A Round of Applause for Oklahoma!

I want to take a moment to single out an excellent example of real leadership on getting America the energy plan it deserves. And I couldn’t be more pleased to tell you that it comes from my home state of Oklahoma.

Governor Mary Fallin recently signed Senate Bill 519 into law. This new law, which was co-authored by Senator Rob Standridge and Representative David Derby, will get rid of barriers to use liquefied natural gas as transportation fuel, thereby increasing Oklahoma’s and America’s energy independence by fueling trucks with clean American natural gas instead of OPEC oil.

In an era when we are getting ever closer to the day when we can wave goodbye to Middle Eastern Oil as a primary fuel source, Governor Fallin, Senator Standridge, Representative Derby, and the Oklahoma State Legislature should get a huge round of applause for being at the forefront of helping develop a natural gas vehicle culture in America.

Please take a moment to reach out and congratulate these elected officials on their leadership.

Governor Mary Fallin (info@gov.ok.gov or 405-521-2342)
Senator Rob Standridge (standridge@oksenate.gov or 405-521-5535)
Representative David Derby (david.derby@okhouse.gov or 405-557-7377)

- Boone

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