Iran Has a Plan - Why Doesn’t the U.S.?

The New York Times published an insightful article this week, one that has a lot of people scratching their heads.

It seems that Iran, a country known for its nuclear ambitions as well as its substantial oil reserves, is also home to more natural gas vehicles than any country on earth. The reasons, according to The New York Times, are numerous.

Iran has substantial natural gas reserves. So does America. Even though gas is less than $1 a gallon in Iran, the price of Iranian natural gas is cheaper than Iranian gasoline. American natural gas is cheaper than gas at the pump, too. And natural gas is better for the environment. It’s burns cleaner over here as well.

Who’s behind this? The Iranian government.

The government began promoting natural gas about a decade ago, and not just in response to American-led sanctions. A big initial reason was the increasingly thick yellow blankets of smog that often engulf greater Tehran and its 12 million inhabitants.

The result is that Iran now has 2.9 million natural gas vehicles on the road. The U.S.? Just 120,000.

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Don Chestnut

Why doesn't the US actually have an energy plan by now, after all these years, is a great question. Could it be because the general US population hasn't had ENOUGH of high gas prices YET? Maybe we haven't gotten ENOUGH of pollutions in our air and waters from burning gas and diesel fuel? Or ENOUGH supporting our enemies and largely supporting terrorist activities around the world by buying OPEC oil? Or maybe we just haven't seen YET that natural gas is the quickest, cheapest and most eco-friendly way to stop all of the above? Well I for one think it's time for us to push our politicians to stop giving vaque speeches and actually come up with and impliment a serious straight-forward PLAN to get us off OPEC oil. And all this says nothing about how it would help our economy and the jobs situation we've been crying about.

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