Boone Blog: Governor Sarah Palin

Met with Sarah Palin the day after her debate with Joe Biden. She came to our Dallas offices with her husband, Todd, to talk about energy and the Pickens Plan.

You know I’ve already met with the two Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, and we’re working on sitting down with Joe Biden so all four candidates will understand what the Pickens Plan is all about.

Governor Palin comes from an energy state, and I’ll tell you, she gets this energy situation. We talked about it like two oil and gas professionals.

When we sat down in our conference room, we talked about the debate and then, because I knew she was short on time, we got right into the business at hand—energy, and the danger of continuing to import 70% of our oil requirements.

We spent some time talking about ANWR—the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We didn’t agree on how much oil is up there, but I told her I was all for drilling. You know what I say about this: I’m for anything American.

Her husband Todd sat in on the meeting. You know that he’s a steelworker in the oil fields during the Alaskan summers, so he understands a good bit of this, too. He was interested in the concept of filling your vehicle in your garage overnight using the same gas line that goes to your kitchen range and hot water heater.

Governor Palin wanted to understand the idea that the federal government should lead the way in moving to vehicles fueled by natural gas. We also talked about how to make the biggest impact quickly: Moving over-the-road trucks away from diesel and onto natural gas. I told her that if we had one million trucks running on natural gas, we could cut our imports of foreign diesel by 40%.

These candidates travel with a big entourage of advance people, staff, press, and Secret Service, and after nearly an hour one of them came into the conference room to tell her they needed to get going. But Gov. Palin took the time to take a group photo with Todd and me sitting in front of my staff, which was very thoughtful of her.

I don’t know who is going to win this election, but I do know whichever team wins they’ll know about the Pickens Plan.

— Boone

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Lynne Bottoms

I think there's a BIG problem with the Palin approach to saving us from foreign oil. Just drilling in the ANWAR and elsewhere in Alaska is not the right thing to do. Natural gas is not going to be the answer either because it is NON-RENEWABLE and there is only a finite amount of it. We need eco-friendly and RENEWABLE sources of energy to be a truly energy independent country. Please push for renewable and environmental friendly energy! We need it right now.

Phil Moran

Lynne, if you had listened, he said that he knew this. What it does do is get us through till we can develop better sources. ---

Wendy Flatt

Lynn, no offense you need to read the entire Pickens Plan--T. Boone Pickens is a very smart guy and his plan makes sense. We are not to the point of running our cars and semi-trucks (which brings everyone's goods to grocercy stores, Wal-Mart, Kohls, Penny's and every other retail store) off of electricity. A much better alternative to running all these semi-trucks is using our nations waterways with barges and railroads which is 3,000 times more effcient than semi-trucks, but I wont' go there. My family farms in Mid-MO and trucks the crops from the fields to the grain bins by semi-truck-no way they could run those rigs on electricity. However, my family does run their equipment (tractors, combines, semi-trucks, etc.) on soydiesel they produced from their own fields, which is renewable. I think this natural gas idea by Mr. Pickens is the right way to go--it is better than NOTHING at all.

Michael Beckham

Drilling for NG is only part of the solution. The comprehensive program is the more important message. Within ten years, the country can be energy independent, if Washington DC will get off the special interest band wagon. Pay attention to what Pickens is doing on his own. Pampa TX is an area rich not only in NG but also wind. The trick will be for the politicians to keep their own special interest "FAT" add ons out of meaningful energy bills.

Bonnie Snyder

I feel that Sarah Palin is just what we need in Wasington. She is new and has fresh ideas. We need to drill for our own oil, develope alternative sources of fule, natural gas and propane for transportation, we need to build nucular power plants ,clean coal, solar and wind power. I feel that Sarah knows more that all of Washington combined about energy and how to develope it safe and clean and to become independent in our needs.

Robert Spicer

Bonnie, Micheal, Wendy and Phily are absolutely right. Sarah Palin and Boone Pickens are indeed on the right track. Furthermore, I think we can solve both energy independence and economic recovery problems at the same time: they are one and the same. Energy independence is the key to the recovery of our economy. If the $700 billion per year outgo does not stop very soon, there will be no recovery. If it is stopped by creating jobs and reducing energy costs, people will have the income to purchase all sorts of goods and services that will make the recovery possible, steady, and long lasting. If people have good paying job, making mortgage payments will not be a problem and the mortgage crisis will disappear. How do we do this? The concept is simple, we immediately embark on a Manhattan/Fast Track Program to simultaneously (1) drill for oil and gas every were we can in this country, starting with the known areas that hold oil and gas nearest current pipelines; give drilling leases only to those companies that will convert their retail outlets to multiple energy distribution centers: gasoline, natural gas, electricity, and hydrogen, (2) commence building 50 new nuclear power plants, one in each state to produce electricity and hydrogen; fast track the permit system for these new plants, (3) give tax incentives to consumers who convert cars and trucks to use electricity, natural gas, or hydrogen, (4) develop new technologies to produce economically feasible energy from solar, hydrogen batteries, wind, wave action, and any other possible sources, and (5) make sure that the world knows without a doubt that we are going to undertake and complete this plan starting immediately. The wages and income from the sale to other countries of the surplus energy we produce will put the US economy on a robust and steady path for the future. The sale of new technologies developed along the way will make us a clear leader in the world and help save the planet's atmosphere at the same time, Get started today!

Jeff Adwell

So, we all agree that this is a great plan! I have not heard of anyone finding a flaw with it. Than why is the government not pursuing this plan with the same intensity that it did the Wall street bailout? I believe it is do to the special interest groups. Ross Pero was definatley on to something when he said that Lobbiest should be prosecuted for treason. They spend their years in congress building a network of IOU's. Once they retire they go to work for foreign compaines and sell us out. We need to wake up and start fighting back!


Not getting political as this is not the forum for that, but I do not trust anyone who is deep in the pockets of Big Oil (Palin/EXXON). Politics generally follow ideologies that run counter to the general good. Unless the GOP can move away from the doctrine of Reagan and declare I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF OIL BURNERS!!!!!!!! I don't trust the GOP to do anything else but Drill Baby Drill (Palin Quote).

Charles Lapple

Both GM and Ford make duel fuel CNG/gasolene cars, in other countries. A necessary transition step, until CNG becomes widely available. I e-mailed both and asked why I can't buy one here? Ford replied with a bunch of "gobbley gook". But at least they replied. From GM, nothing


Sarah Palin is NOT our friend. Sorry, but "Caribou Barbie" is one of the dullest tools in the shed, and serves as McCain's desperate attempt to woo voters from the Obama camp. (No, I am NOT an Obama fan, just an objective observer who sees through the smokescreens.) Choosing her was highly irresponsible, as there's at least even odds that McCain's running mate could end up being President. For the record, I was initially rather pleased with Palin, as she seemed to be GOOD new blood. Then a bright elderly lady pointed out to me that Sarah Palin hasn't an original thought in her head. She didn't develop her stance on abortion, or that she's against sex education and believes in abstaining in lieu of birth control. Her religious leaders did that for her... and her daughter's pregnancy demonstrates how well THAT philosophy works. My acquaintance was spot on, I realized. Here's hoping that you see her for the dingbat that she is as well. McCain received 2 million from the oil companies for his campaign. That wasn't them throwing away money. That was them rewarding the guy who also abstained from voting to fund alternative energy EIGHT times in recent years -- even when he was present at Senate! Starting to see him for who he really is yet? Obama's far from perfect, but I'll take my chances with him. McCain is clearly bought and paid for.


Darrell, Do you trust people deep in the pockets of terrorists (Obama/Ayers) Obama is deep in IOU's from many of the favors he's received. Do we really believe what he says? At least Palin has real life experiences dealing with the oil companies, she doesn't just talk a good game.

Frank Cavanaugh

Jacqueline, Obama is in the pocket of terrorists? Where do you get your information? I bet I know. No doubt it is only one source. You see America; the main thing wrong with our country is that "geniuses” like Jackie here need to pick a team. They either schlep around for the Liberal “everything is grey” folks or they leash themselves to the Conservative “I’m right, I’m right, waaaa, I’m Right” folks. This has resulted in polarizing this country and has stagnated our great potential. Things will never get better until we all realize that there is a rational middle ground on most issues. Jackie is definitely spewing nonsense and the sad thing is I am sure she really believes what she is saying. T. Boone’s site is way too important to clutter up with this zombie-like rhetoric. It’s about energy independence Jackie. It’s about energy innovation Jackie. Get with the program Jackie!

Sue in Colorado

JT - You call Gov Palin a dull tool who can't think for herself. How did you form your opinion? Someone told you what to think. By the way, your elderly genius is wrong...Gov Palin isn't against sex education, she just believes that abstinence should be in the discussion also. Her church didn't tell her what to think, she doesn't believe in killing babies and neither do I and I came to that opinion all by myself, too. Sen Obama is all for health care for children but he is also all for killing babies right up to the point as they are being born and voted against a bill that would allow medical care for a baby that has miraculously survived an abortion attempt. Not a real nice guy and not the type of person I want leading my country. If you can, form your own opinion, take a real look at the candidates and truly see through the smokescreen.

John Dill

It's interests me that Sarah did not mention BP in her list of dealing with the Alaska Oil companies. BP, who acquired Arco and Amoco, is next to Exxon in size on the global scale. Our economy, media and politics are now more under the influenced of Europe, Britian in particular. I have to wonder if part of the issue with Russia and Georgia (Baku Pipeline, BP) stems from Russia playing hardball with BP. Russia is nationalizing BP's stake in their country. Perhaps we should look at nationalizing our reserves before we run out of money. Over the years, I've learned that many things are not as they seem. These problems can be solved but not without the understanding motives of the players. I'll admit I own a fair amount of natural gas stocks and want to see our market consume U.S. company owned gas. Canada and Mexico are necessary partners to our mutual economic benefit. This will be more true as the cost of fertilizers impacts our agricultural economy. Sorry, but I don't believe the Republican ticket is sophisticated enough to deal for us in the world markets.


You know I am all for changing tactics however I do NOT support drilling in the AWNR. There is a reason that it is there. Humans have been devastating the land for a very long time and our wild life is suffering. I know that we need to change to decrease dependency and for Global warming but sacraficing those around us (plants and animals alike) is not the way. We are all part of a circle of life and if anyone paid attention to the Lion King they would realize if one goes out of balance then everything follows, a domino affect you could say.

Randall L Larson

So how many wind farms and wave/current generators has Palin backed or seen put in place in Alaska????

Randall L Larson

Gee sue in Colorado Palin sure taught her dauther about abstinence didn't she!!! Now let's get back to the topic. How many Wind farms has Alaska put in. What about using the miles and miles of shoreline for wave generators? Has Palin presented any bill's in Alaska as Govenenor to promote those energies?

Katherine Day Reinleitner, Ph.D.

Many rich sources of American energy are available, even with little or no change in available technology. Some examples are coal gasification, nuclear power, wood gas or wood alcohol, reclaimed vegetable oil from restaurants, soy oil, wind power and, most interestingly, space power satellites that could beam the limitless energy of the sun to earth as infra red or micro waves. As a scientist, I believe that we could be 75% self sufficient in ten years, if we dedicated ourselves to it. It would require a combination of efforts, using power more sparingly, with greater efficiency, reducing losses in storage and transmission, as well as exploiting more American sources of potential power. I believe that T. Boone is a conservative, not a radical. We can do it faster and better even that he believes!!! Katherine M. Reinleitner, Ph.D.

Diane Koehler

You are all pathetic - its no wonder nothing ever gets done in Washington. Bottom line, we are all A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S and we need to put our political views aside and join forces to make sure the Pickens Plan stays on the agenda of our elected officials no matter who those officials are. Our country cannot afford to have this political seperation and if we don't all just get along, Pickens Plan will fail. So suck it up and let's get to work!


I thought the Pickens plan was NOT about drilling. He states drilling is not the answer. Now it's DRILL BABY DRILL since he met with Palin. What is going on? What happened to CNG, solar, wind, and biofuels? I really thought this plan could work. Now I am not sure.

C. William Dunsay

Ok everybody, the real point is it doesn't matter who gets elected because we're in a pendulum swing. The trick is to grab hold of it at the top and direct it to where it makes sense and the Pickens Plan is the only thing that is making sense. Gee, if we can afford to get the millionaire fat cat investment bankers out of hock and not ask them to take responsibility then I think we can afford to problem solve and invest our money in the long term future for generations to come. All the candidates leave a lot to be desired but let's show them that we the people mean business. Keep in mind that 450 members of congress are supposed to be looking out for our interests. This energy plan should be at the top of our list and they need to pay attention or get out of the way. They share responsibility with the fat cats for the economic and energy mess . Remember that on election day this year and in the next few.

Phillip Baldwin

Marie above, with her Lion King, is exemplary of the problem. One hundred years ago when the country needed energy, some investors risked their capital and some workers dug a hole or drilled a well and we all got warm and comfortable and wealthy. The government wasn`t involved and it all worked well. Now we have to convince lawyers and judges and politicians and people who get their wisdom from Disney cartoons that it`s a good idea to produce what we need rather than buy it from barbarians overseas with borrowed money. Mr Pickens is a brilliant patriot and I will help anyway possible, but without a strong leader to overcome the political/environmental/litigious burdens, not to mention Ms Lion King, I`m not optimistic.

Bryan Savage

Million's of Americans are looking to ANWAR and Offshore Oil to save them and allow them to drive their 1 ton pickup's 25,000 miles a year forever. This belief is preventing 99% of all Politicians from even talking about reality. I was a strong opponent of drilling in ANWAR an d offshore for decades. I have changed my mind because if we don't stop America from believing all of the nonsense about " Drilling will solve the problem" , we will NEVER any progress on Energy Independence. NONE - ZIP - Zero!! Anyone who doesn't understand that, needs to spend a little time studying Group Think. Drilling, offshore, will not produce noticeable results. ANWAR may reduce the cost of gas 3 to 5 cents a gallon for 8 - 10 years, starting in 2018. That's just too late. I think it would be best to develop ANWAR completely now but pump almost nothing until oil get's over $300 a barrel. The Politicians reply only to special interests and the people, when they make a lot of noise. Until the constituents start making lot's and lot's of loud noise about Boon's plan, Congress will continue to ignore what is happening, just like they have ignored the financial cancer that took 27 years to kill our financial institutions Reality is not fun. Bryan Savage

Bryan Savage

Sorry, I forgot this: Strong leadership can not accomplish much without Strong followership.

Kent Lucas

Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air! We need something different in Washington. I have no faith in Obama, as he is too beholding to other entrenched politicos- and others. Enough of the political spewing. The important thing is that we hold the newly elected leadership accountable for developing a workable plan like the Pickens Plan. I do wish that this plan talked more about installing hydrogen generators on existing vehicles. This is a CHEAP alternative that, when properly done, could reduce gasoline or diesel consumption by a conservative 25-30%. The cost per vehicle is around $200. It uses technology that has been around for 40 years! In fact, anyone with a little knowledge of using tools can build a generator for about $50 in their garage. The emmisions are environmentally friendly- water vapor. This would certainly stretch whatever oil reserves we may have and it is something we could install now.

John Dill

Diane, actually were all intelligent versus pathetic. It is about changing our thinking and getting new ideas into the mainstream. Our transportation paradigm is based primarily on a sensation of freedom and independence. A transit system that provides the same sensation of choice and flexibility is a better approach. I been trying to promote a booking system for some time but the media (ABC?) did a pretty good job of killing the idea. The approach is based on text messages/data being sent to an application. You schedule your departure time, destination, etc. If the resources are available or can be scheduled to acomodate your particular schedule, then it's booked. The concept is kinda of like voting for your favorite "American Idol." When New Orleans was evacuated the last time, people were sent to a destination of FEMA's choosing. Unless the experience continues to be positive, people will not respond and you will wind up with the same situation again. Same goes for Galveston, etc. The key part of the idea is having "virtual" intransit hubs/points to make passenger exchanges. Virtual in the respect that they are mobile or not dependant on fixed station infrastructure. Think of what Katrina has cost us and the potential of future events. So, the benefit in this case can be immediate.

Grant E. Monroe

I saw a bumper sticker the other day (in the Wal-Mart parking lot ironical enough) that read "Drill here, Drill Now!!, Pay Less". Unfortunately it left out the the line in between that should read "Wain eight to ten years" then "Pay Less". The problem with this philosophy is that there won't be any vehicles that can burn gasoline left around in 8 to 10 years AND all of our jobs will be overseas so no one will be able to afford thanks to companies like Wal-Mart (the worlds largest employer).

Steven Brewster

Boy how the discussion turned just down right political! Folks, we have to stay united on this, not divided. I know this is a very important election and I have my choice made but we all need to focus on energy independence and bickering won't help one bit! I think regardless of who is elected president next month, Boone's plan can succeed. We just have to keep the end goal in focus. I commute 40 miles one way to work with no public transportation available in my area. Let's do this.

Elfrida Smiljanich

Thank you for the report on Sarah Palin. I'm glad that Mr. Boone Pickens met with her and her husband to discuss the Pickens Plan. I think that we will become a powerful force of Americans supporting a workable program (for a change). It is time that we get involved in something that is promising, workable and doable. We can take one step at a time, with an all of the above approach to fuel independence. Now, the only person that needs to be briefed and informed is Mr. Biden. This is an American problem, we need to find an American solution.

Robert Jackman

We are going to need all the energy sources that we can get out hands on. The usual suspects on Wall St. have run up bets totaling more money than is on earth. It's not mortgages, but Derivatives that will swamp us. Most people just don't get it, Oil tankers might not be coming to our shores if the dollar collapses. Or when the dollar collapses. We did this to ourselves by not caring to be fully informed and trusting others. Now trust is all but gone. Imagine credit or money existing without Trust. Talk about National Security! I like Boone's idea of replacing diesel with methane in trucks, since, if we expect to get goods we make and food to store shelves, we should convert Trucks first! We can halve our transportation on a personal level if we have to, but we must have trucks and rail to survive. I am as Green as anyone, but I am not going to turn away resources if it can maintain quality of life or just plain life. It's later than You think. Please don't be fooled thinking either political party can fix this mess. The truth is, We are on our own. I suggest we read and learn about permaculture as a way to make fuel and food, farm and city. Books like "Alcohol can be a gas" by Blume are part of the long term solution.

George Dauth

Are you people idiots or what, arguing about Palin, McCain, Obama, etc? These people are all bought and paid for by some special interest. Putting pressure on GOVERNMENT is the issue. This not an Dem or Repub issue or solution. This is a We the People solution! Neither party will solve the problem, they will only make it worse. Both will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the solution. G. Dauth


Many people are missing the main point. The person we elect is stay focused on leading our nation out of debt and into energy independence. If we continue on the same path we are in trouble. This is the second time I have heard from a Ph D in science, to build a satellite in space and beam back the energy through a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum. From what I remember it would only take about 10-20 satellites to provide the energy to the whole country. So add this to the Pickens Plan. 1. Build a rail system, not just for people but also fright. The down side is people would have to wait longer for their packages. 2. Build the energy satellites. 3. Increase MPG in all vehicles. 4. All Americans should watch “Who Killed the Electric Car”. 5. Then rethink DRILL BABY DRILL.


Before we get wind, solar, biofuels, elec cars, etc. sufficiently developed to make a dent in our energy needs, 10-30 years may have passed. We need a DOMESTIC TRANSITION FUEL, while we are working as hard as we can to get the alternative fuel industries up and going. This 10-30 year transition period is why we must have domestic drilling for oil and gas, also, along with incentives for research and development, and private investment, in alternative fuel industries (an all-of-the-above effort!) We can greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 2015 if we start now. Some of the offshore wells can be up and running in 18-30 months. There is a capped well in Alaska now, which only needs to be connected to the pipeline and uncapped. There are plans to begin more drilling in the works for Alaska. Oil/gas companies are ready to move. THEY NEED TO DO THEIR PATRIOTIC DUTY AND GET GOING! Remember that the drilling and well maintenance will create new jobs, too. America needs them, as well as every viable initiative on wind, solar, biofuels, etc. Congress needs to move to clear the way for private investment in the national wind corridor power grid that needs to be constructed. Our flex-fuel industry needs to be 'beefed-up', we need to have an alternative to corn ethanol so food prices won't be driven up. We know what to do. We need to get going! The McCain website states that American auto makers have committed to producing 50% of cars as Flex-Fuel Vehicles by 1012. McCain believes they can reach the 50% mark sooner, and encourages our auto makers to put their shoulders to the wheel and get it done! In WWII, everyone worked together and we supplied the Allied Armies with all they needed to win the war. We can all work together again, all for one and one for all, and achieve our Energy Independence by 2012, and then continue working until we have converted all of our energy use to domestic sources of clean, green fuel! And we will create millions of good, permanent jobs in the process for our generation and our children's generation!

Feudi Pandola

Sure we need renewable sources of energy, but we also need an "energy bridge" to get us over the next decade or so. That bridge will come thru more drilling in ANWR and off coast, while at the same time, noving forward with wind, and solar. I would only use more nuclear as a last resort. Too many crazies around, and we're still arguing over how to dispose of nuclear waste. Why make more?

Jeff Adwell

Boy, I sure got something started with my comments I am sorry about that folks!. If you noticed I didn't take sides. I think there are plenty of corupt people in both parties. I just simply want to know why Congress doesn't seem interested in moving the Pickens plan along. There are definately some interesting comments. Charlie Lapple's comment about CNG cars is very good. I am in the Auto business here in Detroit. The reason the American car companies are not investing in CNG is (1) they can't afford to produce many vehicles that will have a low sales volume. The (former) big three are broke. (2) They are putting all of their resources and what little money they have into re-newable fuels. Bryan Savage: your comments about drilling to prove people wrong I feel are a little off base. The Pickens plan is only a bridge to energy independence, not a long term plan just as drilling would be. I personally believe that Middle east oil supports terrorism. We are funding our enemies war. For that reason alone this plan needs to be pushed thru by congress. Dianne Kohler nailed it, We are all AMERICANS.

John Dill

Hopefully, not to overstate my point, First BusinessX guest was Bob Mitchell of GE Telematics this morning. They provide fleet management services and are able to improve efficiency and productivity for commercial transportation in the range of 30-40%. The trend now is to start using mobile devices for the data input and control. This can be expanded to the personal level with hand devices like cell phones. The applications are only limited to your imagination. I mentioned the need in areas like Hurricane evacuations but it could apply to sporting events or everyday activities. Just think if the logistics of an event could be controlled to the point that traffic jams are reduced completely. Or, if the return of the residents was coordinated with hybrid cars that could support local power generation. We're also talking about less infrastructure like highways for vehicle transportation.

Wendy Williams

I agree with the Pickens Plan, as far as using natural gas for the next 10 years while we fine tune alternative energy resources, but I will never agree with drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, nor compromising the Polar Bears habitat in Alaska. I am on board with Pickens for his involvement in wind energy, but if his motto is Drill Baby Drill like Palen's, than I am out

Danny H

I have been affiliated with the oilfield as a service provider for the last 27 years. The folks who work in that industry are all hard working and mostly from AG states, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama. These folks are avid hunters, fishermen and are probably more enviromentaly sensitive and aware that most of the population of the US. The vast majority of them also have little farms and other businesses as they normally only work half a year in the oil patch. The United States has placed a stranglehold on itself by declaring all of the areas outside of the Gulf of Mexico "off limits" to drilling. Southern California has natural seepage of crude from the sea floor off of point conception / Santa Barbara. The Eastern seaboard has developable fields that are proven to exist prior to the ban on exploration. Florida in the Destin Dome area has huge natural gas deposits. The Rocky Mountian oil shale plays are also proven. We, the people of this great land have to come to grips with the fact that we allowed our elected officials to do this to us because we did not raise our voices 20 years ago. By implementing a plan that encourages drilling for oil and more natural gas while developing alternative fuels we can cut our dependence on foreign oil and in the process of doing both simultaneously there will also be jobs created. One must also remember that crude oil also provides us with items other than gasoline and diesel, plastics, asphalt, feedstocks for chemical plants and other by-products are part of the refining process. For those of you hear that remember the Trans-Alaskan pipeline was going to be the end to all Caribou and other wildlife along its route and it has been proven wrong. Since the pipeline went into operation wildlife along the pipeline route have all experienced a boom in population. Political affiliations aside, what is wrong with doing what is right for all Americans and America?

Jeff Adwell

I like Polar Bears as much as the next person but, I hate terrorism even more. We need to stop funding their attemps to murder people on a massive scale by buying their oil.

Liliane Stern

I believe that cellulosic ethanol from agricultural and municipal waste, old tires, cat tails, switch grass and other non-food fast growing plants is going to be a better bridge to renewable energy sources like wind and solar. It is being developed right now. Even though we need every drop of oil we can get the oil we get from Alaska now is being exported to Asia and Japan. This is because, they say, it contains too much sulfur and therefore is too expensive to refine. How about that! The media to-day, 9/9/08, reported that while we have plenty of natural gas in the US, because it is not being used here, the excess is being sold overseas at a better price. That sounds ridiculous to me. If natural gas can be used to produce electricity, even if not enough cars and trucks have been converted to use gas, what is preventing electric utilities plants from using it? There are fewer of them to convert than cars and trucks. I am totally against nuclear plant which are both a security and health risk. Also those plants are much too expensive and the spent fuel is too difficult and too expensive to store. We should continue to build wind and solar farms and encourage people to install small wind turbines and photo-voltaic solar panels on their roofs. The Bil Becker turbines are small wind turbines that Governor Bloomberg is haveing installed in New York on buildings, bridges, etc. to cut down on oil imports. Citizens need to pressure their legislators to follow New York's example. I hope this comment goes through unlike the last one which somehow failed to do so. My email is correct and so is my password. Lily

fred underwood

Tax incentives for companies to change over natural gas and the cost savings of cng will help start changing us over and get away from oil. School systems will need help converting there bus fleets. The money could come from a oil import tax. My point is we are going to have to change quickly before we are in worst shape than we are already in. Bad loans were not the only reason we are in the recession we have now. Uncontrolable fuels costs have hurt us all. people who have another $300.00 to $500.00 comeing out of their monthly income have no way to catch up and get ahead. The manufacturing job losses we have had in the last severial years have put many more out of work thay we like to admit. We made this country by having a cheap energy source, now everything is now imported from cheap shirts, to dangrous toys for kids, and high price of oil goods that is driving us to bankrupt. The Pickens Plan so far is the best idea I have seen to get us back on track.


Wendy, with all due respect, I don't think you understand how grvae the situation is. We are running out of time. There is a big problwm with world wide oil production's continuous production DECLINE. Every year, there is less oil coming out of the ground, this means that there is less oil left. It is a serious problem. And as long a s people ignore this problem and say things like " oh, its just the oil companies holding back so they can make more money" , or "those evil oil companies are destroying the environment and we need to stop them" We need those oil companies to get as much oil as possible, so that our world wide economy can survive, with out oil this world will collapse and we will have plenty more problems on our hands than just climate change. We need to invest in natural gas for cars so that the burden od using oil eases a bit. Alternative energy (wind,solar,geothermal,nuclear) is greta, and we need it, we need everything. But our cars won't run on wind, or solar, or nuclear etc. Most of the oil is used to run our trucking bussines and our cars. That's where we have to attack the problem first. If we convert vehicles to nat gas (we can do that rigt now, no research or development is necessary) we will ease the burden. we've got to do it now.

Jim Nelson

I very much appreciate Mr. Picken's straight talk on this subject. It reminds me of our fellow Texan Ross Perot. T. Boone says what he thinks and proposes a viable plan. He is also open to additional ideas in addition to his own. I am for the "all the above" approach, but as Boone says, we have to have a bridge to the time when we have affordable renewable sources, and we are not there yet. I do hope that as oil prices retreat, we do not lose our resolve to keep pushing for alternatives. We are just one terrorist attack or hurricane away from $4 gas again. We must remember that and keep the pressure on our congress. If enough people push them, we can force them to act. Keep at 'em, Mr. Pickens!

Joe Poor

Holy Smoke Boone! You have been invaded by the enemy! Between the folks singly focused on only one energy solution and those within the environmental movement whom are significantly responsible for our present conditions, your website is under attack! Alaskan’s have had to live with outside environmental organizations using their friends in Congress and the Federal courts to stop development of our natural resources. They have been very successful in driving potential employers out of our state and off-shore. We live in Alaska and several months ago proposed tapping the natural gas line from Alaska to the “lower 48” to provide natural gas to all Alaskan Communities. This proposal could demonstrate to the whole world that we can use natural gas to replace oil for home heating and vehicle fuels on a large statewide scale. We have several billion dollars surplus within our state government generated from our oil sold on the world market that could be used to help develop the proposed system. However we would appreciate help in locating valid sources of information for the following endeavors: (1) Where can we find information on costs, materials and supply sources to convert existing vehicles to natural gas? Does a gallon of liquid natural gas equate to gasoline in miles per gallon for these vehicles after the conversion? (2) Where can we find information on converting natural gas into compressed natural gas for transport within our state via waterways and our road system? (3) We need costs to build liquid natural gas stations for vehicles and larger systems for small remote communities to generate electricity. Is it financially feasible for communities located in strategic transport locations to compress the fuel and transport to remote locations serviced by our waterways? We would like to consider the plant as a source of income and employment for our small community? Where can we locate production, engineering, storage and transport equipment information that can be used to study the possibilities? Alaskans also need to be allowed to develop our states oil deposits and other natural resources to help turn the balance of payments from foreign countries back to our own country. We know our Governor has the best interest of America at heart and is willing to put forth the effort necessary to prevent our corrupt politicians from doing more harm to our country. She is a fresh breath for a system prone with cronyism and controlled by special interest groups that seem to put their own ideology above the best interests of Americans! Keep up the good work and stay focused on what needs to be done, rather than the rant currently underway on your website. Joe Poor

Chris Miller

There is an absolute conflict between "Drill Baby Drill" and "We can't drill our way out". "I'm for anything American" is scary close to "at any cost" and ignores the simple fact of the globalization of our "American" oil companies ... I'm not trying to put words into Boone's mouth or take something out of context, but the greatest danger is to put even more into the same; it's not working and it won't work by doing more of it. We need the plan and the plan needs us (warts and all). We don't have to agree to every item put forward by Boone or individual members (this is still America!~) to move forward and support a better future (and by future I mean a time beyond our immediate generation; there will be a need for energy and "oil by products" far past any oil reserve). One final note to Conrad, as you brought up the point; Yes oil companies are "holding back" and it's "the American way" to make maximum profits by manipulating the supply chain; to suggest otherwise ignores the basic fact of why we are even here today talking about energy costs and alternatives to more of the same.

Jim Opelt

I would like to see some data on the extent that NG is being used in trucks and buses. What city bus systems and what national trucking companies are converting to NG and what percentage of their fleets are on NG. Jim Opelt

Kathy Boychuk

We all have different views but the one thing we need is to stay on task with The Pickens Plan. We need to work towards being sustainable and using non-renewable energy. Now this will take time and effort on everyones part, but as an american, WE CAN DO THIS. Politics and legislation play apart in this and whoever ends up in the White House will need to be on our side to help make this work. If we can start up a computer giant from a garage I don't see any reason why we can't get this off of the ground. Time is ticking

Robert Spicer

All of this bickering is the main reason we are in this mess. Some of you do not understand that if we do not "dill baby drill" beginning NOW, in order to save the $700 Billion each year we send to our enemies, THERE WILL BE NO JOBS AND NO US ECONOMY! What is it that causes many of you not get this main point? We need a bridge to get from using all oil to using no oil, and the answer is OIL NOW. Then we have the money, we have the jobs and we have the time to get the magic stuff we are looking to obtain. When we spent billions to put man on the moon, no money left this created jobs. When we spend $10 billion per month on this war, very little money goes to the middle east, only products that are created in the and more jobs! When we buy oil from the middle east, ALL THAT IS GONE, NO US JOBS! Now, let's get on with solving these 2 unbelievably important problems, which really are one and the same. Some of you don't like oil, but it must be part of the bridge, some of you do not like nuclear power, but is part of the bridge, some of you do not like anything very much because you let your political hatreds get in the way. But, we must move forward together or we will all lose everything we have, very soon. I stand by my plan above (Oct 7, 10:26 PM) and/or the Pickens' Plan, or some combination of the two. For those of you that are against drilling in ANWAR, how many of you have seen the real pictures (not those some want you to see) of this looks like Mars! When you consider that we would only use a few hundred acres, it is no much compared to the hundreds of millions of acres that make up all of ANWAR. It is time to wake up and get on with this plan or none of us will ever have the money to visit it or anywhere else for that matter.

Tom Needles

The idea that Palin is an energy "expert" is laughable. Listen carefully when she speaks, she uses oil and gas interchangeably with energy. She has a vested interest in oil and gas taking center stage. Visit the Alasakan government website. The have no income, property or sales taxes . Yet they have relatively high state spending per capita and a huge budget surplus. How is this so ? They have 4 separate taxes on oil and gas and derive 90% of state revenue from the industry. EVERY Alaskan gets an annual rebate from oil that can be between 1600 to 3200 per person. Not too bad if you get it . She "took on big oil" by cramming a $1200 per resident rebate on top of the high kickbacks already in place. The governor of Alaska has a lot of leverage in dealing with oil companies , fairly high levels of reserves, expensive equipment in place, and an industry desperate to continue getting revenue from it's large investment in the pipeline. Connect the dots. Federal royalties on lower 48 oil are not collected and we must subsidize companies to explore and drill. Alasaka jacks up the price fro everybody in the lower 48 and redistributes our wealth to it's citizens. No wonder she has an 80% approval rating.

Robert Spicer

Tom: It seems as though you cannot find anything good in someone because it benefits them ( In this case Palin's State.) Do you go to work for free? Does your company make no profit on the sales of their product of services? If your answers to these questions are yes, then I guess you have a point. Some states have not sales tax or other tax because of the uniqueness of their state...does that make it wrong; do you like buying things in that state? In any event, if we do not stop the in fighting in this country, we will have no jobs, we will have no economy and we will no country! The time has come to join together to accomplish a plan for energy independence and economic recovery, even if we do agree with every item in the plan. Otherwise, we may lose all our rights! Example: If we had not built the atomic bomb when we did or not until everyone was happy with the idea before we built it, there is a good chance you would not be here today to complain, or you might be doing the goose step and saluting Hitler!

John Dill

I think it's legitimate to mention the differences in state government and the typical mindset of government . My father and mother ( 11 children) lived through the depression. He was an independant businessman (electronics). They had a farm to supply food and family to provide labor. The changes in our ecomomy relies on corporate solutions that are less diverse and effective. That's why several topics are coming into the discussion. That can be a problem in our culture when we only see the forrest. For instance, I now farm and like some folks, do it part time. The state will only allow me to buy an annual registration for my log truck. It's better for me to park the vehicle for the amount of use I require. There are other tasks and reasons I have to use or not use the equipment but the main hurdle is the bureaucratic apparatus. A responsive government would see that it's better to let me pay half the fee for half the use. Win - win is preached a lot in our country but rarely practiced. The solutions I have suggested will have similar issues at some point. So leverage is necessary but it has to be built on concensus ( hence, Picken's Plan ). We have to take the time to build concensus through the discussion process. Democracy is troubling, eh?

Mary Ford

I signed up because I thought this movement was all about alternative energy; this post looks more like an endorsement for Sarah Palin. Is this really what this site is all about?

Jim Atwater

Mary, Do not listen to those that want to go off subject to demean a person running for office rather than to stay focused on what the objective of this forum is. No matter our opinion of the person running, our objective is alternative fuel, saving the American citizenry billions in out going tax dollars (and dollars out of our own pockets) and providing a hopefully cleaner environment for our countries future. Keep the course and hopefully those that cannot will dissipate in time without recognition to their comments.

John Trovato

The bottom line is that we need energy, in all forms, to survive and thrive. We need energy to improve our lives and so does the rest of the world. We need it to heat and cool our homes, to live healthy lives, to eat, to have jobs, to enjoy life. Conservation is great and certainly it makes sense not to waste our resources, but the world demand for energy is growing. The only solution is to produce more or suffer the consequences. For just a moment think about what life would be like if we didn't have oil or coal or gas or electricity for a week. Remember the last time the power went out? Renewables like wind and solar are part of the solution, but until we find ways to store the energy for times of peak demand and deliver it from the point of production to where it is needed it cannot replace other reliable sources like fossil fuels, hydro and nuclear. Right now oil is the best thing we have and producing more of our own makes sense as a bridge to tomorrow’s sources. The argument that it will take five to ten years before we produce any is foolish. You have to start somewhere and everything takes time. To do nothing simply means that we have no solution. Using natural gas to power our vehicles is a great idea. The technology has been around for a hundred years and it is utilized around the world. We just need to improve the infrastructure so that we can deliver the natural gas as efficiently as we deliver diesel and gasoline. We have known reserves that can be extracted cleanly and safely for generations and on a small scale it is renewable. Methane can be produced on farms and landfills. So please, whatever your political views are, can we put aside the bickering and name calling for a moment and unite to ensure the future of American and our children and grandchildren? Let's leave them a better, healthier and safer place to live.

Robert Spicer

Jim A. I agree. John T. I could not agree with you more, and Tami, if algae will scrub the atmosphere, I am all for it. Of course all of these options need a cost effectiveness study (fast) to determine which mix is the best to get us from oil to no oil: near term, mid term and long plans. It may change along the way, but we need to start saving that $700 Billion ASAP. I have heard more than one expert say that we could have new oil flowing within 6 months; that would be a great start in saving these dollars and creating jobs. One of the advantages of having hydrogen (generated by nuclear power) as a fuel is: current car engines can be modified to burn it and there would be little or no CO2 produced. This would keep a lot of current businesses, that support the reciprocating engine, from going out of business. This not only saves jobs, but would create new jobs needed for conversions.

Robert Spicer

Tami, this video appears to back up your statement about Algae and the rest of you may find it of interest as well. The only bad part is it would take up one tenth of the area of New Mexico to produce enough fuel to replace all of the fuel that we currently use. A combination of sources may well still be the best bet for energy independence. I hope all of you have not given up on this discussion.

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