Utah Hits the Road with Natural Gas

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is making the move to cheaper, cleaner burning domestic natural gas. The transit agency serves the bulk of citizens in the Beehive State. In addition to the capital city of Salt Lake City, UTA also connects Ogden, Park City, Provo, and Tooele.

UTA officials announced that the transit agency is augmenting its existing fleet with 24 buses that will run on compressed natural gas.

“We are making a big step forward in trying to clear the air here in the valley,” UTA Board of Trustees Chair Greg Hughes. “While diesel prices can fluctuate, natural gas prices tend to be more stable, making the buses a smart long-term investment for UTA.”

Buses powered by compressed natural gas reflect a growing national trend. Thanks to the lower cost of natural gas and increasingly sophisticated technology, about 20 percent of public transit units are now fueled by natural gas, according to the American Public Transportation Association.

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