Boone Pickens Still Pushing Natural Gas

According to an article by Paolo von Schirach on his website T. Boone Pickens is continuing to “push forward an energy independence agenda focused on making greater use of the domestic shale gas bonanza.”

Moving to natural gas as the principle fuel for America’s 8 million heavy-duty trucks, the essay says,

Would help boost the production of an American energy source, while they would also help reduce America’s dependence on imported oil. There are more than 8 million heavy trucks in America and they use a lot of oil based fuel. Switching to cheap gas would be good for them, for US energy companies, for America’s balance of payments and for our national security, as we would become more energy self-reliant.  Bottom line, choose shale gas from Pennsylvania, Texas or Ohio instead of buying oil from OPEC.

To read the entire essay on the website, go HERE

— The Pickens Team

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