New NAT GAS Act is Introduced in the U.S. House

Congressmen John Sullivan (R-OK), Dan Boren (D-OK), John Larson (D-CT) and Kevin Brady (R-TX) have introduced H.R. 1380, the ‘New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions’ (NAT GAS) Act. This bill will be the legislative vehicle to replace millions of barrels of imported oil with domestic natural gas, especially for fleet vehicles.

The original sponsors - two Republicans and two Democrats - said the bill would “offer limited tax credits and federal regulatory changes to encourage the production and purchase of natural gas vehicles” in the United States. Congressman Sullivan who is the Vice Chair of the House Energy and Power Subcommittee said that “69 percent of the oil consumed in America is used for transportation, two-thirds of which we import from foreign nations.” Congressman Larson, who is the Chair of the Democratic House Caucus, said we have enough domestic natural gas to meet our needs “for the next 100 years.” He also said, “If we start making cars and trucks that run on natural gas, there’s the potential to create over a half a million American jobs.”

Dan Boren and Kevin Brady also commented on the new legislation. Brady said, “Targeting business fleets and cargo trucks that offer the greatest promise, this bill creates a strong five-year window to build, buy and refuel natural gas vehicles here at home.” Boren made a point of the bipartisan nature of the bill saying, “We must move America off OPEC oil and give our citizens some options at the fuel pump. It is supported by some of the most progressive, as well as by some of the most conservative, members of Congress.”

According to the press release, the bill, H.R. 1380, was introduced today with 76 bipartisan original cosponsors in the House and has been endorsed by both President Obama and T. Boone Pickens as part of the nation’s energy solution.

– The Pickens Team

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Tony Wiggletoe

Congressmen John Sullivan (R-OK) said on Mad Money last night that a vote in the House or maybe a House Committee, may happen some time this summer when gasoline price are expected to be high.

J.R. Griffin

need to get Walmary/SAMs Club to install CNG refy ueling capabilities in all there locations that presently sell gas.. That will allow their fleet of 18 wheel delivery trucks to be converted to CNG as that could refuel at the si WalMart or SAMS where they are making their delievery. That will also allow me to convert my cars to CNG as I would be guaranteed a place to refuel when i f go on long trips.

Bill Wiseman

Wow, Nat Gas, then Shale... next thing you know we will be bringing our troops homes... A big Win Win for all

Laurence E Cook

About time! It has been right in front of thier noses for a long, long time.

Steve Wells

Great news! Let's hope something really good comes from this. Wouldn't be great to tell some of the guys from the middle east we don't need their product any moreover?

Randy Clouse

We need to get the EPA to drop the certification on equipment. It does nothing but increase the price of converting vehicles.

Jerry Bruce

I for one would love to see the use of OUR ENERGY instead of mid east oil countries

Dennis Finn

Now all we need to do is find a source of natural gas without hydraulic fracturing.

Gary Gromet

How about a hyperlink to the bill, H.R. 1380

roger a said

Yes, this is great news! I supoort keeping as much of our currency here, creating needed domestic jobs, and reducing our need to have Mideast military interventions. Someone needs to run the numbers recalcuating the "cost" of a barrel of oil with the cost of military to maintain Mideast access. It would be a lot more than $100 per barrel!

Jon K. Evans

I have heard a lot of talk, but I have seen very little action-not only on the legislative side, but also the automaker side, and on the consumer side. For instance, There is only ONE Hybrid powered sports coupe in America, and that is by Honda, NO BEV coupes, unless you count the Tesla, which costs as much as a Porsche 911, and just ONE Nat-Gas powered car sold here. That again, is the Honda. Furthermore, both domestic and imported cars are getting larger in both engine size, and overall size.

John Reed

Thanks to the work of Fuel Systems Solutions and North American Repower, the EPA has adopted new rules which will allow fleet owners to convert their existing vehicles to run on CNG or LNG at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Combined with the incentives from The Nat Gas Act, this transition can now be accomplished rapidly.

Dave Cohen

Outstanding! It is just too bad that something that was so simple and OBVIOUS has taken such a monumental effort to get through. Thanks for all the effort Boone.

Dr Rolland Kerr

Instead of taxpayers paying billions to supplement ethanol, we could give a large outlet like Warmart/Samsclub a tax break for installing a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pump at every outlet; then we, the police, taxies and all the Walmart trucks could convert to CNG for transportation fuel. What does "Abu" think about this?

James Wood

I will believe it when I see it -- Congress is in the pocket of big oil -- I hope this is true but I'm a realist. Until big Oil can control the distribution/ sale -- So they can screw us with phony excuses why its not feasible - I wont believe its happening

Bob Negron

This is great news. Let's keep the pressure on Congress to work together to get this legislation pushed through. We have to come up with alternatives that are smart and can be implemented efficiently. Thank you Mr Pickens for keeping this issue in the face of our congressmen and congress women.

John Kearney

This seems like good news although it comes only after another spike in oil prices. The U.S. should have acted on this as a sensible plan for our energy needs a long time ago and we wouldn't be in this mess. The natural gas drilling must be done in an environmentally responsible manner. It won't be such a good alternative if our water sources become contaminated. John Kearney


Having read HR 1380, I believe it needs repackaging to include directly connected issues that can generate a groundswell of public support. As it stands, it leaves average Americans on the sidelines. It comes off as another corporate tax credit amendment to previously existing statutes; for instance: "A BILL To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage alternative energy investments and job creation...TITLE I—PROMOTE THE PURCHASE AND USE OF NGVS WITH AN EMPHASIS ON HEAVY-DUTY VEHICLES AND FLEET VEHICLES SEC. 101. MODIFICATION OF ALTERNATIVE FUEL CREDIT. (a) ALTERNATIVE FUEL CREDIT.—Paragraph (5) of section 6426(d) (relating to alternative fuel credit) is amended by inserting ‘‘, and December 31, 2016, in the case of any sale or use involving compressed or liquefied10natural gas’’ after ‘‘hydrogen’’.... It lacks a compelling statement of purpose that covers all the good that will come.

Michael Routh

NO MORE FRACKING! ASK THEM TO ADD AN AMENDMENT TO FORCE THE EPA TO ALLOW CONVERSIONS TO EXISTING WITHOUT THE CERTIFICATIONS! Do this and I am on board. Fracking destroyed my water supply in WY. So, NO MORE FRACKING! If you have not lived in an area where hydraulic fracturing is in use, then you have no idea what is occurring. I love CNG, but not at this price. Hydraulic fracturing is destroying our country's fresh water supply. Don't get me wrong, I make my living in the petroleum industry, so I am not just some tree hugger trying to get my point across. There are other ways of extracting natural gas from the ground, it just costs more. WE, the citizens get to pay the price later.

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