Statement of T. Boone Pickens on the Re-election of Barack Obama

Though I supported another candidate in this election, I congratulate President Obama on his re-election. We should all remember, no matter how divided Americans are during the campaign season, we have one President, and we can only succeed when we come together as a nation to find solutions to our greatest challenges.

In his last State of the Union address, President Obama spoke strongly in support of using America’s natural gas resources to reduce dependence on OPEC oil. I applauded his call for action at the time, and I will be eager to see him turn this promise into a reality during his second term.

I hope that, without the pressures of a re-election campaign bearing down upon him, the President and his new Cabinet will reach out to Americans of all political persuasions; representing all commercial sectors, the environment, those who are focused on social and economic needs and have us all work together to secure our energy future, reduce our dependence on OPEC oil and get our economy moving again.

– T. Boone Pickens

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Boone, You keep pressuring the President to act. I get that. But what kind of pressure are you putting on congress? The President can only do so much. Congress has to ACT! Bohner has to allow the bills to come to the floor. The President can't do anything about that. Let's get some pressure on Congress to ACT! That's when this will get done.

Mike Alexander

I agree, those with influence over republican congressmen/women should pressure those officials to just do the right thing - reach across the aisle and get things done - NOW. (i.e., keeping half of the tax break that is about to expire is better than keeping none of it). This would include the talk show talkers who generally are in favor of doing everything possible to hurt the other party, even if it means hurting the country. Pressure should be applied by influential republican leaders to move away from such damaging rhetoric and join hands with democrats to move us FORWARD.

Howard Buckalew

Part of a compromise could be the adding of the Natural Gas Act. Now is the time to get the co-sponsors of the bill to get behind this job creating bill. Part of the thing that could be pushed is the fact that the cost of keeping our military around the Persian Gulf can be reduced. Economic growth is the RV industry will get new life as the baby boomers retire, and the cost of fuel decreased. To me, NOW is the time!!!!

William P, Cashion

Thank you for your comments as I voted as you and we do have a president and may the Lord bless our country and may every man support our election.

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