Natural Gas Already Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Did you know that total U.S. emissions are not expected to reach 2005 levels again until after 2040? Or that in 2013, emissions from the U.S. energy sector were at their lowest in two decades?

These are a few of the many eye-opening facts that have just been made available in a report from The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, which elaborates on the many ways America’s abundant natural gas reserves are bettering the environment.

According to the Center’s report, which is titled Leveraging Natural Gas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the expanded use of natural gas — as a replacement for coal and petroleum — can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the near- to mid-term.

Because combusting natural gas yields fewer greenhouse gas emissions than coal or petroleum, the expanded use of natural gas offers significant opportunities to help address global climate change.

Members of the Pickens Plan Army already know this. Boone Pickens has long advocated using natural gas to replace imported diesel with heavy trucks and fleets. Not only is natural gas cheaper than imported OPEC oil, but it’s a cleaner fuel. The Center’s report reiterates this point:

The greatest opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using natural gas in the transportation sector is through fuel substitution in fleets and heavy-duty vehicles.

Read the entire report HERE.

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