Guess Who’s Got a Plan to Use More Natural Gas?

It’s not the U.S.!

If you answered “China” then you are 100% correct. The Chinese have announced plans to create the world’s largest fleet of buses, taxis, trucks, and ships that run on natural gas. Do you want to guess why?

Because the Chinese government is out to replace dirtier fuels such as coal and diesel with a cleaner burning energy source.

Sounds a lot like the Pickens Plan, doesn’t it? Here’s more:

The world’s top energy user is poised to triple natural gas use to meet about 10 percent of total energy demand by the end of this decade, to cut emissions from coal use and dependence on oil imports. The policy push would lead to the world’s biggest fleet of LNG-fuel led vehicles, as it is both cheaper and more efficient than the conventional gasoline and diesel, experts have said.

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