Virginia Governor Signs Alternative Fuels Order for State Vehicles

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding that joins a coalition of 22 other states in agreeing to “convert Virginia’s state vehicle fleet to alternative fuels.”

In a statement, the Governor’s office said the multi-state effort, which has been spearheaded by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, is designed to make better use of America’s massive natural gas supplies and “reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Governor McDonnell also pointed out that “a transition to natural gas and propane [as a principal fuel for Virginia's state-owned vehicles] will also reduce emissions.”

To deal with the infrastructure issue of refueling stations for the natural gas vehicles (NGVs) McDonnell also announced the signing of contracts with Clean Energy Fuels and Blossom Gas “to bring new refueling stations to Virginia at no-cost, and they will be available to state agencies, local governments, and private citizens and businesses.”

The 22-state memorandum of understanding (MOU) “is intended to leverage 22 states’ vehicle purchases and use to expand the market for natural gas-fueled vehicles across the country.”

To read the entire statement, click HERE.

– The Pickens Team

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Tom West

Mr Pickens Keep up the good Work... We are with you. Cheers Tom West Norfolk, Va.

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