Texas Approves Indoor Natural Gas Fueling Stations

This week, Texas took yet another step toward energy independence. Thanks to an amendment adopted by the state’s chief energy regulator, drivers of natural gas vehicles can now install refueling stations in their own garages.
“This domestic natural resource will make it easier for Texans to use natural gas as a transportation fuel and will help move us closer to energy independence as a nation,” said Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman.
Natural gas is one of America’s greatest resources. While reserves of many other resources are diminishing, new drilling technologies and techniques are allowing us to recover natural gas in the huge shale deposits found all across America. A recent Rice University study projects that U.S. shale gas production will more than quadruple by 2040 from 2010 levels.
“Thanks to technological advancements like hydraulic fracturing, our state and nation are enjoying an abundance of inexpensive natural gas,” said Smitherman. “In fact, Texas is experiencing an unprecedented rate of natural gas production at some 7.2 trillion cubic feet a year.
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