Ford’s Best-Selling Pickup Truck to Run on Natural Gas

This week, Ford Motor Company announced that it will begin manufacturing a natural gas-powered version of its best-selling pickup truck, the F-150. Unlike other natural gas-powered vehicles in the Ford fleet, including the E Series Van and the Transit Connect, this new F-150 will be available to the general public.

“This is not restricted to commercial fleets only,” says Dick Cupka, a product development sustainability manager at Ford.

According to auto manufacturer, “adding the 2014 F-150 will make it the only maker with a full-size pickup that can come prepped from the factory for natural gas, then sent to an outfitter,” reports USA Today.

Jon Coleman, a Ford fleet and sustainability manager, says the cost of conversion can pay for itself in fuel savings in two to three years. As a result, adding the F-150 is likely to boost fast-growing natural-gas vehicle sales, which have almost doubled every year for the past three years. “When you see growth like that you realize this is an emerging technology in a mature industry,” Coleman says.

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Daryl Patrishkoff

This is the beginning of the US market of passenger vehicles using CNG as a fuel. It is about time we start to catch up with the rest of the world. We are the technical team that developed 4 of the 6 vehicles showcased in ANGA's educational initiative which shows how to implement CNG in real vehicles Americans purchase. From that experience our engineering team did a "grass roots" project to shatter another paradigm about CNG. We took a highly modified Mustang GT which puts out 470 HP at the rear wheels which equates to well over 500 HP at the crankshaft, we modified it to run on CNG. We did not reduce performance and as we continue to calibrate the engine on a dyno we expect to increase HP. We unveiled this project at our Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise and every time we stopped we drew a crowd to discuss the technology and engineering approach. Metro Detroit Fox Channel 2 did a 5 minute "live" interview of us and our car. See for details about the project and see pictures and videos of the vehicle. We are the guys who want to do "weird" things using CNG as a fuel; we will shatter the paradigms one at a time! We are now planning our next project, any ideas?

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