Nat Gas Act co-Authors Praise President Obama

As evidence of the bipartisan support for using domestic natural gas as a principal transportation fuel for heavy trucks and other fleet vehicles, Senators Richard Menendez (D-NJ) and Richard Burr (R-NC) jointly issued a statement supporting President Obama’s call for more investment in natural gas vehicles.

Menendez and Burr are co-authors of the NAT GAS Act of 2011.

Menendez stated:

“Our bipartisan bill will create jobs and lower transportation costs and do so without adding one dime to the deficit. This is exactly the kind of bipartisan proposal we should be able to pass, even in an election year.”

Burr added:

“Natural gas represents a way to boost our nation’s energy security and help free us from our over-reliance on foreign oil, and I am pleased to hear that the President is committed to working with us on this effort.”

President Obama Las Vegas, NV. The Las Vegas Revew-Journal summarized his remarks this way:

In a visit to a UPS facility this morning, President Barack Obama praised the shipping company for “leading by example” in converting its long-haul trucks to use liquefied natural gas instead of diesel fuel

To read the entire release by Senators Burr and Menendez, including a summary of the NAT GAS Act, click HERE.

– The Pickens Team

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