersey. They caused mass hysteria and panic all over. This was accidentally done on purpose to see how they can control the public through fear. In 1983 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of the U.S. news media. In 1992, fewer than two dozen of these corporations owned and operated 90% of the mass media, newspapers, television, radio stations,video,movies and books. In 2004 only 5 huge corporations Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch News Corp., and General Electric owner of NBC closing to #6. It is a no wonder NBC will not air this commercial. Go rent the DVD " Who Killed the Electric Car?." It was congress, big oil corporations, and the auto industries. They crushed all the EV's and the patterned batteries that could last up to 135 miles without a charge!! The cars were literally maintenance free, And the people who leased them were driving by the gas stations. This was a threat to the major corporations. And, woh bought the patten on that battery??? Guess, that's right!!! The big oil companies.

Expose Activist

To set the record straight, I was attempting to paste information that I wrote in another program, in order to spell check. It would appear that this blog limits the amount of pasting ( as I am sure many do ) as an attempt to keep folks from overloading a topic. I am a strong supporter of alternative energy and I appreciate Mr Boone's efforts. The list of accomplishments of Nader's accomplishments are so many that pasting would be required. My point was two fold, Media is controlled and we are controlled through media. Our political system is controlled and through it we are controlled. Most everything that we need to do has been available for decades, this control has kept it from happening. We have to have changes and that must start with changing who has control.

Mike Green

The corporate media is at the core of our nations decline. We are in decline like a corporation taken over by corporate raiders stripping out the wealth. Pickens has a great point about the natural gas bridge. Don't forget though he is a greedy capitalist that will misdirect the country if it accrues to his financial interest. He is only giving lip service to SOLAR while cheer leading for wind and NG, his domain. Until he comes strong for individual and very small business involvement through Solar Energy I don't trust him. Sounds like GM, GE, BP EXXON and Big Energy like FP

William Downey

NBC does not require politicians to prove the statements made in their advertisements. It would certainly appear that NBC is attempting to censor the discussion by refusing to air the ad. Censorship is a violation of the Free Speech clause of the 1st Amendment. File a complaint with the FCC, contact the print and radio media about it, and even the CLU. More importantly hit NBC in the pocket book. Don't buy stock in GE, contact their advertisers and let them know that the network's refusal is basically un American, and a violation of Consitiutional Rights. Bill Downey

Dennis Dumas

NBC and its liberal cronies are trying to subvert our laws and freedom. We must fight them as we would fight Iran. Hit them in the pocket book.

Sheila Wright

I wonder what oil stock the big-wigs at NBC own???? Wish my teacher's salary would allow me to purchase some Natural Gas stock right now... it's an obvious BRIDGE !!! Maybe NBC execs. are in bed with a politician that doesn't really care what is best for America and the average "pee-on" (pun intended) citizen. Thank you Mr. Pickens, PLEASE keep informing U.S. !!! Sheila Wright Portage Lakes, Ohio

Connie Snyder

Didn't like it when you said "the technology isn't there yet" on your last commercial. You know it is. Now you are on the receiving end of the same political game you're playing, Boone. Now you know how America feels. Natural gas may be better than gas, but solar/electric is the most independent way to go and you know it. The technology IS there. C'mon Boone. If you want to make some $ get behind THAT. Saving America is better than making a buck. You'd go down in history as a patriot. Ya know, you really CAN'T take it with you.....

Val Nixon

I'm sure NBC has a hidden agenda. Corporate control has it's way of censoring information. I would like to know, exactly, how all of us can contact NBC (

sarah moyer

It took me a long time to understand the ad. Instead of just saying stop sending our dollars out, i would give a little more info. not everybody knows that we have plentiful supplies of natural gas and that this would create jobs here and stimulate our economy. BUT then I wonder about all the petroleum supply we have in this country, you don't address why we shouldn't drill oil ourselves?

chuck jones

This sure makes me wonder about NBC's policies and their rationale.

Ed Rehorn

I think it is simple. Look at the ad dollars NBC and other major networks receive from major oil companies (Exxon, BP, Shell, etc) as well as major car companies which currently make products that burn gasoline. This is why the problem although obvious is so hard to solve in a society focused cheifly on business and making more money today!

Melvin Almond

Mr Pickens When you started airing your plan you said we need, leadership. In your latest step you said, drill, drill, but the debate missing the point, we will still be dependant on foreign oil. This goes back to your first point, leadership. I have for some time have been trying to understand our, leadership ( Legislators ). I have heard them, over time always blame the sitting president. It seems to me that our leadership problem is congress and the senate more that the sitting president, regardless of party affiliation. The fact that it is taking someone from the private sector, like your self, to do their job is beyond me. With our oil usage such as it is and our reserves such as they are, one would think our lawmakers could figure out what the problem is and find a solution. When one is part of the problem, well i guess you understand. You have undertook a daunting job. Good luck, you are going to need it. I have and will again e-mail my legislators asking ( telling ) them to get behind your plan. Copy to Congressman Joe Wilson, Senator Graham and DeMint

Anne Hammond

We need all different kinds of alternative energy. NBC should be pushing them all. The sooner we start the more independent we will become. Thanks for getting us started.

Vicki H.

It's good information that the American people should know about. I think the video should be longer than 10 seconds! I thnk you should have a link on the website to sign a Petition for us to sign to send to NBC to insist they run the ad.


Great Work. I hope we are on the way to changing the direction toward sustainability.

Dean Schlais

I'd like to see the evidence of their natural gas vehicle development. If this can be factually substantiated then it should be given significant media attention. Certainly beyond the limited scope of NBC. If true, it could be an indication of just how much oil there isn't in the dessert.

Peter Jung

I first heard that Iran was using natural gas to power vehicles rather than oil on CNBC. If they're willing to report on it, why won't they run an ad that brings it to light?

Bob Porter

NBC long ago became irrelevant. No one who cares watches it anyway.

ellen mcnulty

The only reason NBC would refuse to show the ad (that I can think of) is that they are in the pocket of big oil. Great spot, and more people need to be focused on getting the word out. The lack of innovation in this market sector is poor, and the PIckens Plan should be commended for cornering this innovation niche.

John Ehret

I know you realize that the major networks,abc,nbc

Jay Anderson

I would love to email NBC and tell them to air the add...but I cannot find an appropriate email to do so. Please post NBC's email address.

Roger Lemmon

This is just more proof that the government and the media are in cahoots with each other in this country, no matter what they claim. This ad should be all over the internet in no time! with the help of all of us!

Mark D Lewis

Put it up on Youtube. It will get more viewers than standard broadcast television although it's difficult to nail down the target demographic on Youtube.

Tom Fuchs

Lets all quit watching NBC. Who needs them anyway??? There must be better stations to deal with... PBS

tom Kuchnicki

It really doesn't matter about the add because "the plan won't work". It is impratical to even think about converting existing vehicles to operate on natual Gas. For Instance; Where and how would you mount the high pressure gas storage vessels? How would you convert the gasoline fuel system to a natural gas system? Where would you purchase fuel? Does Pickins realize the natural gas that feeds our homes is not suitable for vehicle use? Current natural gas is sold on BTU content with no regard to fuel Octane. Octane can vary from 75 to 110. Manufactures have offered natural gas vehicles to the public for years with very few takers. No one wants to run around in a vehicle with high pressure gas containers on board. With natural gas ther is no such thing as a quick fill-up. WHY? Because as you are rapidly filling the tank, the gas heats up and you end up with a 65 %to 85% fill. The natural gas reserves in the USA contain "Very Dirty" natural gas. The cost to clean the gas and dispose of the sulfer and other contaminates make the gas very expensive and non- competitive with gasoline, and we haven't even touched on infrastructure problems.

Tammie Duggan

BIO-DIESEL AND ETHANOL because: 1. the infrastructure is in place. It can be delivered stored and pumped from any existing gas station with little or no modifications. 2. It is a renewable form of energy 3. No big start up costs for producers 4. It can be produced from a wide variety of organic materials 5. It will release all of us from being under the thumb of the oil companies and put money and resources back into the hands of hard working american farmers and producers. 6. Your existing vehicle can be converted easily and inexpensively. This is important. Really really important for all of us. Why not NG? 1. It is produced by the same folks gouging you at the gas pumps. 2. It is subject to weather conditions ...just like we are seeing with Gustav. 3. You would have to purchase a new NG car or try to use costly converstion kit. 4. No infrastructure for stations. If you did want to build a station the cost is astronomical and government restrictions would make the cost of NG..too much. 5. It is too far away to be a bridge to anywhere. Bio-diesel and ethanol is here now. It is ready to go. Conversions of existing vehicles are easy to do and inexpensive. That story about corn and starving the world is propaganda. There are many plants that will deliver ethanol and bio-diesel and some of these plants can be grown in areas that will not support food crops. So give me a break.......with the sucker syndrome. Geroge Hull said..."There is a sucker born every minute." I quote this because history in its twisted way gives this quote to PT Barnum and that is not true yet many think it is truth. Stop being suckers for big money companies.


To hell with NBC and all the other news stations. That is part of the prob why America is falling behind in all areas of production! Why rely on corrupt news stations and corrupt Government.. . Getreal people to pitch your plan people that actually care., Like Ralph, Nader Michael Moore, Forbes, Gore, Clinton Carter. and yes ven Bill Maher! No one will listen to those that have a gain to make from this. Please!! Mr. Pickens don't give up! don't let "them" get to you..

Jim lotito

i think T. boonE's plan will work. I want to do it now. Here's what I found. The EPA is in the way. They make it very expenvive and difficult to convert YOUR VEFHICLEto CNG. They also make it impossible for refueling stations to get the necessry permits and have put into place through local building codes restrictions that would allow the instalation of home refueling units. Many posts here are hung up on the democrat talking points that make Big oil the problem.It is the EPA an all the government regulations

Ann Marini

We need vehicles run on natural gas NOW. This video needs to be sent to every cable news network in the US. If NBC doesn't want to air it, let all of the other networks air it and put NBC to shame for not doing so.

Greg Dunham

I continue to be disgusted with these Left-wing media sources, like NBC, MSNBC, and many newspapers. With the way the economy is today, including reduced ad-spending, it is amazing to me that NBC - maybe even General Electric (their parent company) is willing to pass up paid-for, POSITIVE energy policy advertising for a political agenda. Sickening. Greg


Well, is it true that we are not doing ANYTHING? If there is evidence of any effort/research toward running cars on natural gas, then the ad is not accurate, and NBC is not going to stake its integrity on a false claim. I agree with everyone who is urging Pickens to change "anything" to "not enough", OR provide evidence that NOTHING whatsoever is being done in the United States. It's a no brainer as far as I can tell.

Jerry Zacharias

Sounds like standard fare for NBC. Try another TV channel and maybe they will take notice. The U.S. should be pushing gas powered vehicles. We have been using them in the corridors of the Pentagon for years and they work well. Not quite the gas mileage from gasoline, but it's better than using foreign oil. Jerry

Steve Bergman

Tom, we are not talking about converting your car. We are talking about replacing trucks, and fleet vehicles, which already fuel at designated base stations, with new CNG fueled models over time. Not retrofits. (Although people *do* retrofit their vehicles; Pickup trucks are particularly well suited to it.) People are using residential NG, with very satisfactory results, to fuel their cars right now. Mr. Pickens himself owns a Honda Civic GX and fuels it in exactly that way in his garage, so you might have a hard time convincing him that it won't work. And when he leaves his garage, he always has a full tank. Can you say that about your (likely) gasoline powered car? Doing some research before making claims might save you some embarrassment in the future.

Margaret Higginbotham

I have one to add to this blog. Did you know our own government uses Natural gas to fuel the government vehicals. Our own government won't put up with paying over 4 dollars a gallon but they expect us to. The media should know how important this issue is to our way of life.

Steaphany Waelder

Press, the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis, has an article on this very subject:

Kenneth Seigler

A few thousand emails should get their attention. Email This Video Link along With Your Comments: To: Or:

robert mcvicar

i think IRAN must import gasoline is the reason, not to ship more oil they cant refine anyway bob mcvicar

Bob Lehrer

Great ad. You are doing a great job Mr. Pickens. Keep it up and we will be behind. We NEED to change our dependence on oil.

Cary Carruolo

Utterly ridiculess. I want flex cars now.

Laurence E. Gibbs

I have added this to my website's "The Envioron-Mental Report" at and I am appalled at the total lack of action within our own Government to implement the amazing renewable and eco-friendly technologies we have available from some of the most innovative people we have in this country. I am saddened that we have had 12 years of noting but the selling out of our Military, our Citizens and of our country...we all deserve so much better and I am inspired by Mr. Pickens choice to stand up and use his resources to bring all of us who care about our country, our children and our future together and help put an end to this insanity.


NBC shoukl be reporting news. The fact that Iran is converting to natural gas IS news. NBC should not be making US foreign policy decisions! No rational thinking American is going to miss the peacock when it folds its tail.

Janice Rountree

PLEASE keep up the excellent, stimulating work, Mr. Pickens. We are so proud of you and are ready to go to work. You are the stone, the ripple, the wave and the spine strengthener we have waited for!

Eric Johnson

You know the Iranians have to be laughing at us. Why is a third world nation getting it and we are not. Why do we give this terrorist nation our money?


Mr. Pickens - you are the man! Thankfully someone with wealth, power, and oil money is actually doing something to curb oil usage. READERS: TELL YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS ABOUT PICKENS PLAN!

Dave Swearingin

T. Boone was behind the swift boat ads???? Cool, another good reason to back him!

Chris Miller

Why did we get this "personal note" again? It was posted above how on the 27th how this is NO LONGER an issue "NBC approves Pickens' "Iran" ad after complaint" ... I don't get how this "new" call to action is beneficial.


i love your plan. NBC needs to allow feedom of speech. go McCain


Europe has had cars running on natural gas for decades. It seems to me that creating new jobs thru the invention and implementation of new sources of energy will stimuate the economy and lower our spending of billions in the middle east. It's as Al Gore said, mirroring Pickens; Borrow from China, spend that borrowed money for oil in the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Only Obama will do this. No matter what your political party affiliation, this is a people issue, not a political one. McCain thinks drilling the is the answer, it is not.

Michael Vallez

Boone, Get over it. Just because we like your wind energy plan, does not make us part of your personal natural gas "army". We are not Iran, nor do we have anything like Irans gas resource. Get real. Mike


I can't understand a television station not willing to run paid-for ads. I mean they advertise everything from panty-liners to bug spray. And why NOT have gas-powered cars? We need all the alternative energy we can get!

Mitchell S Bell

We do have the NG supply and we should being doing something to change on dependences on foreign oil. Besides, if they can do it, we should be able to do it better!

Steve Wiley

It is my fondest hope the the people of our nation will stand together on this issue and stop funding terrorism, profiteering, and who knows what else. For the good of the planet and our pocket books let us all do what we can. This is a great idea. Steve


I like the ad, but you should back it up with facts. The two things I want to see with the ad are: #1 -- what is the independent news source / story that has confirmed Iran plans on switching cars to natural gas. #2. -- What percentage of cars in the USA are currently running on natural gas. There are some cars but I am highly suspecting it is less than 1%. You have a great message -- the facts will only strengthen your message.

Jeff Kimball

Anyone who doesn`t believe natural gas in cars will work in America should visit Utah. My family has 2 NGVs that both go over 200 miles for less than $8


All you have to do is change the statement "We're doing nothing here." to a question "What are we doing here?" Seems simple enough to me.

Michael Vallez

Boone, Comparing us with Iran is like apples and oranges. You are showing some stripes here which is going to dilute your message about wind energy. I am going to spank you now! Iran does not have wind energy like we do. Wind energy which can charge batteries in PHEV's. All the auto makers are gearing up to produce plug in vehicles. A natural gas car will NEVER compete with a plug in. Never! I realize that you own a company related to natural gas for cars, but do you really want to hook us on natural gas, yet another foreign source of fuel? Get over it. Mike


from Iranian and Canadian , are you crazy to buy oil from us and cry for oil and gas over and over and make Iranian mullahs rich to go and look after nuclear bomb....look out and find new way of energy please to no longer send troop in Iraq or have expensive cost of the living because of gas price , this is easy and low cost . to create new source of energy and safe with no pollution.

Roland E. Otte

I hate the thought of not watching CNBC, but, I'm done watching them. I may even sell my GE stock. Someone in that NBC hierarchy has a real problem. REO. Indiana

Paul Torraco

I agree w/ Wiley, Bruce Feher, Integrity, K. Laborde, Bob Smith, Allen R. Schrieber, Expose Activist and all the rest who stated similiar comments. BUT were my eyes decieving me when T Bonne is showed in one of his ads filling his NG car from HIS HOME. Am I being naive in thinking that the infrastucture IS in place at 99% of homes and apartment compexes to fill your NG car?? On another note please T Boone expand your campiagn to include HYDROGEN FUEL CELL POWERED vehicles w/ a by product of water as well as all the other even more eco friendly power alternatives. Your huge ownership of NG supplies is a little disconcerting and makes you appear to be selfishly motivated. I could be wrong! Also T Boone are you really responsible for airing the SWIFT BOAT ADS? IF you are then I call on all of the T BOONE "soldiers" of which I became one in breaking away and starting a new revolutionary army. I call on SCOTT P. WALKER (From Above Comment at 8:28) to help in building a web site for us to rally at. THAT IS IF THE SWIFTBOAT AD IS TRUE! Paul Torraco in California

Michael Vallez

Boone, I think that you are getting desparate now. When you first invested in Clean Energy Fuels, your natural gas vehicle company, the big automakers were not developing high performance battery plug in vehicles..... Times are changing. I cannot understand how you can be so enlightened on wind energy, and not "get it" on plug in vehicles. Do you not read the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times?,0,2980323.story Why don't you sell Clean Energy Fuels to the Iranians? Maybe they are buying! Mike


NBC needs to get Real!! Perhaps the advertisers on NBC should be informed of our displeasure!!


When I read here that T. Boone Pickens contributed to the Swift Boat Vetrans ads that helped get Bush elected, I was dumbfounded. Knowing now what sad and incompetant energy policy that went along with that election, I certainly hope he's sorry he did. One can't know if it would have been better with Kerry in office, however, I'm having second thoughts now about Pickens' agenda. What else is he pushing for? I do have this to say about nuclear energy (for Iran or anywhere else). It is NOT renewable, as many would have us believe. Uranium is a limited resource, just as is oil. Oh, and let's not forget those spent fuel rods either. Their half-life is a lot longer than any of ours.

Thomas E. Dalton

I'll vote for president the guy that sounds the most like T. Boone Pickens. Without cheaper energy, we'll go the way of the Roman Empire.

Michael Vallez

Boone, You are doing something smart with wind. But, you are trying to prey on the lack of knowledge in the populace on natural gas. Shame on you. This push on natural gas will take you down in my humble opinion. Mike

Susan Cogar

Does anyone know why NBC didn't want to run the ad. What does it mean "doing a thing" I love that someone is issuing a plan. I don't want to get on board something that is not really good for our nation. Pickens being part of the Swift Boat ads concerns me but I want to like his plan. Don't know what to think. Help. Another Susan

Michael Vallez

Boone, Iran has 19% of the worlds natural gas reserves, and we have 4%. Check the facts: Iran has 69 million people, we have 301 million. You cannot start to manipulate the facts and manipulate your "army" without paying a price. I will spank you every time. Mike

Ron Welch

NBC is in the pocket of enviromentist, and the Democrats. G.E. and NBC do not have our best intrest in mind.

Cal Smith

NBC asking us to PROVE that “we’re not doing a thing here” is correct. "We’re not doing a thing here." is sloppy talk to which we ought not to stoop in this debate. We're not doing enough. We're not doing much. But we are also NOT "not doing a thing here." Word it correctly. Don't open us up to that kind of criticism, Boone. It's just distracting.

Jeff Kimball

Electric cars will be cool WHEN electricity is not generated by burning KING coal. Compressed natural gas is an inexpensive a much cleaner alternative to gasoline . CNG is working brilliantly for me


What has happened to freedom of speach? Does NBC not believe in the right of brodcasting the ideas and opinions of all. Perhaps they only broadcast the news that makes for more profit. It sounds like pure and simple predujice. Time for me to change my favorite stations. All this is is another country trying to limit the amount of polution going into the atmosphere, as sweeden, iceland, and one other have done. They are totally free of any use of oil, ans so should we. I wonder who is influencing NBC, to make such a rediculous decision. Could it be that they are afraid of losing advertising from the oil companies. This is another example of how greed comes before what's best for the people and our country. It makes me sick. Howard Steger Birmingham, Alabama

Jeff Kimball

Great thing about natural gas is if we run out we can always make more

Philip E Shepherd

T Boone, You need to tell the public some what ifs? Example: What if we could lower the price of gas to $1.50 per gallon? What if we could make the foreign oil companies squirm at the use of American oil? What if we could take control of our own destiny again? ETC......

Sue Pickens

ok people we need to focus not on political crap. we do how ever have to really focus on trying not do depend on any oil or gas. wind is the way to go also solar is too. we have lots of both. i don't know about anyone else here but I'm tired of paying so darn much filling up my car and soon my gas bills at home is going to sky rocket. we need to get another plan going so we don't rely on others which will cost us. i do support and desire a change some how to make the common folk not have to pay so darn much to live. this is for our family's future sue p

George T. Brockman

NBC is owned by GE. GE is doing billions in business in Iran. It's always about the money.

Kenneth Bland

Good information, great ad. Who needs NBC anyway??!!.. NBC is just more-of-the-same - self-interest/agenda driven, big media with sinking viewer ratings and ad revenues...

Pamela Boyd

Go to this site and read what the Washington Post wrote months ago. Ahmadinejad has already launched an energy-independence program designed to shift Iran's transportation system from gasoline to natural gas. What is NBC afraid of?


The add is direct and effective, too bad NBC doesn't care What happens to America. It just goes to show you who is really running the show here in America. I'll just have to boycott NBC's sponsers. They lose!

Jeff McCall

Its just a shame that Big(ger) Oil can dictate what goes out or the advertisers are afraid that the present Oil entities will stop feathering their bed. Mr Pickens...may I suggest we just buy CBS and NBC and then we won't have that problem.

Chris R.

I'm sorry, but the natural gas part of the plan is completely stupid. I agree completely with the solar and wind parts of it, but we should be promoting electric cars instead of natural gas cars since less new infrastructure is involved and the electricity can be generated from multiple sources whereas natural gas keeps us using fossil fuels. Therefore, I don't really care about this natural gas-centric ad not being aired by NBC/GE.


Kudos to the Picken's plan for getting the ball rolling, but let's not get carried away with converting private cars to natural gas, T.Boone knows that natural gas is only a bridge to buy us time. Natural gas is probably best suited for short hall buses and trucks, and possible some DPW vehicles. Natural gas will also go the way of oil if exploited. It is not a renewable. The trick is to decentralize energy. Electrical vehicles are the most efficient and the most flexible. Electricity can be made by almost any fuel including renewables. Wind turbines for the wind corridor and solar turbines for our desert are the way to go. Here is one that doesn't get much mention...... Regards Sedan2

Rob Guthrie

Good to see NBC sees the light! Here's a new public transportation system that will not only reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but our consumption of energy altogether. Although it's public, it's private in that the vehicles only carry a maximum of two people at a time. And the vehicles can cruise efficiently at 100 miles per hour. At that speed, the vehicles can travel roughly 500 miles on the equivalent of one gallon of gas. Here is the company's Web site: As you will see, this is not a train. The idea is to install enough guideways to create a grid that will take passengers to within 1/4 and 1/2 mile of ANY metropolitan destination. There is a YouTube link containing a segment from a Los Angeles newscast that illustrates how the system works. The technology is slated to be certified by NASA in summer of 2009. A test system is being built at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. If it works, it will likely solve most of our public AND private transportation issues in a fairly short time. George Jetson, watch out!

Donald W. Roudebush

What kind of people are running NBC? This is soft as you could get about our stupidity of continuing to use gasoline when natural gas is so abundant. .

Pamela Boyd

Go to and voice your protest. There is nothing political about this. Take a stand for our country. Again, Ahmadinejad has already launched an energy-independence program designed to shift Iran's transportation system from gasoline to natural gas. R/ Pamela Boyd

Lewis German

I think you shoud sue NBC.

Paul Torraco

I would also like to add to my comments of 8/31/08 at 11:41 that last week I put $50 in gas in my tank for the first time in 4 1/2 months and only the second time this year and I fully expect that $50 dollars to take me to 2009. I RIDE MY BICYCLE EVERYWHERE!! Bought a big wicker basket and a rear carrier for it for groceries. When I can't ride my bike public transportation is my next choice. Having neighbors do some shopping for me, while they are at it, is another usefull tactic. AND HOW ABOUT CAR POOLING? SEEMS THAT IS LOST IN THE SAUCE! I refuse to give into the filthy dirty black oil blackmail and am committed to do everthing I can not to give into that. PLease people take a hard look at your carbon footprint and join me in doing everything humanly possible as individuals to reduce it. We all have to reduce our carbon footprint and there are many things we can do RIGHT NOW to that end. Think before starting that car. And if you really have to start that car put an egg between your foot and the gas pedal! Paul in CA

John B

Well, no wonder NBC doesn't want to run the ad ! Seeing that their parent company, GE, does business with Iran...............

brian bloomer

Wait! Faux News will air it but NBC won't!? There is something very wrong here.

robert wall


Charles (Chuck) Riffe

I believe that this spot will enlighten the people of not only our great country, but of others as well. A coropration that does not want to share truth is a corporation hiding something. I enjoy working with the wind energy projects and meeting all those involved and the local people as well.

brian bloomer

P.S. Latest comments should be on top NOT at the bottom. Thanks


Reword it to 'not doing enough' and see if NBC still refuses The problem? NBC wants us to PROVE that “we’re not doing a thing here.”


Media should not restrict opinons of Americans. Freedom of speech is essential to the freedom of the USA!!!! I protest this supression!!!


Wouldn't it be loverly to have public transportation available everywhere? The baby boomers are going to get old (doesn't everybody?) and they will no longer be able (or at least capable) of driving safely at some point. If our society has done nothing so far to prepare for those times, then at least they should do this - push for more and better public transportation. Not only would cheap and (most of all) available public transportation be good for the elderly, but it would also be good for our consumption of petroleum products. I don't have public transportation available for my entire commute, but I do catch the commuter train, and that cuts my gas consumption in half. It not only helps my budget tremendously, but it gives me time to knit, crochet, read, daydream, or even doze both to and from work. That's time for myself that I didn't have before. Oh, let's not forget all that stress from driving on the freeway with all those crazy people. It's gone.

Philip W. (Phil) Hyatt

Get your facts straight! Iran is switching because it has a refinery problem. It can only meet half of its domestic needs for gasoline. The rest must be imported. They are shifting for national security reasons, not because they want to sell us $120 per barrel crude oil. Source:

Michael Vallez

THIS ONE MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A BAFOON! Boone, Trust me, NBC was doing you a favor. Your support for natural gas vehicles makes you look like a bafoon, a lacky of Chesapeake Energy, and erases all of the credibility you have built up thus far! Mike

Jeff Kimball

CNG works brilliantly for my family


This makes sense... NBC's parent company GE has no stake in the natural gas game... their loyaltys lie with only in solar and wind. The higher oil prices are the mere money they recieve to develop their technoligys.

Michael Shirey

I'm very disappointed with NBC. This is not the first GE and NBC have pulled a bone-headed stunt. That's why if I want real news, I watch Fox News, it's the only real news station. Give 'em hell, T. Boon. Michael Shirey

john smith

NBC is a mouthpiece for the far left liberals, don't give money to them anyway for airtime, keep them out of the loop altogether.

Mark Stern

As someone with a mechanical and environmental engineering degree, I am totally in favor of anything that reduces our dependence on gasoline. I took part in the first Earth day back in 1970 as a college student and I have been recycling for over 30 years. I have no preference over electric or LNG cars. But it is not as simple as just building new cars or converter kits. One big advantage of gasoline powered cars is that there are a ton of gas stations where we can fill up our cars and get that done in a short amount of time. That is why hybrids and ethanol are being pushed as the first early alternative. If we go to electric cars, we would need to build a new power grid to deliver enough electricity to everyone's home so those cars could be recharged. And since we want to provide 20% of our energy from wind turbines, we will need to build that new power grid for that anyhow. So what about ten million or more LNG powered cars. Wouldn't that be great. I'd be the first one to say yes about how we are making progress. But without raining on anyone's parade, Houston we may have a problem. How are we going to fill up the tens of millions of cars we want to run on LNG? I just checked the website ( and looked at the western states of Washington (my home), Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Neveda , Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. There is not a single LNG filling station open to the public in any of those 8 states. Sure, you can just say that people can get a home filling kit. But it can take 16 hours to fill up (and with a range of 200 to 250 miles instead of 400 to 450 miles with regular gasoline), people will fill up more often. What happens to the vast majority of cars that are not parked in a garage? Do we want thousands of cars connected to LNG hoses all night long while they are parked on the street or in apartment complexes? With falling house values and the difficulty of getting new home equity loans (most HELOC line of credit have been shut off) from the banks, who can afford to have their garage floor or walls ripped up in order to put in gas lines. And that is assuming their house is connected to natural gas. In Washington state, way less than 1/4 of the homes have a natural gas line. Sure, some people already are using LNG for their private cars. But we are not going to solve this problem with 1/10 of 1 percent of the cars on the road using LNG. We would need to get 50 to 80 percent of the cars using LNG. So we would need a massive infrastructure in order to provide refueling for LNG powered cars. Who is going to provide that capability? How many people are willing to spend an hour at a fueling station to get refueled? (assume time for waiting as well as filling up). Will the oil companies that own today's service stations spend millions of dollars on each station to put in LNG pumps? And would they do that knowing that our national goal would be to replace both gasoline and LNG cars within 10 years with something even cleaner like fuel cells? Would you spend that much money? Would you still buy LNG if the cost tripled? Yes, would you pay $4 to $5 a gallon for LNG if that is what it would take to justify the investment the big oil companies would have to make to make LNG available to the masses for our cars. Would you pay as much or more for LNG if it got us off oil and gasoline? Will you do whatever it takes, pay whatever it takes to break the stranglehood of gasoline - both domestic and foreign companies. Or are you just complaining because of the current cost of gasoline? If someone gave you cheaper gasoline ($3 a gallon), would you use it or LNG if the LNG cost $4 a gallon? Because that is what it might have to cost in order to get the infrastructure in place to deliver enough LNG to enough cars to make any real change. If we are going to solve this problem - and we must if we want to continue as a nation the world looks to - then we will need to solve all the delivery problems. And we will need to rise above our petty political differences. Here is news to you, most people are biased. Most people are so used to their bias that they don't see the other guys. Everyone wears rose colored glasses. One last thing, in case you haven't figured it out yet, NBC is pro democratic party and FOX is pro republican party. NBC will push whatever DNC candidate and FOX will push whatever RNC candidate. We need to get beyond both NBC and FOX and think not as red or blue Americans, but as United Americans. Or we will surely fail as a nation. The democrates can't solve our energy problems. And the republicans can't solve our energy problems. Only democrats and republicans who consider themselves Americans first and second and third and think of themselves as democrats or republicans fourth can solve our energy problem. So stop trying to inject politics into this and grow up before it is too late. No matter who wins, it will take all of us after the election to make our country energy independent and efficient unless you want to flood 45 percent of the American population. And just in case you are wondering, I loved President Reagan and worked for him, but I hate President Bush, the son who in my opinion is one of the worst presidents we have had in over 100 years.

Steve Bergman

Michael Vallez, you need to get your facts straight about just what the Pickens Plan actually is. Many of the criticisms which I see in these forums are due to misunderstanding of the plan. The goal is not to replace everybody's car with CNG. It is to replace trucks and fleet vehicles which already fuel at central bases or other designated locations, and which are unsuitable for technologies like plugin hybrids. I do not expect to see plug in hybrid tractor-trailers, package service delivery trucks, local or long distance buses, etc. any time soon. Even the work loads of taxis would be unsuitable for the foreseeable future. But CNG would work quite well in these applications. Remember that the goal is to replace the NG used in electric production with wind, and then transfer that to transportation. The amount of NG involved dove-tails rather well with the 30% of our transportation fuel total which goes to these applications. Also, NG not an end goal of the plan, in itself. It is a stepping stone which buys some time for totally renewable technologies to mature which would eventually completely replace it in these truck and fleet applications. It absolutely does not preclude plugin hybrid personal cars gaining popularity. In fact, if they do well in their relevant markets in the next few years, that actually puts us ahead with respect to the plan. There are many more misconceptions that people have about this plan. Please take the time to actually study it. Please do not just read the executive summary and then make post after post after post after post demonstrating that you did not do your homework.

Beth Miller

Let NBC either start showing your ad or ALL of us will stop watching ANY AND ALL affiliates of NBC. Stick with Fox News! Don't give up the fight!

Tom DeLay

I wonder if our troops in Iraq should be outfitted with some vehicles that can also use an alternate fuel.

Michael Vallez

Steve Bergman, "We can switch our cars to natural gas, and stop sending our dollars to foreign countries." -T Boone Pickens- I have done my homework on the Pickens plan, and Boone is shooting himself in the foot in my opinion. This statement by Boone is another example of smoke and mirrors. We cannot "switch our cars to natural gas, and stop sending our dollars to foreign countries." But that is what Boone is telling people in his 15 second spot. The last thing we need is to replace our oil dependence on inported LNG dependence. But that would be the result if the public were to believe and act on what he is saying, regardless of what the formal plan says.......... Mike

Chuck Daringer

The circumstance where NBC dictates what can and cannot be discussed, really seems to me a reason why Pickens Plan website is needed. There is a grass roots thats saying no to the US auto makers, but the ad dollars are still making NBC cling to their traditional income source. I suggest detroit spend less on TV spot ads and start making cars that people want.

Stephi C. Varjan

Dear Boone! The "Big Interests" strike again! But don't worry, some of us actually are paying attention. The Internet is bigger, faster and smarter than any TV network! Oh, did I mention cheaper? When will we all wake up? Europe isn't the only one sleeping or in denial. Thanks NBC, Now we know who our friends are! Stephi Varjan

harry, smurfman, stokes


Edwin L. McCampbell, M.D.

Please don't stop trying to get your advertisement run, Mr. Pickens. Our family endorses your plan. We are also becoming increasingly disappointed with the left-wing, anti-American positions NBC has taken recently, as evidenced by their refusal to run your ad and their unabashed support of Barack Obama and their obvious bias against John McCain. I used to rely on NBC for objective presentations of information. Several of my family members have worked in prominent positions within the network. Now I fear the organization is simply becoming a propaganda vehicle for leftwing causes. I don't believe in boycotts, but unless they change their policies I will simply stop watching their programs. The McCampbell Family

Lorrie Lee

99% of these comments are very informative. I have reached the conclusion that NBC should be boycotted, first by not watching it and, secondly, by boycotting GE products. NBC is too powerful and it is probably the only kind of "reason" they will listen to.

Del Pittman

Does NBC have an agenda or a plan of their own? Perhaps your plan is too simple for them. This is what happens when people with a slide rule mentality(let's disect this and present our version of why it will fail) don't understand simple math. Del Pittman

Judith Schwartz

Why didn't NBC want to air the ad? Do they have something against cheaper energy?

Michael Vallez

ONCE A RAIDER, ALWAYS A RAIDER People, don't forget that Boone Pickens make his fortune as a corporate raider. He plays by the rules, but bends them enough to win. If you swallow everything he says, hook line and sinker, you are being used like a pawn. I agree with the sustainable wind energy portion of his "plan", but when he says we can switch our cars to natural gas AND stop sending our dollars overseas, he is full of BS. We only have 4% of the worlds natural gas reserves, while Iran has 19%. Comparing the US to Iran makes Boon look like an idiot. Sure, lets convert our cars to natural gas too, then we can import LNG from Iran! Mike

Michael Vallez


Elvis Gomez

And the shame is that during one of those Sunday Night Football games this past season, they were having a "GREEN NIGHT" the entire game.....The NBC studio was literally dark (Bob costas and company were promoting that green night)....But of course, they are too good to show this 16 seconds ad.........Non-sense NBC! Wait, of course, Im forgetting about GE having its hands behind all this!!!!!

Cheyrl Velten

I have not watched NBC in close to a year. They are so one sided it is pathetic. NBC does not believe in the right of broadcasting the opinions of all. They just want to keep the junkie hooked up to the gas flow. Follow the money trail and you will see the light.

Susan Gow

Let's all push ahead with the Pickens Plan - we need NBC and all major stations on board with us to free our nation and move ahead with pride!

Louis Porga

I will not watch NBC and not by GE product, and wll urge all my friends to do the same.


I Think with so many celebrities and high-powered-political-figures working on the issue of changing to natural gas;it will be accomplished.i bet my next car will be natural energy car,because when all the people put they're minds together-they really do make is rare that they do this,because most of the time they agree to disagree;but this time i feel something will be done to change cars/and i am eagerly awaiting what the 'new' cars will look like. if you would like to purchase something please look up on your web-browser and type in the name MISSY0666 into the member's search and you will find some old-fashioned items,hand-made like each american car that my father manufactured @GM in the 80's-90's and into the early part of 2000,as a U.S. AUTO-MAKER. i am a struggling artist from the auto-mobile capitol of the world-FLINT,MICHIGAN.luckily my family got out of the dying industrial town into our retirement home3 in cheboygan,MICHIGAN;about 3 1/2 hrs. north of flint.the gm factory has officially shut down,so i am left wondering,as a 26year old-what about my future?i know we are going to move past fossil fuels;but will china make those cars too?i wish auto-motive industry would come back to MICHIGAN,where the home of the automobile is-and should stay!please write your congressman and tell him/her to revive michigan's slumping auto-economy,and bring jobs to all of us-patiently waiting for our future in the auto factory;making the big-bucks like all of our parents who are now retired and did'nt make enough to support us for the rest of our lives too-because as children of these families-we need to make our future too.BRING BACK AUTO-MAKING TO MICHIGAN.HOPEFULLY NATURAL GAS CARS WILL BRING 'HOME' THE AUTO-MAKING INDUSTRY WHERE IT BELONGS;THE U.S.A.!

Steve Bergman

Michael Vallez, you cannot gain enough of an understanding to discuss this subject intelligently by analyzing a 15 second TV spot. The 15 second format makes it a bit difficult to pack in a lot of detail. You really need to learn about what it is you are attacking. Because not doing so is making you look rather foolish. You also need to look into current US NG reserves. Particularly the increases based upon the newish shale technologies. And remember that the plan does not necessarily call for an increase in NG consumption because we would be transferring it from electric generation to transportation, replacing it with wind. But let me ask you this. And I do insist upon an answer. What power source *do* you think that we should use in the tractor-trailers, buses, delivery trucks, dump trucks, sanitation trucks, and other commercial vehicles which make our economy function and consume 30% of our transportation fuel resources? But I warn you... if you say plugin hybrid or fuel cell, you will be confirming yourself as a fool. So what is your answer, genius?

Jim Cavello

Michael Vallez is a fool.

Joseph C Callahan

The ad is perfectly correct. Forget NBC. They have the head up their butt. Run the ad on other outlets. We'll get the message out - in fact we are. T. Boone - keep up the great work -great effort Joe Callahan

Michael Vallez

----"SWIFTBOATING" NBC---- Boone Pickens was a major supporter of the "Swiftboat Crew" that sank a candidate in our last Presidential election. Now, he is using the same kind of tactics against NBC, or anyone who gets in the way of his personal he wants US to bail him out of the bad investment in natural gas vehicles. I signed on to the Pickens team because he expressed a desire to help America. Pickens' stubborn clinging to a losing bet on natural gas transportation has completely shaken my support. ONCE A CORPORATE RAIDER, NOW PICKENS WANTS TO PICK OUR POCKETS. Mike

Michael Vallez

HISTORY will tell what fuel will be used for truck transportation. But I can guarantee you, converting the fleet to natural gas in the US will not reduce our dependence on foreign natural gas. Any publicly funded shift to natural gas fuel vehicles, through tax credits or otherwise, would be a very foolish and dead end trip for the US taxpayer and US economy. Richard Branson is betting on biodiesel from algae: Mike

Michael Vallez

INFORMATION ON ALGAE BIOFUELS Learn about the true future of sustainable transporation fuels before you become a pawn in Pickens personal "army". Algae based biofuels do not compte with the food chain, are perpetually sustainable. Boone says that we are doing "nothing" about the fuel situation. What does he call the activities of 15 start up companies, and scores of scientists and economists producing biofuels from algae? Mike

Steve Bergman

Michael Vallez. Please cut the ad hominems. I have strongly disliked the attitudes and policies of Republicans and conservatives all my adult life. And I condemn Swift Boat. But I can put that aside, which is a difficult, not to mention unusual, thing for me to do. And I can do it because, after watching and waiting for 34 years (I was 11 in 1974 when I first realized the energy problems we face), this energy plan is the most logical, pragmatic, and above all, doable plan I have yet seen. It uses technologies which are proven and in daily use right now. If we ever have a break-through in, say, cellulosic ethanol production, I would be hopeful for that, too. But that technology is not here, and may not be for years. Brazilian sugar cane ethanol might hold some promise if we were willing to drop the hefty tariff. But that would kill our far less efficient corn ethanol industry, with both being rather dubious from an environmental standpoint. Not to mention problems of supply volume. We are going to start seeing plug in electric cars in the next few years and they will hopefully be popular, which means we may need some more wind turbines. I have no doubt that all of these things will play a part. But NG is a proven technology, cleaner than biofuels, that is here now and can power vehicles that would be unthinkable to power electrically in the foreseeable future. It would be very foolish, indeed, for us to fail to take advantage of that domestic resource.

Steve Bergman

Michael. When are your algae based biofuels going to be ready? Please give us a hard time table please. When will the Great Pumpkin rise out of the pumpkin patch, Michael? And what will be our energy situation when it does?

Michael Vallez

Steve Bergman. I ask you the same questions. When will 20% of our electricity be produced by wind to "free up" the natural gas? Is some kind of natioinal law going to force state regulated utilities to make the switch? Look, I fully support a national electric transmission grid to carry wind and solar energy to markets. But as far as transporation goes, smart money is going to biofuels, from algae or other sources. Investing taxpayer money to support natural gas transportation would be like investing in buggy whips at the start of the auto age! There is virtually no natural gas infrastructure in the Northeast US. Would the trucks simply turn around when they get to that part of the country? Do you know anything about the natural gas pipeline system in the US? Please explain to me what the Pickens plan wants the taxpayers to do? In specific detail. How much will it cost? What will accomplish? If this is just for over the road trucking, then let the trucking industry make the change if it wants to. But Boone is telling people that our cars should be converted in his sound bites. He needs to realize that he is now in the public view, holding sway over public opinion with his statements. He needs to take a much more circumspect and responsible approach when it comes to natural gas. He has gained peoples trust, now he needs to use it responsibly, or he will get spanked. It is already happening in the press, so I know what I am talking about. I want his wind agenda to succeed, because it is where we need to go. But he had muddied it up with this natural gas transportation issue, and it weakens his message. Do you really believe the message that the API is pounding into the publics head.......... "60 million cars and 160 million homes for 60 years". This is just a red herring to distract people from the real solutions to our energy problems, which Boone is supporting. Just my opinion. Mike

Bengi Cowger

Now that NBC has allowed the Ad to play, we need an email address for them so that we can thank them for allowing the Ad to play in its original format so that they will be more likely to play Ads in the future pertaining to the Pickens' Plan.

Nathan A. Graham

You know T. Boone I really support what you are trying to do except the Nukes thing. I work in the Natural Gas Fields of Wyoming and would gladly quit the company I work for and work for you but there are no truly safe reactors, sooner or later they will fail. And as for the waste they produce, a 25,000 year half life is a very long time to keep something secure. One thought might be to work more on turning each individual home, where possible, into a self sufficient solar and wind, off grid home. That would free up a lot of the grid for your solar and wind plan to power industry and the other homes. I realize that as an oil man and BP man, that kind of thinking is counter to everything you have worked to do prior to your awakening of sorts, they really do just want something to sell us and you know that. The only reason they want it to continue to be oil is because it is cheap and they can control the price, start a war here and there and the price goes up. A smart business model I will admit but not very ethical. I have been pushing your idea to everyone in the oil field but they are brainwashed but the Republicans, but now that you are talking Natural Gas to power cars, more of them are starting to listen, job security and all. I will write NBC a letter or two and let them know America is interested in what you have to say.

Donald P. Muhl

I've already lost interest in NBC. During last few weeks of political coverage and energy cost problems, their support of negative comments has sicken my family. I believe they are losing viewers because of this. I want to see and learn current NEWS. I'm 100% with T. Boone Pickens and the energy solutions being presented. Glad to learn NBC backed down regarding your ad. Keep up the strong efforts and we (America) will turn our energy problem around. Talk is cheap and that's all I see from one political party. Action (past and current) is what I see from the other national political party. As I Life Member of NRA, I support preservation of our wildlands while promoting any/all energy solutions that due not impact on wildlife. I own land with gas wells on it and the deer, turkey and other wild game prosper just fine. Wind generators would be welcome. Let's get moving forward! DON

Ed Laurent

NBC has its own internal agenda just as Mr. Pickens and those of us who have joined his movement have as well. The IDEA OF USING NATURAL GAS IS GOOD, BUT DRILLING FOR NATURAL GAS IS JUST AS EXPENSIVE AS DRILLINFOR OIL, SAME EQUIPMENT IS USED! Their is an alternative that should be considered as well, syngas made from nuisance environmental waste solids such as confined CAFO hog, dairy, and chicken fecal waste,and non-dgested human waste.When properly dewatered before digestion, then gasified, Co H (syngas is formed) without dangers to our atmosphere(global warming) and protection of our ground water, rivers, lakes , and streams. Please view this web-site to get the picture of what I am trying to explain to all readers about this technology for believers in the Pickens Plan: This technology concept would help boost the Pickens Plan even further than his current message and goals.It provides proven technology readily available to accomplish the desired objectives and goals set forth in the Pickens Plan, plus others. Ed Laurent

Scott Johnson

I STRONGLY disagree with this part of the Pickens plan. One thing I haven't seen mentioned, is that if we power all cars to run on natural gas, this will just shoot natural gas prices through the roof as much as gas prices, and then all the people who heat their homes with natural gas won't be able to afford to turn on their furnace. We have had winters recently where natural gas shortages drove up prices that people on fixed incomes were forced to pay up to $500 a month just to keep from freezing to death! THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER, PEOPLE! In order to get independent from foreign oil, we need all avenues to power cars - electric, hybrids, hydrogen, biofuels, etc. so that no one industry can monopolize prices. Pickens plan has some good ideas, but all of us need to become energy independent by using solar and wind power to get away from the energy industry! Scott

Len Palmeri

Iran is to the USA as a drug dealer is to a crack addict. This will not change until America prepares for a complete embargo on foreign oil. To do that we must first switch to alternative fuel. With their decision to refuse airing this TV spot, NBC seems to be supporting Iran. NBC = No Balls Corporation. TV Channel Surfers of America: blow past NBC until they come to their senses. This is war !

Amy Read

Great Ad.

A. Gnue

NBC, MSNBC- GE is not concerned with our national interest. They would not offend shareholders by airing what should be a Public Service announcement. their action makes this add more powerful! Thanks for the Press NBC! J. Malone

Calvin Snider

This is an outstanding video. The people of this nation need to become aware of how important this issue is.

Janice Brown

I hope that we can keep the pressure on all of these self-serving corporations to change the way they have been doing business, as it pertains to the American people. We must make them understand that we will no longer go along with their being complacent and worse, not interested in what is best for our Country.

Steve Bergman

Michael, 20% of my electricity in Oklahoma City already comes from wind. OG and E, our electric utility, currently has 170MW of capacity and has been so pleased with the results that they are expanding that to 770MW. Another misconception that you seem to have is that the Pickens Plan somehow calls for forcing all of this. If you are unwilling to do much real research, then I suggest that you at least find the video of Mr. Pickens appearing before the congressional committee and listen to what he is actually asking government to do. It is mainly a matter of incentives to help this conversion happen faster. Wind energy already makes a great deal of economic sense to electric utilities here in the wind corridor, and we do have around 9 GW of capacity on line or shortly to be on line just within a few hundred miles of where I live. We have the potential to generate far, far more electricity than we need, and that would make great economic sense for the utilities involved. Also, do you *really* think that Mr. Pickens, a conservative republican (very much unlike me!) would be calling for heavy regulation, forcing businesses to do things? No. This is all about incentives. Mr. Pickens has been very explicit on the point that private industry must do the heavy lifting, and do it out of economic self-interest. Government can take steps to help it happen faster, to facilitate the changes, and to, at least, try not to get in the way. What you have posted about algae reads, essentially, like a collective press release by 15 start ups. And is a series of statements like "We've made 5 - 10 gallons of the stuff... but *will be* making gazillions of barrels." Or "we've succeeded in making some (no cost given) and are talking about a 40MW power station". Hey, Michael, I just baked a cake in my kitchen but I *will be* baking gazillions of them later for use in the 80MW power plant I'm *talking about* building in my back yard! Isn't that exciting? Wind is already a proven technology here in the wind corridor (and I am using it right now to compose this messge) although still underutilized. With 8 million NG powered vehicles already in use in the world (only about 140,000 in the US at this time) it is also a proven, but underutilized, resource and technology. I would be most pleased if your pond scum pans out one day. But it looks like exactly the sort of thing I used to read in Popular Science as a boy in 1974, 34 years ago, which sounded really exciting and "might be ready in a few years". Well, it's 2008, I'm 45, and I've watched as we've waited decades too long to act. We cannot afford to wait for your Great Pumpkin, however much you, personally, might believe in him. Bold steps are required, but not foolhardy ones. We must work with technologies which we know are ready to go *right now*. Wind and NG are the two logical technologies to choose. A will say again, that this *does not preclude* competition with other technologies like biofuels which, *if they pan out* might very well make as much or more sense for some segments of the markets. I'm not married to NG. But it makes more sense than anything else I can see that is *ready today* for the commercial segment of our transportation needs. I think everyone acknowledges the advantages that the existing infrastructure affords to liquid fuels. When you can *show me* that your favored energy sources can compete on an even footing regarding costs, production capacity, and environmental impact, with NG, I will gladly change my mind. But you can't just rant about how bad NG is and post press releases from start ups and expect me to be swayed. And now, I must say that until you actually show signs of having done some research upon just what it is you are attacking in such a vicious way (which makes me wonder just what *your* real intentions might be) I really feel that I have spent enough of my own time and effort on you. I'm not one of those people who can enjoy "arguing to argue". When the need arises, the facts are strong enough, and the cause is important enough, I sigh, gird myself, and speak out. But I believe that I have done what I can at this point and that anything further would be wasted effort, better allocated to other projects.


This ad is not offending!! NBC are just too (pardon my language) ignorant to see the truth. They think that their "top stories" deserve no second thought, that no one else but them can report the news, that anything THEY are not saying isn't news. Well guess what? This ad shows everyone that iran is making a big effort to use natural gas., that wind power, solar energy, or any other natural, healthy resources are NOTHING to them. NBC is either AFRAID that someone will do something if they air this ad, or they have reasons that they are not telling us. But the main reason they would not want to put "offensive" ad's, stories, or comments on NBC is because they would not want to receive a lawsuit from somebody, or they have too much foolish pride for themselves!! BUT GET THIS!!! T. Boone Pickens is right!! No one can stop us from what we have to say, HE HAS ALREADY PROOVED THAT!!! We will never be silenced, and this ad will run somewhere, sometime in the (VERY NEAR) future!-----PICKENSPLAN WILL NEVER BE SILENCED!!!

Gary Breisch

I want more info on this site to see how we can use our NG to fill up at our homes and convert out vehicles to NG. Why wait? Let us move on and just do it. Less talk and more resources and action will get it done.

Chaitanya Reddy Mandhadi

What's wrong if you air this ADVERTISEMENT.. The advt shows that if we have to do something it's high time we do it now........ If NBC won't air that we will pass this advt to every body via internet..... IF YOU THINK THAT OUR HANDS MAY GET SPOILED WHILE CLEANING THE HOUSE THEN IN THE NEAR FUTURE YOUR HEALTH WILL GET SPOILED. NOBODY CAN SILENCE PICKENSPLAN....


Sounds like they issued a challenge. Take them up on it. prove the point by showing atleast two sides to the argument(what has been done in contrast to what needs to be done). this will not only leave very little ground for an educated rebutle, but as well open the door for arguments such as why we do not see personal vehichles anymore that can run on gasoline as well as LPorLNG as we had just a few decades ago.

Paul Torraco

This is my second post quiting this campaign. Apparantly the moderator chose to be like NBC and not post it. In the first one I stated that, in light of this insidious and cynical info and his major NG push considering his vast NG holdings Mr Pickens no longer deserves my trust. Further I now believe that T Boone ads showing windmills in the background are purely there as props and exploitation. NG does not adeqautely address the "carbon Footprint" that I talked about in yesterdays posts. I entered two posts yesterday one at 11:41 and another shortly after in case you are interested. Also I will call on my friends that I recruited to this campaign to leave and join me in a more grass roots oriented campaigns. Sorry gang I cannot support this any longer in clear consciousness. I hope that this one is posted.

Steve Bergman

Paul Torraco: Mr Picken's involvement in the Swift Boat affair is common knowledge. As I have stated elsewhere, as a relatively liberal independent who absolutely abhors the republicans, and particularly the more conservative ones, I can, with some difficulty, overlook all that because I believe that this energy plan makes more sense than anything else I have seen seriously proposed in over 30 years. And just as important, it looks doable from a political and business standpoint. For the details on that please see my previous posts, in response to Michael Vallez, in this thread. For the specific uses that we are looking to put the NG to, it actually does make a lot of sense from a global warming perspective. Because your favored technologies would probably not work in those use cases any time soon. We all know that Mr. Pickens has vast energy related holdings. Would you respect him more if he *did not* invest in an energy resource he believed in? Then we'd be saying "Well, if he believes so much in NG why doesn't he have his own money invested in it?". See, it's really a catch-22. Regarding the post that you think was censored, I seriously doubt that it was. This whole board is pretty rickety. The commenting software is woefully inadequate for the task. (We can't even do line-breaks! Posts can be destroyed by something as innocuous as including an ampersand character in the body!) And I get the impression that it is administered on a shoestring. Our army barracks could definitely use some TLC. We need some real forum software. So it surprises me not in the least that your post got lost. -Steve Bergman

Paul Torraco

Steve Bergman. I am fully aware of the intentions of the plan. It is indeed workable. But as I said I simply can not ally myself with someone who did something so distastefull and so, I repeat, cynical as the swift boat ad. I am more incensed by that then even the price of gas. Also using his money to wage a BET that affected our soldiers, a nation and the world like he did is beyond my ability to rationalize. There are plenty of grass root campaigns being waged with real people, with no moral baggage, all sincerely working for more clean and sustainable energy. Heck it can be argued that his ad derailing Kerry's bid was the key that in a very real way contributed to this do nothing past 8 years under G.W. I do not like what he did and indeed feel it is too offensive to my moral make-up and my ability to rationalize. I don't allow neither bigots, nor hatefull, spitefull people into my personal space. Therfore I cannot allow T Boone in either. If one allies themselves w/ anything or anyone that is offensive to their morals are hypocrites and they are not allowed in either. Having said this I am befuddled by your statement responding to Micheal Vallez to wit; "I have strongly disliked the attitudes and policies of Republicans and conservatives all my adult life. And I condemn Swift Boat. But I can put that aside, which is a difficult, not to mention unusual, thing for me to do". That brings to mind people who state, as far as investing is concerned, "do I want to make money or do I want to be morally true to myself". To that I say there is no need to put your morals aside when there are an infinite number of other investment opprtunities not to. Further it begs the questions HOW can you? and WHY should you?..... PT

maria Casey





this people live their claustrophobic lives inside their leftist ivoiry towers, totally out of touch with reality and dreaming of an unpragmatically unrelenting idiocy. The American Spirit is alive and well; NBC is the opposite. DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, AND LET'S DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO SHOW TO THE WORLD AND TO OURSELVES THAT WE ARE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Robertson

NBC loves to take money from political types to run smear ads that may or may not be true...and most of the time they are lying.

Ronald E. mohar

Where do we contact msnbc? They have no obvious comment box on their site and which e-mail address should be used?


I love the ad as well and its about time we wake up America...

amy oconnor

I just saw the Iran ad run on MSNBC during Morning Joe's coverage of the RNC. Good Ad, but too short !!!

Jim Collins

This effort is really fantastic to see... that Americans are finally paying attention to our addiction and dependence on foreign oil. I remember as a boy the Arab Oil embargo in the early to mid 1970's , the gas lines, no gas days, people siphoning gas (and sometimes swallowing it) from other peoples cars, etc. As a consequence of that experience we Americans started talking tough about alternative forms of energy, building smaller cars, etc, and then, wham, next thing you know we are fat and happy and complacent again as a nation... and now I see people struggling to parallel park their huge Hummers curbside in our little square in downtown Hingham. So this effort and genuine interest in alternative forms of energy is very refreshing. Both the Democrats and Republicans dropped the ball on this issue over 30 years ago ! Jim Collins Hingham, Ma


WHATTT you gotta be kidding me. n i'll deffintaly send this video to everyone i know!!!!

Michael Jones

More than a few points have been made. It is amazing how intelligent America actually is, and it is a thing to be proud of. Having said that, I have a question and some suggestions. Q: How difficult is it to actually convert an existing vehicle over to a NGV? 1) Assuming that it is not all that difficult, one has to realize that it is not the job of the US government to actually do this. They can help get the ball rolling by offering tax incentives (which may take too long), or issue coupons to lower the cost for citizens (such as they are doing for DTV). 2) If the process can be done by independant garage establishments, then we should get the ball rolling, however unless the infrastructure is available and functioning, we will be dead in the water. 3) That is where you, Boone, come in, and oilmen like you. It will be up to you to set the needed hardware and gasware in place to fuel this much needed bridge. What say you? M G Jones Pinnacle, NC

Scott Jolcover

Two words, General Electric They own NBC and they make big $$$$ or Iran. Get it !!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

Scott Jolcover

Two words, General Electric They own NBC and make big money, huge money, off of deals with Iran. Get it ??????


I live in Pennsylvania,where the newly discovered Marcellus Shale is the day to day topic of coversation.For those of you who don't know what this is it's a huge,huge,huge amount of natural gas that is just beginning to be drilled into.It is larger than the Barnet Shale that was under Texas.I've been saying for months we need to change our cars over or purchase ones that use natural gas.So far there is only one vehicle(a car) that uses this.God forbid things change and people try something new,something different.

Edwin Henry

Andrew Great idea. Let's show them we are not all asleep.

Joseph Scherer

Thank God someone is doing something about this sorry mess that Washington has refused to address!!! Whatever I need to do to push your plan just let me know!!! Joe Scherer


I am glad NBC woke up. We will all remember this. GREAT AD. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I am of the opposite political persuasion, but I am for your efforts, even if you'll make millions off it. We need to clean up our air and get off foreign oil. Finally someone is trying to do something about it.


In my opinion NBC's a freaking joke, and I for one, refuse to watch their channels. I figure that's the best way to poke 'em in the eye. :)


Funny. The big 3 networks are losing viewers right and left. I bet Fox News will run this. And the CEO of Chesapeake has now got a commercial about CNG as well. It's great idea whose time HAS come!

Randy McGuire

I can't understand why NBC won't run it. It would fit nicely into their far left agenda. Although, I do see some serious flaws in your plan. From some research I did I found out that it costs between $6000 and $10,000 to convert the average car to CNG. You have abviously overlooked a critical issue here. How many average citizens out there can afford this? I can't!!!! Randy

Richard Lathroum

I'm not surprised, it seems they are not the only ones dedicated to our demise. But thanks to great radio and people like you guys i am able to see what is best, thank you. I know nothing will ever replace oil completely,but we need alternative fuels. LETS MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES TO BECOME MORE INDEPENDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like my money in my pocket to spend how I see fit. Thank you, Richard Lathroum

Maida Genser

When you say natural gas, are you talking about compressed natural gas. If so, I think this a better idea than electricity to run vehicles. Kompogas in Switzerland is creating CNG from household garbage. Think of it - run your vehicle with a fuel that produces very low emissions and at the same time make an impact on the huge amount of waste that has to be processed. Kompogas has found a way to recycle organic waste and turn it into not just certified organic compost, but also CO2-neutral fuel, gas, electric power and heat. Their processing plants are sustainable because they use the energy they create to run them. "When running on CNG, CNG-fueled vehicles produce significantly cleaner emissions with 25 percent less CO2 than vehicles that run on gasoline. When using Kompogas, vehicles produce an amount of CO2 equal to the amount needed by the plants that eventually become biogenous waste. This makes for a CO2-neutral fuel." We could easily do this here in the states. The obstacle is lack of vehicles made to run on CNG. There are kits available to convert to CNG, but we need cars that run on it as a factory-made option. As with all of the energy alternatives, we need investment in infrastructure to "deliver" the fuel.

George Michels

Great public service spot. The networks should be showing it for free.

William Colditz

Honda's GX runs on natural gas is available in California and New York. Ford makes a natural gas-powered taxicab sold in San Francisco CA.


One little problem: The US does not have an abundance of Nat Gas. Iran has the world's most, about 1,000 Tcf!!!! So, in all liklihood, we will have to increase our imports of LNG, which is forecast and is already ongoing. Iran will be an increasing source of that LNG. So, instead of buying oil from the Mideast, we'll buy LNG. Nevertheless, NBC should air the ad. Not doing so in unamerican.

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