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Pickens Plan founder T. Boone Pickens will be a featured panelist at The New York Times Energy For Tomorrow Conference, which will stream live online at 1100 EST at

Boone will join former Energy Czar Carol Browner, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, and others on a distinguished panel moderated by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Thomas Friedman of The Times.

Topics to be discussed include:

Rising domestic oil production. Now that the U.S. i self-sufficient in natural gas, could the United States become energy independent for the first time in more than six decades?

What about Canada’s role in U.S. energy security?

And what do these sources mean for the energy exporters and their revenues?

With the “globalization of demand” — and the growth of oil and gas consumption in China and India — what are the implications for exporters’ revenues and what will be the impact on stability in the Middle East?

What shift would a readjustment of energy consumption cause in traditional economic and political alliances?

Watch it live at

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