Pickens’ letter published in USA Today

T. Boone Pickens published a letter to the editor in the April 28, 2012 edition of USA Today taking exception to an editorial that urged the export of natural gas.

Pickens explained that “with natural gas selling for nearly $14 to $18 per thousand cubic feet (mcf) elsewhere in our world” it is natural that domestic natural gas developers would want to get more than the $2.80 natural gas is selling for in the U.S.

However, Pickens said, the answer isn’t exporting this crucial natural resource, the answer is to “expand demand for our domestic natural gas here in the U.S. We should expand the use of natural gas in transportation and use it to cut imports of crude oil/diesel/gasoline from OPEC.

To read the entire letter in USA Today, click HERE.

– The Pickens Team

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Joseph E. Powell

Dumbest generation ever if we send our natural gas overseas. I'll say. I agree 100%. If our leadership can borrow to wage oil wars and build 3rd world nations and have the Citizenry and Future Citizenry foot the bill (which amounts to a huge penalizing subsidy) why can't the leadership legislate to subsidize internal combustion engine conversion to natural gas. I say have the government print checks to any citizen who owns an automobile with a gasoline internal combustion engine to pay for the conversion to dual fuel (gasoline / diesel to compressed natural gas). Government should also subsidize the cost of creating new infrastructure (CNG filling stations, etc.). Do these things as a matter of National Security and as a National Security Expense. Save the blood and spend the Defense money here at home. Can you imagine the jobs such programs would create ? It would make the F. D. R's. WPA look like a kid's lemonade stand by comparison. Government subsidy sounds impalatable to many but still better than throwing the money overseas making wars. Just my take on these issues.

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