Pickens Plan Touted on FOX News

On Monday during a live interview with Sean Hannity broadcast on FOX News, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush pointed out the pitfalls of America’s dangerous addiction to foreign oil. A possible solution? Running fleets of heavy-duty trucks on natural gas. Sound like a plan? Bush went as far to mention Boone Pickens by name.

First, when it came to defining the problem, the former governor nailed it:

“Last year, in spite of the boom, Sean, $300 billion of money went out to countries, most of which either hate us or are unstable and could learn to hate us in a heartbeat,” the former governor said.

Then he ┬ásingled out how recent developments in America’s energy portfolio are game-changers.

“… there are reserves in New York. There are significant gas reserves using this technology or new innovation, the fracking and horizontal drilling, which are old technologies applied in a new way. In California, certainly in Texas there’s an explosion of drilling that creates a tremendous opportunity, but what we need to do is to find new uses for natural gas.”

One of his conclusions? To take “Boone Pickens’ idea” and getting commercial trucks to use natural gas.

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