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10:20 pm ET: Don’t look at China as the enemy but as tough competitors. We lost 6,000 lives in Iraq and they got the oil. Not smart.

9:40 pm ET: North American Energy Alliance can cut OPEC oil. Wind/solar are great but are power fuels and don’t displace OPEC oil in transportation.

9:19 pm ET: Incredible no mention of OPEC oil in Middle East discussion. It’s a dangerous cartel threatening our national and economic security.

3:29 pm ET: Tonight I will be live blogging my thoughts on the energy portion of the third and final debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

What’s affected our foreign policy more than Middle East oil over the past 40 years? Trillions to protect and buy it. I’m tired of us paying for both sides of the war. We get 13% of the oil through the Strait of Hormuz but pay 100% of the cost of protecting it.

We can cut OPEC dependence by 75% by getting heavy-duty trucks off imported diesel and onto domestic natural gas, and it could be done within 5 years.

I’m looking for specifics on reducing our need for OPEC oil - I want to hear the candidates’ solutions.

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Joe Jefferis

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an excellent speech last Thursday, 10/18/2012, at Georgetown University - Energy Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Ms. Clinton's remarks fit the characterization of being a speech and not a plan. She points out that "humankind has always been on the hunt for new and better sources of energy. And yet this is a profound moment of profound change and one that raises questions about the direction we are heading". Put "say hello to cheap hydrogen" into your search engine and ask yourself if this April 2011 USDOE announced technology represents the profound change. Is this innovative and disruptive technology what threatens the charter of the International Energy Agency which Ms. Clinton and the US State Department worry may be rapidly becoming irrelevant and ineffective in the 21st Century? Boone is correct - after we get 8.5 million trucks and fleet vehicles on domestic natural gas, we can rethink our Middle East foreign policies. Oil at $45 per barrel hurts Iran nuclear ambition plans far more than oil at $100 per barrel. Replace crude oil products with domestic natural gas in trucks and fleets and watch the price of oil go down all over the world. Wind or solar projects do not replace any meaningful amount of crude oil consumed daily. The alternative is to protect the status quo of dependency on diesel from crude oil. The alternative is to continue to mandate we fuel our vehicles with a specific formula of refined crude oil - Obama's CAFE proposal. Hope and Change are making a comeback - let's get a POTUS who really wants to move the USA forward and away from the outdated CAFE mileage hoaxes. Change the fuels and change the future.

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